Saturday, February 27, 2010

Savoring life... all of it!

Every year I pray that God will make me wake up one day in late winter and WANT to get my tax information organized. I have a great accountant but I like to make sure I have everything in order before I give her the materials. Since this is a task I don't enjoy, I ask God to give me the grace to embrace it every year. Lo and behold, Saturday all the chores were done, the sky was black and rainy, and I woke up feeling like doing my taxes. God never fails me!

After getting the tax stuff done, I had time remaining so I decided to clean out my files and shred stuff from years ago that I no longer needed. As I put old bank statements through the shredder, I remembered how much time I had invested in them. As I shredded old bills and receipts, I remembered that no matter how much I had worried over them, everything turned out fine. As I shredded stuff from years ago that I discovered in the boxes in the garage, I gave thanks for what was good in the marriage I had in my twenties, and said a prayer that my former husband, who was always a great guy, was doing well in his life. I shredded old letters to customer service representatives for businesses that had caused me great irritation in the past and now meant nothing to me. I shredded receipts for things I thought I had to have at the time, that had now been enjoyed and passed on to others. I felt like I was releasing my past in a very tangible way.

Everything we ever worry or stress about passes. What was a big deal so many years ago is a piece of paper running through my shredder today. I wonder why I ever worried about the bills. I wonder why I ever cried and felt like a failure when my marriage ended - we were both simply discovering who we were and that we were different. I wondered why I ever placed so much emphasis on the bank statements when in reality God always manages to make sure I'm ok. I wondered why those arguments with businesses past ever were allowed to irritate me. Those things consumed so much of my time and energy at the time, and now they're done and gone, and life has moved on. Thank God, other things are so much more important now.

I think of that when I start to worry about a bill. This too shall pass. Everything that ever concerns us is temporary - a lesson, a gift, a chance to trust God even more. We are really eternal souls, and our real home is heaven. We're just here on earth in school, having adventures, learning lessons, and creating through the emotional and mental vibrations that we send out. Now instead of worrying, I trust. God has always taken care of me, but I now enjoy the experience of life a whole lot more. Now when I have to handle a dispute with a business, I make the calls I need, write the letters I need, and then let it go and enjoy the rest of my day. Now when I feel I "must" have something I take the time to weigh its cost and maintenance against how much joy I feel it will bring me to see if it is really worth the 'price' I'll pay. I weed out the things in my house that don't serve me on a regular basis as surely as I weed out activities that do not enliven me, or at least find ways to bring life into my activities, and bring love into my days.

Although life is still life - bills happen, things break, unforeseen changes occur - I enjoy the experience of my life so much more. I live more in the moment, taking time to embrace what is in front of me now. I am not thinking of the many things I have to do later today. Instead I am present with this newsletter and therefore feeling the love and connection I have for all of you. That is a much kinder way for me to spend a few hours rather than stressing about everything else I have to do. Rather than being a chore, this is a labor of love because I am present to it. I feel your spirits growing with me, and they are beautiful.

No matter what is happening in your lives, try to enjoy the moment, or at least embrace it. When the water heater burst, I didn't enjoy it, but I did embrace it - ok this is happening now, let me be with it, and therefore I was able to get it fixed and handled more quickly. Spending time wishing something isn't in front of us is a waste of time. Embracing each moment helps you either enjoy it or deal with it more quickly so you can get on to what you do truly enjoy. Try it - trying being present as much as you can this week. Bring YOU - your love, your wisdom, and your humor - to each moment. And watch how life transforms into a much easier and more joyful experience... no matter what :)

Have a great week and savor your lives.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have always been a dreamer. Ever since childhood I had an active imagination. In fact I now believe many of my 'imaginary' friends were truly spirit guides showing themselves to me in a way a child could understand. Even today, when stuck in line at the bank, or waiting for a car repair, I can amuse myself by going into my imagination and visiting far away places. I can lay on the beach, fly over the rainforest, or walk with my feet in the creek, all the while sitting in some ugly vinal chair with bright fluorescent lights overhead and a waiting room full of people. This ability to imagine actually plugs us into our right brain - the part of our brain that children engage, and the part of our brain where we 'try out' future scenarios in our lives to see if they are actually what we want to create, or not.

