Saturday, October 30, 2010

Change is a good thing

Last autumn the last bits of fall color were just dropping from the trees and the chill of winter was beginning to set in. This year the summer seemed to last longer, the trees took longer to change, and I'm preparing for a big conference more often than frolicking in the woods! Everything does change. And while it is hard sometimes to give up what is good, being in the moment with life and loving where you are today, gives you a much happier experience.

I'm VERY excited about speaking next week. I hope to share so much more that I've learned this year in my seminars. And even though I've taught them before, they will be new, changed, and updated because I have changed. In a way, teaching a seminar is MY graduation from a lot of growth that always goes into its preparation. I can't wait.

This year has been a huge year of change for me. My body broke down for awhile, things broke around the house, I've released a lot of old stuff, my dogs are aging and declining, and yet it is all ok. I've been made new, my appliances are working like a charm, my dogs, although their bodies are aging, have spirits that are shining more brightly each day as they surrender more and become even sweeter.

Truly everything does change, but whatever breaks down makes room for greater order. Whatever we give away makes room for things that suit us better. And most importantly the beliefs that we release, make room for greater truth. In a week I will speak at a big conference and then the week after I'll be back, playing in the woods, dreaming up new things to share with the world. Change is truly, a good thing!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Teachings of the trees

I LOVE autumn in Arizona. Every year a friend and I take a trip up north to see the aspens turn colors. Walking amidst this forest of giant trees with their white bark and beautiful golden leaves is like walking in nature's cathedral. We always stop, eat lunch, and lay in the carpet of rolling late summer grasses for a little nap. To me, this is a piece of heaven and a reminder of God's unspoiled glory. As we hiked and chatted this year we couldn't help but comment on the incredible changes everyone has been going through this year.

It seems like the theme of this year, and the years to come is "God's way or the highway." But ... te he... God's way IS the HIGH WAY!! Nature is such an awesome example of how we can live in harmony with our own spirit. The forest does not keep rigid schedules. Last year the aspens were turning colors at the end of September. This year they have just begun in mid October. They don't sit there, and say, "Oh my! We are late this year!!" They just know that when the temperature changes, so do they. Likewise, while we do have certain commitments we must meet, we so often create so many artificial deadlines for ourselves that we can drive ourselves crazy.

Whilte putting together my conference for Celebrate Your Life, I appreciated this reminder for the trees. For all practical purposes I "should" have stayed home and started working on updating my seminars on my "office day" last week. But my heart said GO NOW!! And so I took my office day off and went up north, then locked myself in the office the following weekend. It ends up the timing was great. The temperature was perfect, and if we had waited, there would have been inclement weather. I'm glad I listened to my heart! Today, "office day" once again, I'm typing this newsletter, have more work to do on the conference, and yet I know there are other errands calling prior to what I "should" do. So I will honor the timing of my heart, and get things done in an order that will certainly be more productive than if I forced myself to honor an artificial and rigid schedule.

How many times do we force ourselves to cross things off the "to do" list in order, rather than saying, "Hmmm... what do I feel like doing first?" How many times do we act like the world will fall apart if we don't get to the grocery store right away, clean the house, answer our emails, jump up when the phone rings etc. The angels keep teaching me, that while we DO have schedules, when we are not obliged, we should listen to our hearts and honor that timing. It always works! I get more done. Today I have an insane amount to get done but because I will honor my heart it will not feel rushed. It will either get done or not, and if not, there are other days in the week.

So this week, honor the lessons of the trees... instead of forcing yourself to a rigid schedule in your 'spare' time, try to honor the heart and rest when you need rest, do things when you are inspired, etc. What your soul deems unnecessary will fall away and you'll get done what you need to do. Trust, trust, and trust ... and you'll find life moving at a more natural an unhurried pace.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Look for the good

Everybody seems to want money. But what we really want is what we think the money can give us - freedom, peace of mind, security, etc. This week, in spite of more money going out the door, I realized how rich I am with good fortune, security, and protection!

