Saturday, September 18, 2010

Releasing what no longer serves

A few weeks ago the angels suggested I look around and reconsider all aspects of my life and lifestyle to re-evaluate what truly serves me. That surprised me. I've been cleaning out closets for years. But after pondering their words I began to see what they were talking about. Take my old CD collection for example. Since I was a child I've been collecting music. Even though I've digitized all my CDs, I've had to hang on to the originals to remain legal. But do I really listen to them all? Do I really need the CD Nature Sounds collection now that I record my own nature sounds? Do I really listen to all those oldies? I began to question everything. It became apparent I need to clear out not only my hard drive but my closets as well. It became clear that I could move many of the remaining CDs into storage boxes and make room in my living area for things I use more often.

What no longer serves me? Hmm. I started looking around my home and realized that the way I use my house and stuff has changed over the years. Some things that aren't used as frequently should be up high on the shelves in labeled boxes, while other things that I use every day could be more accessible. I could sort through the photos on my hard drive and get rid of the ones that no longer give me joy rather than stressing about the fact that my hard drive is almost full.

I need to enjoy the things I do have more often. I need to make time out to do crafts, smell the flowers I so meticulously planted in the yard, and either use the stuff in my pantry or donate it to others.

"Re-evaluate everything," they told me. "What about my web site?" I asked. I have so many ideas about how I could upgrade it and add more for everyone else. "Nothing is wrong with it now," the angels replied and you have no real desire to think about an upgrade. You just think you should." Ha! Busted again. I let go of even thinking about it for now and felt like I was granted magical amounts of time to do what really mattered. I know I have to simplify the newsletter in the future as well, for my sake and yours!

Little by little I saw what the angels were talking about and while it is an on-going process to re-evaluate what serves me in my life and what does not, it feels SO good to de-clutter even further, to get rid of more stuff and to lighten the load. "You'll eventually become almost zen-like," they told me. Hmm... for a woman who has accumulated quite a bit over the years that sound refreshing. I'm not there yet! In fact, I'm no longer in a rush to get there... or anywhere for that matter. Maybe the peace of living in the present moment, while little by little ridding myself of anything that does not serve me now, is the real "zen-like" feeling they were talking about :)

Look through heaven's eyes

The angel message today holds very personal meaning for me. When a recent storm blew roof tiles up and off my roof, I have to admit, after a year of home repairs, that did not feel very loving! But I have been trained well by the angels and so I withheld judgment and called the insurance company to send someone out to have a look. This repair was covered, but the deductible payment is still pretty big.

Furthermore the roof inspector found another leak on the back patio that was not covered by insurance since it was likely there from the time the house was built! Ouch! This bill was going to be astronomical. I had a moment of panic, but stopped, breathed and took a look at the greater truth. I've been manifesting in the flow of grace very strongly lately since I'm teaching it at Celebrate Your Life, and I know I always take the class before teaching it. So what was the love behind all this?

What have you been manifesting lately and specifically Ann," the angels asked me. "A new bathroom in the perfect way and perfect time," I replied. "And why do you need a new bathroom?" I felt this was some kind of crazy discussion but went along with it. "Because I had mold break out earlier this year." "Yes, the angels said, and what causes mold?" "Water leaking in....." OH!! Oh my Goodness! I got it! The roof inspector had discovered the original leak that caused the mold outbreak in my bathroom below! I would never ever have been on the roof to find it had the storm not damaged the tiles. Genius! God rocks once again! I shudder to think what would have happened had I had the money to redo the bathroom earlier. I would have installed all new equipment only to have the old problem crop up again! And so God, in an act of pure brilliance, made certain I would not have to deal with mold again. Yes the repairs are costly, and totally inconvenient, and yet another mold outbreak after spending so much on a new bathroom would have been a lot worse. And so I got down on my knees and gave thanks for this blessing in disguise, took money out of long-term savings for the first time since my divorce 15 years ago and let it all go.

While this might not seem loving it is. We live in a material world and things break, but to have them fixed when the money is there and before they cause further problems is a blessing and was actually part of a bigger manifestation. I could have chosen to throw tantrums, whine, cry our "poor me," freak out about taking money out of my only savings, etc., but instead I choose to thank God for making sure the bigger needs in my life were satisfied before I even knew the problem. I could have seen this as hell but instead I chose to see heaven. And as a result I am a lot happier and am manifesting in other wonderful ways at the moment.

