Saturday, October 29, 2011

Do what you are called to do

After years of working with angels I truly know they love everyone, no matter what. They certainly do not say everyone's behaviors are loving, but they do love all souls. They see all souls as simply trying, to the best of their ability, to find God's love, whether they do so in a way that is evolved or completely ignorant. And so they love the protestors and the bankers, the victims and the perpetrators and they are more than willing to point out the lessons for all involved.

Years ago in my thirties when I was complaining about "God sending me" (in other words me attracting) two boyfriends in a row that easily took advantage of me and were abusive," the angels lovingly pointed out that my tendency to martry myself was a perfect fit for a sociopath to find a way into my life! We fit together like a hand and glove. I kept giving. They kept taking. I was willing to be abused while trying harder to be loved, they were willing to not try at all and to dump on me. Our lessons were a perfect marriage! Only when I started loving myself and treating myself with respect did I attract the absolutely amazing people that are in my life now. Likewise when I was willing to work 90 hour weeks in my past life as an engineer, the corporation was more than willing to let me. A friend who was not willing to do so, kept attracting better and higher paying consulting jobs. She knew she deserved it. We really do find each other to l earn what we need!

As a result of the angels' teaching, I have changed over the years. I no longer feel I must set my soul aside for love or money. It took time to learn to treat myself better. The changes do not happen overnight. In the case of my career it took a few years to bring changes about. In the case of relationships I put myself through a decade of tough lessons! But if you start treating yourself with more respect, then the world starts to show it. If you start to pray for a job that honors your soul, the ideas will start to come. If you treat yourself with greater kindness, you will walk away when others do not.

As I watch the news, I feel somewhat detached from all the unrest in the world. The greed in the world does indeed affect me - my utility bills were so insanely high this summer that I nearly passed out after opening one particularly large bill. I took a few breaths and asked the angels to put me back into a higher truth, and then or course truth hit me again - either I give the world my power, or I give it to God. I chose God. "Hey God," you've got some big bills. Tell me what to do next. Either I need to make more or get this utility bill down. My water heater prompty broke, because the heating coil was coated with barnacle looking things caused by hard water. It was inconvenient but a huge energy drain was revealed! I had to get a water softener to prevent this from being a persistent problem. That cost more money, but the company let me make payments and in the long run I'll have good water, better skin, less home maintenance, and lower ele ctric bills because the water heater will work. God can handle all your problems if you just pray and believe.

So, if you are called to protest, do so with love and with a desire to open up a humane and loving dialogue. But if you protest from a place of feeling that your lack is caused by others' greed, you give others all your power, and energetically you negate the very thing you are trying to achieve. It is hard to take responsibility for our own lives, but in the end, that is where we find the truth and the love of God. In this space, you have earned the right to speak up about the world's injustices, because in this loving space, you are simply wanting all souls involved to know that there can be solutions that honor everyone's needs... for that is the truth in God's reality.

The movement the angels wish to create upon the earth is simple - "Occupy your own life!" Fill your life with the love of your own spirit. Share your gifts and talents with the world. Speak your truth but do so from a place of love. If all of us could do that we would no longer support greed, injustice, etc. We would be living in a heaven on earth. It may be a far goal, but certainly one worth reaching for. It works for me :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Unrest isn't so bad...

Because of my work, I get to see patterns that seem to thread themselves through human consciousness. When I experience some growth and then see droves of clients coming in with the same issues I know that the world is up to something big. For example, my mini health crisis a few weeks back caused me to really have a look at what behaviors I wanted in my life and what I did not. As soon as I got that cleared up I was able to get going on the projects that truly inspire me. I got my Dancing with Angels CD done, taught a really fun class, and am up to several more fun things that I'll be able to announce shortly.

Similarly I have watched waves of clients coming in that are now finding their own voices, pursuing their own goals and dreams, and tell me, often woefully, that they have become downright intolerant of nonsense in their lives. That is a good thing! When we define clearly what we don't want, then we know what we do. When we stop doing the things that don't support our hearts, we find time to do the ones that do. And while we all have many obligations, our greatest obligation is to find time, if even in small doses, to support our joy, our God given talents, and the things that add light to our lives.

There is unrest in the world now but it doesn't scare me, nor does it inspire me. What inspires me is the lovely stirred up passion I feel in my own heart for my own projects. What inspires me is seeing others all stirred up and ready to create movement in their lives. This unrest within our hearts can be a good thing, as long as we don't use it to beat ourselves up or blame others. It can help us sift through the muck in our lives to find the kernels of truth.

