Saturday, May 29, 2010

How would life differ without fear?

This week it occurred to me to ask myself, "How would my life be different if I had no fear?" I posted the question on facebook and the results were heartwarming. I don't think the big fears are what really drag us down. I believe it is the little tiny insidious fears that yak, yak, yak in our minds on a daily basis that are the soul sucking culprits that rob us of our energy and ability to truly be the love that we are.

I've faced most of my big fears, but it's the little ones I want to sort through and get out of my life and my mind. For example, earlier in the week my girl dog snarfed down the other dog's medication on top of her own. I raised my voice in fear, "NO!!" She ran off because I scared her. I settled down and realized that all I had to do was tune in and see if she'd be ok. She was. I had needlessly reacted. I had to get out of the fear to figure out what to do.

Fear blocks the guidance we could get otherwise. Once my other dog ate a wooden basting brush. It was Sunday and only emergency clinics were open and there was my dog filled with wood splinter that could kill him. For a moment, I freaked out. The I settled down and had the thought to google "My dog ate splinters"... well from there I found the "Cotton Ball remedy." which worked like a charm. (Take several 100% cotton balls, and rip into tiny pieces. Dip them in milk or cream and feed to the dog. They wrap around the splinters and escort them out safely. Dog was fine and I was more peaceful.)

There are times when fears keep us from speaking up and letting others know how much we care. Fears stop us from sharing our thoughts and feelings, and in reality that stops us from authentically connecting with others. I disagreed with a dear friend this week and almost chickened out of sharing my feelings. When I kindly shared my thoughts, we had a great discussion and our friendship deepened. If you fear that you will lose someone by being yourself, perhaps you are losing yourself.

There are times when fears keep us from admitting what we are good at and this keeps us from starting a business or sharing our talents. In the past when someone has asked "What do you do" I replied, "Oh counseling." Now I tell the whole truth, "I talk to angels and dead people." It either scares people away or we find a wonderful and meaningful connection. Truth sorts life out. Fear keeps us in the generic, bland, and illusory "safety" zone where we can please the majority of people but have to give up who we really are.

Fear also prevents us from really enjoying our lives. I haven't been to this one hiking spot in ages because it's a little climb and a little scary but I love it and know I'm safe, so this weekend I climbed up on an extinct cinder cone and had the best meditation I've had in ages, centered between earth and sky. Silly little fears had prevented that experience for years.

So this week, join me in this experiment and ask yourself... "How would life be different today if I had no fear." Don't worry about the big fears, and don't abandon discernment and common sense. Just notice the little fears that creep up and see if you can act as if they are not there... always with love, kindness, and a willingness to be who you really are. I bet it will free up more of your energy and makes room for more joy!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Angel marketing 101

I have often been turned off by traditional marketing methods. While they work, many have struck me as ways of manipulating people to make a sale, pressuring people to buy, or convincing people they had a need. It seems like so much work! And yet I get people starting businesses all the time who ask me how to market themselves. The answer from the angels is pretty simple: 1) Be yourself rather than what you feel people expect of you, 2) Do what you love and are good at, and 3) Find a way to let people know what you are doing without any pressure - just share what you do. In simply radiating our light and love out to the world - however we do that best - people who need us can find us.

I'll never forget when I started doing readings in a local bookstore. I was psychic in the window on the slowest days of the week. Hardly anyone came in! I had just quit engineering and left behind a nice big salary and I was terrified about paying my bills. Furthermore, I made only about $6 after taxes for a 15 minute session even when someone did come in! I prayed very hard. The angels gave me two tools to build my entire business. Simple as they seem, they both worked.

The first was just a little meditation. They had me sit quietly every morning, feeling how much I loved to help people. As I felt the love for my work, they had me imagine the light in my heart radiating out in all directions. I would let the light build until I was floating in a bubble of radiant light. At that point they told me to simply say in my mind and heart, "If I can help you with my work, and you will honor the exchange, please find me." People started walking into the bookstore saying, "I'm not sure why I am here, but I think you can help me." I knew I had connected with their soul and that the interaction would serve us both. Talk about angel marketing! Heaven always seeks to bring us mutually beneficial partnerships whether business or personal.

