Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tune into your body

I've been living this way for awhile now, tuning into my body and spirit to ask what it needed. Lately my body has been rather vehemently guiding me to strengthen my core. After the parasites in 2010 and some other health adventures last year, I got lazy. And now my body is basically saying, "Please strengthen me!" So I prayed and asked Archangel Raphael to guide me to an easy way to strengthen my core that would fit my scheduled and ta da... a day later Dr. Oz had a personal trainer on with a five minute routine that is working great for me. (If you're interested, here's the link). My first thought was "Five minutes can't be that bad." WELL, it was!! Even with great music, I couldn't keep up with the video the first several tries, so I just did what I could at first. Now its getting easier but still makes me catch my breath. My body is thrilled! My heart is pumping, my posture is improving, and best of all I'm feeling the spiritual energy flowing through me more easily now that proper alignment is returning. Some days I don't feel like doing this. My mind says, I'm tired. I want to plop on the couch and watch TV, or stay in bed a little longer. But my body commands me, "Move!" and so I move and soon my entire being is happy. Even my mind is starting to agree that this is a good idea!

Likewise I've been asking my spirit what it wants lately. "Time outdoors," came the answer. So I'm back to breakfast on the patio with some inspirational reading or quiet time, and hikes when I can fit them in. My soul feels like singing again. There is nothing like the warm sun, the breeze, and the birds singing over breakfast! It might only take ten minutes but it fuels my spirit.

What we want IS simple. If I don't get my exercise and time outdoors, I start to think I have other problems. I'm more tired, less productive, and less inspired. When I do this little bit of self care I feel so "full" I can easily withstand life's more challenging moments. A lady on my facebook page, for example, wrote this week that her guides told her I was fake and that she was sad about it, but her guidance always right and that she didn't have time for this sh$!. I was in such a good space it was easy to simply write and say that I totally supported her in honoring her guidance, that it simply meant I wasn't right for her, and that didn't take it personally. When we fill ourselves up, and take care of ourselves, it is so much easier to be loving and gracious than if we ignore the needs of our own body and soul. This little 15 minutes of self care a day does wonders.

In my work with clients over the years I find that people get lonely and needy far more easily when they don't listen to their own bodies, and souls. They want someone else to "make it better," but the funny part is, we can "make it better" for ourselves and be happier people right now. In that space we are more capable of attracting good in our lives than from that other space. And if you're looking for someone, wouldn't you rather meet someone who takes care of themselves and is happy rather than someone who is miserable and wants you to fix their lives? Why not take care of your own spirit and be the happy person who has joy to share?

I know it takes overcoming inertia and mental programming to do something good for yourself at times. I know it isn't easy to put yourself first. But if you fill it, you can spill it, and when you take a little time to nourish body and soul, you will be so much more capable of sharing with the rest of the people in your lives. Stop for that little break amidst your errands. Take time to smell the roses if you walk by them. Take a second to really feel the sun on your face, or the breeze on your back. Call that friend when they pop into your mind. Write that loving and grateful email to a friend even if you're worried about what they might think. Its your life, your heart, and these are your precious moments to spend.

What if you got a dollar for every second spent in a loving way and lost a dollar for every second spent in an unloving way. Would you be rich or poor?

So try to tune into your body and soul this week and ask them what they need. The answers are always simple, always things you can do for yourself, always things that CAN fit your life if you are willing. Give up the excuses for not listening to your internal guidance and give yourself a little love. See how it makes you feel :) You might just be surprised.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Don't engage in drama

Friends and I saw these principles in action in a big way the other day. We were driving back from Sedona after a beautiful day of play when a truck on a mission to kill someone ran up so quickly behind me I thought he was going to hit me. He started to swerve to the next lane to pass me, but there was no room, so I made a motion to him that I'd get over as soon as I could. I did and he passed me with an energy that felt like poison darts aimed at me. We sent him a blast of love, and me having a Catholic upbringing, did what I always do when someone is driving in a manic way - I did the sign of the cross over his car several times and prayed that he arrive safely at his destination without killing anyway. All three of us in the car shook it off, let go, and continued on with our happy conversation.

It just so happened that this little delay put us at exactly the right spot at the right time. Twenty minutes later, heading south on I-17 we saw a cloud of dust rise into the air in front of us, and a truck veer off the freeway, careening madly into the ditch in between the north and south bound lanes. Unanimously we chose to stop and make sure the driver was ok. A very shaken young woman miraculously got out of the car unharmed. She had managed to steer the car into a deep ditch without hitting anything or without rolling even in spite of the fact that either the tire or wheel was loose and pulling her off the road. We gave her big hugs, and some water, and reassurance that we'd stay with her until things were resolved even if that meant driving her back to Phoenix. The fear and shock began to dissipate.

