Friday, November 30, 2012

The gift of choice

I love the holidays. No matter what I have gone through the past year I feel rich with the ability to share food, fun, and gifts from my heart with the amazing people in my life. And oh do I love the hours spent in silent creativity during my breaks! These long silent hours give me time to reflect on life, both to acknowledge what I have done well, and to see where I am in need of growth. As I use my hands and heart to make gifts for those I love, I put prayers into my creations and think wonderful thoughts about their well being. It gives my heart joy.

It has not been an easy year for many of us, but somehow, during the holidays, the pain, drama, and stresses of the past drop away. I am focused on sharing of my heart and that is when I feel most like me. It wasn't always this way. Decades ago, after a divorce I focused on pangs of loneliness. My life, my career, and all the friends that went with it had dropped away. I was alone for the first Christmas of my life. I remember sitting there feeling sorry for myself until something clicked and I remembered I had choice. I chose to climb Camelback mountain that first Christmas on my own and to literally see things from a different perspective. I'll never forget... It was glorious! The day was crisp and beautiful and the gathering at the top of that mountain was positively festive. No longer did I feel alone, but instead remembered that we are always surrounded with life.

It is our choice to decide if, or how we want to participate. The angels never judge our choices. They simply help us making loving and authentic decisions for where we are at right now in our lives. Some years I have wanted company, and many years I crave silent peace. I choose to honor what is in my heart, and it feels good.

So this holiday, before you get going, sit and think to yourself, what authentically gives me joy during the holidays? What is no longer authentic for me? When you give the world the gift of your true self and make choices that reflect who you are in this moment, that is where you find real Peace and Joy and the magical spirit of the season.

Happy holiday season!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Owning the gifts in the challenges

Sometimes the angel messages are a challenge to channel. I get interrupted, or something distracts me. This one came pouring through late one night as I was up doing doggie laundry. I had to think about the angels' message and look back on my life this year. I truly think I have given myself the gift of being true to myself this year, of choosing to love myself in both my glorious and not so brilliant moments. I gave myself gifts of my own time and energy, putting my own projects first so I can build a new foundation for all the creative work I want to do next year. I have given myself the gift of a greater faith and trust in God than I knew before, and the gift of trusting that God will take care of those I care about even when I cannot. It has been a year of both tremendous challenges on the human level, and tremendous beauty on the spiritual. I really felt like I had a lot to give thanks for this past Thanksgiving.

I love and adore the holidays. I am entering them this year in a whole different way than in years past. I still have a lot I want to do. I have a lot I want to make and give. But I'm praying each morning for God to guide my days so in the midst of so many other projects, things are flowing gracefully. I broke another stovetop right before Thanksgiving but found a reasonably priced replacement online, had it delivered overnight for a reasonable price and had it put in in time to cook. I didn't indulge in any drama or beating myself up and as always when I get out of God's way, God provides. At the same time I was cooking, I was also busy doing a ton of computer work to prepare for my computer upgrade. Somehow all that got done. Now I'm enjoying learning my new programs. Getting geeky every now and then gives me balance. I turn my brain off for a living... its not such a bad thing to put it to use every now and then :)!!

So no matter what has transpired in your lives, there were spiritual gifts to be garnered from it if you are willing to see things that way. Owning these gifts really gives you your power back. No longer do you feel victimized by life, but rather you can see the brilliance of your own classwork here upon the school we call Earth. I for one, plan to take a few easier courses in the future! But I do give thanks for all I have been blessed to learn along the way!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

God guides me to give & receive

I have been asking God for a lot of help lately. I have so much going on! I'm in the midst of preparing to upgrade my 8 year old computer, getting ready for the holidays, doing a few more home repairs, and caring for my aging dog. I'm sleeping on the couch again! My dog sleeps better in her den (aka my bedroom) when myself and my spirit entourage are not in it! This arrangement came in response to some sincere prayers a few months ago... "God I need sleep... give me a solution." Suddenly the answer popped in my head. I have a very, very comfy couch. And I have heat. The ocean is not in my living room like so many back east. I feel blessed.

I get up every morning and read my huge to do list to God. "Please help me get this done, unless you have better plans." I sit quietly with my angels for ten minutes, breathe and ask them to align my energy with God. My days, although crazy busy are flowing smoothly and miraculously. I have lost a great many of my illusions of control.. it is easier to let God steer me.

More and more as I surrender, I am doing things without thought. Sitting at the computer I suddenly find myself getting up, running errands, and coming back to pick up where I left off, all accomplished while my little elder doggie takes her nap. There is a beauty and a grace to God's timing, that isn't always obvious until we look back in retrospect.