The second tool was gratitude. After each client the angels tasked me to drop into my heart and feel gratitude for the ability to serve that person. "Thank you God for allowing me to serve this soul. I am ready to help the next one." They asked me to say this after each client. Discussions of money were not allowed in these prayers. Instead they suggested I focus on my soul's true gratitude. I did love helping people so that was easy. As I focused on the service, rather than the money, two magical things happened. I felt rich because I was able to share my gifts with people and in this vibration people sensed that they would receive help. Secondly when I removed money from the discussion, fear went away as well. In the absence of fear, business picked up. Soon the two slowest days of the week became the two busiest days. Love is what built my business, not strategy, manipulation, glossy ads, or any sort of conventional means. Just plain love.

I also taught one-person classes when I started teaching. The angels taught me to value these experiences. We cannot judge the value of our work by the magnitude. We have to simply ask, "Am I doing what feels right in my heart. Am I sharing of my true self?" If so you are already right in God's eyes. I needed to start small to grow in confidence, to refine my teaching style, and to begin in humility. Had I not done that I would not be able to teach the masses now.

So if you are starting a business or a project that involves others, center yourself in the love within you. Focus on the service and the joy of serving. And if you cannot find the joy, question whether or not you are doing what you are doing for the right reasons. It is your love and your joy that are the true abundance in the world. It is the ability to share of the God light within you that is the richest possession you have. In sharing of your time, talent, kindness, inspiration, or even simply your prayers, you make the world a better place... simply because you are in it. This is the true wealth that we all long for, and funny... when you feel rich with the ability to share, the universe somehow meets the rest of your needs as well.

Have a week of true abundance and let your light shine!
Love and hugs,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Parting the red sea!

I ask for help with nearly everything and lately I've been remembering to do this in all things great and small. The humor in the universe just blows me away. Last Sunday I wanted to go up north and go hiking but instead I got stuck in a massive traffic jam on the freeway just outside of town. Four lanes were nearly halted as they merged into one miles ahead. I prayed for a solution. Immediately I got cut off by a car with RED SEA on the license plate. "What," I asked? The thoughts came quickly! "Red Sea.. Hmm... Moses parted the Red Sea. Oh I often ask God to part the Red Sea when I want traffic to move. OH, I am supposed to part traffic and get off the freeway!!" Immediately I turned on the blinker and started waving and smiling and cars in the lanes to my right let me over just in time to get off the freeway. I didn't know the area so I just drove with faith and lo and behold, after weaving around unfamiliar roads, I managed to go around five miles of traffic at a standstill and get back on the freeway ahead of the entire mess! I was only ten minutes later than I normally would have been and had the whole day to enjoy! And while this is a small thing, God and the angels really assist with the more important things as well.

Saturday, I asked for my class to flow smoothly and for the angels to be present in a huge way to touch the hearts of all involved and all who tapped into the energy. I have never felt so much love! As I was doing the meditations I felt them flying through me in waves of bliss. The music was awesome, hearts were touched, and I left floating on a cloud. I can't wait to teach again. Stay tuned :)!!!

So do remember to ask for help because God will help you with all things, great and small... everything from parking spaces to life purpose, bills to ills, where to find the best dinner, and everything in between. God cares about you, your needs, your desires, and your well being. But we have to get out of the way with our disbelief and make a little room for the miracles.

Have a happy week joyfully assisted by angels!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Communicating from the heart

Thankfully I've been feeling loved and loving lately. I've been really tuning into God and the angels, not just for others, but also for myself on a regular basis and I've been really honest about what I can and can't do. That makes for happier relationships. There have been plenty of times in my past, however, when people have frustrated me and I was tasked to drop deeper in my heart and communicate from there.

A few examples come to mind. I worked with a woman back in my corporate days who had a habit of putting me down in front of our peers. It drove me crazy. I was supposed to be running the meetings but she would come in, take over and disagree with me in front of the people we were leading. I didn't know what to do so I prayed and asked God to help me solve it in the right way on the right day. One day, after a meeting, I shut the door and said, "What have I done to upset you?" "What do you mean she asked?" I was so tired and frustrated my eyes started watering. "You put me down and disagree with me in front of everyone. I don't know what I've done." She burst into tears and apologized. She explained she had never had anyone competent working for her and was accustomed to taking charge. From that day on we worked together and became friends.

