Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012

Happy New Year everyone. 2012, the "Big" year in the Mayan Calendar is here! And its not doom and gloom nor is it the end of the world, but rather as the angels said a year of big growth for the planet. There are big earth changes coming. I think many of us feel them. The angels don't tell me when and where - they simply say that all will be guided according to their soul's desires.

I have personally been in a study of letting go of control these past few months. I thought I had learned surrender before, but there is always more! Nothing about this holiday looked as I thought it would, and yet everything worked out beautifully anyway, and I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year in my happy home with good friends.

Even life's challenges can be handled with ease when we go back to God, back to our own hearts, and back to bringing love into everything we do. This coming year I truly feel we must create our lives from the inside out. Superficial solutions no longer work. Instead we must pray, turn to our faith that we are indeed loved beyond our capacity to even imagine, and as beings made from the very breath of God we must hold our heads up high, be proud of the love inside of ourselves, go easier on ourselves, and expect that there is always love beneath every thing we face in life.

I found more love in all the challenges to be sure. I found the ability to express more love and gratitude than ever before. And so even in spite of appearances, stick to truth, and the River of God's love will pick you up from your challenges and carry you forward into even greater joy.

I wish all of you a Happy, Holy, Divinely Blessed New Year!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It may not look like I thought...

It is hard to believe today is Christmas Eve. It is a quieter holiday for me this year. The broken toe and the big plumbing repair right before my Christmas party made me simplify my holiday preparations. Even so, the seasons has been filled with love. The music from the concert I sponsored in early December continues to lift my heart. The plumbers were fantastic. I had friends over with holes still in the walls and it didn't matter. What mattered was the camaraderie, the friendship, and the laughter.

Holidays don't always look like we expect them to look. I admit I am a huge fan of the Norman Rockwell / Martha Stewart picture of the holidays. I love to decorate, bake, and have friends over. And while all that is incredibly fun, the real beauty of the holidays is the time spent in love. Love is everywhere. You can love your friends, your pets, your plants, your homes, the sunset, the rain, the sun, and the clouds. You can love a stranger, a display of beautiful lights, or a good meal. You can love a wonderful holiday movie, or a good laugh. Most importantly, you can love yourself and you can love God. It doesn't require a Normal Rockwell / Martha Stewart setting to feel love, although that is one way we can create that experience. Love is everywhere. Every one of us is seeking love and in reality, love is there for us at all times. I think God wants us to open the BIG Present of his love by being Present and seeing it all around us.

So at Christmas, or during the holidays, no matter whether you celebrate or not, no matter whether you are surrounded by family or spending the day alone, there is always love. Seek it. Be it. Give it to yourself. Spend time asking God to feel it. The angels have taught me that receiving their love is a gift to them, because they love to give it. If you are with friends and family, enjoy the camaraderie, and if you are alone, do something sweet for yourself. Whether your finances are great or small, there is still love

May the peace and the joy of the holiday season fill your hearts. May you always know you are special and precious, and that all of you are deeply and dearly loved.

Merry Christmas!
Love and hugs,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Waves passing through

Something wonderful is happening inside each of us. We have been clearing the past, releasing what no longer serves this year and moving into a new light. The earth's volcanoes were blowing like crazy a few months ago and everything old in people's lives seems to be transforming into something new if they are willing.

A few weeks ago so many people I talked to had inexplicable waves of sadness passing through them - sudden outbursts of tears with no apparent cause. Apparently it was more widespread than I had believed. Someone asked about it at a recent session in which my friend Summer Bacon was channeling the spirit Dr. Peebles, and spirit said that we were indeed letting go of the past in our lives and with it, there was some grieving. It felt that way when the wave passed through my heart. I just let it flow and let it go.

And suddenly the past patterns don't have such a grip anymore. When old fears came up around this big plumbing repair I'm having, I just prayed, "God fill these old fears with your love and get rid of them. Allow me to rest securely in the truth of your love. Fill the hands, minds, and hearts of the plumbers with your love and make this repair go smoothly and gracefully. I had no sooner prayed that when I got a call from the plumbing company who has been amazing all these years. They had to reschedule because the guy coming to do the job was out all night on an emergency call. No matter that I had taken my kitchen apart and would have to maneuver around boxes for a few days, ration hot water, and am having company tonight, working tomorrow, and will have holes in the wall in time for my Christmas party. It doesn't matter. I have water, a roof over my head, and trust that there is some higher order at work. I prayed for the right solution and so it shall be.

It is really past conditioning and past unconscious creations that cause us to doubt in the goodness of God and God's love. In reality the love is always there. We just didn't know it. We didn't grant that love to ourselves. We prayed for what we thought we needed to get what we thought we wanted, when in reality we just want to rest in that beautiful energy and know we are protected, safe, cared for, and connected.

So this season, sit quietly and do pray to feel that love. It changes everything, and it is the secret to enjoying a big of heaven here on earth.

Happy holidays,
Love and hugs,

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Transforming the challenges

I have been praying that prayer for years, and recently I've had many occasions to bring light into otherwise not so fun situations as well. The Holidays don't always turn out as expected, but they can always be filled with light and joy! When I broke the toe before Thanksgiving, I knew I had a choice. I could beat myself up for being clumsy and make it mean all sorts of things about how my holidays, my exercise program, etc. were ruined, or I could do as the angels jokingly say, "Look at just the facts ma'am," and say, "Ok, I've got a broken bone. I have to go slower and I may ache, but that is it!" I'm still exercising (you can do some aerobics on 1 1/2 feet!). I still got my decorations up, the turkey was awesome, gifts are coming along, and I am happy.

Just when I achieved that mental miracle the next challenge arrived. I got a water softener as you've heard a few times to fix the problem of water heaters konking out repeatedly. However, it was eating salt at a rate far more rapid than normal. The wonderful folks from the company came out... again... for free to check it out. Ends up it wasn't their product at all. Apparently I have a leak in the plumbing in the floor of my house! I started spiraling down when I got the news! Visions of having my entire house torn apart torn apart for the holidays popped in my head. A twinge of financial fear started to grab me. I breathed, called in God's light into the situation and stopped the insane train of thoughts. "Just the facts ma'am!" Actually the facts were far better than my initial reaction. Insurance will pay for the fix. The wonderful plumbers that have helped me before came out immediately and are going to re-route the plumbing through the roof rather than ripping up my entire house. And although I may end up with a few large holes in my wall while friends gather for holiday cheer, it isn't going to phase me. I have a home to be grateful for. I have friends I love. I have insurance with a deductible that isn't too awful. I'm very lucky indeed.

I am seeing lately just how much time and energy can be wasted bemoaning situations that we'd rather not deal with. Yes it is true. During the holidays I'd rather have ten unbroken toes sitting in a pedicure chair! I'd rather not have my walls and roof taken apart. But in the long run, I will have better posture and be more balanced in body since I broke the good foot and now have to balance out! I will save a lot of money on electric and water bills and my home will no longer have a big leak. I will be truly fulfilled in my desire to have God's light permeate every cell of my body and every crack and crevice of my home. The light is coming into the darkened areas of life and filling them, transforming them, changing them for the better. And that is the truth of God's love. That is the truth that awaits all of use. That is the real meaning of Christmas after all, as we all seek to transform any areas of our lives that are not working perfectly, with the light and love of God .

Happy Holiday Season to all of you,

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Let your lights shine!

There are times when I channel the angel messages when the love that they have for us comes through in such force that it reduces me to tears. Simple as the message above was, it hit my heart, and I found myself awash in tears as the heat of God's love flowed through me. I hope you can take a few breaths as you read it and feel it too.

God's love is always there, but the holidays serve as a wonderful reminder that we all want to give and receive love. If you feel down, giving will bring you up! If you feel up, receiving is a gracious gift as well to those who want to give to you. And when you embrace the holidays by viewing it as a season to share love, rather than a season ripe with huge expectations, it is a much happier experience.

My friends and I have let go of all expectations of gifts the past few years. We used to go nuts but we all have more than enough stuff, so we strive to give each other useful or meaningful presents - things that are little treats, or things that further each others goals and dreams. One year I did a website for a friend. Some years I make bath products, or gift baskets filled with snacks for the holiday break. Some years I've made humorous gifts... like the year all the male friends I had got a candy bag filled with (excuse my horrid humor) nuts and balls! Seriously, they were spiced pecans and whiskey ball truffles and the laughter that ensued was more than enough reward for the baking! Gifts don't have to be expensive to be meaningful. Another year, I made a wreath for friends with a new house, got one of those 3M hooks so I could stick it on their door, then rang and ran! It was so much fun to leave cookies anonymously by a friends' front door. A friend recently stopped by unexpectedly with a Starbucks cookie, a gift card for a peppermint mocha, and a good book. She knew I needed a little more R&R! It was lovely.

Behind all gifts that we give, we want to share our love. Behind all gifts we wish to receive, we want to receive love. Love is the spirit of the Season.

I love the holidays because I love to allow the love of God to flow through me. I send cards some years to people I don't know well, but just appreciate. Sometimes I send cards to people I know who need extra love. You can send a card to someone you don't even know via sites like where people are allowed to ask for angel donors - many just request cards sent to their kids. Or you can send cards to service people overseas via many different sites. You don't have to do anything hugely expensive or time consuming to share love. The best gift I gave my parents ever was a letter telling them how much I loved and appreciated them and how much I honored how far we had grown. Share your hearts and souls - people let you do so more freely during the holidays.

