Saturday, March 03, 2012

We don't have to agree to love

So many times in my life I have learned that my truth does not necessarily align with that of another. Years ago a dear one in my life read one of my books and expressed serious concern that my beliefs did not align with his religious viewpoints. He began to suggest changes I should start making immediately to save my soul. I thanked him for his care and said I'd discuss it further in heaven! We were clearly not going to agree. When I stopped joking, I simply made one heartfelt request - that he accept the fact that I was making choices for my life that I needed for my soul's growth, just as I accepted that his choices were what he needed at the time. We agreed to disagree and have been fine ever since.

It doesn't always work out so easily when there is disagreement. At times people have had perspectives so different from my own that we have gone our separate ways. When my best childhood friend grew up she was so adamant that my spiritual beliefs had me aiming for hell that she wrote me a very unkind six page letter, with quotes, as to why I was misguided. I blessed her and released her. We were not going to see eye to eye and I didn't want to spend my energy in arguments.

When you are comfortable with yourself and your own point of view, you don't need others to agree. When you trust in God, even if others don't do what you want you can let go of trying to force your opinion on them because you can trust you'll receive other help. When you release your need to save, fix, or change people, you can just offer what wisdom you have to offer, and let go of what they do with it. When you love yourself you can either share your heart more deeply, or move away from others who try to force their opinions on you.

We were not designed to control other people's hearts and minds. We were simply designed to express our own. And we were not designed to please others. We were designed only to be the people God made us to be.

"A rose has no need to tell the daffodil it should be red and round," the angels say, "and an orange doesn't try to convince a lemon it should be less tart." You are all unique and beautiful as you are. It is ok to be different. It is ok to disagree, especially if it is done with love.

It is possible to express your point of view and still allow others to have their own. In some of my best friendships we can disagree strongly with respect and allowance for one another's views. I have one friend in particular with whom I disagree on most every topic imaginable except our deepest spiritual beliefs. We can get in the most heated debates, knowing that we will likely never see eye to eye. In doing so, we will learn and have appreciation for different perspectives. We don't try to change each other. We just enjoy expressing ourselves! Our mutual understanding that disagreement is fine allows this friendship work. Our own self confidence allows us to express our views without a need for agreement.

It would be an amazing world if everyone could be innocent and honest in their expressions. It would be heaven on earth if we could share our hearts with love and allow others to do the same. While we may be far away from that reality, we can start in our own lives by being committed to expressing ourselves with love and giving others the same right to be.

Enjoy your own point of view this week and know it doesn't matter who agrees or not as long as you are in integrity with your own spirit and God.