Another time, when I was going through a tough time in my life an acquaintance kept insisting that she knew how to fix me. She didn't listen to my polite attempts to decline the help. Finally the angels coached me to say, "I don't feel as if you are listening to me. I appreciate your heart and your desire to help but I have to listen to my own guidance and learn my own lessons." That worked. We both felt better. She had felt me pushing her away until then and was just pushing harder. Her desire to love was sincere. However my desire to listen to my own heart was just as sincere. We just needed to communicate.

Perhaps an even tougher thing for me is when I have to decline someone's attention or offer when I know that they might not take it well. Years ago I had a day off and went to the thrift store to look for some clothing. I was cherishing my time in silence since I spend so much time during the week with others. A man started following me like a puppy and talking my ear off. He was nice enough but I felt his energy tugging for my attention and didn't have it in me to give more that day. The angels were in my head, commanding me, "Be kind but be honest." "Sir you are a very nice man and I am so sorry about this, but I do counseling work and today is my day off and I really needed some quiet time, so please forgive me, but I really don't feel like talking now, and I really don't want to hurt your feelings but I have to be honest." "Oh!" he exclaimed, "I'm sorry!" and he left me in silence again.

That was HARD! I still don't enjoy having to say things to people knowing that it might hurt their feelings, or disappoint them, or that I might be misunderstood, and yet the angels will not let me get away with anything but honesty. When I am not 100% honest with myself and therefore others, they call me on it, and I must go back and communicate more deeply. And while this risk of being vulnerable is not an easy thing, better to risk being loving and truthful than to continue to try to please everyone while getting upset. Better to listen to the whispers God plants in my heart and trust that He is directly all my relationships.

So this week, try for impeccable honesty expressed with kind loving care.
Have a happy week!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Heart leads the way

One line from the angel message truly strikes me this week and that is the bit about having a sense of humor. I laugh way more often than I cry. Sometimes I laugh at the sheer absurdity of the human mind, as mine tries for the gazillionth time to usurp my heart and take over my life. Take this morning for example. I woke up determined to mop the floors, port the blogs on my website, do the newsletter, etc. I had a huge list of chores prepared but when I got to the newsletter, nothing flowed - not a word. The angels weren't talking. I couldn't think of a thing to share, and I started getting frustrated.

"Hello Ann," I heard Archangel Michael say. I paid attention immediately. He is the love of many of our lives!! "Yes?" I enquired. "What are we teaching in two weeks?" Oooh! I turned red and got the absurdity of my thought process immediately!! "Learning to live in the flow of Divine Grace." He just smiled at me. I stopped trying to force the newsletter and went about more appealing errands. The day just kept getting better. I had time to update the behind-the-scenes stuff on my website while listening to beautiful music, time to take care of the dogs, time to clean out a few closets and donate stuff to a thrift store, plant some new things in the garden, clean out the kitchen, AND now, that I am surrendering to the TRUE desire to get the newsletter done, it is pouring through as always.

We humans are such SILLY creatures! Our hearts are designed to be our compass, and yet we've learned through conditioning and upbringing to plan, strategies, and over analyze things to death! And while planning is required in appropriate circumstances, far too often we make artificial deadlines, put things on our to do list that aren't absolutely necessary and have little to do with the heart, and create all sorts of unnecessary pressure in our lives.

I know why my mind was acting up - it thinks it is losing its job now that my life is flowing more smoothly and it started creating problems to solve! This is what we do and it IS funny. Our lives start working. We start living in the flow of grace. Then the mind says, "I've been laid off! I'm dying! I have no purpose! And we start to invite dilemmas to be resolved." I love my mind, don't get me wrong. I'm glad I have a good brain; however, it has its place, and bossing my heart around is not what it is allowed to do anymore in my life :)

So if you catch yourself in a tizzy, feeling overwhelmed or overburdened, sit still. Breathe. Drop into the heart and say, "Heart... what do YOU want to do first." I guarantee that allowing your heart to dictate the flow of your days will lead to a more productive and peaceful life, living in the flow of grace. I always get these funny lessons prior to teaching. I have to live the class more deeply and ground it in my own life in ways that only God can come up with! And for that I give thanks because when the learning ends, my mind would get totally bored!

Have a fantastic week!