Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shine your light

After the recent shootings, it almost felt trite to enjoy the holidays, knowing so many were suffering so much, and yet the angels have taught me that if we are not the ones involved in the painful circumstances, it is our greater gift to contribute to the love and joy in the world. And so I did what I could to offer comfort and condolence, prayers, good thoughts and messages and then I went about my Christmas plans knowing if God wanted me to do more, He would put it in my heart and mind to do so. I trust in His guidance.

There will always be light and darkness in the world. And while we bear witness to the sadness, anger, and pain, and sometimes find ourselves in it as well, when we are not we can do our utmost to add to the beauty, inspiration, and love. It is not selfish but rather a gift to bring our light into the dark. We can be in the world, but not of it. From our joy we can contribute to the greater good. And when we are the ones suffering we can receive the hope we need from those who are not. There will always be give and take, an in-breath, and an out-breath of God's love shared among us.

And so this Christmas, perhaps those of us who are blessed not to be in the fear and pain of the world, owe it to the world to give thanks for our blessings, to shine our love and light out into the world, to pray powerfully for the upliftment of all, and to know that to live in joy when we are given the opportunity is not selfish but rather a blessing to give thanks for that state of being.

If you find yourself in need of love this holiday open up to receive. If you find yourself having some to share, give where guided. Each of us is truly a present to one another and the presence of God within each of us guides us in a Divine dance to allow that love to flow freely throughout the human race.

Your presence has been a present in my life. You inspire me and give back so much simply by letting your own lights shine in the world. I love you all. Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it. Happy Holidays to all. I pray that your hearts feel the love and innocence of the babe in the manger, and the very great love that God and the angels have for you.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's the end of the world and I feel fine!

Happy New Beyond Mayan Calendar or whatever we call the dates past December 21, 2012! I have to admit I've had a rather irreverent sense of humor about the whole thing. Over nearly two decades ago the angels showed me a vision of the vast movement of space and time throughout God's mind and after that I could never get too worked up about dates on a calendar. A birthday is, after all, just marking another trip around the sun! I'm not aging. I'm just well-traveled! Seriously!

I always have to shake my head at how we as a race can get crazy about what is going on "out there." I watch people rant and rave about the state of the world, but in truth, "out there" starts "in here." If the news says the economy is bad, people panic, stop shopping, sell their houses in case they lose value, cash in their stock at dropping prices… and therefore create a bad economy… all rooted in fear of the very same! After awhile the wheels of time turn, we start believing in change, we get sick and tired of feeling that the economy is bad and we look for signs of hope. We start to see them, and then we say, "Oh the economy is getting better." Our vibration improves. Our spending and saving changes, and yes, the economy gets better. It is always something, as the angels say, within our collective control. And so I tend not to ride the waves of fear and excitement that the world buys into because I'd rather create a more peaceful reality. I've joked for years that if you thought the world was going to end on December 21, 2012, then you'd wake up on the 22nd with a lot of Christmas shopping to do!

However, I do love the angels' suggestion to take this date that has been assigned so much significance by humanity and use it for a good purpose. There is more love coming to the surface on this planet. The earth changes, disasters, economy, etc., have all caused more and more people to reach out to one another, to bring their truth and opinions to the surface, and sometimes to duke it out until we as a race figure out where each of us belongs. The more honesty people bring to the surface, the more we sort ourselves out, attracting ourselves into situations where we find ourselves among those of like mind. I do believe and will participate in creating a more loving reality.

One of the most simple ways I do this is to sit quietly each morning for just ten minutes or so and ask that my heart and day be aligned with God's love. I list off everything I think I need to accomplish and pray for assistance. I then sit and focus on my heart and open it like a blossom receiving sunshine, and allow God and at the angels to fill me. It is quick, simple, and has a profound impact on my days. They flow more smoothly and gracefully, and I am reminded of the many opportunities to bring love to the surface.

So happy new cycle of time! And because I do have this kind of humor, join me in singing REM's lyrics…

"It's the end of the world as I know it… and I feel fine!!!"

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Miracles for all

I have had my share of miracles time and again. By all rights I should be in a lot worse shape after what I've done to my body this lifetime. It has been the primary vehicle for my soul to get my attention when I am not paying attention. I once had "permanent nerve damage" in a foot. Needless to say it wasn't quite permanent. My "Miracle healing" came when I learned not to let others get on my nerves.

I've witnessed some unbelievable miracles in clients as well. Years ago a man came for energy healing. Tumors were nearly bursting through his skin as his cancer was quite intense. I heard loudly, "Your anger at your father is eating you up." This man took the message to heart, worked on forgiveness and thus the cancer went away. He truly participated in his own miracle healing as well.

Likewise I've had financial "miracles" so many times, when I prayed for assistance and truly expected it to come. In my reality if I have need, God has resources, and I don't need to get in the way of the Divine presence with worry and fretting. "God you have a bill. Let me know what to do and when," I pray, and then when guided I act immediately. I participate in my own miracles quite often, but not because of things I "think" I must do, rather because of things I am guided to do.

Little miracles occur every day too, because I know God loves me (as God loves all of you) and cares about the smallest details of my life. "God what can I do with all these leftover mashed potatoes," I thought to myself the other day. Uncharacteristically I flipped the TV on during my lunch break to a cooking show where the delightful lady was showing people how to make potato gnocchi. YUM. Since I can't have flour right now I'll adapt, but the idea was great.

So the trick to having miracles is 1) embracing the fact that God loves you and cares about every aspect of your life, 2) treating yourself with love to send out a signal to the universe that says you truly embody an energy that says you are worthy or receiving the miracle, 3) be willing to listen to your heart and honor your guidance, even if it does not seem related to your miracle.

Friday, November 30, 2012

The gift of choice

I love the holidays. No matter what I have gone through the past year I feel rich with the ability to share food, fun, and gifts from my heart with the amazing people in my life. And oh do I love the hours spent in silent creativity during my breaks! These long silent hours give me time to reflect on life, both to acknowledge what I have done well, and to see where I am in need of growth. As I use my hands and heart to make gifts for those I love, I put prayers into my creations and think wonderful thoughts about their well being. It gives my heart joy.

It has not been an easy year for many of us, but somehow, during the holidays, the pain, drama, and stresses of the past drop away. I am focused on sharing of my heart and that is when I feel most like me. It wasn't always this way. Decades ago, after a divorce I focused on pangs of loneliness. My life, my career, and all the friends that went with it had dropped away. I was alone for the first Christmas of my life. I remember sitting there feeling sorry for myself until something clicked and I remembered I had choice. I chose to climb Camelback mountain that first Christmas on my own and to literally see things from a different perspective. I'll never forget... It was glorious! The day was crisp and beautiful and the gathering at the top of that mountain was positively festive. No longer did I feel alone, but instead remembered that we are always surrounded with life.

It is our choice to decide if, or how we want to participate. The angels never judge our choices. They simply help us making loving and authentic decisions for where we are at right now in our lives. Some years I have wanted company, and many years I crave silent peace. I choose to honor what is in my heart, and it feels good.

So this holiday, before you get going, sit and think to yourself, what authentically gives me joy during the holidays? What is no longer authentic for me? When you give the world the gift of your true self and make choices that reflect who you are in this moment, that is where you find real Peace and Joy and the magical spirit of the season.

Happy holiday season!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Owning the gifts in the challenges

Sometimes the angel messages are a challenge to channel. I get interrupted, or something distracts me. This one came pouring through late one night as I was up doing doggie laundry. I had to think about the angels' message and look back on my life this year. I truly think I have given myself the gift of being true to myself this year, of choosing to love myself in both my glorious and not so brilliant moments. I gave myself gifts of my own time and energy, putting my own projects first so I can build a new foundation for all the creative work I want to do next year. I have given myself the gift of a greater faith and trust in God than I knew before, and the gift of trusting that God will take care of those I care about even when I cannot. It has been a year of both tremendous challenges on the human level, and tremendous beauty on the spiritual. I really felt like I had a lot to give thanks for this past Thanksgiving.

I love and adore the holidays. I am entering them this year in a whole different way than in years past. I still have a lot I want to do. I have a lot I want to make and give. But I'm praying each morning for God to guide my days so in the midst of so many other projects, things are flowing gracefully. I broke another stovetop right before Thanksgiving but found a reasonably priced replacement online, had it delivered overnight for a reasonable price and had it put in in time to cook. I didn't indulge in any drama or beating myself up and as always when I get out of God's way, God provides. At the same time I was cooking, I was also busy doing a ton of computer work to prepare for my computer upgrade. Somehow all that got done. Now I'm enjoying learning my new programs. Getting geeky every now and then gives me balance. I turn my brain off for a living... its not such a bad thing to put it to use every now and then :)!!

So no matter what has transpired in your lives, there were spiritual gifts to be garnered from it if you are willing to see things that way. Owning these gifts really gives you your power back. No longer do you feel victimized by life, but rather you can see the brilliance of your own classwork here upon the school we call Earth. I for one, plan to take a few easier courses in the future! But I do give thanks for all I have been blessed to learn along the way!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

God guides me to give & receive

I have been asking God for a lot of help lately. I have so much going on! I'm in the midst of preparing to upgrade my 8 year old computer, getting ready for the holidays, doing a few more home repairs, and caring for my aging dog. I'm sleeping on the couch again! My dog sleeps better in her den (aka my bedroom) when myself and my spirit entourage are not in it! This arrangement came in response to some sincere prayers a few months ago... "God I need sleep... give me a solution." Suddenly the answer popped in my head. I have a very, very comfy couch. And I have heat. The ocean is not in my living room like so many back east. I feel blessed.

