Saturday, September 29, 2012

Acceptance not agreement

I've had many opportunities to practice acceptance of those with whom I disagree. Years ago when a skeptic bashed my psychic friend in public, I was ready to go to battle until the angels got to me and suggested I speak in a more loving way. The conversation ended up amazing. The skeptic decided I was well meaning, even if deluded.

Another time, that was way more personal, my brother wrote to question my beliefs in Jesus and express his concerns. He had just finished reading my book, Bridging the Gap Between Christianity & Mysticism, and it didn't resonate with his own beliefs. He suggested I take Bible study courses to correct the errors in my own thinking. Being Aries, my first reaction was to get upset and want to make him see my point of view, but the angels again got to me. I rememembered something Jesus said to me years ago in a vision when I was whining about the fact that no one understood me. "They will understand your love," He said. I've lived my life by that one sentence every since. My brother and I came to an understanding when I asked him to simply accept the fact that I had a beautiful relationship with God whether or not he agreed how I went about it. I explained to him that I would never presume to tell him what to believe or how to relate t o God. I trusted that God put this in every person's heart who genuinely prayed. We came, not to agreement, but acceptance, and there is love there to this day.

Still another area where I have beautiful acceptance but not agreement is from my dad. He's a brilliant research physicist, and once he said to me, "I don't necessarily believe in what you do, but I don't disbelieve either. I just haven't had it proven." That was a perfectly true statement given the fact that his calling on this earth is to figure out how things work so science can give technology ways to improve our lives. My dad and I love each other very much and have fascinating discussions with or without agreement. He accepts me. I accept him. We value what each other is doing on the earth. It wasn't luck that got us here but rather a lot of deep and heartfelt conversations. I had to give up my childish need for agreement. Ever since the relationship has been beautiful. When you act like an adult, people react to you much more like an adult!

We all need each other. Everyone has a place on this earth, even the people you don't like. The skeptic for example, feels it is his purpose to help others avoid getting scammed. I am sure he does in some cases. And so his purpose is useful. Those who hate actually are great teachers of love... in a weird way. We see them and we want better. Those who are greedy remind us not to be so. Those who live lives of brilliant charitable works remind us that we all have something to give. And those of us who sit quietly at home typing articles about love have a reason to be too :) Those of you who live quiet lives simply being loving are the "undercover" angels on this earth. We are all needed.

Try it this week when you don't agree with someone. Try to remind yourself that your perspective is valid for you, as theirs is for them. Then, given the disagreement, given the acceptance, see if you still want to engage in that discussion or dance. I have no need to argue my points most of the time. Sometimes, it is fun and interesting to debate. I learn more! But most of the time I have other things to do that are calling me to greater joy.

Likewise, if you find yourself at odds with someone and there's no apparent solution, then is the time to learn and to pray. Dear God, I want to do X, and someone else wants to do Y and we cannot figure out a middle ground. If I want the person in front of me in traffic to move and he won't... well I have to accept both his slow speed and my desire to get going. And then I give it to God because I can't figure it out and in the meanwhile I practice patience and trust it is all in right order. As soon as I surrender to my own lessons, things move... litearlly!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Praying for those who hurt you...

I thought justice was an odd topic for the angels to talk about until I completed channeling their article. It is true. I see so many people in my office who are so upset at others' behaviors that the upset become a focal point of their lives. And while having an angry reaction to injustice or wrongdoing is human and often a healthy reaction, holding on to the anger is not.

A week ago, in the midst of preparing for my class, having a few more home projects completed, caring for my aging dog, and working full time, someone hacked into, the wonderful company that hosts my website and millions of others. I was not pleased to say the least, but after I had a brief upset, the desire to pray kicked into effect. "Dear God fill the hackers with light and help them either make better choices, come to justice, or at least expose themselves." Many of you prayed too. Two hours later the entire system was up again. It is much easier not to fall into victimhood and despair but rather to take potent spiritual action.

Years ago a felon moved in next to my friends' house. He was almost always drunk and often threatening. The three of us prayed very hard. We surrounded his house with light. We asked God to amplify his light and bind his darkness so it could not spread any further. Within months he moved out! Sending light will either amplify what is good and true inside a person or give them incentive to leave you alone if they don't want to play in higher spaces.

Another client is in the midst of a huge court case. He has been surrounding everyone involved with light, very diligently. The first date was cancelled and instead the first trial ended up being postponed. Most people would have been very upset but this person trusted God. There was a different judge and a different jury as a result. The case was decided very well in his favor.

