Saturday, October 30, 2010

Change is a good thing

Last autumn the last bits of fall color were just dropping from the trees and the chill of winter was beginning to set in. This year the summer seemed to last longer, the trees took longer to change, and I'm preparing for a big conference more often than frolicking in the woods! Everything does change. And while it is hard sometimes to give up what is good, being in the moment with life and loving where you are today, gives you a much happier experience.

I'm VERY excited about speaking next week. I hope to share so much more that I've learned this year in my seminars. And even though I've taught them before, they will be new, changed, and updated because I have changed. In a way, teaching a seminar is MY graduation from a lot of growth that always goes into its preparation. I can't wait.

This year has been a huge year of change for me. My body broke down for awhile, things broke around the house, I've released a lot of old stuff, my dogs are aging and declining, and yet it is all ok. I've been made new, my appliances are working like a charm, my dogs, although their bodies are aging, have spirits that are shining more brightly each day as they surrender more and become even sweeter.

Truly everything does change, but whatever breaks down makes room for greater order. Whatever we give away makes room for things that suit us better. And most importantly the beliefs that we release, make room for greater truth. In a week I will speak at a big conference and then the week after I'll be back, playing in the woods, dreaming up new things to share with the world. Change is truly, a good thing!