I get up every morning and read my huge to do list to God. "Please help me get this done, unless you have better plans." I sit quietly with my angels for ten minutes, breathe and ask them to align my energy with God. My days, although crazy busy are flowing smoothly and miraculously. I have lost a great many of my illusions of control.. it is easier to let God steer me.

More and more as I surrender, I am doing things without thought. Sitting at the computer I suddenly find myself getting up, running errands, and coming back to pick up where I left off, all accomplished while my little elder doggie takes her nap. There is a beauty and a grace to God's timing, that isn't always obvious until we look back in retrospect.

I've been in communication with some amazing folks back east who went through Superstorm Sandy. Many were without power for weeks. One is lucky to be alive but lost her car. Without fail they are turning their hearts and lives to God and finding compassion, care, and camaraderie in those around them. The angels always point out that after Mother Earth releases her pressures, there is always an uprising of love. Truly I have witnessed such beauty in those who have been so affected and my heart and prayers are still with them. We raised quite a bit of money to assist, and we sent huge doses of light. I prayed so hard for it to warm up back east, even asking God if we could have some cool weather in trade for them warming up... and well, it may likely be coincidence, but Phoenix got cold and the east coast did warm up last weekend. I believe our prayers are powerful.

So whether you have need or excess pray and ask for the direction and you'll get it. You won't have to overthink it when its guidance. It just feels right inside. Guidance is a direction you just want to take without much thought. And while our brains are so useful in planning, programming, and number crunching, they can get in the way when we use them to replay stressful options, instead of saying, "I've done what I know to do, now it s God's turn to guide me." In such a dance, life does flow, even with business, complications, and challenges. I like letting the creator of the universe assist in my days! They sure go a lot more smoothly!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Count your blessings

First of all a heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to the relief efforts for the storm back east, whether it was with money, prayers, or good wishes. Collectively we were responsible for several thousand dollars of contributions. And for those of you who weren't guided... thank you for honoring your hearts too because as the angels always remind me, "God knows what He is doing." My heart is going out to the individuals who have been affected. Several are on this list. Family members of people I know have lost everything. And yet they are resilient, grateful for the blessings they can find, and willing to band together and bond with one another. At the worst of times, we see the best of humanity it seems. For those of you affected and reading this, our prayers continue to be with you. God is always there.

These bigger disasters always seek to remind us that our own problems aren't so big after all. I have an elderly dog still and I won't go into details but its like having a child in diapers minus the diapers at times. When one particularly nasty mess occurred right before a long-term client had a reading, I took a breath (outside), and gave him the option of rescheduling. He opted to have his session and so we barricaded myself in my office with the air purifier and candles. After I apologized profusely for the situation he made me laugh... "If I get upset over a little dog mess, after studying under you for so many years, either I'm a bad student, or you're a bad teacher!" He was right. I did his session and then spent my lunch hour on my hands and knees scrubbing and doing laundry. I was grateful for a floor to scrub. Many people back east no longer have that.

So when you find yourself in circumstances you don't like, try to be grateful for what is good. Try to remember there will always be people doing better, and there will always be people who have a much harder time. What is important is that we are here, now, in this moment, and while I certainly do not enjoy certain things about elder doggie care, I focus instead on the love and just trying to be where I'm at to the best of my ability. I have it easy compared to so many.

So this week, count your blessings, no matter how large or small. Pray for those in need. Contribute if you are guided, but above all try to bring love into every little situation. The world is truly in need. Even a smile or a small random act of kindness counts... it might just change someone's life.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

God knows what he's doing

I haven't turned the news on in ages, so it was surprising last weekend when the urge hit. Immediately I knew why. I have a fascination with the timing of our storms, and sure enough, there was Super storm Sandy, hitting the east coast, the week before elections. We are stirred up as a country, and it is no wonder that the mass consciousness is being reflected in whirling winds and rising waters.

I called home promptly. My folks, my brother and his family all live in Northern, Virginia, where flooding is rare but winds can do some serious damage. My mom is recovering well from hip surgery and she's a strong woman, but in my heart of hearts, I knew she didn't need to deal with one more thing. So I prayed, "Dear God, thank you for keeping their power on and if it must go out, assist them with grace and ease." My mom wasn't worried. She told me she had slept deeply listening to what she considered to be the peaceful sounds of wind and pounding rain. Dad had battened down the hatches at their home, but remained unworried. And reflecting their peaceful but prepared attitude, they were among the "lucky" ones for whom power remained on. "Luck" in my book, comes from a sincere faith, humble prayer, and a deep knowing that when trials hit, grace is at work and if you surrender to bringing love into the situation, greater good arises.

To avoid tapping into the chaos and unrest in the world, I have been taking time each morning with God and the angels to sit in silent reception of their love. It works wonders. I feel "in the world but not of it." I choose gratitude instead of financial fears. I choose to vote and then let it go and pray for whomever gets elected. I choose to let life happen and trust that God loves me. God does love all of us but the real question is, "Do you love yourself enough to take a few minutes a day to sit and breathe and receive love from the creator and the angels?" It takes less than ten minutes and your entire day goes more smoothly. I just sit and pray to be aligned with God's will. I give God my to do list and ask for help, but I also surrender if my heart changes plans. My days have been flowing with grace and ease as a result. My favorite line when things don't look as I wish is simple... "God, you know what you're doing! I know you love me! I can't wait to see the ma gic that comes from this!" And then I wait for my miracles with absolute faith.

Living this way, they always come.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Perspectives

I've been working on perspective a lot lately. Take the rudeness example the angels spoke of. Drivers on the road seem to be out to kill lately. I had one young lady run up agains the back of my car so closely she was almost touching. I moved over to let her pass, and then she proceeded to zoom around me and several others on a two lane road in a way that I was praying wouldn't get her killed. I started to get irritated but instead prayed... "God, what is her deal?" Understanding always brings me compassion. "She's late to work and worried about losing her job," they said. "Well she could start a bit earlier!" I thought. "Haven't you woken up late in the past too?" they reminded me. Ah yes, compassion. We are not perfect. How can I expect anyone else to be if I am not. I prayed for this young lady to make it to work safely without harming anyone else on the way. The irritation was gone.

Also this week my old camera, which truly was one of my prized possessions, not for its value, but for the joy it gives me in sharing my photos with all of you, started to act up. It no longer focused correctly in all the modes. I started to grieve it but realized that I've been wanting one with more resolution anyway. Long story short, I have a new camera that not only does what the old one does, but has extra modes that are forcing me to learn more about photography... which I've wanted to do as well. A minor frustration has turned into a big blessing.

So this week when something would normally upset you, try to keep what I call open to a "kind mind"... everyone is just another human being doing their best, no matter how terrible the "best" they can do might be. I wouldn't get mad at a kindergartener doing something when they don't know any better, so I strive to remain calm even when the adult "kindergarteners" are acting out. And when things don't look as I like, I do my best to expect the hidden blessings. It is, after all, a far kinder and gentler reality to live this way!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dying to the old, birthing the new

I have had many "little deaths" in my own life this year. I have had to give up the need to "save and fix" others in order to more deeply live an authentic life and accomplish the projects I am being called to do. I have had to search my heart and allow any self-deprecating patterns to die so I could truly share a powerful and spiritual understanding of self love in my classes. In have had to let go of being in control as my house went through trials in order for it to be birthed into a better reality. I have had to die to many of my expectations as to how life "should" look in a given moment and learn to live with how "it does" in order to make room for God's miracles. And truly, new joy, new life, and new inspiration has resulted.

I recently talked to a beautiful client who said she had to let her resistance to her calling die in order to allow her spirit to be birthed into joy. She had been a caretaker her whole life, and resisted it, but when she started applying her skills in areas where she was appreciated, she loved it. Her calling had never been wrong. I know another woman who resisted being a mother because she felt she was meant for “more" but when the old programmed belief within her died, and she surrendered to enjoying motherhood, the "more" that she was seeking was found within the life she already lived.

There are so many little deaths in our lives. My beloved camera just died, during peak picture season, and I had to die unto my irritation in order to see the blessing in disguise. I've been thinking about new ones anyway, so God is just giving me a push, and I've got plenty of stock photos from past years. Even the old way of doing this newsletter has died. Mondays have been so busy lately that I was having a hard time making time to sit, clear my head, and channel, I asked the angels to help me find a better way. They suggested I grab the computer immediately upon awakening and channel the newsletter while my mind was still clear. This is working fabulously and I love the contact wit h the angels first thing in the morning. My old habit of “hitting the ground running” had to die so witing this newsletter could be birthed into a new, more joyful reality.

So if something isn,t working well in your life, be it a thing, a situation, or a relationship first sit down and ask, "What within me needs to die, so I can be born into greater love, joy, ease, grace, and truth." Focus within yourself first! It is all too tempting to focus on the external world, but we have far greater power over the deaths and rebirths within. .

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My light, not your dark

I drive frequently and am often amazed by how people in cars think it is ok to behave in ways they would never dare to exhibit in person. Rarely have I had someone in a long line in the grocery store rush up and come so close they could nearly push me into another, but it happens often in traffic. I have never had someone bypass me speeding on foot just to jump in line ahead of me, but it is a common occurrence on the road. And while such behaviors re irritating, the angels have taught me to either, bless the angry drivers or ignore them. I often do the sign of the cross over cars that speed past me at 90mph and pray that they don't kill anyone! And when a truck comes up so close behind me that I have nowhere to go, I turn up the radio and sing happy songs! I would change lanes if I could, but sometimes that isn't possible and so I am stuck choosing either to be irritated or to ignore the offensive driver. They might not like it, but I can at l east choose a more loving behavior.