And if you find yourself feeling lonely or blue during the holidays, get up and do something for someone else to shift that energy. Volunteer to share meals at a shelter, work at one of the many Christmas Angel programs. Wrap presents at a charity. So many places need help at this time of year and it costs nothing. It gets you out among people, and it makes you feel good because the love of God begins to flow through you out into the world.

This seasons, lets all let our lights shine a little brighter. The world is stirred up. There is so much fear. So many people are in need of love. We are that. We know it. We can be that in the world. And it feels really, really good. If all you can give is a kind word, that is the greatest gift of all in God's eyes because you are sharing the heart of God with another. Bless you. You are all so beautiful, so bright, and so amazing, whether you know it or not!

Happy Holiday Season!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Annta Claus

During the holidays I've acquired a nickname - "Annta Claus." It started several years ago and has since been a wonderful holiday joke. I like to give and I like to do whatever I can to help make dreams come true. Courtesy of the angels, however, I've learned that the greatest gift I can give is the gift of just being me.

And so, being the eternal child at heart, I started carrying candy canes around in my purse often during the holidays. They're simply, inexpensive goodies. I give them away randomly to strangers I talk with, store clerks, service people, friends, you name it. And you should see the smiles that accompany such a simple gift! We all want a little more sweetness, and a little treat doesn't hurt either :)

Even more importantly when I am out and about, and stuck in line somewhere, I do as the angels say. I open my heart and allow the energy to flow through me and out around me. I pray for everyone around to be blessed. It feels GREAT! Secret angels indeed!

And while it is fun to receive presents, I love seeing the Presence of another soul shining brightly. Nothing makes my heart sing more than seeing a friend or client doing something they love, in love with themselves and life, sharing their hearts and authentic selves with the world. I love that!

I imagine God is saying to each of us, "All I want for Christmas is You!"

Love and holiday blessings!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Gratitude is easy when things are going well. When life presents challenges, however, gratitude becomes the key for turning things around. Gratitude makes you look at life through the eyes of goodness, truth, beauty, abundance, and in that outlook, things begin to change.

I had another chance to practice that gratitude last week. I have been so happy lately and feeling better than ever. When the angels suggested I do 20 minutes of cardio several times a week to keep my heart healthy, I decided to get up early, crank some fun tunes and dance. It has been a delightful way to start my day! Two weeks ago, I was feeling so excited about life. An excited Aries is somewhat like a puppy who sees a treat. We move fast. We live in our heads, and we don't always pay attention to our feet. At the pinnacle of joy, after a great day of work, looking forward to a fantastic weekend, I was zipping around, and caught my toe on a door. It wasn't the first time. It immediately began turning purple and had that sadly distinct feeling of a stress fracture.

As I iced it and propped it up, my heart sank! The holidays were coming! I'm baking a big Thanksgiving dinner for friends, decorating, and so much more! I started to go into drama. You won't have Thanksgiving! You'll have to order food! You can't decorate for Christmas. "Idiot!! Stupid! Ann! You know better than to rush around when you're happy!" I stopped myself in my tracks, cut out the self-deprecation and the pity party that would have ensued, and focused on gratitude. I had good friends who would help. I caught it and was able to ice it promptly. I knew how to care for it having injured toes many times this lifetime and was grateful that $5 worth of first aid tape and cotton were all that was required. It was the little toe, not the big one. And I went on until I was thanking God for my miracle healing, for undoing any damage done, etc. I started feeling exceedingly grateful that I was not going to suffer with a painful break through the holidays and I was going to get a miraculously quick healing.

The gratitude was what saved me. I ended the drama, taped the toe, got the house is decorated with some help, and the Thanksgiving baking is in progress. During a friends' angel session I continued to thank God for my miracle healing and affirm my wholeness, and lo and behold, the "broken" feeling started to go away as heat shot through my foot and out the toes. As I thanked my feet for carrying me and for their wholeness, the spiritual heat warmed them day by day and although I am still gimping around a little bit, I do believe I got my miracle. Things no longer feel broken! I've extended the gratitude towards my entire body. I thank it every day for being whole and healthy and even things that needed some help are getting fixed. Gratitude is an affirmation of truth!

On a practical level, gratitude changes your outlook, which in turn changes your life. My water heater's first heating element broke down several weeks ago and I found out the hard water had gunked it so badly I'd have to either keep repairing it or get a water softener. I opted for the real solution and even though I had a big bill, the soft water is wonderful! Lately the second heating element broke down in the water heater, leaving me with 3" of warm water in the mornings. I was still grateful for that because I have been to Peru where you are lucky to have water, let alone warm water. Ends up my good attitude helped when I called the repair place. They came out and replaced the second heating element for free, and cleaned out the system as well. Now I'm grateful for their good service!

I am grateful for so many things. I am grateful to simply be on earth. It is difficult and excruciatingly painful at times. But it is also beautiful. The human spirit inspires me. The majesty of nature is breathtaking. The miracle of God's smallest creatures is mind blowing, let alone the miracle of our own bodies. We can interact with one another, explore who we are, and learn about the love that is all around us. Together we are growing in our awareness of the love that lives within, and that is beautiful.

The more grateful I am, the more I have to be grateful for.

And I am deeply grateful for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

True abundance is now

When I was an engineer, I reached a point where I hated my job. I worked 90 hours a week, 7 days a week and more was expected every day. I worked with some amazing people but also quite a few who whined as much as I wanted to. And I wanted out. I realize looking back that I was not going to be allowed to leave before I learned to bring love into the situation. At one point in this miserable, angry state inside of myself it dawned on me, that nothing was going to change for now and so I better change. I started to do what I could to make the intense work environment kinder. I brought in snacks, decorated during the holidays, used humor, improved the lines of communication and did whatever it took to help the group I was working for. Although my schedule didn't ease up, my heart did, and when the time came to leave I did so knowing I had done my best. I had also, unwittingly with all that overtime money, created a buffer with which I could start my angel c areer.

I have watched many people transform their lives by simply adding more love. Love doesn't mean putting up with abuse, nor does it mean keeping quiet if something isn't right. It just means you can bring your best self into any situation you find yourself no matter what.

I have seen many people change their careers over the course of my career as an angel communicator. It starts simply. They do what they love in small doses, as time permits, on the side. They donate, trade, or sell their services for a small fee as they develop confidence. Little by little their joy increases because they are doing what they love if only in small doses. This love doesn't have to be something you charge for. It can be volunteering, spending time with kids, animals, baking, creative work, you name it. But when you do things for the love of it in your life, your focus on the joy magically starts to pull you in that direction. Little by little, even if you are working in a job "just" for the money, you realize that is OK! It is ok to support yourself while you have your fun outside of work. It is ok to live comfortably for awhile as you start something else up. You don't have to do kamikaze style growth like I did when I quit sudde nly and ended up living on total faith. That was my path, both because I needed to learn it and I needed to teach it. You can create your transitions much more gently.

If you do find yourself in a position where you are doing something you love on the side, keep the focus on love, not money, because that is where you will find joy. You can enjoy the process of getting to your goals and have a lifetime of rich days, not a lifetime of impoverished, stressed out days hoping to someday feel better. Our experience really is defined by our choice and perception. One decision to bring my best self to work changed my experience of corporate work, completed my lessons there, and eventually allowed me to leave with my head held high. One day I went to a job I was starting to hate. The next day I went to a job that I decided would teach me to bring my best self and be the light in the darkness. It was a tiny shift in perception within my head, but in reality it was a choice between heaven and hell. Both exist as options no matter what circumstance we find ourselves within. So when you do something and think you "Have to" find a reason you "Choose to" because in reality there are always choices.

I choose to do things for the love of it these days whenever I have that choice. I'm currently sponsoring a concert for the sheer love of the music I want to hear and the delight of giving back to someone whose work adds a whole new dimension to my own seminars. I'm working on a photo site for the joy of sharing the incredible beauty that I have been blessed to see in nature. I am working hard, not making much money on these things, but loving every last minute. The logical ones around me stand nonplussed while my heart sings with joy. And in the end a heart filled with joy is the greatest measure of spiritual wealth. There is no sin in wanting more. Just make sure you enjoy the journey getting there. That way the road you travel now is blessed with true abundance as well!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

When I'm being kind...

I have noticed in my life that when I am being kind to myself, life is kind to me. When I am being generous with myself I attract generous people. And when I am either beating myself or trying to "earn" love from others, that leads to one heck of a holy mess in my life!!

And while I like myself pretty well and have been urged by the angels to practice self love for years, recently I've decided, that because I want more in life for myself, I had better start treating myself even better! The thought struck me, most likely from the angels, it is so easy to criticize ourselves, why not turn that around and compliment myself for every little last thing I feel good about. And so I've been waking up and saying, "Gosh I look good today!" When I am kind to a person, "That was so sweet of you Ann!" When I do something creatively that I enjoy, I tell myself, "Wow! Look at the beauty you are leaving in this world!" And when I get frustrated at someone in traffic and am less than loving, instead of beating myself up, I'll say, "Well they weren't too nice and you did your best, but that's ok! You'll do better next time!" This new habit has been both funny and a lot of fun! I've been putting good thoughts, good words, and only loving statements into my own psyche! It feels so contrived and so weird at first, but at the same time, why is it that self-criticism, self-denial, and self-deprecation should feel natural! That's backwards!!

Try it! Try being totally loving to yourself. Try telling yourself good things. Try encouraging yourself when you are down, and consoling yourself when you have a less than proud moment. It certainly feels a LOT better than what most of us were trained to do, and it certainly is how the angels would prefer we treat ourselves! I think people are afraid of becoming arrogant and yet arrogance simply comes from the insecure. People are afraid of being narcissistic but truly narcissists don't love themselves, they hate themselves so much they pretend to love themselves to the extreme.

