Friday, November 30, 2012

The gift of choice

I love the holidays. No matter what I have gone through the past year I feel rich with the ability to share food, fun, and gifts from my heart with the amazing people in my life. And oh do I love the hours spent in silent creativity during my breaks! These long silent hours give me time to reflect on life, both to acknowledge what I have done well, and to see where I am in need of growth. As I use my hands and heart to make gifts for those I love, I put prayers into my creations and think wonderful thoughts about their well being. It gives my heart joy.

It has not been an easy year for many of us, but somehow, during the holidays, the pain, drama, and stresses of the past drop away. I am focused on sharing of my heart and that is when I feel most like me. It wasn't always this way. Decades ago, after a divorce I focused on pangs of loneliness. My life, my career, and all the friends that went with it had dropped away. I was alone for the first Christmas of my life. I remember sitting there feeling sorry for myself until something clicked and I remembered I had choice. I chose to climb Camelback mountain that first Christmas on my own and to literally see things from a different perspective. I'll never forget... It was glorious! The day was crisp and beautiful and the gathering at the top of that mountain was positively festive. No longer did I feel alone, but instead remembered that we are always surrounded with life.

It is our choice to decide if, or how we want to participate. The angels never judge our choices. They simply help us making loving and authentic decisions for where we are at right now in our lives. Some years I have wanted company, and many years I crave silent peace. I choose to honor what is in my heart, and it feels good.

So this holiday, before you get going, sit and think to yourself, what authentically gives me joy during the holidays? What is no longer authentic for me? When you give the world the gift of your true self and make choices that reflect who you are in this moment, that is where you find real Peace and Joy and the magical spirit of the season.

Happy holiday season!


Aeracura said...

Thank you for this. Sometimes we forget that we have a choice, in everything :)