Saturday, November 06, 2010

The love you bring to the task

By the time everyone receives this newsletter Celebrate Your Life will be almost over and I'll be celebrating the season of fall once again. Soups, hikes in the woods, and times with friends are just as important to me as the large conferences. The scale of what we do is never as important as the authenticity we bring to each task. For the last several weeks my heart and soul have been focused on the conference. Now I will be focused on my soups.

The angels say that as humans we have a tendency to think more is better. And yet serving one person is equally as important as serving the masses. The ripple effects of our lives will never be known to us until we look back after our death. I have seen this so many times. Someone had to give Martin Luther King's mother strength and inspiration so she could pass that one to her son, and yet how many of us remember her name, or the ones that supported her? Putting your heart and soul and love into cooking a pot of soup to share with friends is just as important as working in a soup kitchen... IF it is done with love. And while this is a difficult thing to grasp since we have all been raised to believe that certain activities have more merit than others, the angel contend, that the love we bring to each task is what lasts in our minds and hearts far more than what we actually accomplished. If everyone would do what is authentically in their hearts we would have no more starving or homeless people, nor would we have people starving for love or feeling far away from their home in heaven.

So never judge your life by the scale of what you accomplish. Instead look at the love you bring to each task. The smile you offer to a stranger may give them the strength they need to keep going today. The love you put in your dinner may be what your family needs to find comfort. The pray you pray in silence for a hurting soul half way across the world will send legions of angels to assist them. And by all means if you are given inspiration to do so, donate your time, money, and/or talent to those in need. Whatever you do - the angels say, do it with love, and from the authentic guidance in your heart, for this is done with the hand of God guiding you.