Saturday, October 09, 2010

Mini miracles and sleeping dogs!

When the angels say there are always options, they mean it! This week I had my own mini-miracle. The dog situation has been challenging because my dear hunky husky is restless for attention at night. As a result, I've been waking up to be with him every two hours most nights for months. Last week he was waking me up every hour every night! It isn't pain, the angels told me. His meds work fine. It is simply that when I am around he wants my attention and since he's getting older and creaky and can't move as fast, he is also cranky! He doesn't like the fact that he can't move easily and he hollers loud enough to wake the dead so I will come to him! Needless to say if it weren't for angels and mediation I would have been among "the dead" after so many months in a row with so little sleep!

It finally dawned on me to open up my mind and instead of asking God to make my dog sleep through the night, to simply ask for a solution!

Of course, as a result of this prayer, an answer I never would have dreamt came easily. The dogs sleep very quietly and peacefully in the bedroom while I'm at work. It is their "den" and they are very comfy there. The insanity only occurred when I am there with them. "Leave the dogs in the bedroom and you sleep in the spare bedroom," the angels told me. Brilliant!! Now I give the furry kids an hour of snuggles, Reiki, and massage before bed, then settle them into their comfy doggie beds, leave on a nightlight, turn on some soothing music, shut the door and go sleep in my guest bed! HEAVEN! I am sleeping 7-8 hours again at night. The dogs are sleeping peacefully through the night, and we are all in very loving and wonderful moods in the morning! In fact when I came to wake them the other day, they were snuggled close together after a lifetime of feuding! Go angels! Go God!

And while I "shouldn't" have to move out of my own bedroom for my dogs, who cares! It works. I feel wonderful. Even better, the guest bed mattress is very firm and my back is feeling even better as well! So once again, God came up with a solution that is loving and honors us all.

I have seen this principle in action so many times. When I left my job years ago, I didn't have a clue what I was going to do. I just did what I was drawn to and thus this career evolved out of that down time. I didn't panic. Instead I knew I had money in savings for awhile and trusted God to guide me. Had I panic'd and rushed into a new job search I would not be living the life I am now.

Even this weekend, on a hike I saw God offer a little creature a solution when seemingly there was none. I was hiking in the creek with a friend and suddenly my attention was drawn to a little caterpillar hanging onto a branch that had been blow into the water. There was no way out for this little guy, but in the middle of nowhwere, we came hiking by and somehow his tiny little soul cried out for help in this giant expanse of nature and we saw him. Gently we lifted him off the branch, out of the water, an into a tree by the banks. It nearly made me cry. Sometimes we feel like we are hanging on for dear life in the middle of impossible situations but even then God can send an angel who hears your prayers, and helps you too.

We are never truly alone to handle our challenges. When you feel that way, breathe, pray, and trust that if you ask for loving help and loving solutions, you will be guided straight to them!