Saturday, July 31, 2010


According to the angels, this was the year my soul originally intended to die. Thankfully I made a very conscious choice to live and so this year I am in a sense, in between lives, cleaning out the old and making room for the new. The skills of choosing love and choosing peace that I've worked on over the years have come in so handy this year I do not know how I would have made it through without them!

Lately my opportunities to choose peace and love come in the form of piles and puddles gifted to me by my aging dogs. This isn't an easy phase. I clean up sometimes 4-5 times a day, often in the middle of the night, and do laundry at all hours. But I LOVE my dogs, and focusing on that love makes it all bearable. Focusing on loving myself has caused me to ask the angels for even more comfort and support as usual. And strangely I have been more awake with less sleep, able to love more in spite of more challenges, and able to accept myself even when I occasionally have to have good cry. The heart energy is HUGE. Friends have been supportive without me asking. Love is coming from unexpected people in my life, and I feel my heart more than ever before. In the midst of challenge, there is such beauty. It is simply amazing.

The ability to choose peace paid off in a big way a few weeks ago. Somehow I threw my back off and I kept feeling pinched in my shoulders. I had little chest pains here and there and knew it was just my posture. However, one day I started having intense chest pains and shortness of breath - all the symptoms that one has with a heart attack. By the grace of God and years of practice, I was totally calm. I lay down on the couch, called in my guides, and simply asked, "Is this a heart attack, and am I dying?" "No and you are not dying," came the response. Jesus showed up quite clearly in my vision with his hands on my heart. "You have been feeling HUGE love for the world lately and your body got a little blocked up, that is all." I had been saying I was feeling so much love I thought I would burst! (Oops!) I received guidance to do some energy work and the pain was soon fixed. I later learned that the pinched shoulder caused nerves to misfire which made my heart skip a few beats. (A big thanks to Dr. Peebles who comes through Summer Bacon who suggested a chiropractic fix that solved this once and for all). Had I not had plenty of practice in choosing peace and love, I might have freaked out and caused myself REAL physical trouble. Instead the calm allowed me to hear guidance, to think clearly, and to simply solve the problem.

Life is sometimes just doing its thing. Stuff breaks down. People and pets break down or behave badly. We break down or behave badly at times! But in spite of that we can take a breath and remind ourselves that loving ourselves first and then loving others is the happiest way to go. Choosing peace instead of conditioned drama ultimately feels so much better and allows us to receive greater guidance. Getting into a tizzy does very little good at all.

We do have choice. We do have the ability to recondition and retrain ourselves. Each time we choose peace and love we are unlearning bad habits that have been passed down throughout the human race, and learning to be who we really are. It feels amazing to know you can be happy in spite of life's challenges, and in so doing, you get through them with greater grace, peace, love, humor, and joy. I feel very blessed in my life. I feel an outpouring of love from the universe and from friends. And this love I have chosen to share with life itself comes echoing back in the most magnificent ways. I don't 'give to get.' I am not always peaceful but even in my profoundly human moments I choose to love myself and thereby find my way back to peace again. So can you :)

May peace be with you, and may the love that you are light your way.