Saturday, August 28, 2010

Choosing love feels best

Choosing love always feels better! Take this morning for example. I had just settled down at the computer to write my section of the newsletter when my furry guy started crying. He's getting old and his tummy isn't working right. According to the angels he does NOT want me to pray to preserve him but rather keep him comfy while he slowly lets go of this form. i am ok with that. We're eternal beings.

My first reaction was, "Ooooh. How I am going to get everything done?" But I LOVE him, and after my little meltdown in the middle of the night last week, and the subsequent inflow of grace as an answer to my prayers, I have been feeling so filled with love that I trust God will help me accomplish all I need to do. I am surrendering more to what is outside of me, but more importantly I am surrendering to what is on the inside. As a result my life has gone back into the flow of miracles and I'm getting tons of help from sources I didn't expect.

So I stopped what I was doing, put the hot water bottle on my dog's tummy and massaged his head. Dog wisdom - if the bottom half doesn't feel good, at least make the top half happy! You can always find SOMETHING to feel good about if you get creative. Sure enough he started smiling, pawing at me for more, and finally relaxed enough to fall into a peaceful sleep. Instead of being frustrated over the 'interruption' I feel good that I was able to share love with my dog, and more importantly good that I was able to be my loving self.

Being loving is not an interruption to life. It is the point of life. And of course he gave me a great story for the newsletter that matches the angels' message perfectly!

Now, I can't wait to teach "Manifesting in the Flow of Grace" at Celebrate Your Life in November. A month ago I wasn't so sure I was qualified! It is hard being so honest in these newsletters at times and I actually asked the angels, "Who is going to come to my seminar when all they hear about is standing in the flow of dog?"!! The angels responded so profoundly I was blown away. "Ann it is easy to find the flow of grace when life circumstances are easy. This year you have manifested more love, more support, more kindness, and more miracles than ever before, even in spite of all the challenges. Your bills have been higher than before, but they are always paid. You have new inspiration for your books, your web site, and your life. Your readings keep getting better, the energy is flowing through you more strongly. And most importantly, you have learned in an even deeper way that getting into the flow of Grace is a choice, not something you earn through "good" behavior. It is accessible at any time no matter what. It is not dependent on hard work, knowing how to get things done, or strategies. You know that. You have lived that. Teach that!" I will! I'm going to be sharing a lot about how to get back into what I call "The Miracle Zone" no matter what is going on in your life! I'm in it again, and it feels really good. Things are flowing.

So choose love, even if the most you can muster is to love yourself in a less than loving space. Any little bits of love open the heart. And it is through your open heart that God can pour more love and grace into your life! Every time I make the smallest decision to love myself more, even if only being kind to myself in my own mind, I feel the love of God pouring into my life. THIS is true abundance and of course it will be reflected in your outer life as well.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let me see me through Your eyes

I think the real journey on earth is one of learning self-Love. Self love is not narcissistic nor is it selfish. It is just an acknowledgment of the beauty of God's creation as expressed in you! Self love is not putting yourself above any one else, but rather realizing the fact that we are all equal but different expressions of God.

Self love is realizing that even in our worst, least-proud moments, we are still, in truth, beloved by God and therefore worthy of our own love. We are nothing less than the breath of God breathed into human form. Even when we forget, God doesn't.

With clients and in my own life, I've seen that it is much easier to love ourselves when others do, or when life seems to be going well. When we get that external validation of our worthiness, it is easy to say, "Yes I'm good! I'm lovable." After all life loves you. Others do. Why argue?

But the real mastery occurs when you can love yourself even when others don't. This is why so many light workers in what I call the "graduating class" on earth, chose difficult families. If you can choose to love yourself when you are different, not accepted, or even rejected, then you've really mastered self love! If you can love yourself even in moments when you were taught you were not lovable, then you've stepped beyond man's truth and into God's.

I've had a few moments this year when I've been challenged to love myself. Instead of standing in the flow of GOD in the middle of the night, I found myself once again standing in the flow of DOG. I slipped in the dark and I nearly lost it. I put the furry kids outside to finish their business and once they were out of earshot, I started hollering at God. "I was made for more than picking up you know what! I can't do this any longer! I need love now! Angels... I want a hug!!" I was dog-tired (literally!) and the mess was overwhelming. It was not one of my prouder moments, and yet even in that space I knew I was lovable.

I started praying and asked to see myself through God's eyes. In less than a heartbeat, the most magnificent love spread throughout my being. I felt SO loved, so cared for, and so profoundly GOOD. I saw myself through God's eyes. I saw a woman who cared so much about every creature that she'd get up every night to care for them, avoid taking out her frustrations on them, go back to love in an instant, and wake up and answer hundreds of emails, take care of her friendships, etc. And I saw God looking at a woman who was just human and tired at the moment. I felt the Divine presence reaching out, and then in, to embrace me. I opened my heart to receive this big love and was blown away.