You've heard about my dogs as well - the vet original told me the leakage problem was due to my older guy's hip displaysia, but it recently occurred to me to ask again about so-called "pee pee" pills. My vet didn't think they'd do much good but because the angels had said they would help I begged to try them. Nirvana!! I'm down from 6 loads of wash a day to two and sleeping far more hours at a time. Again, once I stopped whining and started focusing on a solution, I could sense the grace that had been available to me all along. And while I love my vet, something motivated me to check out mobile vets. I talked to one that I did not feel good about, but during the discussion learned of a different pain medication I could try for my dogs, and lo and behold that is working too.

Just to top off my "return-to-manifesting" week, the angels put it in my head to go to the thrift store. I haven't been in ages. I haven't wanted to spend any extra this year. And yet I've been in need of jeans that fit since I lost all that weight with the parasites, so off I went. Not only did I find several pairs of almost new jeans for $6 each, but also some new work tops for $2 each (I was at the store during an hourly 50% off special), an originally expensive starbucks coffee maker, brand new condition, for $10 (I am drinking coffee again), and a $100+ power juicer for $15!! I could not believe it!! I got everything I'd been wishing for and needing for a steal. That is manifesting in the flow! I'm back in the saddle again! Funny what happens when I practice what I preach!! :)
And while these are just material things, I already feel blessed with the beautiful people in my life and the connection with God and the angels that I have worked at all these years.

So we DO always have a choice to see heaven or hell, and being human, most of us have looked both ways at different times in our lives. If you want to manifest in the flow of grace, you do have to assume that everything that happens has love behind it and everything has some solution that can only be revealed when we calm ourselves down, assume love, and ask for the help.

The parasites earlier this year were not fun but made me resolve not to take on energies that aren't mine, and forced me to crave healthy foods as a side benefit. The home repairs haven't exactly been a party but my place is getting all cleaned up so when my dogs leave the planet I will not have much to worry about. Even the incredible hours spent caring for my aging furry kids are an exercise in deepening my ability to love and surrender to life's challenges. So be it. I'm not on earth to waste this opportunity to learn and I feel move love in my life than ever before.

This week try to look at everything, no exclusions, through heaven's eyes. Pray to see the good and the silver lining in every situation. And when you can't yet see it assume you will in time. For there is God, good, and grace behind all things if we are willing to dig deep enough and see it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Expect Your Miracles!

After working with angels for years, I know that anything less than joy in my life, is in some way, trying to show me where I compromise on my soul's greater truth. They've been working with me a lot lately to help me be more and more deeply honest about what I want in life - from the smallest things like noticing whether or not the clothes and shoes I wear are comfortable, to the bigger dreams for the future. They suggested recently that I write out a script for my future life as if it were a mission statement for a company. That sounds like fun and I look forward to taking the time to do it! I have from time to time, written down lists of things I'd like to manifest, and put them aside only to look back later and realize the simple intent created the reality.

I'll never forget years ago when I taught a manifesting class. We made a little "Box of Dreams" and tossed in words, pictures, or objects that represented what we wanted to create. I tossed in a cotton ball with aromatherpay oils on it and just mentally thought, "I'd like to be surrounded by good smells my whole life." I forgot about this. Three weeks later a client called and told me she was a perfume rep and had to get rid of some samples. "Would you like some?" she asked. "Sure!" I replied. It ends up her "samples" were an entire set of full size bottles that I never would have been able to afford! Likewise when I wanted a new car, I put out the intent and tossed it in my box. I started noticing RAV 4's all over the road and on the day my old car 'gave notice' that it was going to die a dealership in town popped into my head and within three hours I had a new car. When I wanted a house, I put out the intent, drove around and found one lovely home that was above my price range and almost right. The realtor adopted me and gave me listings - the first home I looked at is the one I now own. A client cancelled. I was able to view the house and put down an offer and within two hours it was accepted.

Manifesting does not have to be hard if we keep our thoughts and actions consistent with what we want. I cannot say, "I want more rest" and answer emails when I am exhausted. I can't say, "I want to redo the formerly moldy bathroom in the future" and speak as if I won't be able to do it for years. I can't do it now but who cares if I know how to do anything!! God knows :) When our mind is in order, we believe in the goodness of the universe. We speak of it, act consistently with it and expect it. When we are focused on what we don't have, the negativity in the world, or anything contrary to our desires, we are in effect, negating our prayers.

