Saturday, July 10, 2010

No worries

This message from the angels strikes a chord. I don't worry too much but others tend worry about me. The fact that I am usually strong and upbeat makes people worry when I am not up, happy, and healthy. I am, however, human as the rest, and when I give myself a spiritual lesson I often do it with a bang!

When I broke my foot years ago, friends were on my case to get more medical advice. I was perfectly happy however knowing what I already knew, embracing the lessons, and healing up as a result of my spiritual work. I knew if I didn't learn my lessons the next one would be wicked! And so while well-meaning individuals worried that I'd have permanent foot damage, I put my foot down - and my foot healed. And while others insisted I'd have permanent nerve damage, I stopped letting life get on my nerves, and that healed too. The spiritual lessons and physical healing went hand in hand and there is no permanent damage whatsoever. Although I knew my friends worried because they loved me I also see deeper and knew their worry was a mixture of both genuine love and concern, as well as their own fears. I didn't have the energy to ease others' worries while healing myself. I had to learn to just stick to my own truth and do the real spiritual work.

Recently I've had great concerns about the Gulf coast. The ocean floor looks like swiss cheese in my visions due to the rapid drainage of oil. There is potential for a serious mess. Rather than worry, I'm trying to take action with prayers, meditations,and a commitment to be an extraordinarily loving person every day. Handling what is in front of us now is far more important and a better use of our creative abilities than projecting a fearful reality into the future. Disasters may come but if we project positive energy outward, rather than worry, we can mitigate situations that would otherwise be far worse. When we worry, we can hardly hear our own guidance.

So if you are a worrier, try not to place the burden of easing your worries on the person you are worried about. Rather, turn your worries to a prayer for the good you'd like to see in your own life or the lives of others. I'd rather someone say, "I love and care about you and have you considered this..." than "I'm so worried about you. You should..." It may be the same underlying concern but the first statement feels a lot more like love. If you the one others worry about, don't take it on - live your truth and just make sure you own the choices you make in your own life, because in the end, that is all we are ever held to account for. Above all remember that we are powerful creators and rather than worrying, far better to project the best possible outcome into the future rather than our worst fears.

Love and hugs and... no worries!