I have had many people tell me that they have no imagination, but truly I don't believe that. Humanity is programmed to imagine worst case scenarios! We do it all the time. And we rehash the past over and over in our minds. That is nothing but imagination and memory working together. Try this exercise if you want to practice imagining. Think of a lemon. Imagine you can feel it's bumpy skin in your hands or perhaps see its bright yellow color. Imagine you take a bit of it... can you imagine the tartness? The spray? Practice with anything you like, a little every day.

Next take the exercise a step further and imagine that your life is how you would like it to be. What kind of life do you have? What kind of environment do you live in? How do you feel as you wake up every morning. Imagine waking up and feeling totally at peace because all your bills are under control and you love your life. Imagine you are loved and imagine what it would feel like to feel so grateful because you love the people in your life. Or create your own dream.

If you do this every day, you sow the seeds of manifestation. You start to recognize what matches your dreams in real life and you start to want to move away from those things that are not a vibrational match. You become pickier! You feel longings whereas before you put up with things that didn't make you happy. Yes, we have to feel more when we start dreaming, and that does include both joy and sadness, but in acknowledging all feelings within, we do create movement. We get the stuck energy flowing. And then we start to receive guidance to assist us in creating what we want.

When I want something in my life, I always imagine it first. Lately because I'm still working on feeling amazing physically, I am imagining a time in my life when I was much younger, and very strong, spry, and flexible. It took a little practice, because now I sit all day at work, and back then I was active. I had to stretch my consciousness and practice focusing on what it felt like to feel so active. But soon I could get to that day dream and when I did, I felt the energy in my body light up and get happy. I wanted to move more. Exercise stopped feeling like a chore and started feeling like a craving! And all this came from simply allowing myself to sit and imagine.

I also wanted some new pots and pans lately so I imagined them first. I imagined feeling excited because I was finding them at a big discount, bringing them home and cooking wonderful meals. Sure enough, within a week I got the urge to go to a store and there they were, at a big discount! I was able to give my old ones to a friend in need and we all won.

So far from being idle time, or a frivolous pursuit your imagination is the key to a beautiful future.

Long ago the angels gave me this little poem that I have on my desk:

Imagination is the key
To any future
I dare to Dream

I let it wander
I let it play
I let it dare to dream
My perfect, joyous abundant, life
Each and every day.

In the words of John Lennon, "Imagine all the people. Living life in peace." We could change the world, starting with ourselves first, if we started to envision our lives differently. Why not start today?

Have a happy week, or if you're not sure it will be... imagine you will!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The value of sitting still

Thank the heavens, last week's round of home repair drama is finally over! Once I realized that my body was screaming at me to take better care of it again, everything started getting better. After the water heater broke, the dryer nearly burnt, a nail pierced the car tire, the dog broke the window... I did finally sit still and ask what was going on. As I mentioned last week - the answer was humorous! You are drained, physically burnt out, deflated, and shattering old beliefs, Ann! I had to laugh. The angels were right. Mentally, spiritually, and emotionally I felt wonderful but once again when I got SO excited about life, I forgot to take care of my body. You would think by now I'd know better, but I don't always. I spend so much time during work ignoring my body so I can tune into the other realms that I have to consciously remember after work to put my attention back into the physical. Life mirrored my neglect and pointed out what I needed for balance in my life, luckily, before bigger problems ensued.

So this week, I took a LOT of time in silence. In fact I sat quietly before each meal, asking my body what it wanted to eat. I got very specific cravings and instructions. Sleep has been a challenge too due to aging dogs so now each night I ask the angels to knock us all out for a solid sleep. Magically the doggies are sleeping through the night more. And when they don't rather than complaining, I ask for my meditation to make up for whatever sleep I've missed. It's working! Every night before I go to bed now, I also ask the healing angels to work with me and nurture and refill my body. I even made myself rest a lot more than usual this weekend. After just a week, my body is so much happier with me. I can tell I'm back in the flow of grace too because life is back to peace, harmony, and things are flowing easily again.

