Saturday, June 16, 2012

No need to fix

The angels' message today reminds me very much of a brief interaction I had years ago with someone who advertised himself to be one of the world's foremost skeptics. I had never heard of this individual until a friend wrote to me very upset because this man had slandered her online, made fun or her name, and basically viscously attacked the character of a woman who has done nothing but dedicate her life in service to love. At the time I wasn't as calm as I am now. I got upset. I did the "human" thing. I wrote this man and suggested he do his research before attacking someone. I vouched for her work and her character. It was naivety on my part to think I could change one so set in his opinions. He attacked me next, luckily in private emails.

At that point the angels stepped in. "Ann, you want him to see your point, and that's understandable, but he's too hurt and doesn't care. Why don't you try to understand him?" That was a tall order! I didn't want to understand him. I wanted to make him stop his cruelty. But I DO listen to the angels because I know they always have a greater love in store.

So I wrote and told him I didn't want to argue anymore but I did want to understand his mission and why he felt the need to brutally attack psychics online. He told me some of it was personal but he was sick of people taking advantage of others. I wrote back and said I could easily agree with that and that I did a lot of damage control in my profession because there were indeed many scammers. He softened up. We dialogued back and forth. I gave him some ideas of what to look for in genuine psychics, and suggested that instead of attacking them without any experience, perhaps he could start a review system. Although I doubt he will change, we ended on a kind note, wishing each other well. It was really a miracle.

That was enough for me – to reach a kind ending – but the story wasn't over. My lights started flickering and I knew a spirit was trying to communicate with me. Ends up it was a family member of this skeptic - and one who had committed suicide. The skeptic felt the family member dabbled too much in the psychic realms and that it led to this young man's mental issues and ultimate demise. As a result he hated psychics. He was in pain. Most of us know the pain of loss. People handle it in vastly different ways. At long last I understood this angry soul and was able to ask a group to pray for him. We may never know if we made a difference and he will never know until he reaches the other side, that the very souls he attacked were the ones attempting to uplift his spirit. It doesn't matter. We stood in the truth of our love. It is up to him to choose his course.

When people act unkindly, remind yourself that its not so personal as it feels, and in fact they are really crying out, albeit very awkwardly at times for love. This doesn't mean you have to feel all warm and fuzzy about their behaviors. Vent out your feelings in private if you must. This doesn't mean you have to stick around and dance with their painful interactions. It doesn't mean you have to fix them. It simply means, that whether or not you choose to dance, you can still pray for them, pray for understanding, and ask that their soul be brought into the light of greater understanding. You can even pray to understand where they are coming from so you don't feel things so personally. This isn't always easy... but it is a path to greater peace.