Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is life now

I was surprised that the angel message was so short this week. They can, often, be very long winded. In a sense however, the message is as simple and succinct as the energy behind it. Live here. Live now. Don't delay your life waiting for someday, someone, some money, some time, etc. Take small steps to do what you want to do now.

I have one dog left with me now. Lucy took a back seat to Bruno's care all last year and now that he is gone, my dear little Labrador girl is happy as can be! She gets extra attention, extra treats, the occaional trip to the groomer, and a whole lot of my undivided attention. She has gotten so sweet I can't believe she is the same dog who used to pout and scowl at me when she first arrived in my life so many years ago!

I am not waiting for someday when I have "more time" to take her on daily walks. That mythical "someday" never came with my other dog. I am taking time to spend time with her no matter how much work I have because after Bruno's passing, and watching the devastation of the disaster in Japan, the preciousness of each moment in my life and the lives of those I love is even more poignant than ever before. I don't want to waste a drop of my time here on earth doing anything other than living centered in my heart.

And while on the surface, organizing and cleanout out my house doesn't seem so important, it is important to me at the moment. Already I'm reaping the rewards of a life lived more efficiently as I go through each room and rearrange things, declutter, and get rid of all that no longer serves me. I am thinking through everything. How do I want to live my days? What arrangements support that? How can I have more beauty around me? How can I make my heart sing? For a joyful heart overflows to the world, and when my mind is not cluttered I can give more to the world in oh so many ways. I don't know why this feels so important to me now, but I trust God, trust my heart, and trust that when all is said and done, God has other wonderful things for me to do. It is time that feels filled with grace, domestic bliss, and simplicity. I am enjoying being human!

So, in all things great and small, value your time here on the earth and live as fully centered in the heart as you possibly can. As the saying goes, "This is not a dry run. This is your life." After watching the tsunami, the desire to live each day with even greater love and awareness, and to appreciate each moment seems like the only sane thing to do.

Have a wonderful life-filled week and try to appreciate each day!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gifts from within

The angel message today reminds me of an old television special that used to air every Christmas. It was the little animated version of "The Little Drummer Boy." In this child's tale, Aaron, was a little boy whose parents were killed by bandits, and so he hated all people. To make a long story short he was forced to go see the baby in the manger and his little lamb was injured. The kings told him the baby could heal his precious pet, and yet when he saw kings giving great gifts, he felt that he had no gift to give. Instead of giving something material, he did the one thing he could do. He started playing his little drum, the drum that his father had given him the day before he died. And in that purity of love, the baby in the manger smiled and honored him by healing his little lamb. His gift, given out of a pure heart, was the one favored above all others.

After disasters I always ask God how I can assist. One year when funds were really low, I was told to send $333 to a specific charity. The man answering the phone asked me why that number and I explained the angel numbers to him. So perhaps the gift was not just the money but also the conversation. Other times, I have been urged to simply do "angel work" - to go into deep meditation and trust that whomever I saw in my inner eyes needed help, love, and comfort, and to give it to them. I will never meet those people and they will never know me, but for a moment if they were open they experienced a sense of well being and a knowing, that it will be alright. In this disaster I asked what to do and was told to give people here permission to be happy no matter what is going on in the world. The world needs our light. We help no one by being morose. We can do so much more when we accept and give thanks for the gifts we have. If anything I have become even more grateful an d appreciative of my life, am handling its challenges with few complaints, and have a deep desire to live my life more fully each day.

It struck me that for all the planning we do, worrying about the future, strategizing, etc., well not much of it matters. Our lives could end in a heartbeat, and so why not trust God, live in the moment and know that when we do so we receive the best guidance we can receive for the future as well. If we enjoy now, live now, and appreciate now, we are clear vessels for the guidance. If we are worried about the future, we might miss the signals that could give us exactly what we wish to create.

So if this disaster has highlighted anything for me it, it is the need to make the most of each day in my life, not by thinking about what that means but by breathing deeply, asking God to guide me, and living more deeply by heart.