I just received word that a home repair is going to cost $2500. Rather than freaking out, I'm going to get other estimates, honor my guidance, and just wait till I can swing it. Why let it ruin my life? So if you don't have a clue how to change your reality, begin by at least allowing yourself to dream. And then instead of wishing, hoping, or begging for that future, simply make a determination to act and think and speak as if you know it is coming. Be positive. Expect the miracle. And don't put God on a timeline! The universe knows what it is doing. Everything has its season and right timing. As the angels say, "Create what you want in the future but don't forget to slow down and enjoy life now!"

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Retrieving lost parts of your soul

I have seen people resurrecting their inner 'demons' from the past so much lately. It seems anger is going around, as is fear. I've been coaching people non-stop on working with their inner children, their past selves, and the parts of themselves that they would rather hate and push away. Pushing away anything within ourselves is pointless. The angels often say, "Would you tell a child crying in fear to shut up and get over it?... Never. Would you allow an angry tantrum throwing child to take over your life? Not at all." And so, the angels say, "Why do you allow these parts inside of yourself to control you? Why do you hate them, push them away, and withhold love?" If you do the exercises they have given above, diligently, they really work.

I had some frustrations come up the past few months too, so I dove inside myself to see who or what from my past was trying to possess me. If I am not happy, then something within me is lost in illusions. I know from years of working with angels that happiness is an inner condition, and while it is easier to find this inner condition when life is easy, it can be found at anytime. Paradoxically when we find our joy, then life DOES get easier and happier. Why let life hold us hostage? Why let life circumstances dictate our inner condition. We don't have to. We can do the work.

And so after the monsoon storm blew several tiles off my roof and I had to face a lovely insurance deductible, I laughingly realized that something in MY attic - my brain - needed to be upturned and fixed as well! I've went inside and had to have a talk with a tantrum throwing teenager inside my soul. I spoke to that part of my spirit and told it I had grown up and had choices now and that it needed to go into the light and find peace. I put my foot down, with this part of myself and asked the angels to help. And miraculously things are going magically again. The outer circumstances of my daily existence have not changed. I still have aging dogs. I still do tons of laundry. I still work very long hours and try to help as many people as I can while maintaining my own balance. The roof still needs to be fixed. However, that is no excuse not to enjoy life! The things that were bothering me do not bother me now. The real truth of me sees only love and lessons. And miracles are beginning to occur once again.

I haven't eaten much meat all year and yet all the sudden I started craving tuna this week! I knew the dolphins were calling me, and started getting a very strong urge to visit Sea World. I hadn't been there in a long time, and this year spending extra money isn't something I will do too easily. It has also been too hot to leave the dogs out without a sitter. I wasn't sure how this trip was going to happen but I started to put the intention out. The temperature dropped suddenly last week. A dear client gave me airline passes. I already had a pass to the park and found a rental car for less money than it takes me to drive to Sedona. I made up my mind to go and discovered that a friend whom I didn't think could afford it, could come with me. In the space of one night everything was arranged to go to Sea World the next day. We flew standby and got on the flight we wanted, arriving at the park just as it opened. Magically in a life where nothing seemed to be working easily last week, all the sudden everything was flowing magically. The orcas sent us healing energy and shared spiritual lessons. The dolphins in the petting pool kept coming over to play almost exclusively with my friend and I. The Beluga whales sent energy and carried on quite a philosophical conversation. It was a completely magical day. When we were done, we drove the airport, avoided all lines and got on an earlier flight home with less than a half hour wait.

When you go within yourself and find the parts of yourself that do not choose happiness, you realize that YOU, the soul, are in charge. You might have to talk to those parts as if they're kids, wounded past life selves, or just energies that need assistance. The trick is being loving and firm, as you would be with anything or anyone in your outer world that ran contrary to your goodness. This is shamanic type work, angel healing, and really the stuff we come to do while we are on earth.

And while it may appear easier to kick, scream, cry and blame life for our upsets or fears, it is far more powerful to fix what is between the ears first. Suddenly the rest of life looks a lot different! Suddenly life starts to flow as if by magic once again. The real journey, is always and forevermore, inward.