I love this week's message, especially considering that the angels had me sit and channel it after three days of wild weather and storms here in Arizona. I am feeling especially blessed in spite of challenges this week. If the last storm hadn't blown tiles off my roof, a hidden leak wouldn't have been fixed before this round of gully washers! Go God!

Again I was blessed when suddenly my car started running really rough on the freeway last Sunday. It seems there are two schools of thought concerning cars. Some people love the latest and greatest. Others treat their cars like family members and do everything possible to keep them alive till their last breath. I fall into the second category. I have a 12 year old Toyota Rav 4 that I adore. It has 180,000 miles on it, has never stranded me on isolated stretches of the freeway, and has a car angel attached to it called "Zippy" that lets me know when to do what.

I asked Zippy what to do and was told to get her into the shop ASAP! Being mechanically ignorant, I assumed I needed an oil change and a new filter and figured the bill would be reasonable. Not quite! It ends up hoses were leaking, the fuel filter needed replacing, the timing belt was about to go, the power steering fluid was rank, and the list goes on. When I heard the total, I almost passed out on my dear mechanic of 12 years. He was very kind about it and always does a great job, and God bless him found a way to pare off a few more dollars, but after the roof repairs it still felt like a bit much.

So I did what I always do when human "freak-out" hits me. I sat and breathed and asked the angels to get me back into truth quickly. I emailed a few friends asking for prayers. And then I sat and counted my blessings. I did not break down on the freeway. I wasn't stranded. The repairs were on an office day when I didn't have clients. I got a free rental. I trust my mechanic. Even though my car is old it runs like new after they're done with it. It is paid off... and after a few minutes of counting the blessings in this situation I felt LUCKY instead of insane. Truly it was LOVE to have all this happen at one time because with my busy schedule that is more convenient! Go God once again!

As I drove the rental back to the shop to pick up my car, one of those Arizona wild thunderstorms hit hard. There was no visibility on the freeway and great puddles of water were forming. The long line of rush hours traffic slowed and we all just took it easy, until... a few miles before I arrived at the shop, I burst out from under the cloud into brilliant and beautiful sunshine! Talk about a metaphor for the entire situation! I even got a rainbow - God's promise of better things to come :)

So when life throws you a curve, sit and look for the good and soon you'll be back in truth, feeling better than you would if you focus on the 'stormy side' as the angels call it, and basking in your own spiritual sunshine!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Mini miracles and sleeping dogs!

When the angels say there are always options, they mean it! This week I had my own mini-miracle. The dog situation has been challenging because my dear hunky husky is restless for attention at night. As a result, I've been waking up to be with him every two hours most nights for months. Last week he was waking me up every hour every night! It isn't pain, the angels told me. His meds work fine. It is simply that when I am around he wants my attention and since he's getting older and creaky and can't move as fast, he is also cranky! He doesn't like the fact that he can't move easily and he hollers loud enough to wake the dead so I will come to him! Needless to say if it weren't for angels and mediation I would have been among "the dead" after so many months in a row with so little sleep!

It finally dawned on me to open up my mind and instead of asking God to make my dog sleep through the night, to simply ask for a solution!

Of course, as a result of this prayer, an answer I never would have dreamt came easily. The dogs sleep very quietly and peacefully in the bedroom while I'm at work. It is their "den" and they are very comfy there. The insanity only occurred when I am there with them. "Leave the dogs in the bedroom and you sleep in the spare bedroom," the angels told me. Brilliant!! Now I give the furry kids an hour of snuggles, Reiki, and massage before bed, then settle them into their comfy doggie beds, leave on a nightlight, turn on some soothing music, shut the door and go sleep in my guest bed! HEAVEN! I am sleeping 7-8 hours again at night. The dogs are sleeping peacefully through the night, and we are all in very loving and wonderful moods in the morning! In fact when I came to wake them the other day, they were snuggled close together after a lifetime of feuding! Go angels! Go God!

