Saturday, March 24, 2012

Heavenly coordination

Talk about synchronization! The angels knew I'd be busy so they guided me to wrtie this newsletter two weeks ago. It wasn't a command but rather a download that started happening the minute I finished writing the newsletter for last weekend. I wasn't going to argue! Any time their messages flow easily, I jump on the computer and start typing.

I have felt the dance of creation lately and it has been delightful. I've been really busy doing a lot of creative work on the computer. I love it and it takes every spare minute of my time! I can easily lose time doing it. However, when I get in geek mode as I call it, I can be positively anti-social. I am passionately possessed by a creative spirit!

That said, the angels decided one Sunday that I needed a little fresh air and rest. I had just finished up one task when I got the sudden urge to get outdoors and be around other human beings. I had declined a prior invitation to go with friends to a concert, and had no idea what time it was. I was sitting there in front of the computer looking like a "What not to wear" episode, when I heard the angels clearly, "IF you get in the car NOW, you can make the concert!" I knew where it was, but not what time. I wasn't dressed nicely, and I had been staring at the computer all day. Lucy, my dog, got up from a sound sleep, gave me "That" look that said she knew way more than me, and asked to go outside to play. That was it. I changed into a nicer T-shirt, combed my hair and hopped in the car, trusting I'd arrive in time and find my friends. I was thinking about the beauty of surrender and God's grace, when I got cut off by a car with SIRNDR on the license plate! REALLY!!

Sure enough I got there with time to spare, found my friends and got a front row seat! I took photos for my friend playing the music and a bunch of us went out to dinner at a great little Italian place recommended by one of the amazing women in our group. As if the synchronization hadn't already been perfect, two of the guys in the dinner group knew the waiter as we walked in the door. They had worked together years ago in a different place. Divine Coordination was present all the way!

It didn't stop! The next day I got up ready to sit at the computer for "office" day once again. A wonderful repair man came to my home and finished his job early. As I sat to channel the newsletter, the angels got in my head again. "Toss your portable in the car and head up north and get some more sunshine!" I had not considered doing my work outside, especially on "office" day! The idea felt like I'd be playing hooky from school, which I'd never done. Really? "YES!" I heard. Lucy got up and looked at me again, and asked to go outside. My dog and my angels work together!!! So I grabbed the portable, drove up north and had plenty of quiet time in the car to tune into my own soul, and plenty of time in the sunshine to get my work done. Talk about God's hand once again! You know the saying... Tell God your plans! I know after years of this dance, that God's are better!

So do make your plans but be open to those spontaneous and delightful urges to do something that uplifts your spirit - whether the urge is for a cup of coffee, a call to a friend, or a drive. It might be to sit and take some quiet time, to take a walk, to read a book, you name it. If you listen, your life will operate in coordination with love. I still got all my work done AND had fun, something I had not thought possible! As another saying goes, Give God a Chance!! Or as I like to say, Give God a little try and that LOVE will take over your life!