Saturday, July 21, 2012

No worries...

I am grateful to have learned that worry is pointless. Last week my pool filter gave notice by starting to spit sand into the pool. Suffice it to say the repairs weren't cheap but I didn't worry. God has always found ways to pay my bills. I didn't spend a second fretting. I just gave thanks that the problem was discovered before my pool turned into a beach, and that I have a company that is family owned, honest, and good at what they do.

The same week my mom ended up in the hospital back in Virginia. After 66 hrs in horrid heat and humidity with no power her asthma combined with a sinus infection and she nearly stopped breathing. Again I didn't worry. I called her, got the facts, and go the prayers going. She had an amazing attitude. "Everything happens for a reason," she told me once she was able to talk again. I'm in good care. She is home now and still needs prayers for healing, but is doing much better. It would be easy to slip into worry. I am 3000 miles away and can't do much but my dad and brother are there for physical support and I know my work with mom lies in the other realms. I trust the process. It is all I can do.

My dog is aging too. She falls more often, sleeps a lot, and is not going to be here forever. I know this. But there's no need to worry because for now she is happy, smiling, snorting, and enjoying life. She is a great teacher too. When her little back legs give out, she just sits down, right where she's at and enjoys the view. Nine times out of ten, I come running and give her extra love so she actually enjoys the moment. She doesn't worry about when she'll get up or what the next moment brings.

This same week a dear friend who is going through a hard time spoke to me. She needed some time alone. Again I am not worried. God is with her and so are my prayers and healing energy. I am doing what I can to assist and surrendered that God will let me know if there is more.

So when you are worried, ask yourself, "What can I control and what is outside of my control?" "What am I guided to do, vs. what would I do out of panic and fear." Do what you can and do as you are guided then rest easy knowing that all else rests in God's arms. The less I try to control things I cannot, the easier my life gets, the more miracles occur, and the happier I feel. The illusion that we must be in control of everything leads to inevitable worries because we are not.

So worry not my friends. We are all in the loving arms of the creator, birthed and breathing because of that very love. There is really no greater truth.