Saturday, June 26, 2010

Loving Mother Earth

As with any tragedy, the Gulf Oil Spill creates both opportunity for greater darkness or greater light. The shame, blame game accomplishes very little. The angels say if we come together in prayer, and in our dedication to living in the truth of our love then we can inspire the solution both energetically speaking - for Mother Earth needs OUR strength and love now, and on a practical level - because the more of us that pray for a solution, the quicker it will come about.

Sometimes we feel so small in the face of such a huge mess. You may feel like you live too far away to do anything, or you can't afford to send money, but we CAN send love. We CAN pray. We can choose faith in what is good and true. We have that power within us.

I was praying very hard earlier in the week for the earth. I have a stone sphere that looks somewhat like the planet and when I pray for her I hold this sphere and imagine coating the earth with beautiful light. I imagined holding her in my soul's heart. I imagined soothing purple light plugging up the gaping wound that has burst open in the Gulf. And then I started talking to her. "Dear Mother Earth, hang in there. We humans have done terrible things to you and there are those who hate and fear and allow greed to possess them. But you know there are many of us who love you and who are dedicated to learning more and more every day about loving each other. Hang in there. I will help heal you." That last sentence came from the I-Am presence that shines through all of us - the part of me that is much bigger than I- Ann. Immediately I felt a rush of heat coming up through my feet and I burst into tears with the magnitude of the love that I felt coming back TO me from the earth. I felt her as a living breathing spirit with whom we are in communion at all times. I felt her love, her fatigue, her sadness at watching the unkindness on the earth, her willingness to hang on there for us. I felt it all, all at once, like a rush of knowing, feeling, and sensing. With tears streaming down my face, I found myself repeating over and over, " I love you. Hang in there. Hang in there. We are here for you."

As I came out of this trance-like space, I felt almost desperate for greater ways to help. The angels told me to go get an older CD out and play a song on it called "Mother Earth." It is a ballad - a love song to our planet - truly a prayer that we need to pray in these times right now. The lyrics touched me deeply... "see the blackness come upon your shores... pain and greed have cut you to the core... Mother Earth don't weep any more..." I'll have a link to the song and the lyrics for you next week.

As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet. So as you watch the news, send love the oceans, the earth, and the entire human race, but do your best to avoid judgment, criticism, blame, hatred, etc. because that truly hurts the heart of the earth. Better to be an example of love for others than to sink to a level that only contributes to the problem.

Whatever you are guided to do, I know Mother Earth appreciates each one of you, and I hope you can take time this week to sit in prayer and then in silent reception to feel her love rushing back to comfort and thank you.

Love and gratitude to each one of you. Together we are powerful in God's love.

ps - If you enjoy guided meditations, I have a short free one to heal the earth that you can download here. You can also join in the World Prayer that the angels gave me in 2001, or copy and post it on your site, newsletters, etc. All I ask is a little note: ©2001 Ann Albers -

Saturday, June 19, 2010

So-called limiting spaces

Today's messages speaks to me very clearly. As many of you know earlier this year I had one large intention - "Dear God I want everything in my home, life, and body that does not belong, up and out!" And so began a week of appliance breakdowns (they were old), mold breakouts (it was lurking), and the most challenging of all, a breakout of intestinal parasites that, according to the angels were lurking in my body just waiting to hatch for some time. So for three months I tried to get rid of the horrid things using all manner of natural medicines, etc. The problem was, they eat sugar and about every month or so when I got hormonal, I'd cheat on my diet and eat sugar and have another outbreak. In April I got serious with myself and decided that if I was ever going to heal, I had to cut the sugar out for months. For the first few weeks I felt like an addict on withdrawal. I drooled at every piece of cake, chocolate, and ice cream that I saw. Then something wonderful started happening. My will-power won and the cravings subsided. My taste buds still wanted sugar but when I ask my body it quietly says, "Not now, thank you." So when I see something yummy I imagine eating it, feel all the pleasure, and don't wreck my system.

I started eating even healthier a month ago. I wanted to really detoxify my system. So for over a month now I've had no sugar, no flour, no meat (I just lost my taste for it one day after a lot of praying to be completely healthy again), and very little dairy. I started eating mostly grains, greens, fruits, nuts, and beans. Immediately I began to feel better. I have always loved to cook and now I've had to learn to cook and eat a whole new way. I never knew beans could taste so good. I had never made Indian Dahl before, nor had I explored the tasty world of spices in such great depth. And what started out as a feeling of real limitation, has now turned into a culinary adventure.

A few weeks ago the angels recommended I go on a three day fast with only water and tea to really kick any stragglers out of my system. They told me to clear my schedule because it would be exhausting. And so, for three days I gave up food. Because I had already been eating healthy it wasn't as bad as I thought. The first day I was just a little tired. The second morning I laid on the raft in the pool and got some much needed rest, so I actually felt more energized. However, by dinnertime on the second day the cravings came in full force! I was tired, dizzy, and would have eaten anything had I not been so serious about healing. I made the crazy choice to watch the food channel on tv and drooled at hot dogs loaded up with mac and cheese. Then I decided to read healthy cookbooks instead and dream up better meals for myself. By the morning of day 3 I knew I was on the home stretch but had to surrender to resting because that is all I had the energy to do. It was SO needed. I hadn't rested that much in ages! So once again a limitation became a blessings. By the time I could eat again I wanted great food. Asian greens with ginger and garlic made my heart sing, raw carrot salad tasted like dessert, Indian Dahl, hummus with red pepper strips... oh my goodness, the healthy diet tasted like a cornucopia for my senses! And so limitation has become exhiliaration. I may not eat this way forever, but as long as my body wants this good stuff, this is what it is going to get.

