Saturday, September 11, 2010

Expect Your Miracles!

After working with angels for years, I know that anything less than joy in my life, is in some way, trying to show me where I compromise on my soul's greater truth. They've been working with me a lot lately to help me be more and more deeply honest about what I want in life - from the smallest things like noticing whether or not the clothes and shoes I wear are comfortable, to the bigger dreams for the future. They suggested recently that I write out a script for my future life as if it were a mission statement for a company. That sounds like fun and I look forward to taking the time to do it! I have from time to time, written down lists of things I'd like to manifest, and put them aside only to look back later and realize the simple intent created the reality.

I'll never forget years ago when I taught a manifesting class. We made a little "Box of Dreams" and tossed in words, pictures, or objects that represented what we wanted to create. I tossed in a cotton ball with aromatherpay oils on it and just mentally thought, "I'd like to be surrounded by good smells my whole life." I forgot about this. Three weeks later a client called and told me she was a perfume rep and had to get rid of some samples. "Would you like some?" she asked. "Sure!" I replied. It ends up her "samples" were an entire set of full size bottles that I never would have been able to afford! Likewise when I wanted a new car, I put out the intent and tossed it in my box. I started noticing RAV 4's all over the road and on the day my old car 'gave notice' that it was going to die a dealership in town popped into my head and within three hours I had a new car. When I wanted a house, I put out the intent, drove around and found one lovely home that was above my price range and almost right. The realtor adopted me and gave me listings - the first home I looked at is the one I now own. A client cancelled. I was able to view the house and put down an offer and within two hours it was accepted.

Manifesting does not have to be hard if we keep our thoughts and actions consistent with what we want. I cannot say, "I want more rest" and answer emails when I am exhausted. I can't say, "I want to redo the formerly moldy bathroom in the future" and speak as if I won't be able to do it for years. I can't do it now but who cares if I know how to do anything!! God knows :) When our mind is in order, we believe in the goodness of the universe. We speak of it, act consistently with it and expect it. When we are focused on what we don't have, the negativity in the world, or anything contrary to our desires, we are in effect, negating our prayers.

I just received word that a home repair is going to cost $2500. Rather than freaking out, I'm going to get other estimates, honor my guidance, and just wait till I can swing it. Why let it ruin my life? So if you don't have a clue how to change your reality, begin by at least allowing yourself to dream. And then instead of wishing, hoping, or begging for that future, simply make a determination to act and think and speak as if you know it is coming. Be positive. Expect the miracle. And don't put God on a timeline! The universe knows what it is doing. Everything has its season and right timing. As the angels say, "Create what you want in the future but don't forget to slow down and enjoy life now!"