True self love is adorable. Look at a child who brags about his talents! Look at a rose blooming, practically crying out to be noticed by the sheer beauty of its being. You can both love yourself immeasurably and be humble because you know it all comes from God! I know it isn't ego-Ann creating all this good in my life. Ego-Ann is just getting out of the way finally and allowing it. And when I hurt or get cranky or do something less than spiritually evolved, it is fine to console little ego-Ann because she's doing her best. That is what the Love within you would do! That is what the angels would do. And in beginning to live this way you start to identify more and more with the loving truth of who you really are.

The added benefit to such self love is that the world begins to reflect that love back to you in the most magical ways as well and the few who don't like it will fall by the wayside. You won't care! You are being too nice to yourself to let anyone be mean or to take it seriously if they are. So start living a charmed life by being loving, kind, and charming to yourself. It is not arrogant. You are not saying you are better than anyone else. To the contrary those who truly love themselves can be more gracious, loving, and kind to others as well because they realize that they, and all others, are truly special and unique manifestations of God's love.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Do what you are called to do

After years of working with angels I truly know they love everyone, no matter what. They certainly do not say everyone's behaviors are loving, but they do love all souls. They see all souls as simply trying, to the best of their ability, to find God's love, whether they do so in a way that is evolved or completely ignorant. And so they love the protestors and the bankers, the victims and the perpetrators and they are more than willing to point out the lessons for all involved.

Years ago in my thirties when I was complaining about "God sending me" (in other words me attracting) two boyfriends in a row that easily took advantage of me and were abusive," the angels lovingly pointed out that my tendency to martry myself was a perfect fit for a sociopath to find a way into my life! We fit together like a hand and glove. I kept giving. They kept taking. I was willing to be abused while trying harder to be loved, they were willing to not try at all and to dump on me. Our lessons were a perfect marriage! Only when I started loving myself and treating myself with respect did I attract the absolutely amazing people that are in my life now. Likewise when I was willing to work 90 hour weeks in my past life as an engineer, the corporation was more than willing to let me. A friend who was not willing to do so, kept attracting better and higher paying consulting jobs. She knew she deserved it. We really do find each other to l earn what we need!

As a result of the angels' teaching, I have changed over the years. I no longer feel I must set my soul aside for love or money. It took time to learn to treat myself better. The changes do not happen overnight. In the case of my career it took a few years to bring changes about. In the case of relationships I put myself through a decade of tough lessons! But if you start treating yourself with more respect, then the world starts to show it. If you start to pray for a job that honors your soul, the ideas will start to come. If you treat yourself with greater kindness, you will walk away when others do not.

As I watch the news, I feel somewhat detached from all the unrest in the world. The greed in the world does indeed affect me - my utility bills were so insanely high this summer that I nearly passed out after opening one particularly large bill. I took a few breaths and asked the angels to put me back into a higher truth, and then or course truth hit me again - either I give the world my power, or I give it to God. I chose God. "Hey God," you've got some big bills. Tell me what to do next. Either I need to make more or get this utility bill down. My water heater prompty broke, because the heating coil was coated with barnacle looking things caused by hard water. It was inconvenient but a huge energy drain was revealed! I had to get a water softener to prevent this from being a persistent problem. That cost more money, but the company let me make payments and in the long run I'll have good water, better skin, less home maintenance, and lower ele ctric bills because the water heater will work. God can handle all your problems if you just pray and believe.

So, if you are called to protest, do so with love and with a desire to open up a humane and loving dialogue. But if you protest from a place of feeling that your lack is caused by others' greed, you give others all your power, and energetically you negate the very thing you are trying to achieve. It is hard to take responsibility for our own lives, but in the end, that is where we find the truth and the love of God. In this space, you have earned the right to speak up about the world's injustices, because in this loving space, you are simply wanting all souls involved to know that there can be solutions that honor everyone's needs... for that is the truth in God's reality.

The movement the angels wish to create upon the earth is simple - "Occupy your own life!" Fill your life with the love of your own spirit. Share your gifts and talents with the world. Speak your truth but do so from a place of love. If all of us could do that we would no longer support greed, injustice, etc. We would be living in a heaven on earth. It may be a far goal, but certainly one worth reaching for. It works for me :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Unrest isn't so bad...

Because of my work, I get to see patterns that seem to thread themselves through human consciousness. When I experience some growth and then see droves of clients coming in with the same issues I know that the world is up to something big. For example, my mini health crisis a few weeks back caused me to really have a look at what behaviors I wanted in my life and what I did not. As soon as I got that cleared up I was able to get going on the projects that truly inspire me. I got my Dancing with Angels CD done, taught a really fun class, and am up to several more fun things that I'll be able to announce shortly.

Similarly I have watched waves of clients coming in that are now finding their own voices, pursuing their own goals and dreams, and tell me, often woefully, that they have become downright intolerant of nonsense in their lives. That is a good thing! When we define clearly what we don't want, then we know what we do. When we stop doing the things that don't support our hearts, we find time to do the ones that do. And while we all have many obligations, our greatest obligation is to find time, if even in small doses, to support our joy, our God given talents, and the things that add light to our lives.

There is unrest in the world now but it doesn't scare me, nor does it inspire me. What inspires me is the lovely stirred up passion I feel in my own heart for my own projects. What inspires me is seeing others all stirred up and ready to create movement in their lives. This unrest within our hearts can be a good thing, as long as we don't use it to beat ourselves up or blame others. It can help us sift through the muck in our lives to find the kernels of truth.

When you really get in touch with what you don't want, flip it over and see what you do! Sometimes your greatest complaint can lead to your greatest passion. In my past it bothered me deeply to see people feeling totally disempowered when I knew there was so much inside of them. I now have a whole career trying to help people find their spiritual power! In school it bothered me that things were presented in such complicated ways, so now I try to teach in the simplest way possible. I don't care for drab and uninspiring environments and so now I try to share the world's color, beauty, and diversity with others in any way I can.

As you feel the unrest in the world, you can turn your complaints inside out to find your greatest passions! You can turn your greatest upset inside out and find your life's purpose! As you feel the unrest in the world, and perhaps in your heart, do as the angels do and fall in love... because the truth of you will set you free!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time to create

I am writing this message two weeks before it goes out, because when it reaches you I'll be in Sedona, teaching Dancing with Angels! I couldn't be more excited! It seems like just yesterday that it was May and I was finishing up the first one. Five months seemed like such a long time back then. I felt like I had all the time in the world to edit the sound files from the May class and make them available on CDs. It takes 80+ hours for me to create a 4CD set when I look at editing, artwork, production, web changes, store updates, etc. Back in May, it felt like I had plenty of time.

However, months passed and I wasn't even inspired to work on the CDs until a little over a few months ago! And then when I got sick a few weeks ago, I was pretty sure I would never be able to release the CD set today as I had been hoping to do.

I needn't have worried! Within a week, lessons learned, I was feeling back to normal and after so much rest, the editing went very smoothly, and of course, God's timing was perfect! I was listening to the May class while preparing and getting inspired for the one today! It made perfect sense. And although it was time consuming and I did spend a few solid weekends working on it non stop, time passed without me even noticing because I was so consumed and inspired by the project.

Sometimes seemingly large and impossible tasks get put off because we're simply not inspired. Sometimes however, we put them off because we feel intimidated or life gets in the way. Whatever the reason, the minute inspiration hits for any of your dreams, jump on it! Prioritize it! Make time. Ride the waves of inspiration when they hit because energy breeds more energy, and as you spend your life force doing things you love, you get more.

I still feel a little intimidated every time I start a large CD set or a book. It is a huge process to create and edit them, not to mention all the rest of the work. And yet it is SO satisfying to see a dream take place, and a project that was once just an idea, turn to something tangible that I can hold in my hand.

Do you have something you want to create? It might be a book, a work of art, a foundation, a peaceful evening and a luscious dinner, time for a massage, time for meditation, a life in which you wake up rested? Whatever it is, try to take small steps until the dream begins to pull you in and then you can coast on these waves of inspiration, taking one more step, and one more, until the dream becomes close and closer to reality!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

You don't have to know...

This week's message was sweet and I felt different angels than the ones that usually come through for the newsletter. It was a lot of fun actually. It felt like I was tuning into "Fairie Godmother" energy! I loved it. And I know the angel messages are oh so true. So many times I haven't had a clue how I would manage to accomplish something. Usually my constraints have been pretty common. I didn't know how to do what I wanted. I didn't have time. Or I didn't have money. The big 3 really when it comes to excuses for sabotaging our dreams!! And yet none of them really count when we start doing life God's way.

The first time I took on a project I didn't know I could accomplish was in my twenties. Prior to then I played it safe, doing only what I was certain I could do. But when I found I had an intense interest in aromatherapy, I was guided to a wonderful teacher who taught a six month certification course at the time. The classes were fun. We met once a month and our instructor discussed many different essential oils and their properties. It was the homework that frightened me. We were given 5-6 exercises each month and for each one we had to make a special blend of oils and use them via light massage on 5 volunteers each. To make it more interesting, we had to find people with specific problems - sinus congestion, cough, muscle tension, cellulite, etc... to name a few. The goal was to try an oil blend on several volunteers for the same condition and document the results so we learned first hand, hands on what worked. At the time I was an electrical engineer. I was professio nally friendly with my co-workers but not to the point where I'd put my hands on them. And so I began this course without a clue as to how I'd work it all out. MIraculously, as word spread, I got my volunteers, and somehow finished the class. I've loved aromatherpay ever since and more importantly the experience taught me that you can go for anything you want, even if you have no clue how it will all work out.

