Saturday, June 25, 2011

Responding to my soul

It has taken me years to learn that if I am able to be present and respond to my own soul, everything else that I need to do will get done as well, and I may just find that some things I thought I had do really aren't so important after all.

I used to worry that if I didn't get everything on the "To Do" list done as quickly as possible, my chores and obligations would pile up and I would never get to rest. Looking back, that is just plain funny! Although it is a common belief, it makes me laugh to think that I still thought, at my age, that I had to "finish my homework before I could go out to play." That belief may have been appropriate as a child, but we carry these things inside of us forever, until we stop to question our assumptions about life.

It is easy to believe that we have to "stay on top of everything," but in truth, as the angels say, what matters more is that we are present, listening to our hearts, and living with our priorities centered around the most joy we can create reasonably in each moment. I still work, pay bills, take care of my dog, take care of a large number of clients, friends, etc., work on products, maintain a home, exercise, etc., but I've learned that if I stop, check in with my heart and ask what it wants given the situation, everything proceeds a lot more smoothly. If I get crazy and start putting out the "I have to do so much work" vibe, the universe gladly reflects that by piling more on to my list. If I am spiritually sane and put out the "I love my life and live in balance" vibe, the universe says, "Yes, lets help!"

Doing this newsletter is a constant reminder to practice what I preach. It takes some time to get it updated every week and sometimes I just don't feel like doing it. I started turning it into a "chore" this week and the angels wouldn't cooperate at all! So I stopped, checked in with myself, and decided lunch was what I really wanted. Sure enough after lunch and a few minutes to relax, I heard the angels in my head, ran to the computer, and captured their thoughts.

I still ask myself how I can make my necessary jobs more efficient, loving, and productive, however I also stop to ask how I can add more joy, balance, and inspiration to my life. These questions have become as important to me as the first ones. And as a result I get more done and I'm happier.

It isn't so hard to be responsible towards yourself. The things we want in each moments aren't the big things in life. It seems we only want the big things when we're ignoring the little ones on a regular basis. If you can pay attention to what your soul wants 'now' then things won't pile up and you won't need the giant fixes later. For example, when I listen to my heart and take little rest breaks and recreational breaks on a periodic basis, I don't need or long for big vacations. When I rest and treat myself well, I don't get lonely and needy. When I feed myself decent food and have at least three meals a day I don't crave the bingey stuff. When I'm responsible to my heart in the moment, I realize I don't need to spend much and have more to pay the bills. As I allow more joy into my days the law of attraction goes to work and makes my life run more smoothly.

So by paying checking in with my body, mind, and soul and honoring the "little" needs, I avoid the snowball effect of longing for the "big" bandaids. Instead of living for "someday when I'll get what I want," I enjoy lots of little bits of satisfaction each day. After all, a happy life is a lot of happy days, and a happy day is a lot of happy hours, and happy hours consist of a lot of little happy moments. I hope you have quite a few this week :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A little more love

I have been trying lately to choose more loving ways of doing everything in my life. When I "have" to do something I try to make it fun. I play "Whistle while you Work," or other good music while doing my chores. I fill myself up via exercise and meditations in the morning so I have love to pour over into my clients' days. I put love into my cooking, and little by little these small choices have been transforming my life, which the past couple of years got pretty challenging, back into the magical, smooth sailing it used to be.

Things still happen. My car is old and when it breaks down I use the time during its repairs to get things done or to rest in the repair place. My pool pump recently sprung a leak but I assumed the best instead of the worst and it wasn't a bad fix. I have bad hair days so I put it up in a ponytail. Some nights the hormones keep me awake so I just get up and get things done.

And lately when the urge hit to begin editing the sound files to my "Dancing with Angels" class, instead of locking myself indoors, I grabbed the portable PC, a Starbucks chai, and headed to a local outdoor mall that is buzzing with life. On went the headphones and I spent two hours of absolute bliss in a beautiful place with a wonderful breeze and happy people all around doing my work! Work doesn't always feel like "work" when we make it fun.

Even when I was back in Corporate America working 15 hour days, 7 days a week I did my best to make it more fun. I decorated my cubicle with pictures that made me happy, brought in aromatherapy and sniffed beautiful smells, put flowers and plants on the desk and a few rocks to bring in the outdoors. I ordered doughnuts and pizza for the meetings, and after hours played music while I worked.

There are ALWAYS ways we can get creative and add a little more joy to life and the chores. I made my postage stamp organizer and the inside of my computer armoire beautiful and now when I open it up to do my work I feel inspired.

So this week, as the angels say, try to add a little more love to everything you think, say, and do. It costs little, and the rewards are a life that suddenly seems a lot more loving!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Speaking to myself with Love

I've had a few physical issues that haven't quite resolved themselves over the years. I never realigned my posture after my foot broke in 2004 and I am still getting over the effects of last years parasite episode in my digestive system. For awhile there I was downright frustrated with being in a physical body. When I feel well I have boundless energy and enthusiasm for life, but the past few years, I've had to rest far more than usual, and I've gotten a lot less done. I fell into the trap of being critical with my body. The angels came to me lately and said, "Ann, you might try being nicer." And so I began a stream of sweet talk to my body every day. "Hi Left Foot! It is safe to put your entire weight upon the ground. I'm not going to do anything stupid to hurt you again! Come one. It's safe..." Little by little I felt the weight starting to shift into greater balance.

