Saturday, April 30, 2011

Loving them all

I sat down last Sunday night to prepare this newsletter, because I really like to get them done ahead of time. "Ok Angels," can we channel this one quickly, please?" I asked. I had no idea they'd take me so literally and give me such a short but important message!

It is easy to find love in the things and people we love. When I am out in nature I see God's love everywhere. In the mirror of the unfurling fern I remember that all potential for everything we can become likes waiting to expand within each of us. In each blossom I see a ripened fruit, a seed dropped to the ground once again and a new tree. In the grasses that grow in the springtime, I see the fertilizer for next years fields.

It is harder to see God's love in the difficult people in life. I was cut off in traffic several times while driving home from my hike. It seemed that so many people on the road were impatient to get ahead of one another. "See love," I heard the angels say. Hmmmm. They are excited about something, eager to get where they are going, and enthusiasm is love. Hmm... maybe that's the most love I can see in them in those situations, but it is a start. Certainly I just got out of the way and sent them love. No need for me to get upset over their urgency.

What about the people who have hurt you? Can you see love there? That is a bigger challenge, but certainly a worthy one. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about a former boyfriend that I had in my early thirties. He slept with every woman he could get, the minute I drove out of town. I'd forgiven him years ago, but this time I realized I wanted more for myself. I wanted to see him as God sees him. I no sooner prayed than the prayer was answered. I saw a little boy reaching out for love in the only way he knew how. "Hold me," his inner child was pleading. Make me feel good about myself. I sent his soul love, even though we haven't talked in years and hopefully never will. I'm done with that dance, but it feels good to see only love, and to see as God sees.

It is hard to put into words how deeply every being, every single facet of creation is loved by God and the angels, no matter what. God does not look at us as if we are flawed. God sees all unkind actions as misunderstandings. God knows every being is deserving of love from every other being, no matter what. "Love the soul," the angels clarify for us, "but you don't have to like or even stick around for bad behaviors!" That bit of wisdom has changed my life.

You can love the so-called unlovable people, by asking to see as God sees. You can love yourself enough to change the situation or move on. You can love the so-called unlovable situations by blessing them for the lessons learned. The sooner you do, the quicker things change. You can love yourself even when you don't feel so perfect, because in reality we are all created beautiful souls who are perfect in God's eyes.

As the Beatles sang so many years ago, "All You Need is Love!"

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting un-needy!

As many of you have noticed this year, the energy is wild and intense on this planet! The earth is moving, there is great turmoil in the middle east, and in human hearts, every last bit of anything we've repressed is coming up and out for us to take a look at. It is very important for all of us to be gentle and kind with ourselves as we go through such changes. It is important to take time to refill the proverbial wells and do the things we love so we can be a source of inspiration and joy on this earth, and not one more source of chaos. Peace, stability, love, abundance - all that we want begins within.

I know this. I try to live it. And yet I'm human and have areas to work on like all the rest of us. As many of you reading this newsletter know, last year I had more than my share of challenging times as I cared for my aging furry guy before he passed in late January. For the past two and a half months I've been unwinding, remembering how to relax again, working on my home, and loving it! I do miss my dear husky wolf in his physical form, but his constant presence in spirit is so beautiful that the grief has been only a few rounds of sobbing. In truth, it feels wonderful to sleep through the night and have peace in the house. My heart has been very happy overall. So it was not necessarily an easy thing to look at when I asked the angels to be very honest with me about any areas where I needed to grow, and ever so honestly and lovingly, they told me I had become a bit needy with certain friends of mine.

Me? Needy? I have always been able to bolster my own spirits, to go to God and my angels for love and comfort. I have always been able to do the things that give me joy and fill up my spirit easily. However, when I had an honest look at myself I realized the angels were right. Although I was loving my home improvements, I had gotten a bit lazy about doing the other things I enjoy to keep the balance in my life, and I had started depending on a few people in my life to "make" me feel happy, refilled, and peaceful. Oops! The angels knew how many times in the past I've given away my power to be happy to others rather than creating it internally and were just pointing out how I was sliding into an old pattern. I immediately set about returning to my usual state of creating a God-given magical life. We all have a God Given magic life if we're willing to create it!

