Saturday, December 03, 2011

Let your lights shine!

There are times when I channel the angel messages when the love that they have for us comes through in such force that it reduces me to tears. Simple as the message above was, it hit my heart, and I found myself awash in tears as the heat of God's love flowed through me. I hope you can take a few breaths as you read it and feel it too.

God's love is always there, but the holidays serve as a wonderful reminder that we all want to give and receive love. If you feel down, giving will bring you up! If you feel up, receiving is a gracious gift as well to those who want to give to you. And when you embrace the holidays by viewing it as a season to share love, rather than a season ripe with huge expectations, it is a much happier experience.

My friends and I have let go of all expectations of gifts the past few years. We used to go nuts but we all have more than enough stuff, so we strive to give each other useful or meaningful presents - things that are little treats, or things that further each others goals and dreams. One year I did a website for a friend. Some years I make bath products, or gift baskets filled with snacks for the holiday break. Some years I've made humorous gifts... like the year all the male friends I had got a candy bag filled with (excuse my horrid humor) nuts and balls! Seriously, they were spiced pecans and whiskey ball truffles and the laughter that ensued was more than enough reward for the baking! Gifts don't have to be expensive to be meaningful. Another year, I made a wreath for friends with a new house, got one of those 3M hooks so I could stick it on their door, then rang and ran! It was so much fun to leave cookies anonymously by a friends' front door. A friend recently stopped by unexpectedly with a Starbucks cookie, a gift card for a peppermint mocha, and a good book. She knew I needed a little more R&R! It was lovely.

Behind all gifts that we give, we want to share our love. Behind all gifts we wish to receive, we want to receive love. Love is the spirit of the Season.

I love the holidays because I love to allow the love of God to flow through me. I send cards some years to people I don't know well, but just appreciate. Sometimes I send cards to people I know who need extra love. You can send a card to someone you don't even know via sites like where people are allowed to ask for angel donors - many just request cards sent to their kids. Or you can send cards to service people overseas via many different sites. You don't have to do anything hugely expensive or time consuming to share love. The best gift I gave my parents ever was a letter telling them how much I loved and appreciated them and how much I honored how far we had grown. Share your hearts and souls - people let you do so more freely during the holidays.

And if you find yourself feeling lonely or blue during the holidays, get up and do something for someone else to shift that energy. Volunteer to share meals at a shelter, work at one of the many Christmas Angel programs. Wrap presents at a charity. So many places need help at this time of year and it costs nothing. It gets you out among people, and it makes you feel good because the love of God begins to flow through you out into the world.

This seasons, lets all let our lights shine a little brighter. The world is stirred up. There is so much fear. So many people are in need of love. We are that. We know it. We can be that in the world. And it feels really, really good. If all you can give is a kind word, that is the greatest gift of all in God's eyes because you are sharing the heart of God with another. Bless you. You are all so beautiful, so bright, and so amazing, whether you know it or not!

Happy Holiday Season!