When life gets a little off kilter, the most important thing you can do after you handle the immediate challenge is to sit still and see what is going on inside of your mind and heart. Sometimes this endeavor is not even about hearing angels. Sometimes the most important thing you can do, the angels remind us, is to hear yourself! After all the goal of the angels is to get us to hear and listen to our own hearts, our own minds, our own bodies, and most importantly our own spirits.

And while you are in silence, check in with your previous intentions! If you have a little chaos in your life, you spirit may be bubbling things up in life to make you look at any limiting beliefs or behaviors that block your intentions. I DID intend in early January to feel the bliss of God flowing through my human physical form. Oops. Not resting and listening to my body certainly runs contrary to that intent! It took a lot of home repairs and considerable expense to get my attention!

So, even when it seems like life is out to get you, the truth is LIFE, LOVE, and GOD are out to get you - to get you back on track and consistent with what you are intending and praying for :) Rather than feeling victimized when things occur that aren't too fun, handle them, then sit in silence and ask yourself what is really going on inside of you first. Therein lies the answer to peace, harmony, and answered prayers!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Don't leak your energy

I had no sooner channeled last week's newsletter and my little blurb on past 'leaks' when something in me felt motivated to go into the garage and make sure everything was raised up off the floor in case I ever had a leak in there. It just felt like a good idea. Then the angels suggested that I might want to take a long hot soak in the tub earlier than usual. Mid-day isn't really my time during 'office day' but I always listen. WELL, its was a good thing. Later, I heard a sound like a gunshot and went into the garage only to discover that my water heater had burst a leak and was pouring water all over the garage.

The angels put it in my head to turn off the water valve and shut off the breakers. I put the dogs outside, grabbed every towel in the house and proceeded to play "wring and run" to sop up the water seeping all over the garage floor. After an hour and a half the fifty gallons had drained and both the water heater and I were on empty. I do not often ask for help but my nerves were shot so I wrote many of my prayer friends and asked them to pray for peace and calm in my body and mind. I know the angels are always here, but I was overwhelmed to feel the friendship, love, and prayers pouring in from my human angels as well. The incident wasn't fun, and I was shaken; nonetheless, I felt very blessed. I was home to handle the flood. There was no fire, and no damage, and I had a hot bath before three days with nothing but ice water! I thanked God profusely.

That night the dog woke me up to the smell of my dryer smoldering! The angels were urgent in telling me to unplug it, move it away from the wall and air it out. When I took it apart, I saw blackened lint in the bottom near the heating element. Saved again!! I called The Dryer Vent Doctor who cleaned out the back vent all the way to the roof and helped get all the burnt stuff out of my dryer as well. He explained that sticking my arm up the wall to remove lint wasn't enough - it had collected way up and was blocking heat from escaping. After this incident, my dryer worked like new and takes half the time to dry a load. I was counting my blessings again with this miracle #2. My house was intact and I'll end up saving on electric bills.

Both the water heater man and dryer vent man made a HUGE point of looking at me and repeating "Things come in 3's"... I took it as a sign to be alert. My car kept popping in my mind. Sure enough, Friday night my car felt wobbly, so when I asked the angel who watches my car (I named her Zippy) if I should check tires and got a huge "Yes" I listened. Sure enough there was a huge screw in the back tire and it was slowly deflating! I was lucky enough to have time to get it patched before a long day trip the very next day... that would not have been a fun thing to discover on the highway! I thanked God again! Miracle #3!!

To finish off my string of episodes, the dog shattered the kitchen window by jumping against it the other night... Miracle #4 - my dog was not hurt and the repair man is coming quickly!

God truly takes care of us! Sometimes what looks like a HUGE problem is just something that needs handling, but if you pray and ask for as much grace as possible then even the hard stuff is easier than it could be. Even in the midst of chaos you can find gratitude.

So when things that don't look fun hit your life, even in those circumstances, give thanks, keep a sense of humor and look for the lessons. I have running water and a shower... who cares if it is cold for a few days? I'll live. People in many countries don't even have water let alone hot water. Maybe its time we empty all of our cups - release all of our expectations of life, and just dance with the gifts in the moment, be they easy to spot or not. For in all things, grace can be found, and the hand of God's love is available to keep us safe, lift us up, and guide us.