So when you find yourself in a situation where someone has wronged you and you have done all you can do or honestly want to do at the human level, pray! Surround the sad individual (s) with the light of God. It will cause them to grow or go. As the old saying goes, all the darkness in the world can't put out the light of a single candle, but a single candle can penetrate the darkest depths.

We are the lights in this world, not only for those who treat us kindly and well, but more importantly for those who don't have a clue what this earth life is about. Give it a try next time you find yourself in such a situation and see how it works for you. You don't have to like everyone. You don't have to like their behavior or even put up with it. But you can pray to surround everyone with God's unconditional and ever present love. It will change you in the process too :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Letting go...

I'm not trying to control anything these days... not even completing the outline for the class I am teaching the day you read this. As with most classes, tons of material arrives and floats around my mind for months but the actual outline doesn't start coming together until the week or two before the class. I have always suspected that those planning to come somehow draw through me the material they need. And so last Saturday when my friend Summer Bacon, had a special channeling session in Sedona, I signed up for the event without a second thought. I had already prepared a rough outline, had several days set aside to finesse it, and knew my class would all come together just fine!

As I do every morning, I sat with God and gave the presence of love that runs the stars in the heavens, as the angels like to say, my to-do list! Dear God, I'd like a safe drive. I'd like Lucy and Daniela, my dog sitter to have a wonderful time together today. I'd like a day filled with love, grace, play and validation that I'm on the right track for the class. I had no idea how amazingly those prayers would be answered! Dr. Peebles came booming through Summer in trance and spent several minutes working with the crowd... with a variation of the exercises I am doing in my class! I couldn't stop laughing! Talk about a prayer answered. That wasn't the half of it however... The prayer for a loving day was answered and the answer was off the charts!

That same day I ran into people with whom I had done the most amazing and beautiful growth in my past, and also several with whom I had done the most excrutiatingly painful growth. And the only thing I could feel in my heart was love and gratitude for all of them equally, because each of them has shaped who I am today. I chatted with a former boyfriend - who had yelled at me every day we were together - as if we were old friends, and another with whom I am still friends. I was introduced to someone I didn't know and just loved her and did an informal reading for her, only to discover later she was family with a person who had nearly crucified me in the past for sharing an honest opinion. And there was only love. There is only love. The more I went through this amazing day, the higher I felt. I kept running into people I loved, until at long last I felt surely this is what heaven must be like - when no matter what has transpired, you see only the love, the growth, and the many faces of God with whom you've danced in a lifetime.

So today as I share what I know about Radical Self Love I do so knowing that this wisdom has me at a point where I can truly love others in ways I never knew I could in the past, not the warm fuzzy feeling kind of love, but a deep deep appreciation for their souls, for who they are, what they've been through, and how even their most unenlightened and painful behaviors have contributed to my life. If I could share this feeling with everyone I would.

So try it - every morning give your to do list to God. Surrender, listen to your heart, trust. My class will have come together beautifully by the time you read this. Tune into the energy. Ask God to help you learn to truly love all that lies within you. For in truth, everything has purpose and value. Someday we will all get to see exactly how!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Letting go of old patterns

After I made myself sick last month I had to take a good hard look at some feelings I'd been stuffing again. After going to my favorite shaman/chiropractor to help get my energy unknotted and moving again, the emotions started moving rapidly as well. As if a burst of water was released from a dam deep within me, I felt a holy rage rise up inside me, within hours after the session. Thankfully I had time alone and the presence of mind to work this out by myself!

I felt as if someone had pulled a thread on a sweater and all the upsets of my life were pouring out of my body from a very deep level. I felt upset about the doctor who gave me bad information and charged me $180, and every other service provider in the past who had taken my money without doing their job correctly. I felt old angers about people who had wronged me. I felt upset that my dog, who I love deeply, adores me when she gets what she wants, but glares at me as if I am an evil princess when she does not get what she wants! I felt upset at everyone who had ever taken advantage of me. The emotions kept pouring out of me, like poison, so I did what I always do, which is to journal like crazy then shred the pages. I needed to clear the pipes! At long last after a lot of prayer, meditation, and just taking time outside, the stream of frustrations finally subsided.

I realized that I had simply uncorked a load of frustration at myself for attracting such situations and worse, carrying them around inside me all this time! And I knew, because it always works this way that I would get another chance to experience such a situation and learn to somehow handle it differently. It didn't take long for the opportunity to arise.