These are a small examples. Often in my office, people are angry at someone in their lives who has been unthinkably cruel. They yell at me, but I know they’re just venting. The angels and I send them a lot of love while we are listening, because we know they are in a lot of pain.

It is harder to “turn the other cheek” when the anger is aimed at you in person, but it still works. Walk away or listen without response... and send love. I have listened to hurting souls target me with their pain, often attacking me personally. If I say anything at all I say, “I hear you and I'm sorry.” The apology doesn't come because I've done anything wrong. I am truly sorry that they are hurting. On occasion, I've said, “I'm a loving person and deserve kinder treatment,” but I have said it gently and without fail it has been heard.

The angels have taught me that angry people just want to be understood. They want someone to see and understand their pain. They want acknowledgment for what they have been through, or for you their point of view. Sometimes you are up for giving them this gift and other times you are not but the trick is to remain honest with yourself about what feels like the right response. For example, when people I care about are angry, I listen and try to understand. When people I don’t know attack me, I typically don’t respond. There are times I set a boundary. Just last week someone tagged me in an unkind post on Facebook, which mean her unkind post appeared on my page. While this soul had a right to her expression, I exercised my right to take it off my page. I have no desire to participate in the unkindnesses of this world and it was ok to say “no” to that type of thing.

So do your best not to engage in the unkindnesses of the world. Set boundaries and acknowledge your own right to exist in a loving space, and when you can't leave an unkind situation, either respond lovingly or remain silent.We can remain in our light no matter what is around us... and it sure feels better!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Saying Yes, Surrendering Control

I love the angels message today because I have seen God work miracles in so many lives when people were willing to admit their dreams and stop freaking out because they didn't know how or when to make them come about. For example years ago a woman I know was gifted with her dream trip to an ancient land to do ecumenical work... for free. Recently another friend of mine who has known she is going to another ancient land for some time, but had no clue how, was gifted with a large sum of money from a near stranger that she had helped and is now going on her trip. Truly with God all things are possible.

However, so many people are unwilling to even let themselves dream because they learned growing up that if they didn't know how to make something happen they had to "get their head out of the clouds." Personally I LIKE my head in the clouds!! Metaphorically it is where the angels sing! Seriously, I will never forget one woman who was failing to get one job after the next. The angels gently told her that what they saw in her heart was that she wanted to be a massage therapist. "Well yes," she admitted, "but I want to teach my kids that you have to be responsible." The voices of her upbringing had her in an emotional choke hold and thus ensued a conversation with the angels about the real nature of responsibility - namely responding to one's heart. She heard, switched careers and loves her life.

So many times I have denied my own heart only to feel like I was swimming upstream in a current that would drown me. Just this week, I tried to channel the newsletter on Monday. No go. I tried Tuesday. Nothing. I tried Wednesday morning. Still nothing. "Hey God, I WANT to share your love and wisdom," I prayed Wednesday afternoon, "Any chance you all could drop the newsletter in on me soon?" I really didn't want to be up late after clients on Thursday or Friday doing it. As I prayed I realized I had an insane desire for Starbucks so I got in the car and without thought got my Cafe Mocha. While sipping it in a relaxed state, the angels started giving me the newsletter! Clearly, trying too hard to control anything is highly overrated! The universe wanted me to have a delightful experience and I was trying to make it too "serious!"

Likewise, much more important to me, my mother was in the hospital this week with her second hip replacement surgery in Virginia. In my heart of hearts I wanted to be of assistance, so I prayed and asked God what my role was to be. My dad and brother are out there and I got the guidance to stay here and do what I am good at - working with her in spirit. The surgery went well but she had some nasty after effects due to pain meds and wasn't in a good space for the several days following the surgery. I couldn't get details from anyone and of course she wasn't in shape to communicate till today. I didn't bother worrying. Instead I asked my facebook friends to pray, pictured her well, sent energy, and trusted. There was nothing else I could do and I certainly didn't want to send any negativity her way with useless worry on my part. Sure enough the prayers and energy are creating miracles. I talked to her today and she is feisty as ever and recuperating, e ven arguing with the care facility staff who can't seem to remember to give her her own medication on a regular basis. "You want me to say something," I asked her, fully prepared to have a chat with management about the benefits of giving their patients pain medication on schedule. "No, I have a big mouth! I'll handle it," she replied! I let go of control again. She will handle it. And I'll keep picturing her feisty and hiking with me in the future, contributing to the positive vision she is creating for her life.

Saying yes to what is in your heart, following your guidance, and then letting go of control when you do not know what to do next, is really a great way to live. It helps you live in a flow of grace, rather than struggle and effort. I work a lot, and I work many hours with intense dedication and focus, but somehow it is gracefully orchestrated when I listen to my own heart. I also create time for balance, relaxation, and play. I have finally allowed God to orchestrate a life where I can practice what I preach and it feels amazing!

So this week, when something arises within you say, "YES God, and guide me please. Make your guidance so obvious I can't miss it." And then when you get guided act, but until you do, surrender control and trust, trust, trust with all your heart that you are SO loved and so cared for and that God really will coordinate your dreams with the entire universe. I wish you all could see yourselves the way I am privileged to see people in readings... so beautiful, so amazing, so cherished beyond words. If ever you feel unloved, sit quietly and ask to feel God's love. Don't try to feel it, allow for it. It will blow you away!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Acceptance not agreement

I've had many opportunities to practice acceptance of those with whom I disagree. Years ago when a skeptic bashed my psychic friend in public, I was ready to go to battle until the angels got to me and suggested I speak in a more loving way. The conversation ended up amazing. The skeptic decided I was well meaning, even if deluded.

Another time, that was way more personal, my brother wrote to question my beliefs in Jesus and express his concerns. He had just finished reading my book, Bridging the Gap Between Christianity & Mysticism, and it didn't resonate with his own beliefs. He suggested I take Bible study courses to correct the errors in my own thinking. Being Aries, my first reaction was to get upset and want to make him see my point of view, but the angels again got to me. I rememembered something Jesus said to me years ago in a vision when I was whining about the fact that no one understood me. "They will understand your love," He said. I've lived my life by that one sentence every since. My brother and I came to an understanding when I asked him to simply accept the fact that I had a beautiful relationship with God whether or not he agreed how I went about it. I explained to him that I would never presume to tell him what to believe or how to relate t o God. I trusted that God put this in every person's heart who genuinely prayed. We came, not to agreement, but acceptance, and there is love there to this day.

Still another area where I have beautiful acceptance but not agreement is from my dad. He's a brilliant research physicist, and once he said to me, "I don't necessarily believe in what you do, but I don't disbelieve either. I just haven't had it proven." That was a perfectly true statement given the fact that his calling on this earth is to figure out how things work so science can give technology ways to improve our lives. My dad and I love each other very much and have fascinating discussions with or without agreement. He accepts me. I accept him. We value what each other is doing on the earth. It wasn't luck that got us here but rather a lot of deep and heartfelt conversations. I had to give up my childish need for agreement. Ever since the relationship has been beautiful. When you act like an adult, people react to you much more like an adult!

We all need each other. Everyone has a place on this earth, even the people you don't like. The skeptic for example, feels it is his purpose to help others avoid getting scammed. I am sure he does in some cases. And so his purpose is useful. Those who hate actually are great teachers of love... in a weird way. We see them and we want better. Those who are greedy remind us not to be so. Those who live lives of brilliant charitable works remind us that we all have something to give. And those of us who sit quietly at home typing articles about love have a reason to be too :) Those of you who live quiet lives simply being loving are the "undercover" angels on this earth. We are all needed.

Try it this week when you don't agree with someone. Try to remind yourself that your perspective is valid for you, as theirs is for them. Then, given the disagreement, given the acceptance, see if you still want to engage in that discussion or dance. I have no need to argue my points most of the time. Sometimes, it is fun and interesting to debate. I learn more! But most of the time I have other things to do that are calling me to greater joy.

Likewise, if you find yourself at odds with someone and there's no apparent solution, then is the time to learn and to pray. Dear God, I want to do X, and someone else wants to do Y and we cannot figure out a middle ground. If I want the person in front of me in traffic to move and he won't... well I have to accept both his slow speed and my desire to get going. And then I give it to God because I can't figure it out and in the meanwhile I practice patience and trust it is all in right order. As soon as I surrender to my own lessons, things move... litearlly!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Praying for those who hurt you...

I thought justice was an odd topic for the angels to talk about until I completed channeling their article. It is true. I see so many people in my office who are so upset at others' behaviors that the upset become a focal point of their lives. And while having an angry reaction to injustice or wrongdoing is human and often a healthy reaction, holding on to the anger is not.

A week ago, in the midst of preparing for my class, having a few more home projects completed, caring for my aging dog, and working full time, someone hacked into, the wonderful company that hosts my website and millions of others. I was not pleased to say the least, but after I had a brief upset, the desire to pray kicked into effect. "Dear God fill the hackers with light and help them either make better choices, come to justice, or at least expose themselves." Many of you prayed too. Two hours later the entire system was up again. It is much easier not to fall into victimhood and despair but rather to take potent spiritual action.

Years ago a felon moved in next to my friends' house. He was almost always drunk and often threatening. The three of us prayed very hard. We surrounded his house with light. We asked God to amplify his light and bind his darkness so it could not spread any further. Within months he moved out! Sending light will either amplify what is good and true inside a person or give them incentive to leave you alone if they don't want to play in higher spaces.

Another client is in the midst of a huge court case. He has been surrounding everyone involved with light, very diligently. The first date was cancelled and instead the first trial ended up being postponed. Most people would have been very upset but this person trusted God. There was a different judge and a different jury as a result. The case was decided very well in his favor.

