Saturday, August 07, 2010

Life is a spiritual experience

I love traditional doing spiritual practices when I have the time. Meditating to me is like plugging myself back into a power outlet and refilling my soul. I don't always get time for long mediations so sometimes a few minutes has to do the trick. Luckily over the years I've learned to calm my mind quickly.

However, the angels are right. It is in the every day activities that we really put our spiritual skills to use. As many of you read last week, two of my greatest spiritual teachers at the moment have four legs and fur! My aging leaky dogs teach me greater levels of surrender! I have to surrender not only to my own feelings, but to the circumstances. Last Saturday after six loads of wash, scrubbing the floors, AND the dog, I was tired. One ridiculously big furry dog smile, however, and I remember that it is all about love.

There are many things in life that can become a spiritual experience if we do them slowly and mindfully. Cooking, for me, is a spiritual discipline. It is so sensual! Tastes, colors, smells, textures... It puts me right into the present moment. I feel connected with the earth, the farmers that grew the food, the people that transported, the clerks at the local grocery. Just to get a meal on the table, we must interact with so much life!

When I broke a foot years ago and had to clean my house on crutches the task was excruciatingly slow, but instead of whining, I taught myself to think of cleaning as "loving my home." You can choose the Disney method and "whistle while you work!" Sure is better than "Whining while you work!" And when I look around after the chores, I feel like my home is loving me right back.

So when you feel you aren't being 'spiritual' remember we already are! The trick is bringing our attention into the present moment, and our love into the present situation. That is the best meditation on earth because it is allows us to merge the human and the divine at any moment in our lives.

So this week, bring a little extra love into your days and see how life responds.
Love you all,