I've been in communication with some amazing folks back east who went through Superstorm Sandy. Many were without power for weeks. One is lucky to be alive but lost her car. Without fail they are turning their hearts and lives to God and finding compassion, care, and camaraderie in those around them. The angels always point out that after Mother Earth releases her pressures, there is always an uprising of love. Truly I have witnessed such beauty in those who have been so affected and my heart and prayers are still with them. We raised quite a bit of money to assist, and we sent huge doses of light. I prayed so hard for it to warm up back east, even asking God if we could have some cool weather in trade for them warming up... and well, it may likely be coincidence, but Phoenix got cold and the east coast did warm up last weekend. I believe our prayers are powerful.

So whether you have need or excess pray and ask for the direction and you'll get it. You won't have to overthink it when its guidance. It just feels right inside. Guidance is a direction you just want to take without much thought. And while our brains are so useful in planning, programming, and number crunching, they can get in the way when we use them to replay stressful options, instead of saying, "I've done what I know to do, now it s God's turn to guide me." In such a dance, life does flow, even with business, complications, and challenges. I like letting the creator of the universe assist in my days! They sure go a lot more smoothly!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Count your blessings

First of all a heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to the relief efforts for the storm back east, whether it was with money, prayers, or good wishes. Collectively we were responsible for several thousand dollars of contributions. And for those of you who weren't guided... thank you for honoring your hearts too because as the angels always remind me, "God knows what He is doing." My heart is going out to the individuals who have been affected. Several are on this list. Family members of people I know have lost everything. And yet they are resilient, grateful for the blessings they can find, and willing to band together and bond with one another. At the worst of times, we see the best of humanity it seems. For those of you affected and reading this, our prayers continue to be with you. God is always there.

These bigger disasters always seek to remind us that our own problems aren't so big after all. I have an elderly dog still and I won't go into details but its like having a child in diapers minus the diapers at times. When one particularly nasty mess occurred right before a long-term client had a reading, I took a breath (outside), and gave him the option of rescheduling. He opted to have his session and so we barricaded myself in my office with the air purifier and candles. After I apologized profusely for the situation he made me laugh... "If I get upset over a little dog mess, after studying under you for so many years, either I'm a bad student, or you're a bad teacher!" He was right. I did his session and then spent my lunch hour on my hands and knees scrubbing and doing laundry. I was grateful for a floor to scrub. Many people back east no longer have that.

So when you find yourself in circumstances you don't like, try to be grateful for what is good. Try to remember there will always be people doing better, and there will always be people who have a much harder time. What is important is that we are here, now, in this moment, and while I certainly do not enjoy certain things about elder doggie care, I focus instead on the love and just trying to be where I'm at to the best of my ability. I have it easy compared to so many.

So this week, count your blessings, no matter how large or small. Pray for those in need. Contribute if you are guided, but above all try to bring love into every little situation. The world is truly in need. Even a smile or a small random act of kindness counts... it might just change someone's life.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

God knows what he's doing

I haven't turned the news on in ages, so it was surprising last weekend when the urge hit. Immediately I knew why. I have a fascination with the timing of our storms, and sure enough, there was Super storm Sandy, hitting the east coast, the week before elections. We are stirred up as a country, and it is no wonder that the mass consciousness is being reflected in whirling winds and rising waters.

I called home promptly. My folks, my brother and his family all live in Northern, Virginia, where flooding is rare but winds can do some serious damage. My mom is recovering well from hip surgery and she's a strong woman, but in my heart of hearts, I knew she didn't need to deal with one more thing. So I prayed, "Dear God, thank you for keeping their power on and if it must go out, assist them with grace and ease." My mom wasn't worried. She told me she had slept deeply listening to what she considered to be the peaceful sounds of wind and pounding rain. Dad had battened down the hatches at their home, but remained unworried. And reflecting their peaceful but prepared attitude, they were among the "lucky" ones for whom power remained on. "Luck" in my book, comes from a sincere faith, humble prayer, and a deep knowing that when trials hit, grace is at work and if you surrender to bringing love into the situation, greater good arises.

To avoid tapping into the chaos and unrest in the world, I have been taking time each morning with God and the angels to sit in silent reception of their love. It works wonders. I feel "in the world but not of it." I choose gratitude instead of financial fears. I choose to vote and then let it go and pray for whomever gets elected. I choose to let life happen and trust that God loves me. God does love all of us but the real question is, "Do you love yourself enough to take a few minutes a day to sit and breathe and receive love from the creator and the angels?" It takes less than ten minutes and your entire day goes more smoothly. I just sit and pray to be aligned with God's will. I give God my to do list and ask for help, but I also surrender if my heart changes plans. My days have been flowing with grace and ease as a result. My favorite line when things don't look as I wish is simple... "God, you know what you're doing! I know you love me! I can't wait to see the ma gic that comes from this!" And then I wait for my miracles with absolute faith.

Living this way, they always come.