I faced similar obstacles when I quite my engineering career to become a psychic. "How are you going to pay the bills? You can't pay them on a psychic career," I was told by so many people, psychics included. My answer... "Why not?!" I asked God to show me my calling. I expected He'd make it work.

Likewise when I was teaching a manifesting class in the late 90's I knew I would soon need a new car. Sure enough my old one gave notice, sputtering and threatening to break down. I had no idea how I would afford the one I wanted. A dealership in town popped in my head, and to make a long story short, in less than three hours I was in and out with the car I wanted and at a price that worked for all. I even had fun doing readings for the sales people while there who decided to give me a really good deal as a result! Again it was God's timing, and God's direction that fulfilled this desire.

I have even bigger desires for my life. I want to snorkel with humpback whales and swim with dolphins someday. I have dreams for books galore, creative projects, you name it! So many ways I can share the angels' wisdom if only I had more time... and yet I'm starting. One day at a time I'm working on my projects, and I'm making sure I do it only when inspired so it comes from a place of authenticity. I had some big projects under way when I got sick a few weeks ago. I worried when I'd have time and energy to work on them. And yet after so much down time I zipped through the previously tedious work and got a lot accomplished.

Divine timing is a beautiful thing. We are dancing with angels and dancing with God every day of our lives. We can lead. We can follow,, or we can take the steps we know and be shown the rest. For the most part, I live my life this way now and when I am true to what I know, it flows with so much grace and ease! This fall I'll be releasing a few new products for your enjoyment and inspiration! I'll let you know soon as I'm done! In the meantime, dance in your life as well! God is there, waiting to swing you around effortlessly towards your dreams!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Letting go of what no longer serves

I have done a lot of letting go in my life as I've traveled down the road of self discovery. I had to let go of an entire identity as a "college educated engineer" in order to become a psychic. I had to let go of a stable job to have my spiritual career. I had to let go of a marriage and numerous relationships in my past in order to create a beautiful relationship with myself. And even now, even with all I teach, I still find more things within me that must be released.

Take two weeks ago for example. I know the stress of the fire in my neighborhood was the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak in terms of creating the physical pain I was in, however I also know enough to realize that for stress to affect me that deeply something within needed addressing as well. The angels, as always, were direct. They pointed out that I had some very hurt feelings that I was trying to ignore that had begun a month ago, and that I needed to let myself be human, rant and rave and cry in private. It was true. Life was going so well and then a month ago I learned that there was some very malicious gossip going on about a friend and I. I tried not to let it bother me, but apparently it did and as I saw first hand, again, stuffing emotions leads to nasty conditions in the body. I know this. I teach it. And at times I need to learn it all over again. Dr. Peebles, the angel that comes through my friend Summer was very kind and yet very d irect. "You're hurting my dear! Its time for Ann here to have a little bit of love and solace in her life; peace and comfort. Its time for you to say to yourself I'm sick and tired of being used, abused, distrusted and disrespected,not acknowledged, misjudged and having malcontent thrown at my face, and on and on it goes my dear. You can't just simply shrug that stuff off because you're a human being." I knew he was right.

And so, since I had plenty of down time, I prayed for God to help me release every pent up frustration or tear that I had stuffed in my body over the years. Boy oh boy, did they ever! I cried into towels, not tissues! I ranted into imaginary trash cans and asked the angels to toss the upsets! And with every emotion I let go, my stomach unknotted even further. It was quite tangible and very amazing. After being in excruciating pain for over five days, suddenly my entire body was unwinding and healing in record time! Truly the soul is in charge and when we shift our energy, things can change rather rapidly.

I still had more down time since I was pretty much confined to the couch, so I looked at my life and realized I needed to release some old habits to make room for all I wanted to achieve and share with the world. Immediately I cut back on my emails, started eating meals on time without exception, and started ignoring interruptions so I could do one thing at a time. I vowed never to stuff an emotion again! And suddenly I was feeling joy again! I was inspired again! I suddenly had energy for the projects that I never seemed to get to. I had time to sit with God and my own heart each day. I started getting completely excited about the class I'm teaching in two weeks, and started getting extremely productive in my non-client hours as well. It felt so good to be in that space again! I could hardly believe that I had been in such awful pain just a week ago. Suddenly my spirit came to life again.

It wasn't rocket science. I simply had to rid myself of some activities that were not authentically in my heart to make room for those that were. I had to rid myself of toxic emotions rather than stuffing them. I had to change a few old habits to make more room for me and my own heart in my life. These changes while obvious from the outside looking in, are not always obvious when we get stuck in the routines and ruts of our lives. I now realize I have to schedule time at least once a week, and hopefully more often, for a "spiritual inventory" to make sure I'm putting my own priorities first. And I am going to be doing a lot more letting go of what no longer serves me as I notice it in my life. It is freeing to let go of what does not work. It is hard sometimes. But I have never once seen a truly and deeply fulfilled individual who puts everyone else's needs before their own. Instead it seems that the people who serve most in the world through joy are also the ones that are m ost true to their own hearts. I want to be that! And so it will be.

Take inventory this week. See what serves you and what does not. See if you can let go of just one thing that no longer serves you - be it a belief, a habit, an old commitment to something that no longer brings you joy, a way of being that doesn't work, etc. Let go and see how much lighter and happier it makes you feel to be that much more authentic in your own life!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Too much excitement

It has been a very exciting couple of weeks - too exciting really for my tastes. Last week on Tuesday, a client didn't show up on time. I hadn't felt like checking my phone messages the previous evening so when she was not at the door, I sat down and listened. Sure enough she had called the day before with apologies. It was too late to put anyone in the empty slot so I just listened to my heart and went out to the back yard to relax. Within minutes I started smelling smoke - the bad kind. I checked my house, checked my neighbors', and then it occurred to peek over my fence. I have a small drainage canal behind me and then another row of houses. Sure enough the house diagonally behind me had smoke coming from its back corner.

I ran for the phone and dialed 911, all the while watching the fire grow. Soon it wasn't just smoke, but large flames I saw lapping over the 6' fence. My adrenaline shot through the roof. The 911 operator took the call and as soon as I was off the phone, it occurred to me that on this very windy day, sparks might fly because the wind was blowing my direction. In my dress clothes, I hauled the hose to the far back corner of my yard and proceeded to hose down my dry trees and the neighbors as well. The flames kept growing. The fire department arrived and at long last put the fire out. It appeared there was only one burnt wall of the home involved and some of their back yard. No sparks had flown and I fell to my knees thanking God for the fact that I hadn't checked calls last night, for the cancellation, for listening to my desire to go out back and rest, and for the fact that the entire neighborhood as a result hadn't been affected by fire. It shook me to the co re to once again realize how truly powerless we are in some senses, and yet how truly powerful our souls can be.

Nevertheless, the stress of the situation registered in my body. I'm so sensitive I cannot afford to get off kilter emotionally. Within a few days the abdominal discomfort I've been experiencing turned to pain. I chalked it up to stress but when, Friday night I bloated out to the size of a pregnant woman about to give birth and found myself up all night in excruciating pain I feared the parasites from last year may have made a comeback. I knew I would not be able to work as a result and rescheduled all my clients this week. I resigned to just take the parasite cures and tough it out since there is not much else to do. However, when there was no relief three days later and I hadn't been able to sleep, eat, or lay down due to excruciating pain, I knew something else was going on. I just didn't know what. I reached out to all my amazing friend and the help came pouring in.

I was blessed to get a reading with my friend Summer Bacon who channels Dr. Peebles. Apparently, I did have a few parasites, but the real pain was being caused by a twisted valve between my large and small intestine and nothing was moving and the pressure had just been building and building.The angels, in spirit, helped me untwist the valve and gave me a whole host of instructions - both physical and spiritual to get me back to normal. Within hours I was feeling some relief and within two days I looked like more like just a swollen human again instead of a walrus.

The whole thing really brought me to my knees and made me once again think about how powerless we are in the human sense, and yet how powerful we are in terms of the spiritual. I had to give up control. I had to cancel clients not knowing how I'd make up the lost time and income. I still don't know but God always fixtures that out. I had to rely on friends who came out of the woodwork to help me. Some got me needed supplies. Many sent healing energy and all prayed like crazy. My dear friend Susan Palmer did remote healing sessions on me that were a godsend and offered the only relief I felt all day till I got untwisted. She is amazing. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

So once again I am reminded that security does indeed rest in God. Had God not set things up so I could see the fire and call 911 it might have been horrible for the neighborhood. Had God not directed me to reach out to friends and actually ask for help, for once, I might have had a serious medical crisis on my hands... or worse. And yet all the while, in spite of these scary events, the care, the assistance, and the guidance was there. I just had to listen, reach out, and receive.

No matter what life throws you, you are cared for in so many ways, beyond anything you might realize. You might have to be humbled at times and reach out for help. You might have to trust that what looks like an inconvenience is a blessings. You might have to surrender and we are not in control so much after all. And yet, the Divine presence within us IS in control, and that is where all solutions and answers reside.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Taking inventory

I am very happy with my life overall these days. However, I do take inventory frequently and as I looked into all areas of my life, I saw one glaring spot in which I was not feeling bliss - and that was the area of my physical well being. I'm not sick by any means, but after injuring my foot in 2004, I never really got my physical structure back in balance. From time to time I did exercises, yoga, tai chi, etc, and although I love these disciplines, I recently started to feel that I needed more personal and specific attention to get my structure back in order.