So when you find yourself in a situation where someone has wronged you and you have done all you can do or honestly want to do at the human level, pray! Surround the sad individual (s) with the light of God. It will cause them to grow or go. As the old saying goes, all the darkness in the world can't put out the light of a single candle, but a single candle can penetrate the darkest depths.

We are the lights in this world, not only for those who treat us kindly and well, but more importantly for those who don't have a clue what this earth life is about. Give it a try next time you find yourself in such a situation and see how it works for you. You don't have to like everyone. You don't have to like their behavior or even put up with it. But you can pray to surround everyone with God's unconditional and ever present love. It will change you in the process too :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Letting go...

I'm not trying to control anything these days... not even completing the outline for the class I am teaching the day you read this. As with most classes, tons of material arrives and floats around my mind for months but the actual outline doesn't start coming together until the week or two before the class. I have always suspected that those planning to come somehow draw through me the material they need. And so last Saturday when my friend Summer Bacon, had a special channeling session in Sedona, I signed up for the event without a second thought. I had already prepared a rough outline, had several days set aside to finesse it, and knew my class would all come together just fine!

As I do every morning, I sat with God and gave the presence of love that runs the stars in the heavens, as the angels like to say, my to-do list! Dear God, I'd like a safe drive. I'd like Lucy and Daniela, my dog sitter to have a wonderful time together today. I'd like a day filled with love, grace, play and validation that I'm on the right track for the class. I had no idea how amazingly those prayers would be answered! Dr. Peebles came booming through Summer in trance and spent several minutes working with the crowd... with a variation of the exercises I am doing in my class! I couldn't stop laughing! Talk about a prayer answered. That wasn't the half of it however... The prayer for a loving day was answered and the answer was off the charts!

That same day I ran into people with whom I had done the most amazing and beautiful growth in my past, and also several with whom I had done the most excrutiatingly painful growth. And the only thing I could feel in my heart was love and gratitude for all of them equally, because each of them has shaped who I am today. I chatted with a former boyfriend - who had yelled at me every day we were together - as if we were old friends, and another with whom I am still friends. I was introduced to someone I didn't know and just loved her and did an informal reading for her, only to discover later she was family with a person who had nearly crucified me in the past for sharing an honest opinion. And there was only love. There is only love. The more I went through this amazing day, the higher I felt. I kept running into people I loved, until at long last I felt surely this is what heaven must be like - when no matter what has transpired, you see only the love, the growth, and the many faces of God with whom you've danced in a lifetime.

So today as I share what I know about Radical Self Love I do so knowing that this wisdom has me at a point where I can truly love others in ways I never knew I could in the past, not the warm fuzzy feeling kind of love, but a deep deep appreciation for their souls, for who they are, what they've been through, and how even their most unenlightened and painful behaviors have contributed to my life. If I could share this feeling with everyone I would.

So try it - every morning give your to do list to God. Surrender, listen to your heart, trust. My class will have come together beautifully by the time you read this. Tune into the energy. Ask God to help you learn to truly love all that lies within you. For in truth, everything has purpose and value. Someday we will all get to see exactly how!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Letting go of old patterns

After I made myself sick last month I had to take a good hard look at some feelings I'd been stuffing again. After going to my favorite shaman/chiropractor to help get my energy unknotted and moving again, the emotions started moving rapidly as well. As if a burst of water was released from a dam deep within me, I felt a holy rage rise up inside me, within hours after the session. Thankfully I had time alone and the presence of mind to work this out by myself!

I felt as if someone had pulled a thread on a sweater and all the upsets of my life were pouring out of my body from a very deep level. I felt upset about the doctor who gave me bad information and charged me $180, and every other service provider in the past who had taken my money without doing their job correctly. I felt old angers about people who had wronged me. I felt upset that my dog, who I love deeply, adores me when she gets what she wants, but glares at me as if I am an evil princess when she does not get what she wants! I felt upset at everyone who had ever taken advantage of me. The emotions kept pouring out of me, like poison, so I did what I always do, which is to journal like crazy then shred the pages. I needed to clear the pipes! At long last after a lot of prayer, meditation, and just taking time outside, the stream of frustrations finally subsided.

I realized that I had simply uncorked a load of frustration at myself for attracting such situations and worse, carrying them around inside me all this time! And I knew, because it always works this way that I would get another chance to experience such a situation and learn to somehow handle it differently. It didn't take long for the opportunity to arise.

When I called an electrician to come out and do some work, I was excited. The furniture was moved away from the walls and it was time to replace all my ancient wiggly outlets. Some of them were so bad, the plugs wouldn't stay in. It was the perfect time. I had hired other electricians in the past and knew the ballpark rates and had saved up. So I nearly cried when the man who arrived quoted me a rate about three times higher than what I had expected or paid in the past.

Here was my opportunity. He was knowledgeable, kind, and had driven over an hour to do the estimate. I knew he was good and would guarantee his work. But the bottom line was that it was more than I could pay. I politely declined and it occurred to me to dig out an old receipt and call a company I'd worked with years ago. The man I worked with was gone, but they sent another. He got the job done and charged me a reasonable rate. All was well.

The lessons didn't stop there. This man offered me a good price on doing some other work I needed. I didn't feel the same confidence in him for the second job, but agreed to it because he was kind. When I don't listen to my guidance, I get a lesson. I've been living with a tripping circuit breaker and doing without hot water for several days now as a result. Thankfully cold showers during the hot summer aren't that bad :)!

In the past I would have beat myself up royally for not listening to my own feelings, but I AM teaching a class called "Radical Self Love" next week and knew this was yet another opportunity to practice what I preach. "Ok, God! I am not going to beat myself up. I just want this fixed. I'd also like a refill for the money I spent, because I'm not going to punish myself with lack for bad decisions. Its over and behind me. Guide me and refill the coffers." I got my guidance and a check in the mail that I wasn't expecting that paid for the work that didn't work out so well.

So by the time you read this, my house, my breakers, and ME will have been wired correctly! Releasing old patterns indeed!!!

I have been challenged be this deeply honest with everyone in my life this year. I have had to tell people I could not do what they wanted. I have had to ask for more help and favors than ever before. And happily as those old patterns of belief that it is better to put my own needs to the side in order to serve others leave my psyche, I have been able to serve the true needs for others more clearly. The readings have gotten even clearer. In my personal life I am speaking a truth that comes from my spirit rather than my ego, and as a result I am serving the souls rather than the egos of those around me.

So yes, it is a time of releasing and it isn't always easy to break old habits, but it is freeing and joyful to do so... and don't forget to love yourself through it :)

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Embracing it all head on

I think all of us, on a regular basis face situations that we’d rather not. They range from being stuck in traffic, to having things break, to having people behave in ways that don’t resonate with what we’d prefer. There are even days when we don’t look or act the way we’d prefer! However, as the angels say, surrendering to what is actually in front of us, rather than getting stuck in wishful thinking makes the journey through life a lot more pleasant, and makes the unpleasant things pass much more easily.

As I type this, the electrician is running to the store because I didn't realize one of my electrical boxes was a different size. The carpet cleaners from the restoration company will soon arrive and may have to step over him. My dog is spazzing out because nothing looks normal and she likes her routines! And it is all going to be ok, It's Monday and I'm doing my newsletter while lights are blinking, furniture is piled in the middle of the rooms, and the rest of life goes on.

I would have rather avoided getting sick, starting a fire, having to unpack 60 boxes that the cleaning crews carefully packed, moving furniture bigger than me, spending 24 hrs with my elder dog at a hotel while ozone machines ran in my house, and so much more that has transpired over the last month. But in each case I just surrendered and brought as much love as I could to each situation. In return the people working on my house were so good to me I was blown away. They did great work, admitted interest in spiritual topics, called me “peaceful,” “refreshing”, “fun to work with,” etc. In my mind they brought their kindest and best selves to the situation too. I think when we do, we inspire others to do the same!

Instead of beating myself up for “mistakes” and moaning about inconveniences, I just embraced it all head on. A month after my “mistakes,” my home, rugs, curtains, couch covers, duct work, walls, and carpets are probably cleaner than the day I moved in. My body is happy with my new diet. I now know guys I can call upon for future work on the house. Spiritually and emotionally I have become stronger. I’m excited about life, filled with new energy and cannot wait to teach my upcoming class.

So this week when things don't look as planned or don't look the way you want, bring your best self to what IS happening. I guarantee a happier time and a much quicker trip to ease and grace!

Have a happy week!

ps – for those of you who want an excellent medium, my friend Jim Law has finally started doing readings! He is amazing! I’ve been teasing him for years about sending him clients because he is so good. He gets names, dates, and detailed information. He sees movies in his head. He talks to angels, relatives, animals, you name it!! He does readings by phone and his rates and policies are simi liar to mine. You can email him at Feel free to pass on his info. I'm just so excited he has gone public with his work. He’s got a million talents but this one is extraordinary.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Peace is inside

Giving has always come naturally to me but receiving has been a learned skill! Like many of us I grew up with the old adage, "Tis better to give than to receive." However the angels have taught me that this is ridiculous because for every giver, there must be a receiver to support their giving! We, as human beings, are meant to exhale AND inhale. Our hearts pump out and in! In truth, we were meant to allow the energy of God's love to flow into our lives, through them, and out to others. We were meant to live in a flow of Grace. There are times when our lives and hearts feel full and we are guided to give, and there are times when we are also guided to graciously receive.