When you really get in touch with what you don't want, flip it over and see what you do! Sometimes your greatest complaint can lead to your greatest passion. In my past it bothered me deeply to see people feeling totally disempowered when I knew there was so much inside of them. I now have a whole career trying to help people find their spiritual power! In school it bothered me that things were presented in such complicated ways, so now I try to teach in the simplest way possible. I don't care for drab and uninspiring environments and so now I try to share the world's color, beauty, and diversity with others in any way I can.

As you feel the unrest in the world, you can turn your complaints inside out to find your greatest passions! You can turn your greatest upset inside out and find your life's purpose! As you feel the unrest in the world, and perhaps in your heart, do as the angels do and fall in love... because the truth of you will set you free!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time to create

I am writing this message two weeks before it goes out, because when it reaches you I'll be in Sedona, teaching Dancing with Angels! I couldn't be more excited! It seems like just yesterday that it was May and I was finishing up the first one. Five months seemed like such a long time back then. I felt like I had all the time in the world to edit the sound files from the May class and make them available on CDs. It takes 80+ hours for me to create a 4CD set when I look at editing, artwork, production, web changes, store updates, etc. Back in May, it felt like I had plenty of time.

However, months passed and I wasn't even inspired to work on the CDs until a little over a few months ago! And then when I got sick a few weeks ago, I was pretty sure I would never be able to release the CD set today as I had been hoping to do.

I needn't have worried! Within a week, lessons learned, I was feeling back to normal and after so much rest, the editing went very smoothly, and of course, God's timing was perfect! I was listening to the May class while preparing and getting inspired for the one today! It made perfect sense. And although it was time consuming and I did spend a few solid weekends working on it non stop, time passed without me even noticing because I was so consumed and inspired by the project.

Sometimes seemingly large and impossible tasks get put off because we're simply not inspired. Sometimes however, we put them off because we feel intimidated or life gets in the way. Whatever the reason, the minute inspiration hits for any of your dreams, jump on it! Prioritize it! Make time. Ride the waves of inspiration when they hit because energy breeds more energy, and as you spend your life force doing things you love, you get more.

I still feel a little intimidated every time I start a large CD set or a book. It is a huge process to create and edit them, not to mention all the rest of the work. And yet it is SO satisfying to see a dream take place, and a project that was once just an idea, turn to something tangible that I can hold in my hand.

Do you have something you want to create? It might be a book, a work of art, a foundation, a peaceful evening and a luscious dinner, time for a massage, time for meditation, a life in which you wake up rested? Whatever it is, try to take small steps until the dream begins to pull you in and then you can coast on these waves of inspiration, taking one more step, and one more, until the dream becomes close and closer to reality!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

You don't have to know...

This week's message was sweet and I felt different angels than the ones that usually come through for the newsletter. It was a lot of fun actually. It felt like I was tuning into "Fairie Godmother" energy! I loved it. And I know the angel messages are oh so true. So many times I haven't had a clue how I would manage to accomplish something. Usually my constraints have been pretty common. I didn't know how to do what I wanted. I didn't have time. Or I didn't have money. The big 3 really when it comes to excuses for sabotaging our dreams!! And yet none of them really count when we start doing life God's way.

The first time I took on a project I didn't know I could accomplish was in my twenties. Prior to then I played it safe, doing only what I was certain I could do. But when I found I had an intense interest in aromatherapy, I was guided to a wonderful teacher who taught a six month certification course at the time. The classes were fun. We met once a month and our instructor discussed many different essential oils and their properties. It was the homework that frightened me. We were given 5-6 exercises each month and for each one we had to make a special blend of oils and use them via light massage on 5 volunteers each. To make it more interesting, we had to find people with specific problems - sinus congestion, cough, muscle tension, cellulite, etc... to name a few. The goal was to try an oil blend on several volunteers for the same condition and document the results so we learned first hand, hands on what worked. At the time I was an electrical engineer. I was professio nally friendly with my co-workers but not to the point where I'd put my hands on them. And so I began this course without a clue as to how I'd work it all out. MIraculously, as word spread, I got my volunteers, and somehow finished the class. I've loved aromatherpay ever since and more importantly the experience taught me that you can go for anything you want, even if you have no clue how it will all work out.

I faced similar obstacles when I quite my engineering career to become a psychic. "How are you going to pay the bills? You can't pay them on a psychic career," I was told by so many people, psychics included. My answer... "Why not?!" I asked God to show me my calling. I expected He'd make it work.

Likewise when I was teaching a manifesting class in the late 90's I knew I would soon need a new car. Sure enough my old one gave notice, sputtering and threatening to break down. I had no idea how I would afford the one I wanted. A dealership in town popped in my head, and to make a long story short, in less than three hours I was in and out with the car I wanted and at a price that worked for all. I even had fun doing readings for the sales people while there who decided to give me a really good deal as a result! Again it was God's timing, and God's direction that fulfilled this desire.