One friend dialed 911 and within minutes the fire department arrived. The firemen were incredibly kind and suggested we drive the young woman to the station where she would be comfortable until they could get her a two truck. She managed to connect with family and her dad decided he'd make the three and a half hour drive from Tuscon to come get her. We teased her about her stunt driving skills and reminded her that firemen were reputed to be good cooks. As we walked in the station the smell of dinner confirmed that one!! She smiled.

We finally left, knowing she was in good hands. Even after going through this nerve rattling experience she had the grace and heart to thank us. She never once wallowed in victimhood, she just focused on the fact that she was grateful to be uninjured and have help. And the funniest part of the story - she told us she was going to study to be a paramedic! God really was confirming she was on the right path!

We were where we needed to be because we didn't engage in negativity and drama with the angry driver. We just got out of his way. We listened to our hearts and pulled over. And we got to play angel to another angel who surely is going to save many lives and do a lot of good in the world.

So when someone comes at you with nonsense, say as little as possible, move aside. Refuse to engage unless you must and if you must, do so with loving confidence that you do not have to allow their energy to possess you. And if you find yourself in need of help, trust that help will come. Some days we need angels. Some days we play angel. The universe is truly engaged in a never ending flow of love if we allow for it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Be honest with yourself

There is a lot of unpleasantness and unrest both in the world and in human hearts right now. Those that are in pain unconciously seek to create company in their misery. They tug and pull at us both verbally, emotionally, and energetically. I have worked very hard over the years to realize that I can either focus on those tugs and pulls with irritation and upset, or I trust God to guide me as to where my energy is best spent in a loving way.

We don't have to react to others desires. We can respond to the presence of God's love and guidance within us instead.

This week, a person who inadvertently triggered a lot of pain in the past contacted me in need of help. In my younger days I would have turned this into a full blown inner drama. I would have had to discuss what had occurred between us. I would have wanted this person to understand the pain I once felt. However, I knew this soul was dealing with something very difficult in life, and that it took a lot of courage to reach out for help. It was not at all in my heart to make things worse.

I also had to resist the old ego-urges to offer more help than was requested. I had to resist the urge to "fix" things. I had to really look within and see if it felt genuinely right for me to help. It did feel right. So I offered the assistance, sent love, and let go of the past.

If we are honest in our interactions with the world, we do not resent them. If we do what genuinely feels truthful and good we feel blessed by the ability to help. If however, we help out of a "should" or a "duty" you might just find yourself feeling burdened or resentful. Those interactions do not come from God's guidance. They come from ego. So many say, "I want to help, but I'm so tired. I want to give more, but I can't pay my bills." I've done it! The angels have taught me, however, to give from a full cup, to give when it feels joyous and right, and to avoid the ego-urges to give that come, if we are honest, from needing to feel like "a good person." I already am a good person, and so are you. Giving doesn't change that. Giving should come from the heart - the heart of God as expressed in your heart.

The angels always say advise me to look for the love. In this interaction there was plenty in the past history to cause upset. But why would I focus on past pains when instead I could focus on the good. This person like all of us, was doing the best they could and honestly reaching out for love. To revisit the old pains would have been the same as playing my least favorite movie and over and over when, in reality, I have a selection of inspiring shows. We do that kind of thing in our minds all the time! We replay our most unpleasant memories, our worst fears, and our favorite complaints over and over and over... when in reality there is so much good to focus upon as well as so many happy dreams to dream. It is true that by virtue of being on earth there are many things that are unpleasant and some that are downright painful. We can't escape that. But we can choose not to hit "replay" over and over. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.

It isn't easy to get to the point where you can walk the fine line between loving self and loving others, but when you get there it is feels really good. You have to impeccably honest with yourself and the world. You have to first focus on the fact that you are a good person and that what you do or don't do, does not change that. God created you good. Now choose to be good to yourself. Let yourself have your feelings and internal reactions to the world. Do only what feels genuine, and don't do what doesn't. It is hard at first to learn to be that honest. We fear rejection, misunderstanding, and pain. But in reality it is far more painful to lose your own center and to disconnect from your own spirit than to lose another. After all, you can only love your neighbor as much as you choose to love yourself!