And while I "shouldn't" have to move out of my own bedroom for my dogs, who cares! It works. I feel wonderful. Even better, the guest bed mattress is very firm and my back is feeling even better as well! So once again, God came up with a solution that is loving and honors us all.

I have seen this principle in action so many times. When I left my job years ago, I didn't have a clue what I was going to do. I just did what I was drawn to and thus this career evolved out of that down time. I didn't panic. Instead I knew I had money in savings for awhile and trusted God to guide me. Had I panic'd and rushed into a new job search I would not be living the life I am now.

Even this weekend, on a hike I saw God offer a little creature a solution when seemingly there was none. I was hiking in the creek with a friend and suddenly my attention was drawn to a little caterpillar hanging onto a branch that had been blow into the water. There was no way out for this little guy, but in the middle of nowhwere, we came hiking by and somehow his tiny little soul cried out for help in this giant expanse of nature and we saw him. Gently we lifted him off the branch, out of the water, an into a tree by the banks. It nearly made me cry. Sometimes we feel like we are hanging on for dear life in the middle of impossible situations but even then God can send an angel who hears your prayers, and helps you too.

We are never truly alone to handle our challenges. When you feel that way, breathe, pray, and trust that if you ask for loving help and loving solutions, you will be guided straight to them!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Being present while multi tasking!

This angel message was a total set up for me! As I sat to write it, I had dog towels in the wash, beans cooking on the stove, and dogs whining for more attention. I woke up with a huge to do list and asked the angels to channel the newsletter quickly. "Focus!" they told me. So I did. As I was channeling their message the dog came up and started whining and demanding attention. My attention wandered. "Focus," the angels gently coached me. So I brought my attention back to the newsletter and in thirty seconds their words poured out onto the page.

I sat to write my section and the stove timer beeped, indicating the beans were done. "Ok, guys, you want me to do one thing at a time here but if I don't get the beans they will burn," I said. "Advice?" Get up and focus on the beans. Return and focus on the newsletter they said. It sounded easy but I realized usually my mind would be going off in the track of "Oh no! I'll never get this done." So beans became my sole focus, and then the newsletter took precedence once again.

The dryer dinged. "Is it necessary to get up and handle that now, in this moment?" the angels asked me. "No," I replied. Ok, then, focus on your newsletter. I'm still typing! I hear the dog whining in the background demanding a morning back rub. "Focus Ann," the angels say and so I tune him out and stay present with all of you reading this.

It IS a challenge to keep our attention only on the task at hand and even greater mastery to switch tasks and focus on what we are doing, knowing full well there are a gazillion other things tugging at our attention. And yet it IS possible. It takes practice and a good sense of humor.

I'll never forget a time when I was NOT present with the task at hand! I was answering emails and thinking of so many other things I had to do. I had eggs coming to a boil on the stove. The timer went off and I got up to go take the eggs off the stove. I forget what it was but something else distracted me and so I didn't focus on the task at hand and went back to answering emails. It wasn't until a half hour later when I heard what sounded like a bomb going off in the kitchen that I realized the water had boiled down and the eggs had hit the bottom of the dry pan and were exploding!! Cleaning REALLY hard boiled eggs off the ceiling convinced me that it wasn't wise to let my mind get distracted from the task at hand! Every time I start to stray from the present now I think of those exploding eggs!!

I can get SO much accomplished when I am present. Time seems to stretch and I get more done. Even when I switch tasks, if I focus on what I am doing, it goes more quickly. That means I have to ignore interruptions, putting what I want to accomplish first. It isn't easy. We are used to jumping to the world's demands and putting our own priorities last. However, if you can allow yourself to focus on what you feel is important in your own day, then miraculously and unselfishly you have more time to TRULY be present with others.

See if you can spend more time this week really present to whatever you are doing now. It is time for me to finish the newsletter, then focus on folding the towels:) I'm going to give both my full attention, one task at a time!