A dear client had given me free a free airline passes, and I already had a Sea World pass. What was I waiting for? When I woke up at 4am on one of my usual office days I spontaneously decided to ditch work and fly standby to visit the whales and dolphins. This is how I used to live all the time! When joy called, I jumped. I am terribly responsible. I work very hard, but when my heart used to holler, I was SO there. And I had slipped away from that over the past few months but as I looked out the window at the beautiful clouds on my flight over, all I could think was, "Yeah baby! I'm back in the saddle again!" The dolphins sensed my inner joy and swam right over to me, vying for my attention, popping up under my hands, demanding I touch them, and playing with me for hours.

The joy continued Sunday when I went on a very long hike. I breathed in the fresh air, took a nap by the water on a warm rock in the sunshine, and had quite a bit of a conversation with a sweet little frog. Later as a butterfly flew by, I put out my hand, welcoming her, and she landed on it, as naturally as if on queue. We looked into each others' eyes as she sat on my palm, and I thanked her. Frog is a symbol for cleansing out the old. Butterfly is the symbol of transformation :) Mother nature is amazing.

And so in the span of three days I got out of my "needy" little energy and got back in balance by adding more of the the things I love to my daily routines. I started eating breakfast and lunch on my patio again, cutting flowers from my yard, doing a little quilting during my lunch break, using my aromatherapy oils (which have been in the closet forever) and doing my daily mediations and mantras. Quickly the joy from within started bubbling forth! And YES it is FINE to go to others for love and comfort and to revel in their energy at times, but when we start to depend on that instead of finding it within, well that isn't a path that leads to joy because no one can, or should, be there for us all the time, other than God and your angels. We have to be there for ourselves.

I'm so excited about life again. I am passionately in love with life in fact. All it takes at times is a little shift in focus and a reminder that there is so much to love. It feels so good. Why limit love in your life to, or from, a select few when there is so much to love and so much love being given us from the universe at all times. A rose blooms just to delight you! The grass grows so we can walk on it and massage our feet. The juicy tomatoes at the farmers' market on Saturday spent months growing into perfection so you can have a delightful salad. The moon shines in glory at its peak, and the breezes blow to give you a gentle caress. There is SO much love in life all around us. We just have to focus on it, find it, and celebrate it.

It is no wonder that all this growth back into magic and joy is occurring for me now. My "Dancing with Angels" class is in three weeks. I can hardly believe it! It seems like months ago when the idea dropped in my head. I'm very excited. People are coming from all over and I feel truly blessed, and the energy feels like so much fun. I have a feeling this is going to be one big refill for all of us who have worked SO hard the past few years, and even if you can't come, tap into the energy with your intent.

When you truly Dance with Angels you keep learning more and more about the nature of Love - God's love, the love that lives inside of you and is never gone. Angels help you grow. They are loving but honest. They teach self love, impeccable self care, self expression, and following your bliss. They know what we forget - that growth always and only leads to greater love, greater security, abundance, peace, and joy! Sometimes I lead with my intent and they follow with their guidance. Sometime they lead with their wisdom and I follow with my growth. At all times it is a beautiful dance, a relationship between heaven and earth that is accessible to us all!

I hope you have a blissful week doing whatever you love so you too can feel the fullness of God's joy rising up from within. And oh my as I write this I hear the angels in my head making a little joke...

"Happiness is not one of those things you want to Outsource!" Ha! They are so funny!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little acts of love...

I am in one of those phases in life where outwardly it does not appear I am contributing as much as I have done in the past. I'm not teaching as much. i'm not writing, I'm not recording CDs. I'm working, teaching one class, helping promote my friends, and really focused on domestic bliss lately. And I love it! It is authentically what is in my heart right now. I know it is adding more light to the planet.

