Saturday, June 12, 2010

Don't judge the books by their cover

I have learned due to my work that most of us have no idea of the beauty that lurks in each soul we come across. I will never forget my last few weeks working in engineering. I shared my hopes and dreams with managers, engineers, and techs and they opened up to me. One older manager confessed to my utter surprise that he always wanted to be a storyteller. Because he shared his dream with me, I remembered when I came across a storytellers association and was able to share the info with him. He joined and went on to live his dream!

More recently, I was talking to someone selling tours in northern, Arizona. This person was amazing and delightful and I found out that they were going to go to law school and combine their brilliant mind with their psychic gifts to help bring greater justice to the world. Another person selling tours recently quit to be a master chef. You NEVER know what is in a person unless you start to talk to them. And the world will never know what is in you unless you open up and share your heart as well.

The angels often say that God answers our prayers through other human beings. So, if you have a crazy dream, share it next time you feel motivated to open up to a stranger. You never know who or what they know. You never know how they can help. And if you find yourself with someone you might otherwise judge, ask him or her about his or her interests. People run SO deep. We judge them so quickly based on demeanor, appearance, circumstance, but there is always so much more. This week, be open to discovering more about the people you meet, and even the ones you already know. It adds depth, breadth, and color to life!