Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012

Happy New Year everyone. 2012, the "Big" year in the Mayan Calendar is here! And its not doom and gloom nor is it the end of the world, but rather as the angels said a year of big growth for the planet. There are big earth changes coming. I think many of us feel them. The angels don't tell me when and where - they simply say that all will be guided according to their soul's desires.

I have personally been in a study of letting go of control these past few months. I thought I had learned surrender before, but there is always more! Nothing about this holiday looked as I thought it would, and yet everything worked out beautifully anyway, and I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year in my happy home with good friends.

Even life's challenges can be handled with ease when we go back to God, back to our own hearts, and back to bringing love into everything we do. This coming year I truly feel we must create our lives from the inside out. Superficial solutions no longer work. Instead we must pray, turn to our faith that we are indeed loved beyond our capacity to even imagine, and as beings made from the very breath of God we must hold our heads up high, be proud of the love inside of ourselves, go easier on ourselves, and expect that there is always love beneath every thing we face in life.

I found more love in all the challenges to be sure. I found the ability to express more love and gratitude than ever before. And so even in spite of appearances, stick to truth, and the River of God's love will pick you up from your challenges and carry you forward into even greater joy.

I wish all of you a Happy, Holy, Divinely Blessed New Year!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It may not look like I thought...

It is hard to believe today is Christmas Eve. It is a quieter holiday for me this year. The broken toe and the big plumbing repair right before my Christmas party made me simplify my holiday preparations. Even so, the seasons has been filled with love. The music from the concert I sponsored in early December continues to lift my heart. The plumbers were fantastic. I had friends over with holes still in the walls and it didn't matter. What mattered was the camaraderie, the friendship, and the laughter.

Holidays don't always look like we expect them to look. I admit I am a huge fan of the Norman Rockwell / Martha Stewart picture of the holidays. I love to decorate, bake, and have friends over. And while all that is incredibly fun, the real beauty of the holidays is the time spent in love. Love is everywhere. You can love your friends, your pets, your plants, your homes, the sunset, the rain, the sun, and the clouds. You can love a stranger, a display of beautiful lights, or a good meal. You can love a wonderful holiday movie, or a good laugh. Most importantly, you can love yourself and you can love God. It doesn't require a Normal Rockwell / Martha Stewart setting to feel love, although that is one way we can create that experience. Love is everywhere. Every one of us is seeking love and in reality, love is there for us at all times. I think God wants us to open the BIG Present of his love by being Present and seeing it all around us.

So at Christmas, or during the holidays, no matter whether you celebrate or not, no matter whether you are surrounded by family or spending the day alone, there is always love. Seek it. Be it. Give it to yourself. Spend time asking God to feel it. The angels have taught me that receiving their love is a gift to them, because they love to give it. If you are with friends and family, enjoy the camaraderie, and if you are alone, do something sweet for yourself. Whether your finances are great or small, there is still love

May the peace and the joy of the holiday season fill your hearts. May you always know you are special and precious, and that all of you are deeply and dearly loved.

Merry Christmas!
Love and hugs,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Waves passing through

Something wonderful is happening inside each of us. We have been clearing the past, releasing what no longer serves this year and moving into a new light. The earth's volcanoes were blowing like crazy a few months ago and everything old in people's lives seems to be transforming into something new if they are willing.

A few weeks ago so many people I talked to had inexplicable waves of sadness passing through them - sudden outbursts of tears with no apparent cause. Apparently it was more widespread than I had believed. Someone asked about it at a recent session in which my friend Summer Bacon was channeling the spirit Dr. Peebles, and spirit said that we were indeed letting go of the past in our lives and with it, there was some grieving. It felt that way when the wave passed through my heart. I just let it flow and let it go.

And suddenly the past patterns don't have such a grip anymore. When old fears came up around this big plumbing repair I'm having, I just prayed, "God fill these old fears with your love and get rid of them. Allow me to rest securely in the truth of your love. Fill the hands, minds, and hearts of the plumbers with your love and make this repair go smoothly and gracefully. I had no sooner prayed that when I got a call from the plumbing company who has been amazing all these years. They had to reschedule because the guy coming to do the job was out all night on an emergency call. No matter that I had taken my kitchen apart and would have to maneuver around boxes for a few days, ration hot water, and am having company tonight, working tomorrow, and will have holes in the wall in time for my Christmas party. It doesn't matter. I have water, a roof over my head, and trust that there is some higher order at work. I prayed for the right solution and so it shall be.

It is really past conditioning and past unconscious creations that cause us to doubt in the goodness of God and God's love. In reality the love is always there. We just didn't know it. We didn't grant that love to ourselves. We prayed for what we thought we needed to get what we thought we wanted, when in reality we just want to rest in that beautiful energy and know we are protected, safe, cared for, and connected.

So this season, sit quietly and do pray to feel that love. It changes everything, and it is the secret to enjoying a big of heaven here on earth.