I called upon Archangel Raphael, the healing angel to help me in my sleep. I asked him to help me crave any exercises or dietary changes that were necessary to be in perfect health once again. Immediately I started wanting to do my tai chi and yoga stretches in the morning. After a year of eating very little bread and flour I started to crave it. Humorously last week I craved scones - see recipe below - and I ate 7 out of the 12 scones the day I made them, followed up by Krispy Kreme doughnuts the following day. All this was in addition to all the good stuff I've been eating - grains, veggies, fruit, beans, you name it. I should be glowing. But it was the scones and doughnuts that my body needed. Magically, my digestion began to work perfectly once again! I'm not recommending you copy my body's weird cravings, but rather talk nicely to your body and get in touch with your own! It is humorous, crazy, and magical when you truly begin to listen to your body. It doesn't always make "nutritional" sense. But I supposed if we could crawl inside our cells and find out what is really going on, it would. I needed more carbs, more oil, and a little more sugar. Who knew!

I once gave out homework in a class I was teaching for everyone to pick a body part they hated and be kind to it and thank it for a whole week. One lady came back the following week and said she had always hated her hips, but she did the homework and thanked them all week for being strong and helping her carry her children. Magically, with no other changes, she lost five pounds. Maybe we could start a new diet crazy called the "Love Yourself Diet"!!

The same principles work for your mind. Years ago when I existed with a steady stream of self-criticism, I asked Archangel Michael to help me stop. It was indeed learned behavior and I was tired of the habit. After that, every time I criticized myself, I would hear Michael in my head, talking to me as if to a child. "Now go to the mirror, and say you are sorry!" Dutifully I'd go to the mirror, look into my own eyes, and apologize to myself for my own cruelty. After a short while, it became funny almost. I would start laughing as I took myself to the mirror and apologized for the umpteenth time.

I am not perfectly self loving all the time, but over the years the angels have taught me the incredible value of practicing kindness to all aspects of myself. When I'm angry, I say to myself, "Well its ok, you just need to change what you're doing." When I'm sad, I remind myself, "It's ok. This too shall pass." I try to do something the angels told me to do long ago and take time each day to acknowledge myself for something I feel good about. This discipline reminds me that no matter what is going on in my head, my body, or my life, love is always present.

So try out kind communication to yourself this week. Be sweet to your body, yourself, and take time to acknowledge the good inside of you too! Watch how much better you start to feel!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Good beneath it all

I had a very funny incident the other night that is a great example of today's angel message. I had gone out with a few friends and we were talking about my car. I love my car. Its part of the family and has 192,000 miles on her at the moment. I call my car angel Zippy, and talk to her frequently. Out of the blue I was motivated to pray, "God have Zippy tell me if my car needs attentions far before problems arise. Thank you." Thirty seconds later I saw the whirl of flashing blue and red lights indicating an officer was pulling me over on this long and dark stretch of highway we were driving upon. Strangely, I felt peaceful,

The young policeman came up to the car. "I wasn't speeding was I?" I asked? "I was watching the dial!" "No," he replied, "Your headlight is out." Oh COOL! My prayer was just answered! Some interior lights had been off earlier and I felt like something was going on with my car but didn't know what. Now I knew I had to get either the lights, the circuitry, or the voltage regulator checked. The officer was extremely kind, asked us if we'd been drinking (no to that one), and explained they were not only trying to bust drunk drivers but also trying to keep track of how many people were being responsible. I've never had an officer explain himself to me ever. As we wrapped the discussion up he looked at one of the other girls in the car and kindly told us to get going because she looked cold. And so off we went, thankful for this kind soul who truly answered the prayer I'd prayed just a few minutes prior! It was really funny because usually flashing lights behind your car are not a good sign, but once again the universe was proving itself quite friendly.

Similarly when my water bill skyrocketed last month, and I found a leak in the pool pump with water pouring out, I adopted a "wait and see" attitude, rather than panicking about more expense. It ends up a few O-rings needed replacing and it was an easy repair.

I have, in the past, assumed the worst about many things only to find out I'd wasted my energy entirely and the problem was completely between my own ears. I worried about money early on in my psychic career only to find out I was fine. I worried about friends being mad at me in the past only to find out their modems were down and they couldn't email. I've worried about health issues and have gotten through them just fine. It is funny that very few of our problems are genuinely "real" but most of them exist between our own two ears! Most of our "problems" are imagined ones - fears of what might happen, fears we've failed, fears we will fail, fears that life will fail us or get us... but in reality, there is love available, as the angels say, at all times. Even in some of my truly hard times in life, the sunrise was still beautiful, the flowers still blossomed, and I learned pricesless lessons.

So this week, lets look for the good, assume there is good beneath all things, or at least take a "wait and see" attitude, and embrace the much kinder reality that this life was meant to be.