Over the years, the angels have helped me remember that it is always fun, and sometimes very necessary to receive. Furthermore, sometimes it is necessary to ask for help, no matter how strong we may be. A few weeks ago when I messed up my health and simultaneously had a little kitchen fire, the guidance to ask for help was clear. As I've mentioned, I called friends who willingly ran errands for me. I called Cherie Landgraf whose amazing frequency machine cleared the smoke smell mostly out of my house and relaxed my body. James Walker did energy work on me, and Dr. Shawn Warwick untangled my twisted up solar plexus. I had to take money allocated for other things and spend it on my own healing. I had to cancel clients and take time to rest. For a few weeks there was hardly any energy going out of my life and a lot pouring in. It was all about receiving.

Miraculously, I healed from a very serious physical condition very quickly, so much so that I was ready to go hiking again only a few days after being able to eat solid foods once again. The desire to be out in nature was so strong in my heart that in spite of feeling a little weak, and in spite of the fact that the weather looked rainy, I decided to go anyway. My dear friend and dog sitter, Daniela Roth, was available and so I hit the road, rainy weather, fatigue, and all. I knew in my heart, this was where I was being guided.

I ended up hiking three miles in the sweet and gentle rain. The forest was perfumed with the vanilla-y smell of the ponderosa pines. The sound of the gentle rain dripping of rain from the trees was a meditation, and the gloriously feel of air below one hundred degrees rejuvenated me so much I was filled with energy by the end of my walk. Just as I'd seen in my vision that morning, the sun broke through the clouds and all of the sudden I felt inspired to take another hike - this one up Cathedral Rock in Sedona. It was sunny, hot, and strenuous but as I felt my heart and body expending energy, and felt the rush of air in and out of my lungs, my entire energy field finally burst open and once again I felt that flow of God's love running through my body, mind, and heart. I was overjoyed!

This entire experience has forced me to learn more about "Radical self love" before I teach the class. I have to love myself enough to reach out for help, put amazing food in my body, take the time in silence each day to connect with God and my angels. I have had to be honest with friends about what I honestly can and can't do for them right now. I've had to be more honest about how I want to spend my days and where I want to prioritize my time. As a result, I'm feeling amazing once again. I can't believe it was only a few weeks ago that a freaked out doctor wanted me to run to the emergency room! I'm glad I listened to my own guidance. I'm glad I've learned to receive. I'm glad I have learned to honor myself and love myself through anything, because these skills really work and can really get you back into the light no matter how deep and dark a space you find yourself in.

So this week if you find yourself having a challenge or two, love yourself through it. Pray for the help you need. Commit some time and energy to your own well being. You teach the universe how to treat you through your own choices. Why not make those choices more loving :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Don't put off your well-being

Giving has always come naturally to me but receiving has been a learned skill! Like many of us I grew up with the old adage, "Tis better to give than to receive." However the angels have taught me that this is ridiculous because for every giver, there must be a receiver to support their giving! We, as human beings, are meant to exhale AND inhale. Our hearts pump out and in! In truth, we were meant to allow the energy of God's love to flow into our lives, through them, and out to others. We were meant to live in a flow of Grace. There are times when our lives and hearts feel full and we are guided to give, and there are times when we are also guided to graciously receive.

Over the years, the angels have helped me remember that it is always fun, and sometimes very necessary to receive. Furthermore, sometimes it is necessary to ask for help, no matter how strong we may be. A few weeks ago when I messed up my health and simultaneously had a little kitchen fire, the guidance to ask for help was clear. As I've mentioned, I called friends who willingly ran errands for me. I called Cherie Landgraf whose amazing frequency machine cleared the smoke smell mostly out of my house and relaxed my body. James Walker did energy work on me, and Dr. Shawn Warwick untangled my twisted up solar plexus. I had to take money allocated for other things and spend it on my own healing. I had to cancel clients and take time to rest. For a few weeks there was hardly any energy going out of my life and a lot pouring in. It was all about receiving.

Miraculously, I healed from a very serious physical condition very quickly, so much so that I was ready to go hiking again only a few days after being able to eat solid foods once again. The desire to be out in nature was so strong in my heart that in spite of feeling a little weak, and in spite of the fact that the weather looked rainy, I decided to go anyway. My dear friend and dog sitter, Daniela Roth, was available and so I hit the road, rainy weather, fatigue, and all. I knew in my heart, this was where I was being guided.

I ended up hiking three miles in the sweet and gentle rain. The forest was perfumed with the vanilla-y smell of the ponderosa pines. The sound of the gentle rain dripping of rain from the trees was a meditation, and the gloriously feel of air below one hundred degrees rejuvenated me so much I was filled with energy by the end of my walk. Just as I'd seen in my vision that morning, the sun broke through the clouds and all of the sudden I felt inspired to take another hike - this one up Cathedral Rock in Sedona. It was sunny, hot, and strenuous but as I felt my heart and body expending energy, and felt the rush of air in and out of my lungs, my entire energy field finally burst open and once again I felt that flow of God's love running through my body, mind, and heart. I was overjoyed!

This entire experience has forced me to learn more about "Radical self love" before I teach the class. I have to love myself enough to reach out for help, put amazing food in my body, take the time in silence each day to connect with God and my angels. I have had to be honest with friends about what I honestly can and can't do for them right now. I've had to be more honest about how I want to spend my days and where I want to prioritize my time. As a result, I'm feeling amazing once again. I can't believe it was only a few weeks ago that a freaked out doctor wanted me to run to the emergency room! I'm glad I listened to my own guidance. I'm glad I've learned to receive. I'm glad I have learned to honor myself and love myself through anything, because these skills really work and can really get you back into the light no matter how deep and dark a space you find yourself in.

So this week if you find yourself having a challenge or two, love yourself through it. Pray for the help you need. Commit some time and energy to your own well being. You teach the universe how to treat you through your own choices. Why not make those choices more loving :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finding my rainbows

I've been fascinated with rainbows since childhood. I remember feeling very smart when I memorized their colors as a child... ROY G BIV reminded me of "Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet." I've seen rainbows in huge circles from the sky while flying and I've danced in the end of the rainbow once on a beautiful beach in Hawaii. I've been fascinated by their transparent ethereal and vivid colors that remind me of the colors that I've seen on few occasions when a human aura has popped into view. Rainbows remind me of heaven - always there, and yet not always seen. Truly they do only exist when the very bright light of the sun shines against the blacked sky. How fitting, that we can only see heaven when we shine our own light in the darkness at times.

Rainbows also seem to have the uncanny ability to show up just when I need a healthy dose of love and validation from the heavens. Years ago when I was getting a divorce, I asked for a sign that I'd be happy again and a big beautiful rainbow broke out in the heavens within minutes. When I was sick before, and praying for comfort, again, the rainbows appeared. After a massive home repair earlier in the year, I went outside to see... you guessed it, the rainbow once again! And after my recent health challenges, on the day I was celebrating my return to eating once again, there it was again, a rainbow in the heavens. God does seem to take every opportunity to remind us that we are engulfed in a universe filled with love. We only have to focus on the light to see it.

I have been taught by the angels to bring light into just about anything. When I was feeling horrible a few weeks ago I chose to love myself, be kind to myself, reach out for help, and avoid beating myself up. I spent money allocated for other things on my own healing and didn't worry about it. I chose to be honest with those around me about whom I could and whom I couldn't serve while I was healing. It was liberating, and enlightening to deepen my adventures in self love, healthy eating, and rest even in a difficult time. Likewise with the little house fire, that could have been a massive opportunity to focus on what was wrong. I was the one who fell asleep after all while cooking. I didn't waste a minute beating myself up. I treated myself with compassion. Wonderful people helped me. My house is going to be very clean after the next few weeks, thanks to my amazing insurance company. Again, focusing on the good, the gratitude, and the gifts, has brought many rainbows into this little storm in my life. Those opportunities are always there.

So when you find yourself in a challenging situation first and foremost, be kind to yourself. Ask yourself, "What do I need here to lift myself up?" "What can I be grateful for?" "What do I need to allow myself to feel?" "What gifts can I find in this situation." Then look for the rainbows - the beauty and the gifts to unfold.... and who knows, mother nature may just give you a real rainbow every now and then :)

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Here I am now...

I'm doing much better after last week's adventures in health and home. The body is healing and although it might take some time to get back to normal, I'm eating so nutritiously I should be glowing. Within a month or so my house should be squeaky clean as well, as the insurance folks get the contractors in to remove the smoky smell. All in all, there is a silver lining even though the adventures were extremely challenging.

I realize looking back that I got myself in such a mess by internalizing emotions again. That is a big "no no" for someone whose body is so sensitive that I can feel a bee flying through my aura three feet away. I should have known better. Nonetheless, I chose not to beat myself up because that wouldn't have helped at all.

The angels have really taught me over the years that there is no point to worrying about the future, and no point to looking back at the past. In fact, there is no point to doing anything really but being present with yourself right here and right now and acknowledging your own feelings in the moment. So when I made a mess of my health, rather than worrying about what could happen, or beating myself up for what I could have done better, I just got present with the fact that I needed both help and comfort.

I called my friend James Walker who is a wonderful meditation instructor, massage therapist, and healer. He not only ran errands for me but was a life saver as he did hours of energy work to get my system back in balance. The angels suggested I contact a client who has this wonderful energy machine as well. Cherie Landgraf started running a program on her equipment that detects and balances stresses in the body and somehow magically is mitigating the smoke smell in my house as well until the real cleaners arrive. It is really helping. Other clients and friends graciously added me to their prayer lists and offered help as well.

