Saturday, May 19, 2012

Don't engage in drama

Friends and I saw these principles in action in a big way the other day. We were driving back from Sedona after a beautiful day of play when a truck on a mission to kill someone ran up so quickly behind me I thought he was going to hit me. He started to swerve to the next lane to pass me, but there was no room, so I made a motion to him that I'd get over as soon as I could. I did and he passed me with an energy that felt like poison darts aimed at me. We sent him a blast of love, and me having a Catholic upbringing, did what I always do when someone is driving in a manic way - I did the sign of the cross over his car several times and prayed that he arrive safely at his destination without killing anyway. All three of us in the car shook it off, let go, and continued on with our happy conversation.

It just so happened that this little delay put us at exactly the right spot at the right time. Twenty minutes later, heading south on I-17 we saw a cloud of dust rise into the air in front of us, and a truck veer off the freeway, careening madly into the ditch in between the north and south bound lanes. Unanimously we chose to stop and make sure the driver was ok. A very shaken young woman miraculously got out of the car unharmed. She had managed to steer the car into a deep ditch without hitting anything or without rolling even in spite of the fact that either the tire or wheel was loose and pulling her off the road. We gave her big hugs, and some water, and reassurance that we'd stay with her until things were resolved even if that meant driving her back to Phoenix. The fear and shock began to dissipate.

One friend dialed 911 and within minutes the fire department arrived. The firemen were incredibly kind and suggested we drive the young woman to the station where she would be comfortable until they could get her a two truck. She managed to connect with family and her dad decided he'd make the three and a half hour drive from Tuscon to come get her. We teased her about her stunt driving skills and reminded her that firemen were reputed to be good cooks. As we walked in the station the smell of dinner confirmed that one!! She smiled.

We finally left, knowing she was in good hands. Even after going through this nerve rattling experience she had the grace and heart to thank us. She never once wallowed in victimhood, she just focused on the fact that she was grateful to be uninjured and have help. And the funniest part of the story - she told us she was going to study to be a paramedic! God really was confirming she was on the right path!

We were where we needed to be because we didn't engage in negativity and drama with the angry driver. We just got out of his way. We listened to our hearts and pulled over. And we got to play angel to another angel who surely is going to save many lives and do a lot of good in the world.

So when someone comes at you with nonsense, say as little as possible, move aside. Refuse to engage unless you must and if you must, do so with loving confidence that you do not have to allow their energy to possess you. And if you find yourself in need of help, trust that help will come. Some days we need angels. Some days we play angel. The universe is truly engaged in a never ending flow of love if we allow for it.