Saturday, May 05, 2012


I've been really happy lately, and of course, that means I've been finding a few souls along my path that challenge me to remain a loving person. I was at a spiritual gathering a month ago that was simply delightful. The room was wonderfully alive and uplifted as the angels spoke through a friend. Then a man in the audience spoke up and the energy in the room plummeted as he heckled the angels, his voice tinged with sarcasm and arrogance. I am usually able to shrug such things off but on this day, I felt my temperature and irritation rising. I had the feeling when I woke up that morning that I was in for some big spiritual growth. Now the opportunity was right in front of me. I usually just allow these angry souls to be. But today it was not going to be authentic for me to remain silent. I felt like I would burst if I didn't say something to him. I wanted to honor myself, and I also knew he had a right to be. I prayed with all the sincerity in my hear t to allow whatever was needing to happen here, to happen with grace and kindness.

A bit of history is in order here. I've known this soul in past lives. 350 years ago he was responsible for cutting off my tongue and having his band of pirates rape me. I used to have vivid memories and nightmares of that lifetime, but that has long since stopped. After all, that was then and this was now! I wasn't holding grudge for prior lifetimes! Friends and I have worked with fragments of his soul in the other planes, trying to help him into the light, in the hopes of helping him find peace this lifetime. Unfortunately in all dimensions he remains stubborn, convinced he knows it all, while all the rest of us see his heart screaming out in pain, now knowing truly and deeply that he is worthy of God's love. We see beneath his façade, while he vehemently defends it. I realized as I was praying to know what to say, this soul was part of our soul family and we just wanted him to know that the angels and God really loved him. That was what I needed to say. That love was what wanted to burst through me. My irritation just stemmed from the fact that we had all worked so hard to help him through the centuries and he still didn't get it.

So after the meeting I went up to him. He knows me and he knows our past life history. "You know the angels love you so much," I said. "We do too." "Yeah I know," he said rudely. Out of my mouth came (kindly thank God), "then why must you play such games with the angels and try to make them prove themselves. They love you." He turned to me rudely and said, "Give it a rest."

His words were straight from his soul to mine. I breathed them in. "Give it a rest!" "YES!" my soul screamed to me. "Give it a rest! Stop trying to save him Ann! Stop trying to convince him of God's love! Let him think whatever he wants and let him be whoever he wants to be. Withdraw your energy. Move away. Give it a rest!" In that moment I truly and deeply gave up the need to fix, save, or convince anyone of God's love. Of course, I'll keep proclaiming for all those who want to hear, but something finally shifted in me and I no longer had the need to "convince" anyone.

"Thank you! " I said to him. "I've needed to hear that for centuries. I WILL give it a rest. I wish you all the best. I hope you come to know God really loves you some day. Thank you for the lessons. I'm cutting all karmic ties between us, and I release you to your own Thank you so much!"

I turned my back to him and erased his personality from my existence while wishing his soul all the best. As if I were sucking in strands of spaghetti, I pulled in all the roots and tentacles of my energy that I have invested in this man's lives in every dimension of space an time, sent him love, cut the cords, and gave him back to God.

I hadn't realized this soul had so much impact on my life. I rarely saw him, had more interaction with him in past lives, and didn't think of him often. Nonetheless, this angry, arrogant soul, was the one who finally helped me realize the futility of trying to "fix" or "save" someone who doesn't want it. He gave me a great gift, and I do still hold love for his soul in my heart and the hope that he someday really gets to know God's love.

A week later, after a long period without such things I received a vicious piece of hate mail from someone who found my website and had differing beliefs. It didn't even rattle me. I replied simply, "Thank you for sharing your views with us. All the best." I didn't have any need to defend my goodness, nor any need to convince this unkind soul about the truth of my heart. He can figure it out what life is about on his own. Not only did I not breathe in his hatred, I was able to return kindness. Best of all I felt joyful after this interaction because I didn't waver from my loving truth!

For years, the angels have said that love always feels better. Now I know what they mean. It DOES feel better to love, but I didn't get to this space in my heart over night. I had to learn to love myself. I had to let myself be sad when I am sad, to allow myself to vent I private when upset. I had to look in the mirror when I was sick as a dog and see that there was something beautiful inside. I had to learn to ask for comfort when I felt tired, and to be honest with the world around me.

I'm sure the lessons will continue, but the angels are right. Loving does feel better. Start with yourself and from that space, all else follows.

Have a glorious week and if you aren't able to come to my seminar today, take a minute to tune in and receive the very loving energy we are sending out!