When I called an electrician to come out and do some work, I was excited. The furniture was moved away from the walls and it was time to replace all my ancient wiggly outlets. Some of them were so bad, the plugs wouldn't stay in. It was the perfect time. I had hired other electricians in the past and knew the ballpark rates and had saved up. So I nearly cried when the man who arrived quoted me a rate about three times higher than what I had expected or paid in the past.

Here was my opportunity. He was knowledgeable, kind, and had driven over an hour to do the estimate. I knew he was good and would guarantee his work. But the bottom line was that it was more than I could pay. I politely declined and it occurred to me to dig out an old receipt and call a company I'd worked with years ago. The man I worked with was gone, but they sent another. He got the job done and charged me a reasonable rate. All was well.

The lessons didn't stop there. This man offered me a good price on doing some other work I needed. I didn't feel the same confidence in him for the second job, but agreed to it because he was kind. When I don't listen to my guidance, I get a lesson. I've been living with a tripping circuit breaker and doing without hot water for several days now as a result. Thankfully cold showers during the hot summer aren't that bad :)!

In the past I would have beat myself up royally for not listening to my own feelings, but I AM teaching a class called "Radical Self Love" next week and knew this was yet another opportunity to practice what I preach. "Ok, God! I am not going to beat myself up. I just want this fixed. I'd also like a refill for the money I spent, because I'm not going to punish myself with lack for bad decisions. Its over and behind me. Guide me and refill the coffers." I got my guidance and a check in the mail that I wasn't expecting that paid for the work that didn't work out so well.

So by the time you read this, my house, my breakers, and ME will have been wired correctly! Releasing old patterns indeed!!!

I have been challenged be this deeply honest with everyone in my life this year. I have had to tell people I could not do what they wanted. I have had to ask for more help and favors than ever before. And happily as those old patterns of belief that it is better to put my own needs to the side in order to serve others leave my psyche, I have been able to serve the true needs for others more clearly. The readings have gotten even clearer. In my personal life I am speaking a truth that comes from my spirit rather than my ego, and as a result I am serving the souls rather than the egos of those around me.

So yes, it is a time of releasing and it isn't always easy to break old habits, but it is freeing and joyful to do so... and don't forget to love yourself through it :)

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Embracing it all head on

I think all of us, on a regular basis face situations that we’d rather not. They range from being stuck in traffic, to having things break, to having people behave in ways that don’t resonate with what we’d prefer. There are even days when we don’t look or act the way we’d prefer! However, as the angels say, surrendering to what is actually in front of us, rather than getting stuck in wishful thinking makes the journey through life a lot more pleasant, and makes the unpleasant things pass much more easily.

As I type this, the electrician is running to the store because I didn't realize one of my electrical boxes was a different size. The carpet cleaners from the restoration company will soon arrive and may have to step over him. My dog is spazzing out because nothing looks normal and she likes her routines! And it is all going to be ok, It's Monday and I'm doing my newsletter while lights are blinking, furniture is piled in the middle of the rooms, and the rest of life goes on.

I would have rather avoided getting sick, starting a fire, having to unpack 60 boxes that the cleaning crews carefully packed, moving furniture bigger than me, spending 24 hrs with my elder dog at a hotel while ozone machines ran in my house, and so much more that has transpired over the last month. But in each case I just surrendered and brought as much love as I could to each situation. In return the people working on my house were so good to me I was blown away. They did great work, admitted interest in spiritual topics, called me “peaceful,” “refreshing”, “fun to work with,” etc. In my mind they brought their kindest and best selves to the situation too. I think when we do, we inspire others to do the same!

Instead of beating myself up for “mistakes” and moaning about inconveniences, I just embraced it all head on. A month after my “mistakes,” my home, rugs, curtains, couch covers, duct work, walls, and carpets are probably cleaner than the day I moved in. My body is happy with my new diet. I now know guys I can call upon for future work on the house. Spiritually and emotionally I have become stronger. I’m excited about life, filled with new energy and cannot wait to teach my upcoming class.

So this week when things don't look as planned or don't look the way you want, bring your best self to what IS happening. I guarantee a happier time and a much quicker trip to ease and grace!

Have a happy week!

ps – for those of you who want an excellent medium, my friend Jim Law has finally started doing readings! He is amazing! I’ve been teasing him for years about sending him clients because he is so good. He gets names, dates, and detailed information. He sees movies in his head. He talks to angels, relatives, animals, you name it!! He does readings by phone and his rates and policies are simi liar to mine. You can email him at Feel free to pass on his info. I'm just so excited he has gone public with his work. He’s got a million talents but this one is extraordinary.