I have even bigger desires for my life. I want to snorkel with humpback whales and swim with dolphins someday. I have dreams for books galore, creative projects, you name it! So many ways I can share the angels' wisdom if only I had more time... and yet I'm starting. One day at a time I'm working on my projects, and I'm making sure I do it only when inspired so it comes from a place of authenticity. I had some big projects under way when I got sick a few weeks ago. I worried when I'd have time and energy to work on them. And yet after so much down time I zipped through the previously tedious work and got a lot accomplished.

Divine timing is a beautiful thing. We are dancing with angels and dancing with God every day of our lives. We can lead. We can follow,, or we can take the steps we know and be shown the rest. For the most part, I live my life this way now and when I am true to what I know, it flows with so much grace and ease! This fall I'll be releasing a few new products for your enjoyment and inspiration! I'll let you know soon as I'm done! In the meantime, dance in your life as well! God is there, waiting to swing you around effortlessly towards your dreams!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Letting go of what no longer serves

I have done a lot of letting go in my life as I've traveled down the road of self discovery. I had to let go of an entire identity as a "college educated engineer" in order to become a psychic. I had to let go of a stable job to have my spiritual career. I had to let go of a marriage and numerous relationships in my past in order to create a beautiful relationship with myself. And even now, even with all I teach, I still find more things within me that must be released.

Take two weeks ago for example. I know the stress of the fire in my neighborhood was the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak in terms of creating the physical pain I was in, however I also know enough to realize that for stress to affect me that deeply something within needed addressing as well. The angels, as always, were direct. They pointed out that I had some very hurt feelings that I was trying to ignore that had begun a month ago, and that I needed to let myself be human, rant and rave and cry in private. It was true. Life was going so well and then a month ago I learned that there was some very malicious gossip going on about a friend and I. I tried not to let it bother me, but apparently it did and as I saw first hand, again, stuffing emotions leads to nasty conditions in the body. I know this. I teach it. And at times I need to learn it all over again. Dr. Peebles, the angel that comes through my friend Summer was very kind and yet very d irect. "You're hurting my dear! Its time for Ann here to have a little bit of love and solace in her life; peace and comfort. Its time for you to say to yourself I'm sick and tired of being used, abused, distrusted and disrespected,not acknowledged, misjudged and having malcontent thrown at my face, and on and on it goes my dear. You can't just simply shrug that stuff off because you're a human being." I knew he was right.

And so, since I had plenty of down time, I prayed for God to help me release every pent up frustration or tear that I had stuffed in my body over the years. Boy oh boy, did they ever! I cried into towels, not tissues! I ranted into imaginary trash cans and asked the angels to toss the upsets! And with every emotion I let go, my stomach unknotted even further. It was quite tangible and very amazing. After being in excruciating pain for over five days, suddenly my entire body was unwinding and healing in record time! Truly the soul is in charge and when we shift our energy, things can change rather rapidly.

I still had more down time since I was pretty much confined to the couch, so I looked at my life and realized I needed to release some old habits to make room for all I wanted to achieve and share with the world. Immediately I cut back on my emails, started eating meals on time without exception, and started ignoring interruptions so I could do one thing at a time. I vowed never to stuff an emotion again! And suddenly I was feeling joy again! I was inspired again! I suddenly had energy for the projects that I never seemed to get to. I had time to sit with God and my own heart each day. I started getting completely excited about the class I'm teaching in two weeks, and started getting extremely productive in my non-client hours as well. It felt so good to be in that space again! I could hardly believe that I had been in such awful pain just a week ago. Suddenly my spirit came to life again.

It wasn't rocket science. I simply had to rid myself of some activities that were not authentically in my heart to make room for those that were. I had to rid myself of toxic emotions rather than stuffing them. I had to change a few old habits to make more room for me and my own heart in my life. These changes while obvious from the outside looking in, are not always obvious when we get stuck in the routines and ruts of our lives. I now realize I have to schedule time at least once a week, and hopefully more often, for a "spiritual inventory" to make sure I'm putting my own priorities first. And I am going to be doing a lot more letting go of what no longer serves me as I notice it in my life. It is freeing to let go of what does not work. It is hard sometimes. But I have never once seen a truly and deeply fulfilled individual who puts everyone else's needs before their own. Instead it seems that the people who serve most in the world through joy are also the ones that are m ost true to their own hearts. I want to be that! And so it will be.

Take inventory this week. See what serves you and what does not. See if you can let go of just one thing that no longer serves you - be it a belief, a habit, an old commitment to something that no longer brings you joy, a way of being that doesn't work, etc. Let go and see how much lighter and happier it makes you feel to be that much more authentic in your own life!