I made a clear intention to be once again get strong, flexible, and aligned in my physical body. I know all manner of teachers and healers in the physical arena that I absolutely love, but I have never had clear direction on who to turn to for this help. Furthermore I've been somewhat reluctant to commit to large blocks of time away from home because I have so much at home I want to do! Finally one morning last week, it dawned on me to simply give the problem to heaven! I prayed, "God let me know very quickly and obviously who can best at this time in my life, assist me in becoming strong, flexible, and aligned. Please make this easy, convenient, affordable, and fun. Thank you."

Within two minutes I received a new friend request on facebook and thought nothing of accepting it. I pretty much view everyone as a friend! This new gentleman wrote back immediately and asked me if I would "LIKE" his business page. Ends up he is a personal trainer ten minutes from my home who specializes in strength and stretch flexibility training! His passion is helping people recover from surgery or injury. He also knows nutrition. Really! The angels outdid themselves on this one! It was obvious, easy, convenient, affordable, and I'm sure, it will be fun. So I had my first session this week and already feel encouraged. Neither pinball machines nor angel communicators are meant to "tilt" and I have been "tilted" far too long!

I talk to many people who, like me, have made decisions in the past that still affect them today. If I had it to do all over again, given the wisdom I have today, I would NOT have attempted to jump on a sawed off tree stump half my height in my tai chi instructor's back yard after he told me I was not strong enough to do it! Seven years later I'm still paying the consequences of that decision. However, the good news is that our life begins anew with each breath we breathe. If you don't like what you created in the past you always do something about it now, be it changing your attitude, your actions, your beliefs, or behaviors. I'm no longer willing to accept the pains of my past in any way, shape, or form. Life begins now, and now, and now again! And in this new breath that I breathe, in my new life beginning right now, I'm starting to get stronger, more flexible, and once again joyously excited to be in a human body that works wonderfully well!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scary tree and the storm warning!

Once again the magic of the universe revealed itself on a beautiful day hike in the mountains. A few weeks ago Mt. Humphrey kept showing up in my visions. It is a majestic and beautiful sacred moutain in Flagstaff. For me, it carries the vibration of intense peace. This was the week the earthquake shook the east coast followed by Miss Hurricane Irene. I think the angels wanted me to just go up and "be" and put some stable ripples in the cosmic pond. At any rate, I was happy to oblige.

The day began sunny and beautiful with a few white puffy clouds (see the picture above!). My friend and I ate a lunch in utter stillness in the aspens. There were no sounds but the breeze blowing through the trees, the humming insects, and singing birds. It was absolute peace. I sat in awe of the surroundings, feeling more graced than if I were in the most majestic cathedral built by man. After a good 45 minutes of this we both got the urge to hike and visit a tree we had good naturedly dubbed "Scary Tree." Although his form is dead, he reaches high into the sky with branches that look like arms about to grab you! He makes us laugh! Scary tree has always had a spirit much like a playful old grandpa, teasing his grandkids by pretending to scare them. We always giggle when we visit.

This time, however, as we emerged from the aspens, crossed the meadow and headed to this friendly tree spirit, he was rather stern. My friend commented on it. "What's up?" I telepathically asked him. "You ladies need to get moving!" he said. "Can we visit you?" I asked. "Yes but you can't stay long and I mean it!" he replied. My word! So we went and hugged the tree, but again he told us to get going. It was all so unusual, that we finally listenend and heeded the warning. Halfway back across the meadow we turned and looked back. The beautiful white puffy cloud overhead had suddenly blown up and was turning dark and ominous. We felt electrial sensations at the top of our heads and running through out hands. Needless to say, we got moving! Thanks to the tree spirit's warning we got in the car and made it most of the way down the mountain before the skies broke loose with lightning, torrential rain, and hail! We quickly drove out from under it back into the sunshine!

So many times I have received warning signals from the universe. Years ago, I was leaving to go somewhere on a hot summer day, wearing a skirt. The sudden urge to change into pants, grab a book and a water bottle came over me. I did. The car broke down and I was prepared. "Why didn't you tell me my car was going to break down?" I asked!! "Would you have called work and said that you couldn't come becuase your car was going to break?" they asked. Never mind. I knew they were right!

So if you do listen to the little urges, or the loud voices, you can bet on being safe, protected and guided. When the earthquake hit Virginia I got an email from Dad, "I'm home. We don't know where mom is yet." I had no fear. She felt fine. I later learned she had rock and rolled with mother earth on the third story of a swaying building but got out without incident and, being mom, decided to go to the grocery store to get her blueberry muffin ingredients! It was a horrid mess so she offered to help clean up. The manger declined but appreciated her kindness and she got her ingredients. Amazing. This coming from a woman who just had a cancer biopsy (she's clean!) and is facing hip replacement surgery this year. She is in tune with her guidance and listens. I called her before the hurricane to say I felt she'd be fine. She confirmed it. "I don't feel funny," she told me. "It'll be ok." Sure enough it was. And we are praying for al l those who didn't get off so easy.

Resolve to listen to your little urges and voices. In doing so you will be guided to a much smoother existence! And if you want more of this, come join me at Dancing with Angels next month where we learn to listen to everything!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

The magical tree

As many of you know, I often take off and drive up north on a whim, going where my spirit calls me. I rarely have a plan. More often I toss everything I might need in the car and see where I end up. These are my favorite days. One day a month or so ago, a friend went with me. We ended up swimming in the creek and relaxing until all of the sudden, the forest began to beckon me. I didn't hear voices this time. I simply felt a tug to get up and walk along a little pathway into the woods. My friend, being of like mind, was up for the adventure.

The forest is always magical to me. It teems with so much life that the energy is palpable. I feel the strength and flexibility of the trees, the exited buzz of the insects, the happy chirping of the birds, and the joyful bubbling of the creek as it bounces over the rocks. The fertile soil smells good, and in the later afternoon the sun-baked leaves give off an almost tropical smell. Just walking in this energy is like being in nature's spa! But today there was more magic in store. I stopped in front of a tree whose trunk was hollowed out and dead on one side - the result of being hit by lightning most likely many years ago. Three of the five original trunks that sprouted from this Cottonwood were still growing but the other two were long gone and the dead center of the tree was a mecca for caterpillars, spiders, and other insects who made their home in its decaying bark. I was fascinated by the universe in front of me. In spite of the fact that this wasn't a very pretty sight, I pulled out my camera. Lo and behold, the reason for stopping was revealed in the viewfinder. A huge orb with the rainbow beams of sunshine shining through it showed up. I got excited! "Look at this!" I told my friend and we marveled at what was there in front of us, invisible to the eye, but now showing up through the lens.

"Hi!" I tentatively said to the orb. I clearly heard, "You can stand in me." My friend and I took turns standing there with the orb centered around our hearts. As we did so, heat shot up and down our spines, and we received chiropractic adjustments as the energy worked through our bodies. The heart energy was HUGE and the feeling of well being that permeated us was amazing. "I am always with you," I heard ever so clearly. "Can I merge with you?" I asked the tree spirit. "By all means," she replied. "I am always with you. We are part of each other, made from the same spirit." As I asked to merge with the tree, my feet began to buzz and I felt roots of energy digging into the earth mingling with the network of roots beneath. The tree showed me in pictures how its roots were intertwined with the roots of all the trees and plants nearby, exchanging information, and what felt like comfort! The tre es were touching toes in a way! Who knew! I continued to just "be" and to feel the tree. It felt like energy started to extend from my fingers and I felt what it feels like to grow branches. About this time I was reminded I had a human body when I noticed a tickling sensation at my ankles! Caterpillars had started to climb up my legs! Real ones! These little guys were all over the tree, but none had been on me until I merged with the tree's energy! I came back into my own skin and helped the little guys off my ankles and back onto the real bark.

Even now, sitting in my office, I can shut my eyes and remember the feeling, and I am once again rooted, and branching out, remembering that the whole universe does indeed work in a beautiful spirit of cooperation.

All this magic occurred because I simply followed a few small urges - to take a walk in the woods, to stop in front of a half dead tree, and to point the camera. You never know where your little urges will lead. Sometimes the urge to stop at Starbucks is just to give yourself a treat. Sometimes it is to share a little light with the clerk or have them share a little light with you. Or maybe, you'll smile at a stranger and find your new best friend. You just never know! Trust the movement in your heart and see where it leads you this week.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Don't should

We've all heard it. "Don't should on me!" And yet we "should" on ourselves all the time!! Just a few weeks ago I started a creative project that I loved but I got sucked into the need to "get it done" because I had a little "should" running that said, "Once you start on something you need to finish it asap." The joy slowly started to get sucked out of this project that I loved because it had become just one more item on the "to do" list rather than something I was doing for joy. I stopped, switched gears, and will be working on it leisurely now as it gives me pleasure.

So many "shoulds" have colored my life. I fought with my hair my entire life only to discover it is easier to allow it to dry naturally, using a blowdryer only in the winter when it is cold out! I was 'nice' to everyone instead of being truthful in my past. I said yes when I meant "no" because I didn't' want to offend anyone. I offended my soul instead! I went to college and became an electrical engineer because I knew I "should" use my good brain in some sort of brainy way. I totally ignored my love of writing and the creative arts. Those were "hobbies." I knew I had to get a "serious" career. I did. And I didn't love it at all. One more "should" went out the window as I switched to be an angel communicator.

