Saturday, July 02, 2011

True freedom

The angel message this week brings back memories. I once felt trapped in a life I didn't love. I'd done everything "right" that was supposed to make me happy. I went to school, got an engineering degree, got married, got a great job, ... and felt empty. I wasn't free back then, even though I had everything the world thinks would make you free... love, money, prestige, etc. I didn't have a clue who I really was.

Over the years and after a lot of personal growth, I made changes to be who I really was. Lovingly I separated from my husband years ago when we figured out we had totally different goals for life. With great excitement and fear, I started doing angel readings. I had less money, no relationship, and I felt free-er than I had my entire lifetime. This wasn't a "Freedom From" anything but rather a "Freedom To" be me.

The freedom to be who you are isn't taken away by anyone. I have had international skeptics lambast me and have returned love. I have had friends get angry and have chosen love. I have had people write in with the most hateful emails and have looked away and turned the other cheek. And each time I choose love, I feel more free, more like me, and even happier than before. It isn't always easy to use our free will to choose to be loving. I had to learn to be loving to myself first - to feel my upsets and release them, but then to choose to express love in the world. This freedom - the freedom to love God, self, and others - is one that always makes us feel bigger, better. This freedom grants us true independence from the tugs and pulls of the world. You can be in the world but not of it. We are all that free!