In this space I find myself intensely more present to myself and the world around me. I find I am aware more about what is going on and I am more connected with my guidance. I have more of those "angel" moments where I'm called to serve in the "small" ways and may never know the result. One happened just last week.

I was at the gas station and witnessed a young couple with a child having a horrible argument. I couldn't hear the words but the hateful, hurtful tone of voice was obvious. The man stormed into the store with his child and the woman stayed out and cried. Normally I would not have gotten involved. However, I went in the store to pay, and surprise to me, I felt the energy of God reaching through me, opening my mouth and heard myself saying to the man, "Your daughter is a beautiful little angel. You must love her very much." He calmed down and looked at her and I felt him start to notice that she was there, soaking all this up, and in need of greater kindness. He simply said, "Thank you."

I thought I was done, but when I went outside, the invisible force that I allow through pulled me to the young woman. I heard myself say, "You need a hug," and walked up to a total stranger, and held her for a moment in God's arms, through my arms, and gently said, "God loves you. Hang in there." I saw her rage melt into tears, as I walked away.

I will never know the goodness that comes from such actions. I simply listen, and act without hesitation. Such actions are possible only when I am authentically living in love with my own life, choosing to be the person I want to be in this phase of life. If I were burning myself out doing things I do not want to do now, I would have avoided those two like the plague. However, coming from a full cup, I can allow God to simply move me. It is not even a matter of 'hearing' guidance, but simply being willing to allow the loving impulses to direct my life.

As you all know, I promoted Robin Miller's recent concert like crazy. I was simply impulsed to help. And I never knew the gifts I would receive once there. I didn't do it for anything in return nor did I do it for financial gain. I did it because God put it in my heart. Surprise to me, I got to spend two hours floating in total Oneness. As the music played I shut my eyes and was transported beyond thought, beyond mind, beyond any notion of myself as "Ann" into the realms of the angels where waves of love and bliss washed through my being. Even my body received great rejuvenation in this space of God's heart. Who knew?

When we act out of the loving impulses in our heart, because we are simply drawn to do so, the love itself is the reward. We may never know how we impact the world, or whose lives we touch, and yet that doesn't matter, because we are here to live our own lives, be the loving beings that we are, and then trust that God will direct us as needed to be in service to the world. Whether we judge it great or small doesn't matter. I have heard, seen, and felt the tears of the angels as they are moved beyond measure by even the smallest shift in a human heart. We do matter so much. I think it is time for all of us to really see and own that, and to stop pretending we are anything less.

Love and joy :) Have a great week,

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Follow your bliss!

Joseph Campbell always advised people to "Follow their Bliss." Years ago I didn't know what my bliss was. I just started taking self-improvement classes because I wasn't happy with my life. And in a roundabout way, this desire for self improvement led me to go to bookstores. Angel books fell off the shelf. I discovered an interest in reading them, and trying to work with the angels. One thing led to another. I took more classes, attended groups, and finally a woman who ran one of the groups I attended pushed me to go interview to do readings at a local bookstore. I never planned or even desired the career I have now. I simply found it by following my interests and seeking more joy in life.

Rachael Ray, the famous cook, has a similar story. She worked in a food store and started giving cooking classes to help sell more food. She loved to cook. Soon she was on the road. One thing led to another and she was invited to be on TV. The food network saw and loved her and the rest is history. I heard her interviewed and someone asked if she had planned this life. "No way!" she responded. "Life just led me." She followed her joy and is now a cooking angel to millions! She has inspired ME to cook and enjoy my life more on many a night, filling my belly with good food so I have the energy to stay up late and do my newsletters!

My friend Linda has a similar story. Her entire life she has loved animals. She has volunteered with animals, worked on legislation for kinder treatment for animals, and over the past several years has discovered a love and talent for doing energy work on them and communcating with them. One thing led to another and now she is doing Animal Reiki and/or Pet Communication for "Love Offerings" since she loves it so much! (If you are interested, visit her site here: I've seen animals just fall in love with her - everything from cats, dogs, horses, bees, goats, you name it! Because she followed her bliss she is now able to help animals and their owners as well. She was a huge help and comfort to me through Bruno's twilight years and that freed me up to help others' even though I was going through such a difficult time. I called her and Pet Psychic Marla S teele his two "girlfriends!"