Even when I got honest about my new career, I was riddled with "shoulds." I dressed the way I thought I "should" in such a profession. The long goddess gowns that Doreen Virtue wears look beautiful on her but absolutely ridiculous on me! I'm short and they don't match MY personality. I like sparkles. Now I dress for my inner fairie more often. For years, I acted the way I thought a spiritual instructor "should" act. Tasteful. Tame. I censored my speaking. The truth is I'm not all that! I'm rambunctious, feisty, and have a corny sense of humor in addition to the huge compassion I feel for humanity. The more I became myself, the more enjoyable my classes have been for me and my students. Over the years I have had to unlearn my shoulds and have learned to just be me. It feels so much better. And the more I am me, the more comfortable I am letting others be who they are as well, with no need to fix or change and only a desire to love .

One of my favorite series on TV is the "Food Network Star" series. I like it for two reasons. Obviously it is about food and I love food. But even more than that, the stars are stretched beyond their comfort zone as they are asked to bring their authentic selves to the forefront and to be real in front of the camera. This is not one of those "reality" shows where people parade around acting like spoiled divas, but rather a series in which people are asked to share their hearts, their stories, and their own unique point of view! I love it! Those are life skills we all need to hang on to. Who you are is who God designed you to be and there is nothing wrong with that. You are part of the big puzzle of life and we will all fit life when we start being ourselves and trying to fit others' notions of who we "should" be. Look at the word, "GURU". A real Guru's wisdom is simply telling you, "GEE YOU ARE YOU! G.U.R.U.!" How funny is that :)!

Next time you feel compelled to be anything other than who you really are in the moment, think again. You are loving. You are kind. And you can lovingly and kindly be honest with the world about who you want to be. Say what is true for you, kindly. Dress in ways that make you feel happy and good. Eat what your body is craving rather than what the books say you should. Do the things that give you joy. Life is indeed too short to try to be something other than who we are.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Its all available now

So many times in my life my angels have reminded me to create my life from the inside out. Looking back I realize that I only feel lack when I fail to acknowledge my abundance. If I take time to admire my flowers, or the beautiful sky or the songs of the birds, I feel rich. After all, isn't that why we all want more money... to enjoy life! Why not enjoy it now. I make the same amount I have for years and my bills have gotten more huge and yet I take better care of myself and therefore feel greater abundance. When I used to worry about money, clients would cancel last minute, bills would pile up. Now I just trust in the security of God's care and everything always works out no matter how crazy it might look.

I went through years of my life feeling lonely and sorry for myself after a string of very silly relationships in my thirties. I wanted someone to come into my life and make it all better - to make up for all the bad choices *I* had made!! Of course that didn't happen! If a guy had come up to me saying, "I've made a string of bad relationship choices and feel burnt out, abused, lonely, and a bit put out with relationships in general. Would you come date me and make it all better?" Well I'd RUN! And vibrationally, that was the type signal I was sending out! Can you imagine! If we could only see the signals we send, we'd understand why we have what we've got! Needless to say the angels worked with me on self-love, self-care and so much more and I now feel surrounded by more love and joy than I have ever had in my life, and in so many different ways that I am overflowing with gratitude. Life still has its challenges but they just don't seem daun ting anymore. The love is there. The trust is there. I know God cares.

Life does start to change from the inside out. Outer bandaids solve the problems we think we have on the surface, but the true fixes start from within. The choices to be kind to yourself start within. The choice to accept kindness and walk away from anything else start within. The choice to sit still and let God and the angels love you starts within. The choice to trust God in spite of appearances starts within. These are the choices that once made, over and over again, whether you feel like it or not, change your life. These are the true fixes and the path to true joy.

Love is available right now. Feelings of abundance are available now. Make one good choice after the next to seek out what you already have inside yourself. Love yourself even if you feel sad or pissy or scared. Its a start. Pray to feel secure. Pray for direction. But for this second, just this moment, sit still, ask yourself what you want within your power to feel or create, right now, and give that gift to yourself.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Try something new

It is easy to get set in our ways. We have our routines, the food we like, the things we enjoy, the people we know, etc. And while it is wonderful to have such comfort in our lives, the very thing that keeps life interesting is its diversity. When I am in a time of great transitions in my life I seek out comfort. When I am in a time of comfort, I seek out new adventures.

Years ago after a divorce, I also had an aging car. I wanted to go up north and go hiking but I was afraid my car would break down. I had no logical reason to believe this, it was just a big insecurity. And so one day I got sick and tired of living in fear, got in the car and headed for the hills. I decided that if I broke down, someone would rescue me and God would make it wonderful. The car had been recently checked. I told some friends where I was going, and thus I drove through a doorway in my life that has provided me joy ever since. After that first hike along a trail I had already known, I purchased a guidebook for the area and every week I took a new hike. Sometimes I got lost in the forests on the side of a mountain and found beautiful spots. Sometimes I veered off the beaten trail. Sometimes I crossed a hike off my list and decided never to do it again. But more often, I was rewarded with incredible joy and places I have long since been taking others when I have the chance. Opening up to new adventures has been one of life's greatest delights.

I try to remain open to new things in my life on a regular basis in the smallest of ways. I try new recipes when they sound good. I read books that inspire me. I have at times, asked people whom I totally disagreed with to tell me why they thought the way they did. In my job I must remain open at all times to anything the angels want to tell someone whether I personally would agree or not.

I think the biggest revelation that being open to life has taught me is that I am not who I thought I was when I was younger! I was raised to think of my strengths as my logic and intelligence. I prided myself on that! I thought that was who I was... the "smart girl." I was an avionics engineer for eight years and did well. But as I started exploring other hobbies, I found that creativity gives me far more joy. I love making things. I love my photography. I love color. It occurred to me the other day that I am far happier being "art girl" than "smart girl" than I ever would have imagined. It is funny at this age to be learning more about my true nature. It is giving me some ideas for projects that will be a lot of fun and inspiring for others too, I hope.

So try something new that draws your attention this week, even if it is reading a new magazine, tasting a new food, going to a web site on something interesting that you never thought you could do. Have a little fun opening up to life and see how life then starts to rush into you, through you, and carry you to other joys!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Heaven in simple pleasures

I find heaven every day in the simplest of pleasures. The birds singing in the trees every morning delight me. Fresh summer fruits are heavenly when I bite into a bowlful of beautiful berries or taste a big juicy peach. The scent of a freshly squeezed lemon is heavenly, as is the smell of the desert when I open the windows after a rain. These things cost little to nothing and yet they are where the real joys in life can be found again and again.

It seems we all wait for the big things. When I get 'this' done, I'll be happy. When I go on this vacation, I'll really be living. When I pay off this debt, then I can have fun. When I have a relationship, then I'll be happy. And the list goes on...

I'd rather not wait for all that! The angels have taught me to always look for the happiness in my present circumstances. And while this is not so easy in challenging at times, it is so rewarding. Last year, in the midst of caring for my aging husky wolf and getting little to no sleep, I found the greatest love inside of myself that I had ever known. While dealing with parasites for months on a very limited diet I learned to create healthy recipes with fresh food that were bursting with flavor. While dealing with home repairs last year that should have sent me into financial panic I realized I really had learned deep faith in God's ability to care for me.

My home is turning 20 next year. My car is nearing 200,000 miles. I buy my own insurance, don't have a huge retirement fund, and don't bother worrying anymore. Instead, like the birds and the trees, I've learned to trust that God will always take care of me, as long as I do my part and listen to the guidance in my heart. That frees me up to enjoy the heaven all around me. Nature's bounty is always there for me to enjoy. There are other human beings to smile at and love. My aging labrador, although she will not be here forever, is here today and I find immense joy in snuggling her and telling her how wonderful she is and seeing her precious smile. Today is pretty darn good. And when I need something tomorrow, or the next day, God will figure it out. I don't worry about the government's debts. I don't worry about the sorry state of healthcare. I don't worry about the crazy earth changes or the sunspots. I trust that if these things affect me, I will be guided in what to do as a result. And so I free myself up to really live now, in each moment.

Heaven and hell exist right now in this world we already live in - and these states of being orginate between our own two ears. We have been conditioned in so many ways to look for what is wrong. Why not spend a week, or better yet, a lifetime looking for what is right instead? I'm not in denial. I see the world's problems. I just choose, as Jesus said, to turn the other cheek, to look away from the bad unless I am called to do something about it, and to focus on all that is good and true. I choose to use my power of focus to amplify the light, do the good I am called to do, and remove my energy from judging the darkness. Those in heaven doesn't deny the fact that a state of being called "hell" exists. They just choose to enjoy the truth of God's love. We can do that on earth as well!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Once, many years ago when I was bemoaning the fact that I didn't have enough time to do everything I wanted that week, my angels stopped me in my tracks and said, "Ann, what is your rush?! You have eternity! You can do what you want in heaven or you can come back to earth and do whatever it is you think you missed. But in reality, why wait to be happy! Be happy now!" They were right. I used to be happy only when I got something crossed off the to-do list. I had to learn to enjoy the journey.

Now I try to make all my work fun. Even if I'm paying bills I use pens I like, pretty stamps, and put on good music. Some of you like to pay online. Some of you, like me, like the old fashioned way of writing checks. I hold each one to my heart, thank God for the ability to pay, and affirm the refill that is about to come. I learned to enjoy cleaning house while I was on crutches years ago. I had to go so slow it nearly drove me crazy until I read a book about zen and decided to think of it as loving my house. Now I can "love my house" at much higher speeds, but it still feels like love! If I don't love doing something I find a way to either get rid of the task, make it fun, or wait till I can pay someone else who likes doing it better than me. Because my job deals with death every day, it reminds me to make the most of life. Even when my dog was dying last year and taking every living ounce of my life energy and spare time with his care, I fo cused on the incredible love between us. That made his care not only bearable, but an incredible journey of the most intense love I have ever felt.

