Saturday, September 04, 2010

Retrieving lost parts of your soul

I have seen people resurrecting their inner 'demons' from the past so much lately. It seems anger is going around, as is fear. I've been coaching people non-stop on working with their inner children, their past selves, and the parts of themselves that they would rather hate and push away. Pushing away anything within ourselves is pointless. The angels often say, "Would you tell a child crying in fear to shut up and get over it?... Never. Would you allow an angry tantrum throwing child to take over your life? Not at all." And so, the angels say, "Why do you allow these parts inside of yourself to control you? Why do you hate them, push them away, and withhold love?" If you do the exercises they have given above, diligently, they really work.

I had some frustrations come up the past few months too, so I dove inside myself to see who or what from my past was trying to possess me. If I am not happy, then something within me is lost in illusions. I know from years of working with angels that happiness is an inner condition, and while it is easier to find this inner condition when life is easy, it can be found at anytime. Paradoxically when we find our joy, then life DOES get easier and happier. Why let life hold us hostage? Why let life circumstances dictate our inner condition. We don't have to. We can do the work.

And so after the monsoon storm blew several tiles off my roof and I had to face a lovely insurance deductible, I laughingly realized that something in MY attic - my brain - needed to be upturned and fixed as well! I've went inside and had to have a talk with a tantrum throwing teenager inside my soul. I spoke to that part of my spirit and told it I had grown up and had choices now and that it needed to go into the light and find peace. I put my foot down, with this part of myself and asked the angels to help. And miraculously things are going magically again. The outer circumstances of my daily existence have not changed. I still have aging dogs. I still do tons of laundry. I still work very long hours and try to help as many people as I can while maintaining my own balance. The roof still needs to be fixed. However, that is no excuse not to enjoy life! The things that were bothering me do not bother me now. The real truth of me sees only love and lessons. And miracles are beginning to occur once again.

I haven't eaten much meat all year and yet all the sudden I started craving tuna this week! I knew the dolphins were calling me, and started getting a very strong urge to visit Sea World. I hadn't been there in a long time, and this year spending extra money isn't something I will do too easily. It has also been too hot to leave the dogs out without a sitter. I wasn't sure how this trip was going to happen but I started to put the intention out. The temperature dropped suddenly last week. A dear client gave me airline passes. I already had a pass to the park and found a rental car for less money than it takes me to drive to Sedona. I made up my mind to go and discovered that a friend whom I didn't think could afford it, could come with me. In the space of one night everything was arranged to go to Sea World the next day. We flew standby and got on the flight we wanted, arriving at the park just as it opened. Magically in a life where nothing seemed to be working easily last week, all the sudden everything was flowing magically. The orcas sent us healing energy and shared spiritual lessons. The dolphins in the petting pool kept coming over to play almost exclusively with my friend and I. The Beluga whales sent energy and carried on quite a philosophical conversation. It was a completely magical day. When we were done, we drove the airport, avoided all lines and got on an earlier flight home with less than a half hour wait.

When you go within yourself and find the parts of yourself that do not choose happiness, you realize that YOU, the soul, are in charge. You might have to talk to those parts as if they're kids, wounded past life selves, or just energies that need assistance. The trick is being loving and firm, as you would be with anything or anyone in your outer world that ran contrary to your goodness. This is shamanic type work, angel healing, and really the stuff we come to do while we are on earth.

And while it may appear easier to kick, scream, cry and blame life for our upsets or fears, it is far more powerful to fix what is between the ears first. Suddenly the rest of life looks a lot different! Suddenly life starts to flow as if by magic once again. The real journey, is always and forevermore, inward.