Monday, August 20, 2012

Don't put off your well-being

Giving has always come naturally to me but receiving has been a learned skill! Like many of us I grew up with the old adage, "Tis better to give than to receive." However the angels have taught me that this is ridiculous because for every giver, there must be a receiver to support their giving! We, as human beings, are meant to exhale AND inhale. Our hearts pump out and in! In truth, we were meant to allow the energy of God's love to flow into our lives, through them, and out to others. We were meant to live in a flow of Grace. There are times when our lives and hearts feel full and we are guided to give, and there are times when we are also guided to graciously receive.

Over the years, the angels have helped me remember that it is always fun, and sometimes very necessary to receive. Furthermore, sometimes it is necessary to ask for help, no matter how strong we may be. A few weeks ago when I messed up my health and simultaneously had a little kitchen fire, the guidance to ask for help was clear. As I've mentioned, I called friends who willingly ran errands for me. I called Cherie Landgraf whose amazing frequency machine cleared the smoke smell mostly out of my house and relaxed my body. James Walker did energy work on me, and Dr. Shawn Warwick untangled my twisted up solar plexus. I had to take money allocated for other things and spend it on my own healing. I had to cancel clients and take time to rest. For a few weeks there was hardly any energy going out of my life and a lot pouring in. It was all about receiving.

Miraculously, I healed from a very serious physical condition very quickly, so much so that I was ready to go hiking again only a few days after being able to eat solid foods once again. The desire to be out in nature was so strong in my heart that in spite of feeling a little weak, and in spite of the fact that the weather looked rainy, I decided to go anyway. My dear friend and dog sitter, Daniela Roth, was available and so I hit the road, rainy weather, fatigue, and all. I knew in my heart, this was where I was being guided.

I ended up hiking three miles in the sweet and gentle rain. The forest was perfumed with the vanilla-y smell of the ponderosa pines. The sound of the gentle rain dripping of rain from the trees was a meditation, and the gloriously feel of air below one hundred degrees rejuvenated me so much I was filled with energy by the end of my walk. Just as I'd seen in my vision that morning, the sun broke through the clouds and all of the sudden I felt inspired to take another hike - this one up Cathedral Rock in Sedona. It was sunny, hot, and strenuous but as I felt my heart and body expending energy, and felt the rush of air in and out of my lungs, my entire energy field finally burst open and once again I felt that flow of God's love running through my body, mind, and heart. I was overjoyed!

This entire experience has forced me to learn more about "Radical self love" before I teach the class. I have to love myself enough to reach out for help, put amazing food in my body, take the time in silence each day to connect with God and my angels. I have had to be honest with friends about what I honestly can and can't do for them right now. I've had to be more honest about how I want to spend my days and where I want to prioritize my time. As a result, I'm feeling amazing once again. I can't believe it was only a few weeks ago that a freaked out doctor wanted me to run to the emergency room! I'm glad I listened to my own guidance. I'm glad I've learned to receive. I'm glad I have learned to honor myself and love myself through anything, because these skills really work and can really get you back into the light no matter how deep and dark a space you find yourself in.

So this week if you find yourself having a challenge or two, love yourself through it. Pray for the help you need. Commit some time and energy to your own well being. You teach the universe how to treat you through your own choices. Why not make those choices more loving :)