This point was really hammered home again a few weeks ago when I heard a dear friend had passed away very suddenly. He wasn't someone I saw often, only once a month if that at spiritual gatherings I attend, and yet Daniel Stief touched the hearts of many with his big heart, his incorrigible sense of humor, and above all things, his ability to channel Elvis. We all loved him so much. So when I discovered he had passed I tuned in and saw him SO happy in heaven and one of the things that I felt that was so beautiful was how much the so-called small things that he did meant in the course of his life. After joking around once with me, he went and designed a web site called to offer inspiring videos for the rest of us every week. It was a labor of love and joy for him and it touched all the hearts of those who knew him. He uplifted those of us who spend our lives uplifting others. I know that at times on earth he was a little lonely but as I tuned into him in heaven I felt the ultimate joy and celebration he felt upon his return home. I couldn't even grieve. I could only smile and be happy for him. He graduated. He was basking in incredible love. And he was seeing the value of his life. That, more than anything, touched me so deeply.

You may never know what has real spiritual value in your life. Sometimes the smallest things that we do, or the things we do for fun out of the goodness of our hearts, or the kind little comments, are those things that stand out the most at the end of our lives. I talk to dead people and they have helped me see the incredible value in these seemingly insignificant moments. So try not to judge yourself based on how much you achieve, how much you have in the bank, whether or not you have a relationship... those things are all fun, but what matters most in the end isn't the scale of our lives or our achievements but the authenticity with which we live.

Daniel lived with a generous heart and an authentic sense of humor and to me, it seems that his life was precious, priceless, and a journey of immeasurable achievement. I celebrate his homecoming and feel the incredible joy that he feels knowing his lifetime was all about love.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Learning to receive

I was raised by a family of givers. In fact it became a joke in our family that my mom and my Polish grandma would have arguments over who would pay for lunch - as in, "I will!" "No! Let me!" "I insist!" "Carol!!!" "Mom!!!" These continued sometimes to the point where they were stuffing bills in each other's purses! I now jokingly call arguments over who will give more "Polish Bargaining." I remember when I used to teach at a little center in town. I would ask the owner what her rate was and always she offered something I considered too low. I'd offer more. She would counter with something in between and say, "That's my final offer!" And we would laugh over how we both wanted to be more generous. Many of you remember Judith from the Center for Expanding Consciousness - she is now the gracious owner of the White Springs Bed & Breakfast in Florida, and I'm sure, just as generous hearted as she always has been!

So when I began to learn to receive I had to bite my tongue and learn to say, "Thank you" when someone complimented me rather than saying, "REALLY?" or worse yet debating the verity of their statement. If someone said my eyes were pretty, I'd be more likely to say, "Oh gosh, they're so bloodshot!" or, "Oh yours are too!" It was just an old habit to argue away a compliment or to feel I had to immediately "pay it back." A friend once said to me, "Could you just say thank you?" That hit home. Now when someone pays me a compliment, although old habits die hard, I try to breathe in the love and simply say, "Thank you." I give compliments so freely and easily, it strikes me as crazy that it took so long to learn to receive them.

Likewise I have had to learn along the way that receiving graciously from others when I am in need allows me to give more. It truly does keep the flow going. Two stories really stand out. When I broke my foot in 2004 a dear client offered to make me dinner. Knowing how much I had struggled with cooking on crutches, I finally said, "Yes thank you!" I will remember her roast chicken and potatoes till the day I die. That was one of the most nurturing meal I have ever eaten! And this dear woman made so much that I ate well for days. By receiving I was able to conserve energy and continue serving my clients in the midst of an injury. I was so grateful for this act of kindness.

Likewise, when I was going to teach a class many years ago, I needed a $300 room deposit. Normally that wouldn't have been a problem but it was after the holidays, and I had had some surprise bills. As usual I trusted the money would come. Well, lo and behold, another dear person on this list, out of the blue, said God had told him to send me $333. I was nearly bowled over to say the least and grateful to tears. The money paid for the room deposit and was Doreen Virtues number that says, "The masters are with you." Furthermore the seminar was being held on 3-3. This gentleman didn't even know I was planning a seminar at the time. His gift enabled me to serve others in a much larger way and more importantly reinforced how much heaven really loved and supported me in supporting others.

So many times I have been on the giving side of life, helping friends, doing web site for free when I used to have the time, donating money quietly when needed, cooking for others. I LOVE to give. But I have learned over time, as the angels say, that receiving is also a gift to the giver and an act that keeps the flow of God's love spilling effortlessly from one human being to another. You can always pay it forward when you have the ability, but this week declare willingness to receive and then practice doing so.

When a homeless man, with only a tattered bicycle, held the door for me at Circle K and gave me a wonderful compliment, I stopped, looked deeply into his eyes, and said, "Thank you. That makes me feel so good." I acknowledged him as if he were the richest man in the universe. I believe in that moment, he felt he was. He was rich with kindness and he had shared that wealth with me. In receiving, truly, we give as well.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Making room

I have been clearing and cleaning out my house all year. Layer by layer I'm weeding through my entire life's accumulations. These past few weeks the urge hit me to weed out my thousands and thousands of photographs. I had the notion I could get it done in a day. Not quite! After spending most of my fourth of July weekend doing so, I still have more to go. And yet I am having fun clearing out photos that no longer make me happy, photos that are just plain ugly, photos of places I've photographed so many times, I don't need more photos... you name it. I'm freeing up space on the hard drive, and making room for my creative hobby once again.

I spent another weekend repairing all the clothes and other items I piled in the spare room that needed mending. Again it was tedious beyond words but I felt SO good when it was finally done.

These things that we want to do, but put off because they are boring, tedious, or just not as much fun really sap our energy. And we CAN make them fun. We can put on good music, wait for a day when the weather is too hot to do anything else, get on the phone with a family member or friend if our hands our busy but our minds are free. There are so many ways we can entice ourselves to do those things we put off. I'm still in that mode, slowly but surely doing what I can afford now and dreaming of more later. It feels good. With every old photo I delete, I free up my heart. With every object I donate or mend, I feel the energy lighten up.

Sometimes in the process of manifesting, we do have to make room in our energy, our hearts, and our lives before more can come in. Have fun, and as Snow White once said, "Whistle While you Work!"... enjoy the journey!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

You are always loved

I didn't quite know why the angels were channeling this message this week until I got to the end. I've not been angry at all. I've been blissful! But when they got to the financial part, I had a laugh. I had an air conditioning repair, roof repairs, necessary lawn work, and a few other large expenses come up that I hadn't anticipated... all in one week. Needless to say more money went out than in! But I didn't even blink. I didn't get worried. I didn't wonder where it was going to come from. I went on with my breakfast on the patio, my exercise in the morning, and peacefully going about my days. In fact, if anything I am getting more done than usual. I know God always handles my life. Its not worth getting all uptight and ruining my good mood. These life circumstances come and go. Why ruin a good mood?

Likewise, I had a nice relaxing fourth of July and wanted to see the fireworks, but wasn't sure I wanted to go on my own. When the urge hit, late as usual, however I piled myself in the car, drove downtown and had a blast! I asked the weather spirits to be nice to me on the way home, as the storm was coming, and got cut off by a car with 2INSUREU on the license plate! I laughed knowing all would be well. The storm hit as I was only a few miles from home and I drove home in tropical storm force winds on flooded roads with lightning crashing all over the place, knowing I'd be perfectly safe.

The next day I was going out to meet some friends and had a sudden urge to pray for my home and car to be protected, so of course I did. That was the night the massive dust storm hit Phoenix - see the video below! And sure enough, my house, car, dog, and myself were fine.

If you really learn to trust in God and to stop worrying and to choose to believe you ARE loved by the one that created you, it changes everything. You'll hear your guidance and know what actions to take so much more easily. I love being at a place in my life where finally I'm not letting myself feel like life is attacking me. Life is just being life. We can't change other people. We can't always change our circumstances or finances immediately, and yet look how many years you've existed just fine on this planet... and I know you're doing better every day.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

True freedom

The angel message this week brings back memories. I once felt trapped in a life I didn't love. I'd done everything "right" that was supposed to make me happy. I went to school, got an engineering degree, got married, got a great job, ... and felt empty. I wasn't free back then, even though I had everything the world thinks would make you free... love, money, prestige, etc. I didn't have a clue who I really was.

Over the years and after a lot of personal growth, I made changes to be who I really was. Lovingly I separated from my husband years ago when we figured out we had totally different goals for life. With great excitement and fear, I started doing angel readings. I had less money, no relationship, and I felt free-er than I had my entire lifetime. This wasn't a "Freedom From" anything but rather a "Freedom To" be me.

The freedom to be who you are isn't taken away by anyone. I have had international skeptics lambast me and have returned love. I have had friends get angry and have chosen love. I have had people write in with the most hateful emails and have looked away and turned the other cheek. And each time I choose love, I feel more free, more like me, and even happier than before. It isn't always easy to use our free will to choose to be loving. I had to learn to be loving to myself first - to feel my upsets and release them, but then to choose to express love in the world. This freedom - the freedom to love God, self, and others - is one that always makes us feel bigger, better. This freedom grants us true independence from the tugs and pulls of the world. You can be in the world but not of it. We are all that free!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Responding to my soul

It has taken me years to learn that if I am able to be present and respond to my own soul, everything else that I need to do will get done as well, and I may just find that some things I thought I had do really aren't so important after all.

I used to worry that if I didn't get everything on the "To Do" list done as quickly as possible, my chores and obligations would pile up and I would never get to rest. Looking back, that is just plain funny! Although it is a common belief, it makes me laugh to think that I still thought, at my age, that I had to "finish my homework before I could go out to play." That belief may have been appropriate as a child, but we carry these things inside of us forever, until we stop to question our assumptions about life.