When you find yourself with challenges try not to waste time looking back, or worrying forward. Try to say, "Ok, here I am now. What do I need? What can I do? What do I know to do and what must I give to God?" Affirm truth. Choose love. It is indeed the quickest way out of a tough situation. I should know... I've inadvertently created quite a few in my life and thankfully, have learned to get out of them just as quickly! As I face a lot of work on my home to clean it out from the fire smell, I have no idea how I'm going to manage rescheduling clients, taking time off without pay, etc. It doesn't matter. God does. I'm not going to worry, nor will I look back. I just trust that God's grace is and always will be at work in my life... and so it will be!

Try it this week. See if you can pick a challenge in your life and refuse to look back or refuse to worry. Be with what is now... and see how it starts to transform. In the words of "Star Trek" ... "Resistance is futile!"

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Love in the lessons

I have been feeling so amazing lately that it shocked me when I propelled myself into another set of lessons on internalizing stress. I handled the pool filter repair just fine. I didn't stress about my mom being in the hospital. However, I had another situation in my life that I thought I was handling well. Apparently I hadn't been 100% honest with myself about how emotionally challenging it was, and as a result of that, I started to feel very uncomfortable last Thursday. As day progressed into night it got worse. Fear kicked in and soon my intestines were a twisted mess. Once again I found myself bloated enough to look like a woman nine-months pregnant, and about as comfortable. I've done this before.

So for three days and nights I walked the house in total surrender. I couldn't sit or lay down, and I couldn't eat. I went to a doctor who didn't help much and then finally realized that I just needed to relax, surrender, and allow others to assist me. The angels told me through my friend Summer Bacon , that it was time for me to ask for help, and so I did. I called a friend who came over, ran my errands and spent hours doing energy work on me until I could relax and allow nature to slowly take its course. At one point I was able to seek out alternative treatments that seem to be working, slowly but surely. As I write the newsletter on Tuesday of this week, I have slept only 7 hours in five days, and have eaten only broth. I still have energy. It comes from God. I have been meditating, relaxing, and looking at my life and the areas where I need to be a bit more considerate to myself, and to surrender even more deeper into my own heart. As I do so, the healing has dramatically accelerated.

As you know I'm also teaching a class on Radical Self Love in September. I signed up to teach it, knowing full well I'd be immersed in lessons of that for myself first. And so here I am learning to allow life to give to me as much as I share with life. Dear clients put me on their prayers lists and offered help if I needed it. I just felt very supported and instead of criticizing myself for ignoring my own guidance as to what to eat, I chose to look at the good that comes from this. I will be healthier and cleaner inside than ever before. I now have discovered I must avoid wheat for awhile. It will be a new culinary adventure. And possibly this "crisis" has saved me because it is easy to build up toxic waste in the body without knowing you are doing so, and having this all come to a head has forced me to address those issues. In the past I've taken in so many energies that weren't mine and apparently my body, unbeknownst to me, was reflecting this quite literally.

I thought that was that. The lessons were over. But I created another opportunity for self love Sunday night when I put a pot of beans on the stove knowing that I'd be able to eat soon and this would give me incentive. I sat on the couch to wait for the water to boil... and fell asleep. I woke up to a house filled with smoke, burnt beans and a pot so hot it was warm even through the potholders. I jumped up and grabbed the pot to pull it off the burner, and the glass stovetop came with it!! There I stood with a burnt out pot, a broken stovetop and one stinky house! The opportunities to beat myself up were plenty but I chose not to. I chose to be compassionate to myself. I chose to just deal with it instead of whining and moaning and thinking, "Why me!" "Why this!" "Too much!" Instead I called the non-emergency fire number and a nice bunch of fire men came with huge fans to move the bulk of the smoke out. I called insurance and set the wheels in motion to get the house cleaned out, the stove fixed, and the pot replaced. I wrote my clients offering to do phone readings instead of in person due to the awful smell in the house. And I settled down to relax and heal again, knowing another lesson was learned.

I do try not to create such dramatic lessons for myself but every now and then this is what happens. And inevitably, there is a silver lining, and great good that comes from them. I hope to be a little more gentle with my growth in the future, but one never knows!

I just give thanks for all the angel training in surrender, in bringing love to any situation, in choosing to love myself rather than make a difficult situation worse. I am blessed in so many ways and I know this too shall pass and be just a memory amidst a life otherwise filled with bliss.

So when life gets crazy hard, remember, don't beat yourself up and don't assume God doesn't love you. You're still a beautiful soul in God's eyes and you are always loved. We just do things at times that create challenging lessons. And everything, in the end, except God's love, is temporary!

Have a great week and I'm going to continue working on my vibrant health!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

No worries...

I am grateful to have learned that worry is pointless. Last week my pool filter gave notice by starting to spit sand into the pool. Suffice it to say the repairs weren't cheap but I didn't worry. God has always found ways to pay my bills. I didn't spend a second fretting. I just gave thanks that the problem was discovered before my pool turned into a beach, and that I have a company that is family owned, honest, and good at what they do.

The same week my mom ended up in the hospital back in Virginia. After 66 hrs in horrid heat and humidity with no power her asthma combined with a sinus infection and she nearly stopped breathing. Again I didn't worry. I called her, got the facts, and go the prayers going. She had an amazing attitude. "Everything happens for a reason," she told me once she was able to talk again. I'm in good care. She is home now and still needs prayers for healing, but is doing much better. It would be easy to slip into worry. I am 3000 miles away and can't do much but my dad and brother are there for physical support and I know my work with mom lies in the other realms. I trust the process. It is all I can do.

My dog is aging too. She falls more often, sleeps a lot, and is not going to be here forever. I know this. But there's no need to worry because for now she is happy, smiling, snorting, and enjoying life. She is a great teacher too. When her little back legs give out, she just sits down, right where she's at and enjoys the view. Nine times out of ten, I come running and give her extra love so she actually enjoys the moment. She doesn't worry about when she'll get up or what the next moment brings.

This same week a dear friend who is going through a hard time spoke to me. She needed some time alone. Again I am not worried. God is with her and so are my prayers and healing energy. I am doing what I can to assist and surrendered that God will let me know if there is more.

So when you are worried, ask yourself, "What can I control and what is outside of my control?" "What am I guided to do, vs. what would I do out of panic and fear." Do what you can and do as you are guided then rest easy knowing that all else rests in God's arms. The less I try to control things I cannot, the easier my life gets, the more miracles occur, and the happier I feel. The illusion that we must be in control of everything leads to inevitable worries because we are not.

So worry not my friends. We are all in the loving arms of the creator, birthed and breathing because of that very love. There is really no greater truth.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

No more self criticism

The angels have worked with me for years to let go of the huge expectations I had for myself. I think we all grew up thinking we knew how life and we are "supposed to be." I was supposed to grow up, go to college, get married, have kids, retire, etc. I did everything I was supposed to but it didn't work! I wasn't happy. It ends up I had this crazy calling instead, which now makes me wildly happy. I had to let go of a lot of expectations of myself to be who I really am.

Throughout the years I've had to constantly release expectations. I can't possibly answer every email I get. I can't get everyone in who wants to see me as fast as I wish I could. I can't do everything socially that is offered to me because I need time in silence. Little by little I've released myself from expectations and have made peace with the fact that I'm human, live in a body, and have only 24 hrs a day. Believe it or not, those things weren't entirely easy to accept!

Every now and then I still forget those facts of life! This past weekend I had massive expectations for what I wanted to accomplish. I am reworking sections of my web site and thought I could finish an entire section, clean out some closets, cook meals, swim, etc. It ends up I got some pages tested and only one new page designed. That was it! Mind you its a beautiful page, nonetheless, I had a moment where I started to feel bummed out by how "little" I had achieved.

I caught that thought mid-stream and banished those sad thoughts and instead started to focus on what I did accomplish. In short time it dawned on me that my "one page" was really like redesigning an entire web site. It was not surprising it took all day, and actually getting it done in a day was quite an accomplishment. My new Sedona section will be gorgeous when I'm done. Realistically it might take months. Now its ok. Life truly is in the journey and I did enjoy the process.

So, while it is fine to have expectations, the trick to happiness is realizing that whether or not we live up to our own standards or goals, we can always bring love to the situation. We can always say, "Well I didn't do that very well but I tried." Or, "I didn't achieve xyz, but I did get this done." Or, "At least I learned something!"

Talking to dead people puts everything in perspective. At the end of our lives, our wrinkles don't matter. What we did or didn't accomplish in terms of achievements is less important than how much we loved. And we can love ourselves, others, God, our pets, our homes, our food, or any number of things. It is the vibration of love that matters, not so much the object of it, because in truth, the object of all love is God, present in creation.

So this week, try to go easy on yourselves. Catch yourself in criticism and give yourself a compliment instead. Stretch and form new and kinder habits. It certainly is a kinder and happier reality!

And if you really want to dive into self-love, come to my class in September :) The world would be such a kind place if we could truly start by being kind to ourselves.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Letting go...

I have done a lot of letting go in my life, and I'm sure you have too. Beings I've loved both two and four-footed ones have died. Relationships have ended. I once let go of an entire way of life when I quit avionics engineering to leap into the great unknown. In most cases, a great deal of drama was involved, all understandably human, and for the most part, between my ears.

When I got divorced years ago I wailed over what the relationship could have been but was not, only to find a new sense of freedom, love, and joy in every aspect of my life. I sobbed over letting go of a house I had loved, only to find the same make and model, four years later, with the improvements I'd dreamt of. I shook like a leaf when I left my stable career in engineering and watched the miracle occur as I lived one day at a time, slowly being guided into the reality in which I now live. After years of learning surrender the hard way, I've realized that letting go is sometimes the quickest way to open the door to new realities.

