Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fill me. Thrill me. Spill me God

After I channeled last week's angel message on time, little did I know that I would need to read it each and every day. This holiday season I truly do not have the time to do what I usually love to do. And yet there is so much love present in my life. My dogs are aging and requiring more care by the day. But in the same breath that I would tell God I am tired, I also thank God because I am not taking anyone or anything in my life for granted. It is a time for me of deep appreciation for all that is in my life.

My car broke down again this week, but as always it happened in grace. The check engine light came on, on the way home from a hike. I made it home safely, got the car in the shop the next day and was able to see most of my clients anyway. The bill was astronomical again but this time, with so much else going on, the sticker shock passed in less than an hour. I have bigger things to think about - like showing my dogs and my friends how deeply they are loved, working to remain in balance as best I can. I can still appreciate my Christmas decorations, my home, the unbelievably beautiful weather, and the gift of every moment I breath. Truly I feel this gratitude as of late, hand in hand with the emotional roller coaster that I've been on this year with the dogs.

it is a wild and challenging time to be on earth. All that we are, is bubbling to the surface. And as the light rises up within us, it starts to cleanse and release all that is not that light. We feel everything more deeply and intensely. It is beautifully really, to feel so deeply, because if we can feel sadness deeply we can also feel love just the same. I pray very simply these days, since I often have less time.

God come into my heart. Fill me. Thrill Me. Spill Me :) And I feel the love and the warmth and the light pouring in as I say this, and pouring through me into others. Truly that is the best present of all.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do what you can

Time used to be a big issue for me! I used to pack too much into my days, ignore my own needs, and try to emulate Martha Stewart, spiritual masters, and my own family traditions, while running a business and taking care of two dogs. In short, I used to be crazy! A broken foot in 2004 that left me on crutches for five months taught me balance, and to this day I am grateful for that gift. Now, during the holidays I get what I want to get done, when I can and some things just don't get done. This year, when three clients cancelled all in the same afternoon and nothing in me wanted to refill those slots, I trusted God would handle the finances, and put up the Christmas decorations, which believe it or not I find restfu.

My holiday cards were not done in my usual timing so I waited until I felt like doing them. I will not be baking the 100 dozen cookies I used to bake this year. In fact, I'm eating so much less sugar, I may only make a few batches. But it is all ok, because the spirit of Christmas seems so much more alive in my heart this year than ever before. I am taking more time in the evenings to actually sit and enjoy my own decorations. I am not going to many events so I can spend time with my furry kids. And the few presents I'm giving this year really do come from my kitchen, craft room, or my heart. It feels simpler this year, and more authentic than ever before. My body is telling me not to overdo it, and so in listening (for once!) I can feel my heart ready to share more love with friends, family, and clients.

And while a Martha Stewart Christmas WOULD always thrill me, I am content doing what I can, being who I am, and celebrating the true spirit of the season which is all about light coming into a darker world. This year, more than ever before, I have been tasked to bring the light into an onslaught of challenges, and looking back I feel really good about coming through it all brighter and more loving than when I started.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Give yourself a little Presence

There seems to be an odd phenomena going around. Many sensitive and caring people I know have told me that they are experiencing waves of sadness overcoming them, for seemingly no good reason. Each acknowledges some sadness within themselves, but as the angels said it seems amplified beyond reason. I have felt this too. It comes and goes in waves, and then joy returns just as quickly.

When I asked the angels what was up, they said Mother Earth is sad about the fact that humanity is not getting along too well. Earlier in the year when the gulf coast was pierced and drained so quickly, the energetic field of the earth and her ecosystem was very wounded. People felt this. I witnessed more fatigue and physical issues in my clients than ever before. We used to get a lot of our physical energy from the earth. Now "Mom" is not feeling so well and we must learn to tap into the Divine for ourselves a lot more. People who aren't used to finding their own energy are vying for it with one another in the most unevolved and unloving ways. People who do practice tapping into their own energy are experiencing intense feeling but also more rapid growth and higher states of joy.

So every day when I get up I put my arms up in the air and pray this prayer: "God fill my mind, heart, body, and soul with your grace. Fill my every thought, word, and deed with your grace. Fill my home, property, neighborhood, and car with your grace. Fill my dogs, friends, and family with your grace." And I sit and wait to feel the heat pouring through my arms and into my heart. It feels wonderful. I pray to be aligned with God's will for my life... "God take my life, make me love it, and let me know clearly what to do and when." These are simply prayers, but so powerful.

And still, even in spite of my best intentions, and fervent prayers, some days are easier than others. My aging dogs gave me a reprieve for a few months but now their care is becoming increasingly difficult once again. I love them, so I surrender more and more each day and focus on the love, but some days I feel I can't give them all I wish I could. And so I have to lighten up and choose to love myself as I am because I am truly doing my best.

We can be so hard on ourselves, and yet God and the angels love us in a way that is so profound it is hard to comprehend unless you take the time to sit still and ask to feel it. It only takes a few moments to sit and ask for an angel hug, or to feel the touch of God in your heart, and it is like re-booting your internal hard drive.

So the next time life challenges you to love yourself, stop, breathe, and ask God and the angels to help you experience their love. When you feel that it becomes almost impossible to avoid loving yourself as well :)

As the angels say, Give yourself a little Presence this holiday season :)!