It is easy to believe that we have to "stay on top of everything," but in truth, as the angels say, what matters more is that we are present, listening to our hearts, and living with our priorities centered around the most joy we can create reasonably in each moment. I still work, pay bills, take care of my dog, take care of a large number of clients, friends, etc., work on products, maintain a home, exercise, etc., but I've learned that if I stop, check in with my heart and ask what it wants given the situation, everything proceeds a lot more smoothly. If I get crazy and start putting out the "I have to do so much work" vibe, the universe gladly reflects that by piling more on to my list. If I am spiritually sane and put out the "I love my life and live in balance" vibe, the universe says, "Yes, lets help!"

Doing this newsletter is a constant reminder to practice what I preach. It takes some time to get it updated every week and sometimes I just don't feel like doing it. I started turning it into a "chore" this week and the angels wouldn't cooperate at all! So I stopped, checked in with myself, and decided lunch was what I really wanted. Sure enough after lunch and a few minutes to relax, I heard the angels in my head, ran to the computer, and captured their thoughts.

I still ask myself how I can make my necessary jobs more efficient, loving, and productive, however I also stop to ask how I can add more joy, balance, and inspiration to my life. These questions have become as important to me as the first ones. And as a result I get more done and I'm happier.

It isn't so hard to be responsible towards yourself. The things we want in each moments aren't the big things in life. It seems we only want the big things when we're ignoring the little ones on a regular basis. If you can pay attention to what your soul wants 'now' then things won't pile up and you won't need the giant fixes later. For example, when I listen to my heart and take little rest breaks and recreational breaks on a periodic basis, I don't need or long for big vacations. When I rest and treat myself well, I don't get lonely and needy. When I feed myself decent food and have at least three meals a day I don't crave the bingey stuff. When I'm responsible to my heart in the moment, I realize I don't need to spend much and have more to pay the bills. As I allow more joy into my days the law of attraction goes to work and makes my life run more smoothly.

So by paying checking in with my body, mind, and soul and honoring the "little" needs, I avoid the snowball effect of longing for the "big" bandaids. Instead of living for "someday when I'll get what I want," I enjoy lots of little bits of satisfaction each day. After all, a happy life is a lot of happy days, and a happy day is a lot of happy hours, and happy hours consist of a lot of little happy moments. I hope you have quite a few this week :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A little more love

I have been trying lately to choose more loving ways of doing everything in my life. When I "have" to do something I try to make it fun. I play "Whistle while you Work," or other good music while doing my chores. I fill myself up via exercise and meditations in the morning so I have love to pour over into my clients' days. I put love into my cooking, and little by little these small choices have been transforming my life, which the past couple of years got pretty challenging, back into the magical, smooth sailing it used to be.

Things still happen. My car is old and when it breaks down I use the time during its repairs to get things done or to rest in the repair place. My pool pump recently sprung a leak but I assumed the best instead of the worst and it wasn't a bad fix. I have bad hair days so I put it up in a ponytail. Some nights the hormones keep me awake so I just get up and get things done.

And lately when the urge hit to begin editing the sound files to my "Dancing with Angels" class, instead of locking myself indoors, I grabbed the portable PC, a Starbucks chai, and headed to a local outdoor mall that is buzzing with life. On went the headphones and I spent two hours of absolute bliss in a beautiful place with a wonderful breeze and happy people all around doing my work! Work doesn't always feel like "work" when we make it fun.

Even when I was back in Corporate America working 15 hour days, 7 days a week I did my best to make it more fun. I decorated my cubicle with pictures that made me happy, brought in aromatherapy and sniffed beautiful smells, put flowers and plants on the desk and a few rocks to bring in the outdoors. I ordered doughnuts and pizza for the meetings, and after hours played music while I worked.

There are ALWAYS ways we can get creative and add a little more joy to life and the chores. I made my postage stamp organizer and the inside of my computer armoire beautiful and now when I open it up to do my work I feel inspired.

So this week, as the angels say, try to add a little more love to everything you think, say, and do. It costs little, and the rewards are a life that suddenly seems a lot more loving!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Speaking to myself with Love

I've had a few physical issues that haven't quite resolved themselves over the years. I never realigned my posture after my foot broke in 2004 and I am still getting over the effects of last years parasite episode in my digestive system. For awhile there I was downright frustrated with being in a physical body. When I feel well I have boundless energy and enthusiasm for life, but the past few years, I've had to rest far more than usual, and I've gotten a lot less done. I fell into the trap of being critical with my body. The angels came to me lately and said, "Ann, you might try being nicer." And so I began a stream of sweet talk to my body every day. "Hi Left Foot! It is safe to put your entire weight upon the ground. I'm not going to do anything stupid to hurt you again! Come one. It's safe..." Little by little I felt the weight starting to shift into greater balance.

I called upon Archangel Raphael, the healing angel to help me in my sleep. I asked him to help me crave any exercises or dietary changes that were necessary to be in perfect health once again. Immediately I started wanting to do my tai chi and yoga stretches in the morning. After a year of eating very little bread and flour I started to crave it. Humorously last week I craved scones - see recipe below - and I ate 7 out of the 12 scones the day I made them, followed up by Krispy Kreme doughnuts the following day. All this was in addition to all the good stuff I've been eating - grains, veggies, fruit, beans, you name it. I should be glowing. But it was the scones and doughnuts that my body needed. Magically, my digestion began to work perfectly once again! I'm not recommending you copy my body's weird cravings, but rather talk nicely to your body and get in touch with your own! It is humorous, crazy, and magical when you truly begin to listen to your body. It doesn't always make "nutritional" sense. But I supposed if we could crawl inside our cells and find out what is really going on, it would. I needed more carbs, more oil, and a little more sugar. Who knew!

I once gave out homework in a class I was teaching for everyone to pick a body part they hated and be kind to it and thank it for a whole week. One lady came back the following week and said she had always hated her hips, but she did the homework and thanked them all week for being strong and helping her carry her children. Magically, with no other changes, she lost five pounds. Maybe we could start a new diet crazy called the "Love Yourself Diet"!!

The same principles work for your mind. Years ago when I existed with a steady stream of self-criticism, I asked Archangel Michael to help me stop. It was indeed learned behavior and I was tired of the habit. After that, every time I criticized myself, I would hear Michael in my head, talking to me as if to a child. "Now go to the mirror, and say you are sorry!" Dutifully I'd go to the mirror, look into my own eyes, and apologize to myself for my own cruelty. After a short while, it became funny almost. I would start laughing as I took myself to the mirror and apologized for the umpteenth time.

I am not perfectly self loving all the time, but over the years the angels have taught me the incredible value of practicing kindness to all aspects of myself. When I'm angry, I say to myself, "Well its ok, you just need to change what you're doing." When I'm sad, I remind myself, "It's ok. This too shall pass." I try to do something the angels told me to do long ago and take time each day to acknowledge myself for something I feel good about. This discipline reminds me that no matter what is going on in my head, my body, or my life, love is always present.

So try out kind communication to yourself this week. Be sweet to your body, yourself, and take time to acknowledge the good inside of you too! Watch how much better you start to feel!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Good beneath it all

I had a very funny incident the other night that is a great example of today's angel message. I had gone out with a few friends and we were talking about my car. I love my car. Its part of the family and has 192,000 miles on her at the moment. I call my car angel Zippy, and talk to her frequently. Out of the blue I was motivated to pray, "God have Zippy tell me if my car needs attentions far before problems arise. Thank you." Thirty seconds later I saw the whirl of flashing blue and red lights indicating an officer was pulling me over on this long and dark stretch of highway we were driving upon. Strangely, I felt peaceful,

The young policeman came up to the car. "I wasn't speeding was I?" I asked? "I was watching the dial!" "No," he replied, "Your headlight is out." Oh COOL! My prayer was just answered! Some interior lights had been off earlier and I felt like something was going on with my car but didn't know what. Now I knew I had to get either the lights, the circuitry, or the voltage regulator checked. The officer was extremely kind, asked us if we'd been drinking (no to that one), and explained they were not only trying to bust drunk drivers but also trying to keep track of how many people were being responsible. I've never had an officer explain himself to me ever. As we wrapped the discussion up he looked at one of the other girls in the car and kindly told us to get going because she looked cold. And so off we went, thankful for this kind soul who truly answered the prayer I'd prayed just a few minutes prior! It was really funny because usually flashing lights behind your car are not a good sign, but once again the universe was proving itself quite friendly.

Similarly when my water bill skyrocketed last month, and I found a leak in the pool pump with water pouring out, I adopted a "wait and see" attitude, rather than panicking about more expense. It ends up a few O-rings needed replacing and it was an easy repair.

I have, in the past, assumed the worst about many things only to find out I'd wasted my energy entirely and the problem was completely between my own ears. I worried about money early on in my psychic career only to find out I was fine. I worried about friends being mad at me in the past only to find out their modems were down and they couldn't email. I've worried about health issues and have gotten through them just fine. It is funny that very few of our problems are genuinely "real" but most of them exist between our own two ears! Most of our "problems" are imagined ones - fears of what might happen, fears we've failed, fears we will fail, fears that life will fail us or get us... but in reality, there is love available, as the angels say, at all times. Even in some of my truly hard times in life, the sunrise was still beautiful, the flowers still blossomed, and I learned pricesless lessons.

So this week, lets look for the good, assume there is good beneath all things, or at least take a "wait and see" attitude, and embrace the much kinder reality that this life was meant to be.