Robin Miller, whose concert I am promoting (It is TONIGHT!! See below and hope you can come!), never imagined what following his bliss would lead to. He picked up his first guitar at age 7, started his first band at age 14, and was in Los Angels in 1991 trying to be a famous rock and roller when in desperation one night he fell to his knees and cried, feeling lost, abandoned, and not understanding why things weren't working. A few months went by and nothing happened until one night he awoke in a dream in which his guide appeared and told him he was to be a messanger for spirit through his music and the written word. In years following, he changed directions and went on to win New Age Artist of the Year in 1993, to perform on NBC's "The Other Side" in 1995, and then ended up touring and working with famous spiritual authors. In his case, as in mine, following his bliss didn't lead where he thought it would but it led to something even more amazing - healing and uplifting the light workers as the frequencies of the angelic realms come through his music. HIs music has inspired and uplifted me (and my dogs!) for years, and on a few occasions I've had physical healings while listening to it. It soothes and lifts my heart and helps connect me to heaven, making me better able to serve you!

So follow your bliss, and if you don't know what it is, like me, seek it out! Seek happiness with all your heart. Read inspiring books, take the time to be in nature or around what uplifts you (Sometimes it is a local Goodwill store) that does it for me, sometimes a cliff side at sunset!). Treat your own heart as if it is your most precious commodity, for indeed it is, and then you make room for a little magic to unfold in your own life! And when you do, know you will automatically be helping the world as well. We are all intricately connected.

Hope you can come to the concert tonight! It is sure to be amazing energy!

Love and light and JOY!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Live and love your life

ears ago when I quit my secure job in electrical engineering and started doing Angel Readings, I had no clue how my bills would be paid. I was told all sorts of things, including an often repeated bit of "helpful" advice... "You can't make a living doing psychic work!" I remember thinking, "Why not? God is my source and He wanted me to do this," and so I proceeded doing what I was called to do and trusted my needs would always be met. I had and still occasionally have my moments, but to this day, somehow, miraculously often when life surprises me, my needs are met. I truly have discovered we all abide in God's security if we are willing to trust in it. Next came love. I had recently divorced when I started my psychic career (Can we say life makeover!), and felt both guilty and sorry for myself. It took an entire year of beating myself up and grieving before I realized, "Hey! I love my life! I love myself. I love God. I love my freedom. I love my work. I have love!" Since that time people often ask me if I am in love when I'm wildly happy. "Yes I answer!! With God. With Me. With friends. With life!" And so the angel message today hits home because I have learned to live the truth the angels preach that we have all that we seek inside.

Once again I find myself in a phase of life asking for the umpteenth time, "Who I am now?" "What direction do I want my life to go at this time?" We are changing beings. The answer to these questions is rarely stagnant. At one point I wanted to write books, so I did. At another I wanted to get out in public more and so I did. Now I want more time to enjoy domestic life, to read, to be creative, do my arts and crafts, and spend time in nature. I still want to do my readings, but I don't mind being out in public a little less. And so this is the reality I'm nurturing now. It might change tomorrow and when it does, I'll dive into the next desire with great gusto!

The angels have drummed it in my head that anything we do, no matter how big or how small, how much or how little a seeming contribution to the world - if we do it with authenticity, from our hearts, and with love, we are gifting the world with the gift of our selves. And so for now, my "self" is realizing that being very domestic and very human can be a lot of fun! I think its time for me to channel my inner Martha Stewart and my inner Rachael Ray! Those two archetypes are very true to my human heart.

We are on this earth to live our lives and love our lives and in so doing we will contribute to the world. So don't try to figure out what you think you "should" do. Instead take action on what you "want" to do and trust this is what God wants you to contribute to the world at this moment.

Have a very happy heart centered week!
Love and hugs,