Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fill me. Thrill me. Spill me God

After I channeled last week's angel message on time, little did I know that I would need to read it each and every day. This holiday season I truly do not have the time to do what I usually love to do. And yet there is so much love present in my life. My dogs are aging and requiring more care by the day. But in the same breath that I would tell God I am tired, I also thank God because I am not taking anyone or anything in my life for granted. It is a time for me of deep appreciation for all that is in my life.

My car broke down again this week, but as always it happened in grace. The check engine light came on, on the way home from a hike. I made it home safely, got the car in the shop the next day and was able to see most of my clients anyway. The bill was astronomical again but this time, with so much else going on, the sticker shock passed in less than an hour. I have bigger things to think about - like showing my dogs and my friends how deeply they are loved, working to remain in balance as best I can. I can still appreciate my Christmas decorations, my home, the unbelievably beautiful weather, and the gift of every moment I breath. Truly I feel this gratitude as of late, hand in hand with the emotional roller coaster that I've been on this year with the dogs.

it is a wild and challenging time to be on earth. All that we are, is bubbling to the surface. And as the light rises up within us, it starts to cleanse and release all that is not that light. We feel everything more deeply and intensely. It is beautifully really, to feel so deeply, because if we can feel sadness deeply we can also feel love just the same. I pray very simply these days, since I often have less time.

God come into my heart. Fill me. Thrill Me. Spill Me :) And I feel the love and the warmth and the light pouring in as I say this, and pouring through me into others. Truly that is the best present of all.