So even when you think you aren't lovable, when you're not at your best, when you goof up according to your own standards, you ARE lovable! You ARE loved! That is the truth no matter what. And if God, your very own creator can love you, well then, maybe you can love you as well :)

Self love opens the door for more assistance, abundance, kindness, opportunity, and the flow of Grace into your life. If we don't choose to love ourselves, God is saying, "Here I love you! I want to give to you more and more... " and yet you are saying, "No I am not worthy. Go away." Why would we turn love away when it is the thing we all want the most? When you look at it that way, self love, well... it just makes sense :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pray and trust God's timing

For a long time my prayers have been very simple. I want health, peace, balance, strength, and good humor to deal with my aging dogs. But lately a few material desires have arisen. Ever since mold tried to eat my master bathroom early in the year it has been cleaned out and emptied out. The angels were clear that there is a need to rip stuff out and remodel eventually but up until recently I haven't even had the energy or time to think about it. I didn't stress. I knew that sooner or later the desire would hit me. In my past it would have been one more hard thing on the to do list, but I've learned to just pray and let God figure out the timing.

Just once, earlier in the year, I tried to make myself go have a look and left the store in tears, overwhelmed with options I wasn't ready to deal with. That did it. I decided to wait for God's timing! Much to my surprise, in the middle of web work, and other chores the urge to design the bathroom hit hard earlier in this week. I didn't have much time, but I know better than to ignore these urges, so off to Home Depot I went. Before going, I prayed. "God please inspire me and help decisions be easy. Help me pick out things that will serve me for years, be reliable, and not conflict with one another. Make this fun. Thank you!"

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, it really was fun to dream of all the possibilities, and while I have a few details to consider, I figured out all the major components in less than three days. I can't buy them yet but it doesn't matter. I manifest better when I have a clear vision of what I would like. For a woman who used to agonize over every simple choice, it felt SO good to just really know my heart and say, "I like that, and that and not that!" No more wishy washy! The angels have been really going on lately about the need to be clear, and so I rejected anything that didn't make my heart sparkle and made only choices that made my heart sing. There are a few things that aren't yet clear, so I'm waiting for God to show me new options rather than agonizing and trying to make myself choose one that I don't love. I have no idea when all this will come together, nor do I care, but I just feel exited that I am finally motivated to make the choices.

That is how the process of manifesting in the flow of grace works. You don't push yourself. You pray, trust, and wait for God. You listen to your own heart. You don't settle for less than what truly makes your heart happy. It is not a wonder that I'm manifesting again because I'm teaching Manifesting in the Flow of Grace at Celebrate Your Life! God always gives me a great "class room example" before I teach and I am looking forward to watching the magic unfold and sharing it with my class!

Even the to do things in life can be fun if we choose to pray and allow God's help. I didn't want to do the newsletter this week so I waited and prayed and waited. And suddenly Friday morning, it came to me and it was easy. I don't usually like last minute endeavors, but this week was swamped and so I had to bend my own rules and trust God's timing.

This week, realize that you do not have to do anything without God's help. Pray for that help in all areas of your life, even if it is help in getting the right attitude. Then open up and let the Divine light within you do it's magic in cooperation with the greater wisdom in the universe. Miracles are truly possible and dreams do come true.

Have a great week,

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Life is a spiritual experience

I love traditional doing spiritual practices when I have the time. Meditating to me is like plugging myself back into a power outlet and refilling my soul. I don't always get time for long mediations so sometimes a few minutes has to do the trick. Luckily over the years I've learned to calm my mind quickly.

However, the angels are right. It is in the every day activities that we really put our spiritual skills to use. As many of you read last week, two of my greatest spiritual teachers at the moment have four legs and fur! My aging leaky dogs teach me greater levels of surrender! I have to surrender not only to my own feelings, but to the circumstances. Last Saturday after six loads of wash, scrubbing the floors, AND the dog, I was tired. One ridiculously big furry dog smile, however, and I remember that it is all about love.

There are many things in life that can become a spiritual experience if we do them slowly and mindfully. Cooking, for me, is a spiritual discipline. It is so sensual! Tastes, colors, smells, textures... It puts me right into the present moment. I feel connected with the earth, the farmers that grew the food, the people that transported, the clerks at the local grocery. Just to get a meal on the table, we must interact with so much life!

When I broke a foot years ago and had to clean my house on crutches the task was excruciatingly slow, but instead of whining, I taught myself to think of cleaning as "loving my home." You can choose the Disney method and "whistle while you work!" Sure is better than "Whining while you work!" And when I look around after the chores, I feel like my home is loving me right back.

So when you feel you aren't being 'spiritual' remember we already are! The trick is bringing our attention into the present moment, and our love into the present situation. That is the best meditation on earth because it is allows us to merge the human and the divine at any moment in our lives.

So this week, bring a little extra love into your days and see how life responds.
Love you all,