Much love to all of you and my prayers and love go to all affected by the disaster,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happiness is celebrating what you have

Years ago when I went to Peru I was struck by how happy the beautiful villagers looked in spite of seemingly dire circumstances. In remote villages where poverty was widespread, where people walked 5 to 7 miles a day into town, carrying their baby lamas in a little poncho on their back, their arms laden with vegetables for their market stalls, everyone seemed to be smiling. I'll never forget being profoundly embarrassed when one of the men on our tour started complaining loudly that the hotel didn't have the hot water that was advertised. "Sure it did," the hotel keeper told him. The hot water worked in room 3! You have to share." The gentleman on our tour didn't get it. He walked off in a huff. The rest of us took turns showering in Room 3.

Happiness is not always about having everything you want. Happiness is about celebrating what you do have. And you can always find the smallest things to be grateful for. I am a very grateful person. I get up thanking God each day for my bed, my remaining sweet dog Lucy, the good people in my life, running water, warm water, the ability to walk and breathe easily. You name it, I have a long list of things I do not take for granted after seeing what others have gone through. I sponsor a kid in Africa. His family is doing well. They are a half kilometer from a pump and have a mud house with a tin roof... very lucky indeed for their area. It puts everything in perspective.

So while we all have our challenges in life, and while we all go through times when things just aren't the way we wish, it is important to seek out happiness because happiness comes from a grateful heart, and from a heart that can see God's love and miracles in the tiniest things around them. When I look at a lady bug I see the wonder of God's creation. When I see the dew sparkling on the grass in the morning sun, it is more wonderful than diamonds. When I smear my face with honey it is just as lovely a feeling as a facial at a high end spa. When I see the smile on a child, I see God looking through their eyes. You can find a sense of wonder everywhere you look if you open your eyes to see.

Seek happiness in every circumstance you find yourself. Look around and find something to be delighted by, or something to marvel at. We take so much for granted, and yet so many little things can be cause for joy, and reasons for gratitude. Happiness resides within you as does disappointment. Joy and sorrow co-exist in your heart and mind too. The angels say all we have to do is choose where we place our focus.

Those so-called "poor" people in Peru were far richer in joy than many well-to-do folks over here that I have since met. Their smiles showed their gratitude for life and for the simple things. One room with hot water! What a luxury! Truly we can all find reasons to be happy right now. I think I'll go wash my face with some hot water, smear honey all over it for a nice skin-softening facial and thank God for a feeling greater than all the wealth in the world.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Weeding out

It has only been a little over a month since my dear husky wolf, Bruno, passed, and yet it seems like years ago. So much has already changed in my life. Only a few short weeks ago I was getting little sleep, doing laundry all night and waking up to elder doggie tantrums. The love and the hardship were both at an extreme. Since his passing I've been washing, cleaning, and weeding out my home and my life. I've had waves of grief bowl me over and in less than thirty minutes of crying, waves of bliss. That is the nature of change. We miss the past. We are excited about the future. We find our hearts only in the present moment.

These days when I'm not working, all I want to do is weed through every material thing I have. I want to clear and clean out my house and organize everything. I am looking at every pair of earrings, every t-shirt, every thing in ever closet, nook, and cranny and really soul searching to see if it adds joy and function to my life. If not, out it goes - to friends, thrift stores, shelters. I've changed and my stuff must as well. It is an outer representation of my inner spirit. It is thrilling to pass things along. What was once clutter in my house becomes used, loved, and appreciated by another. Energy is meant to be kept in motion.

And while house work hardly seems as "spiritual" a task as meditation or writing books, everything we do, if done with heart, IS a spiritual task. My house work these days is my meditation. I'm doing it with love, authenticity, and focused awareness. I'm fully present when I'm doing it, and I derive great joy from the process. With each drawer and closet I clear I feel more room to breathe, more freedom to "be," and more energy to create. Releasing what no longer serves me allows more of the real "me" to come to the surface in my own life - not just spiritual teacher, author, angel communicator sides of myself, but also the part of me that could have easily been born on a farm, likes to cook, craft, garden, and just daydream new ideas into existence. All of it is me, and it feels good to be getting all aspects of me back in balance once again!

I didn't realize this when I planned it out but my two upcoming events really bring it all together - In both the "Dancing with Angels" playshop and the upcoming Robin Miller Concert I'm sponsoring, the energy is all about bridging heaven and earth. What a very fun job this is turning out to be :)!

Have a happy week letting go of whatever weighs you down and making room for what lifts you up!