When my dearest husky wolf Bruno passed, a few years back, I let go far more easily than I might have imagined. To my great joy, he went home with me in spirit and has been around ever since. I did let myself grieve when the tears hit but they were few and far between because, in reality, the last year of his life was so hard on both of us, that his passing freed me up to enjoy the relationship with him in spirit in a far easier and more loving way. Likewise when a troubled friend died, I did indeed grieve and grieve deeply, but I also knew she was finally at peace and happier than she'd ever been. When my dear grandma, who was not only one of the most wonderful women I know but also a role model to me, passed, again I cried, but celebrated her freedom. In learning to let go of their human forms, I allow myself to relate to their new and beautiful reality in spirit.

Lately the urge to let go hit me in a big way once again. This time it was old beliefs first, followed by releasing a ton of old stuff. This year, finally, I have learned to let go of my lifetimes long pattern of needing to "save" and "fix" people. I'd still be there for my friends in a heartbeat. I have just stopped trying to "make" things happen for others, and have been more focused on some of my own goals and dreams lately. It has been marvelous!

With that shift, came a strong desire to weed out the closets once again. I prayed and asked God to show me where to donate things and a week later, a dear client told me she was collected for a wonderful charity that gives teachers free supplies! I loved it! It was just the thing I needed to motivate me to clean out my office and craft room. For those of you creative folks, you know how hard that is! We can use a scrap of ribbon and hang on to everything. However, I got ruthless, and got rid of everything I hadn't used in the recent past. I got rid of things I'd carried all the way from my "past life" when I moved out of my old home. I got rid of projects I knew I'd never finish. I got rid of office supplies that I once used but no longer needed. And with every box and bag that left my home, I felt a weight lifting. I was giving away perfectly good things, and amen, hallelujah, now they would be put to good use. I have more to go! It feels so good to get stuck energy in motion.

I think at times we cling to things because they do remind us of happy times. We cling to people because we don't know the relationships can transform or we can find better. We cling to old beliefs because they make us feel safe, but in reality, all they do is block our joy! Little children are the most perfect examples of those who can let go. They play with a toy until they are done, then move on to the next. They talk to someone until they're done then move on. They live in a state of amazing grace and flow with their hearts. They trust.

So as the angels say, its inventory time in our lives. See what you can let go of this week... maybe just one thing, one situation, or one belief. See how it makes you feel, and enjoy your newfound freedom!

Love and lightness,

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rejection is redirection

I've had so many rejections in this life that I can't count them. Some have been painful, like the boyfriend in my younger days storming out yelling that I was "too much work" because I asked him not to take his anger out on me. Some have been remarkably funny, like the guy who hit on me at a party until he found out what I did for a living. "I am the exact opposite of you!" he practically fumed, in frustration. "I'm a litigation attorney!" The insinuation was that he used his brain and I did not. I laughed all the way home.

The angels words are oh so true. Rejection rarely feels great but when you really get that it is not about you being a good person, not about you pleasing people, not about you trying to "fit" anyone's mold other than the one God carved out for you, then rejection becomes a gift. You don't have to argue, You don't have to fight to be seen as a good person. You don't have to slither off feeling bad about yourself. You can simply say, as the angels often direct us to say, "Ok then! You have a right to be, but you're not for me!"

I got SO many rejections years ago when I sent my book off to publishers. I had barely begun my career as an angel communicator and the angels told me I wasn't ready to be published. i didn't listen! I sent the book off and got one rejection after the next. I realize all those rejections were a gift. I love my life now, and it would have been totally different and off-balance, had God catered to my impatience. Rejection truly is a gift.

I've had to reject people too. Right after my divorce years ago a guy I worked with professed his undying love for me. I gently told him I didn't feel the same and I was sure his heart was just opening to make way for the real love of his life. He yelled and screamed at me, told me I didn't know my own heart, and pitched an unholy fit. I stuck to my guns and sure enough his heart broke open and he was redirected to met the love of his life a few months later. Two decades have passed and they're still happily married.

So when you get rejected, remember, that it is just redirection. It never feels amazing but it can give you clarity, a reality check, and an awareness of the truth of a situation. I often pray, "God open the doors that are right for me and shut all those that aren't." It saves you from a lot of heartache. Likewise if you have to reject someone, do the best you can with kindness, remembering that you are simply being honest, and that God will redirect them towards greater love as well.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The joy of connection

I connect with God's love all the time in my readings, but I am also just as easily connected with the world's pain. I must swim in both realities in my readings, as I sit with my clients. In a way I am a bridge between those two realities. Even in the depths of my clients' pains I see them striving for love, reaching for truth, searching so deeply to find their place in life. It inspires me. The human spirit is amazing.

Nonetheless, the dichotomy of these energies that flow through me is intense and primarily focused on others, so when I reach the weekends, I'm ready to reconnect with God's love for myself once again. I do so in many ways! Sometimes I simply enjoy domestic pleasure like working on the house, cooking, crafting, or having a good snuggle and snort fest with my dog... I snuggle and she snorts!

One of my favorite ways to feel connected with the universe is to get out in nature, turn my brain completely off and merge with the majesty of creation. As I hike in the woods, I calm my thoughts, and allow a symphony of feelings that might be describes as a mix of wonder, awe, gratitude, and joy to course through me. Suddenly I am not separate from the forest, but rather a part of it. I don't always reach these incredible spaces but when I do, absolute magic occurs.

This weekend I had one such hike. I was just lost in the wonder of being alive, breathing the fresh air, and witnessing the myriad forms around me when a butterfly began to circle around me. I was going down the trail but she was clearly showing me that I needed to turn around and follow her off the path. This wasn't even a thought. She flew, something within me turned and followed... much as a child or a puppy would do so without thought. She took me to a bush brimming with flowers, and just as many beautiful butterflies upon them. I stood there in complete awe, grinning from ear to ear, feeling my heart expand. The little orange butterflies noticed me, felt my energy and began to land on me. They landed on my shirt, looking up into my eyes. One stood on my hand as I took pictures of his friends. I didn't think it could get any more magical. And that is when the yellow swallowtail butterfly appeared.

She circled around my head and again without thought I followed her. She landed on a thistle flower but was having trouble stabilizing enough to get a drink as the wind blew back and forth. Without thought I held the flower between my two fingers and she climbed upon my hand, sitting there for five minute while enjoying the solid platform from which to sip her lunch. My brain was off but my heart was leaping out of my chest. In that instant we were not really so separate but rather love within two different forms assisting each other in a dance of God's love. I helped her, she delighted me. In that instant I felt what I feel in my best meditations or what I have felt when deeply in love. In that state of connection with anything, be it human, animal, a creation of ours, nature, whatever.... we are indeed IN love, within love, existing in the love of God.

So when you need to feel connected, find something you love doing or somewhere you love being. Allow gratitude and wonder to spill forth. For some it is with the company of good friends. For others the wonders of nature. For still other, like my dad, a brilliant scientific idea does the trick. For some it is being in the presence of amazing art, or beautiful music. Find your joy. Find the things that make you feel connected to God and spend time doing them. We need these spaces to remember the truth of who we are, not as a mental exercise, but as an experience that opens the heart!

Bless you!
Have a fantastic week and may whatever brings you joy be upon your path!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

No need to fix

The angels' message today reminds me very much of a brief interaction I had years ago with someone who advertised himself to be one of the world's foremost skeptics. I had never heard of this individual until a friend wrote to me very upset because this man had slandered her online, made fun or her name, and basically viscously attacked the character of a woman who has done nothing but dedicate her life in service to love. At the time I wasn't as calm as I am now. I got upset. I did the "human" thing. I wrote this man and suggested he do his research before attacking someone. I vouched for her work and her character. It was naivety on my part to think I could change one so set in his opinions. He attacked me next, luckily in private emails.

At that point the angels stepped in. "Ann, you want him to see your point, and that's understandable, but he's too hurt and doesn't care. Why don't you try to understand him?" That was a tall order! I didn't want to understand him. I wanted to make him stop his cruelty. But I DO listen to the angels because I know they always have a greater love in store.

So I wrote and told him I didn't want to argue anymore but I did want to understand his mission and why he felt the need to brutally attack psychics online. He told me some of it was personal but he was sick of people taking advantage of others. I wrote back and said I could easily agree with that and that I did a lot of damage control in my profession because there were indeed many scammers. He softened up. We dialogued back and forth. I gave him some ideas of what to look for in genuine psychics, and suggested that instead of attacking them without any experience, perhaps he could start a review system. Although I doubt he will change, we ended on a kind note, wishing each other well. It was really a miracle.

That was enough for me – to reach a kind ending – but the story wasn't over. My lights started flickering and I knew a spirit was trying to communicate with me. Ends up it was a family member of this skeptic - and one who had committed suicide. The skeptic felt the family member dabbled too much in the psychic realms and that it led to this young man's mental issues and ultimate demise. As a result he hated psychics. He was in pain. Most of us know the pain of loss. People handle it in vastly different ways. At long last I understood this angry soul and was able to ask a group to pray for him. We may never know if we made a difference and he will never know until he reaches the other side, that the very souls he attacked were the ones attempting to uplift his spirit. It doesn't matter. We stood in the truth of our love. It is up to him to choose his course.

When people act unkindly, remind yourself that its not so personal as it feels, and in fact they are really crying out, albeit very awkwardly at times for love. This doesn't mean you have to feel all warm and fuzzy about their behaviors. Vent out your feelings in private if you must. This doesn't mean you have to stick around and dance with their painful interactions. It doesn't mean you have to fix them. It simply means, that whether or not you choose to dance, you can still pray for them, pray for understanding, and ask that their soul be brought into the light of greater understanding. You can even pray to understand where they are coming from so you don't feel things so personally. This isn't always easy... but it is a path to greater peace.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Being honest with life

I had a long talk with the angels recently. The articulated what I had not yet been able to say. They told me I was restructuring my entire existence, from the inside out. It is true. Passions I have long held within and the projects that result from them can no longer be ignored. The desire for balance in my life has out-weighed the old patterns of trying to pack too much in. I have finally had to admit to myself the desire for more time alone, after my work of connecting with my clients and all their loved ones so intensely. It has been a beautiful process, and I'm happier and more peaceful than I've been in ages.