Happy holidays,
Love and hugs,

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Transforming the challenges

I have been praying that prayer for years, and recently I've had many occasions to bring light into otherwise not so fun situations as well. The Holidays don't always turn out as expected, but they can always be filled with light and joy! When I broke the toe before Thanksgiving, I knew I had a choice. I could beat myself up for being clumsy and make it mean all sorts of things about how my holidays, my exercise program, etc. were ruined, or I could do as the angels jokingly say, "Look at just the facts ma'am," and say, "Ok, I've got a broken bone. I have to go slower and I may ache, but that is it!" I'm still exercising (you can do some aerobics on 1 1/2 feet!). I still got my decorations up, the turkey was awesome, gifts are coming along, and I am happy.

Just when I achieved that mental miracle the next challenge arrived. I got a water softener as you've heard a few times to fix the problem of water heaters konking out repeatedly. However, it was eating salt at a rate far more rapid than normal. The wonderful folks from the company came out... again... for free to check it out. Ends up it wasn't their product at all. Apparently I have a leak in the plumbing in the floor of my house! I started spiraling down when I got the news! Visions of having my entire house torn apart torn apart for the holidays popped in my head. A twinge of financial fear started to grab me. I breathed, called in God's light into the situation and stopped the insane train of thoughts. "Just the facts ma'am!" Actually the facts were far better than my initial reaction. Insurance will pay for the fix. The wonderful plumbers that have helped me before came out immediately and are going to re-route the plumbing through the roof rather than ripping up my entire house. And although I may end up with a few large holes in my wall while friends gather for holiday cheer, it isn't going to phase me. I have a home to be grateful for. I have friends I love. I have insurance with a deductible that isn't too awful. I'm very lucky indeed.

I am seeing lately just how much time and energy can be wasted bemoaning situations that we'd rather not deal with. Yes it is true. During the holidays I'd rather have ten unbroken toes sitting in a pedicure chair! I'd rather not have my walls and roof taken apart. But in the long run, I will have better posture and be more balanced in body since I broke the good foot and now have to balance out! I will save a lot of money on electric and water bills and my home will no longer have a big leak. I will be truly fulfilled in my desire to have God's light permeate every cell of my body and every crack and crevice of my home. The light is coming into the darkened areas of life and filling them, transforming them, changing them for the better. And that is the truth of God's love. That is the truth that awaits all of use. That is the real meaning of Christmas after all, as we all seek to transform any areas of our lives that are not working perfectly, with the light and love of God .

Happy Holiday Season to all of you,

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Let your lights shine!

There are times when I channel the angel messages when the love that they have for us comes through in such force that it reduces me to tears. Simple as the message above was, it hit my heart, and I found myself awash in tears as the heat of God's love flowed through me. I hope you can take a few breaths as you read it and feel it too.

God's love is always there, but the holidays serve as a wonderful reminder that we all want to give and receive love. If you feel down, giving will bring you up! If you feel up, receiving is a gracious gift as well to those who want to give to you. And when you embrace the holidays by viewing it as a season to share love, rather than a season ripe with huge expectations, it is a much happier experience.

My friends and I have let go of all expectations of gifts the past few years. We used to go nuts but we all have more than enough stuff, so we strive to give each other useful or meaningful presents - things that are little treats, or things that further each others goals and dreams. One year I did a website for a friend. Some years I make bath products, or gift baskets filled with snacks for the holiday break. Some years I've made humorous gifts... like the year all the male friends I had got a candy bag filled with (excuse my horrid humor) nuts and balls! Seriously, they were spiced pecans and whiskey ball truffles and the laughter that ensued was more than enough reward for the baking! Gifts don't have to be expensive to be meaningful. Another year, I made a wreath for friends with a new house, got one of those 3M hooks so I could stick it on their door, then rang and ran! It was so much fun to leave cookies anonymously by a friends' front door. A friend recently stopped by unexpectedly with a Starbucks cookie, a gift card for a peppermint mocha, and a good book. She knew I needed a little more R&R! It was lovely.

Behind all gifts that we give, we want to share our love. Behind all gifts we wish to receive, we want to receive love. Love is the spirit of the Season.

I love the holidays because I love to allow the love of God to flow through me. I send cards some years to people I don't know well, but just appreciate. Sometimes I send cards to people I know who need extra love. You can send a card to someone you don't even know via sites like where people are allowed to ask for angel donors - many just request cards sent to their kids. Or you can send cards to service people overseas via many different sites. You don't have to do anything hugely expensive or time consuming to share love. The best gift I gave my parents ever was a letter telling them how much I loved and appreciated them and how much I honored how far we had grown. Share your hearts and souls - people let you do so more freely during the holidays.

And if you find yourself feeling lonely or blue during the holidays, get up and do something for someone else to shift that energy. Volunteer to share meals at a shelter, work at one of the many Christmas Angel programs. Wrap presents at a charity. So many places need help at this time of year and it costs nothing. It gets you out among people, and it makes you feel good because the love of God begins to flow through you out into the world.

This seasons, lets all let our lights shine a little brighter. The world is stirred up. There is so much fear. So many people are in need of love. We are that. We know it. We can be that in the world. And it feels really, really good. If all you can give is a kind word, that is the greatest gift of all in God's eyes because you are sharing the heart of God with another. Bless you. You are all so beautiful, so bright, and so amazing, whether you know it or not!

Happy Holiday Season!