Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scary tree and the storm warning!

Once again the magic of the universe revealed itself on a beautiful day hike in the mountains. A few weeks ago Mt. Humphrey kept showing up in my visions. It is a majestic and beautiful sacred moutain in Flagstaff. For me, it carries the vibration of intense peace. This was the week the earthquake shook the east coast followed by Miss Hurricane Irene. I think the angels wanted me to just go up and "be" and put some stable ripples in the cosmic pond. At any rate, I was happy to oblige.

The day began sunny and beautiful with a few white puffy clouds (see the picture above!). My friend and I ate a lunch in utter stillness in the aspens. There were no sounds but the breeze blowing through the trees, the humming insects, and singing birds. It was absolute peace. I sat in awe of the surroundings, feeling more graced than if I were in the most majestic cathedral built by man. After a good 45 minutes of this we both got the urge to hike and visit a tree we had good naturedly dubbed "Scary Tree." Although his form is dead, he reaches high into the sky with branches that look like arms about to grab you! He makes us laugh! Scary tree has always had a spirit much like a playful old grandpa, teasing his grandkids by pretending to scare them. We always giggle when we visit.

This time, however, as we emerged from the aspens, crossed the meadow and headed to this friendly tree spirit, he was rather stern. My friend commented on it. "What's up?" I telepathically asked him. "You ladies need to get moving!" he said. "Can we visit you?" I asked. "Yes but you can't stay long and I mean it!" he replied. My word! So we went and hugged the tree, but again he told us to get going. It was all so unusual, that we finally listenend and heeded the warning. Halfway back across the meadow we turned and looked back. The beautiful white puffy cloud overhead had suddenly blown up and was turning dark and ominous. We felt electrial sensations at the top of our heads and running through out hands. Needless to say, we got moving! Thanks to the tree spirit's warning we got in the car and made it most of the way down the mountain before the skies broke loose with lightning, torrential rain, and hail! We quickly drove out from under it back into the sunshine!

So many times I have received warning signals from the universe. Years ago, I was leaving to go somewhere on a hot summer day, wearing a skirt. The sudden urge to change into pants, grab a book and a water bottle came over me. I did. The car broke down and I was prepared. "Why didn't you tell me my car was going to break down?" I asked!! "Would you have called work and said that you couldn't come becuase your car was going to break?" they asked. Never mind. I knew they were right!

So if you do listen to the little urges, or the loud voices, you can bet on being safe, protected and guided. When the earthquake hit Virginia I got an email from Dad, "I'm home. We don't know where mom is yet." I had no fear. She felt fine. I later learned she had rock and rolled with mother earth on the third story of a swaying building but got out without incident and, being mom, decided to go to the grocery store to get her blueberry muffin ingredients! It was a horrid mess so she offered to help clean up. The manger declined but appreciated her kindness and she got her ingredients. Amazing. This coming from a woman who just had a cancer biopsy (she's clean!) and is facing hip replacement surgery this year. She is in tune with her guidance and listens. I called her before the hurricane to say I felt she'd be fine. She confirmed it. "I don't feel funny," she told me. "It'll be ok." Sure enough it was. And we are praying for al l those who didn't get off so easy.

Resolve to listen to your little urges and voices. In doing so you will be guided to a much smoother existence! And if you want more of this, come join me at Dancing with Angels next month where we learn to listen to everything!