It is sometimes hard to be deeply honest with ourselves, because then we have to be even more honest with those around us. It has always been a challenge for me to disappoint anyone. It has been my lifelong lesson to let that go of that discomfort, and to just be true to what God puts in my own heart. So when I was concerned lately about hurting friends feelings when I knew I needed more unplanned time, the angels told me rather strongly that I was being ridiculous. They reminded me that real friends would understand and celebrate me honoring my guidance. They were, of course, right. I am blessed by incredible people in my life.

It has not always been this way. In the past when the "need to please" was so strong within me, I attracted people that needed me to please them. Years ago, when I quit engineering a woman I thought was my best friend there came unglued and yelled at me. "How can you leave me? What kind of friend are you? " Never mind that I was following a God-given dictate to change my life and honor my calling. She made it all about her. And she mirrored well my feelings that I existed to satisfy everyone else. I tried to reassure her that we could still keep in touch and go to lunch, but that wasn't enough. She was used to having me there on a daily basis. The friendship ended on that sad note, but in lieu of pleasing one person I have been able to uplift thousands.

When a former boyfriend left in my thirties after I asked him to treat me more kindly, he did so yelling that I was "just too much work!" Today I look back and grin. Had I been who I am now I would have held the door open for him and and blessed his retreat, rather than beating myself up and trying to see what I could have done differently. Sometimes by our very nature we will find we are not a match for others, but if you are true to your own heart, then everything and everyone will shift into its right place in your life.

God's love is rising up within all of us saying, "Hello! I love you! I want you to experience what your soul wishes to be this lifetime. I want you to know my love. I want you to express my love in a way that gives you joy. I want you to look fear in the face and know love is greater. I want you to look at your angers and make necessary changes. I want you to give me your sadness in exchange for your joy." We must remain true to our internal compass, no matter what because that is where we find our joy and make the biggest contribution to the world. And when I say "biggest" I am not talking about the number of people we overtly serve, but rather the biggest ripple of love in the cosmic pond.

So in these changing times, pay attention to the desires within, confront the other energies that stand in their way, and know God lives and breathes within you, wanting to pour His love into the world - to you, through you, and from you.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Mistakes are opportunities

I had no sooner finished channelling the angels' message when I noticed suddenly, that the water in my house was running. I jumped up from the computer to discover, I had left the hose in the pool with the water running, run errands, come home, and started the newsletter while all the pool was overflowing into the planter boxes! Mortified, I jumped up to turn it off. Instead of beating myself up however, as is the natural tendency, I just handled it. While emptying a little water out of the pool, I noticed that I had profusion of roses that needed cutting before they burnt up in the summer sun. I discovered that my gardenia plant had one perfect flower. I enjoyed the sound o the birds, and felt ok about draining the excess water, knowing that even though I'd pay a little more it would flow downstream into a grassy field where the birds and mice would enjoy a much needed drink. While this was a silly mistake, it still would have been a reason for self-deprecation in my past. Instead, having gone through years of angel training, I could see how God does indeed turn all things to good.

Like all of us, I've made many so-called mistakes this lifetime. I've broken bones, walls, and other various appliances over silly mistakes. I've had to clean burnt hard boiled eggs that exploded onto the ceiling because I left them in the pot unattended, and orange squash soup that exploded from the pot just prior to a Thanksgiving dinner! I've made choices which ended up being quite the learning experiences. However, each and every one of these so-called mistakes taught me. The broken bones forced me to slow down and enjoy more balance in my life. Broken stuff has showed me what really matters, and taught me home improvement skills. I've been forced to learn to trust in God's ability to provide. Lost relationships have ultimately helped me learn self-love. We goof up, or so we think, but in reality we simply learn and move forward into greater love if that is our choice.

In my mid twenties, I was married. Both my husband and I were making great salaries as an engineers. We decided to invest in some land in a partnership with my husband's parents and some others. His folks had done well over the years in land and I trusted them but something made me wonder about the others involved in the limited partnership. I didn't know I was psychic back then. I stuffed my concerns, feeling like I wasn't expert enough to comment, invested an entire years' salary in the deal and when some of the other partners defaulted, I lost every cent. That hurt! It was an opportunity to REALLY beat myself up, but I chose not to. I decided the only way to move forward with sanity was to look at it as if I had just invested in a college education in personal finance. I have since never ignored my intuition when it comes to money. That "mistake" saved me a lot of agony later in life.

One of my funniest "mistakes" occurred the very first time I spoke in public at one of the huge conferences with famous authors. I followed one of the most incredible woman I have ever met - Immaculee Ilibagiza. She lived through the Rwandan genocide and went back to forgive the man who killed her entire family. Her story of love and forgiveness was so profound, that I had a moment of thinking, "What on earth do I have to say after this saint has spoken?" But I got over myself and got on with it, knowing God would not have put me there if He didn't have something He wanted me to say. I got so involved in my talk in fact, that I lost track of time and had a moment of sheer brain blip. I looked at the clock and panic'd thinking I was running over! I quickly finished up and dismissed the room. My dear assistant, caught me and reminded me that I still had a half hour remaining!! We ran out and got everyone back in the room, had a great laugh and the angels came through with amazing grace helping this turn into a talk I was not planning on giving on how it is ok to make mistakes, to be human, and to love ourselves, no matter what. People may have forgotten everything else I said but that moment stood out! I made it ok for them to be human too!

So when you make a "mistake" by all means do what you can to fix it. If you hurt someone's feelings apologize. If you break something, get it fixed or get rid of it. If you make a wrong choice, stop beating yourself up and just chalk it up to experience. Choosing to love yourself through your "mistakes" allows you to glean the gifts that lie wrapped up within them. Don't lose the opportunities that even these crazy times present. You might just find your greatest gold buried within the seeming grit of life's so-called mistakes!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tune into your body

I've been living this way for awhile now, tuning into my body and spirit to ask what it needed. Lately my body has been rather vehemently guiding me to strengthen my core. After the parasites in 2010 and some other health adventures last year, I got lazy. And now my body is basically saying, "Please strengthen me!" So I prayed and asked Archangel Raphael to guide me to an easy way to strengthen my core that would fit my scheduled and ta da... a day later Dr. Oz had a personal trainer on with a five minute routine that is working great for me. (If you're interested, here's the link). My first thought was "Five minutes can't be that bad." WELL, it was!! Even with great music, I couldn't keep up with the video the first several tries, so I just did what I could at first. Now its getting easier but still makes me catch my breath. My body is thrilled! My heart is pumping, my posture is improving, and best of all I'm feeling the spiritual energy flowing through me more easily now that proper alignment is returning. Some days I don't feel like doing this. My mind says, I'm tired. I want to plop on the couch and watch TV, or stay in bed a little longer. But my body commands me, "Move!" and so I move and soon my entire being is happy. Even my mind is starting to agree that this is a good idea!

Likewise I've been asking my spirit what it wants lately. "Time outdoors," came the answer. So I'm back to breakfast on the patio with some inspirational reading or quiet time, and hikes when I can fit them in. My soul feels like singing again. There is nothing like the warm sun, the breeze, and the birds singing over breakfast! It might only take ten minutes but it fuels my spirit.

What we want IS simple. If I don't get my exercise and time outdoors, I start to think I have other problems. I'm more tired, less productive, and less inspired. When I do this little bit of self care I feel so "full" I can easily withstand life's more challenging moments. A lady on my facebook page, for example, wrote this week that her guides told her I was fake and that she was sad about it, but her guidance always right and that she didn't have time for this sh$!. I was in such a good space it was easy to simply write and say that I totally supported her in honoring her guidance, that it simply meant I wasn't right for her, and that didn't take it personally. When we fill ourselves up, and take care of ourselves, it is so much easier to be loving and gracious than if we ignore the needs of our own body and soul. This little 15 minutes of self care a day does wonders.

In my work with clients over the years I find that people get lonely and needy far more easily when they don't listen to their own bodies, and souls. They want someone else to "make it better," but the funny part is, we can "make it better" for ourselves and be happier people right now. In that space we are more capable of attracting good in our lives than from that other space. And if you're looking for someone, wouldn't you rather meet someone who takes care of themselves and is happy rather than someone who is miserable and wants you to fix their lives? Why not take care of your own spirit and be the happy person who has joy to share?

I know it takes overcoming inertia and mental programming to do something good for yourself at times. I know it isn't easy to put yourself first. But if you fill it, you can spill it, and when you take a little time to nourish body and soul, you will be so much more capable of sharing with the rest of the people in your lives. Stop for that little break amidst your errands. Take time to smell the roses if you walk by them. Take a second to really feel the sun on your face, or the breeze on your back. Call that friend when they pop into your mind. Write that loving and grateful email to a friend even if you're worried about what they might think. Its your life, your heart, and these are your precious moments to spend.

What if you got a dollar for every second spent in a loving way and lost a dollar for every second spent in an unloving way. Would you be rich or poor?

So try to tune into your body and soul this week and ask them what they need. The answers are always simple, always things you can do for yourself, always things that CAN fit your life if you are willing. Give up the excuses for not listening to your internal guidance and give yourself a little love. See how it makes you feel :) You might just be surprised.