Saturday, June 23, 2012

The joy of connection

I connect with God's love all the time in my readings, but I am also just as easily connected with the world's pain. I must swim in both realities in my readings, as I sit with my clients. In a way I am a bridge between those two realities. Even in the depths of my clients' pains I see them striving for love, reaching for truth, searching so deeply to find their place in life. It inspires me. The human spirit is amazing.

Nonetheless, the dichotomy of these energies that flow through me is intense and primarily focused on others, so when I reach the weekends, I'm ready to reconnect with God's love for myself once again. I do so in many ways! Sometimes I simply enjoy domestic pleasure like working on the house, cooking, crafting, or having a good snuggle and snort fest with my dog... I snuggle and she snorts!

One of my favorite ways to feel connected with the universe is to get out in nature, turn my brain completely off and merge with the majesty of creation. As I hike in the woods, I calm my thoughts, and allow a symphony of feelings that might be describes as a mix of wonder, awe, gratitude, and joy to course through me. Suddenly I am not separate from the forest, but rather a part of it. I don't always reach these incredible spaces but when I do, absolute magic occurs.

This weekend I had one such hike. I was just lost in the wonder of being alive, breathing the fresh air, and witnessing the myriad forms around me when a butterfly began to circle around me. I was going down the trail but she was clearly showing me that I needed to turn around and follow her off the path. This wasn't even a thought. She flew, something within me turned and followed... much as a child or a puppy would do so without thought. She took me to a bush brimming with flowers, and just as many beautiful butterflies upon them. I stood there in complete awe, grinning from ear to ear, feeling my heart expand. The little orange butterflies noticed me, felt my energy and began to land on me. They landed on my shirt, looking up into my eyes. One stood on my hand as I took pictures of his friends. I didn't think it could get any more magical. And that is when the yellow swallowtail butterfly appeared.

She circled around my head and again without thought I followed her. She landed on a thistle flower but was having trouble stabilizing enough to get a drink as the wind blew back and forth. Without thought I held the flower between my two fingers and she climbed upon my hand, sitting there for five minute while enjoying the solid platform from which to sip her lunch. My brain was off but my heart was leaping out of my chest. In that instant we were not really so separate but rather love within two different forms assisting each other in a dance of God's love. I helped her, she delighted me. In that instant I felt what I feel in my best meditations or what I have felt when deeply in love. In that state of connection with anything, be it human, animal, a creation of ours, nature, whatever.... we are indeed IN love, within love, existing in the love of God.

So when you need to feel connected, find something you love doing or somewhere you love being. Allow gratitude and wonder to spill forth. For some it is with the company of good friends. For others the wonders of nature. For still other, like my dad, a brilliant scientific idea does the trick. For some it is being in the presence of amazing art, or beautiful music. Find your joy. Find the things that make you feel connected to God and spend time doing them. We need these spaces to remember the truth of who we are, not as a mental exercise, but as an experience that opens the heart!

Bless you!
Have a fantastic week and may whatever brings you joy be upon your path!