I've had financial limitations this year too - so many appliances broke after my "Big Intent"! Up and out with the old! The car needed repairs. The dogs are high maintenance and high cost due to their age. I do three to four loads of laundry every day to make sure they have clean flooring in the bedroom which is lined with such towels. And yet, even in spite of the financial squeeze, I feel rich! I'm wasting less, doing less, and resting more. I'm making priorities for when I have more that will really add energy and value to my life rather than spending on a whim. I've been delighted to be in the process of weeding out stuff instead of wanting more and passing things on to people who can truly use them. Sharing like this always makes me feel abundant. So once again, limitation becomes expansion of the soul. And God always comes through to pay the bills. Always.

So when you feel limited, first of all accept the fact that this is the way it is for now. No use struggling against what is already going on. Intend what you want in the future. Then, decide to get creative. I can live like a healthy Martha Stewart on a 99cent only superstore veggies and a thrift store budget. When we give up our complaints and focus on our creativity a whole new world opens up. You never know... you might just like who you become, and how your life transforms, when you find yourself in one of these so called limiting spaces!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Don't judge the books by their cover

I have learned due to my work that most of us have no idea of the beauty that lurks in each soul we come across. I will never forget my last few weeks working in engineering. I shared my hopes and dreams with managers, engineers, and techs and they opened up to me. One older manager confessed to my utter surprise that he always wanted to be a storyteller. Because he shared his dream with me, I remembered when I came across a storytellers association and was able to share the info with him. He joined and went on to live his dream!

More recently, I was talking to someone selling tours in northern, Arizona. This person was amazing and delightful and I found out that they were going to go to law school and combine their brilliant mind with their psychic gifts to help bring greater justice to the world. Another person selling tours recently quit to be a master chef. You NEVER know what is in a person unless you start to talk to them. And the world will never know what is in you unless you open up and share your heart as well.

The angels often say that God answers our prayers through other human beings. So, if you have a crazy dream, share it next time you feel motivated to open up to a stranger. You never know who or what they know. You never know how they can help. And if you find yourself with someone you might otherwise judge, ask him or her about his or her interests. People run SO deep. We judge them so quickly based on demeanor, appearance, circumstance, but there is always so much more. This week, be open to discovering more about the people you meet, and even the ones you already know. It adds depth, breadth, and color to life!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

I have seen so much impatience lately. It seems everyone is writing me just itching for something to occur in his or her lives. I used to feel that way. I used to need the 'next big thing' to happen all the time. I used to need to finish a project to feel good about myself, to reach a goal to feel productive, or to know the next step in my life in order to feel that I was in control. Now I feel good about who I am, I feel productive whether I sit still or get something done, and I don't care at all about the next step because I trust I'll know it when I get there.

Being in 'control' is highly overrated! Always having to know the next step in life used to make my life terribly predictable and boring, and gave me little room for miracles. Now, on my days off, I let go of control. I get my chores done in whatever order I feel inspired to do them, and miraculously they don't feel so tedious. On play days I don't plan - I just do what inspires me. And in this fashion, God is given the room to bless me more than He ever would be allowed if I insisted on rigidly adhering to a plan.

Last weekend I had a classic example of living this way. I went up north to Sedona to hike and heard via the grapevine that there was going to be a concert at a local deli whose owners I love and adore. I was planning to go home on time, play with the dogs, and get to bed early in time to go to tai chi the following morning. But Food? Friends? It sounded like so much fun. Nevertheless, I was tired. So, I sat, pondered, and realized I was tired and wanted to nap in the woods that very moment and decide later. I found a great rock in the middle of the creek, put my feet in the water, plugged the ipod in and took a nap amidst the trees, the water, and the deep blue afternoon sky. Miraculously I awoke just in time to go to the concert. What fun! I found out it was an invitation-only party but the owners graciously invited me to join. I was in hiking clothes and everyone else was dressed up, but no one minded. I pulled up a chair, and soon someone put a table in front of me and other delightful strangers joined me! Later it got chilly and since I happened to have my picnic blanket in the car, I wrapped up in that fine attire. Stylish? Not even! Fun, oh my yes!

If we remain a little flexible with our plans and anticipate good in our lives then we remain open to the daily miracles that can grace our path. Sure, I wonder what my own future brings - the angels tell my clients more than me! But in truth, I don't want to know anymore. I want to live my life one day at a time, living by heart, creating as I go, and enjoying life as it happens one day at time. Why wait to be happy? If I waited until my credit card was paid off, my health was perfect, and my dreams were all achieved, then I'd miss SO much! We can be happy right now. It is just a little change in attitude.

So, if you feel frustrated and impatient, by all means, rant and rave in your journal and allow the tantrum-throwing child within to get the emotions up and out, but then take charge of your own life and mind again and realize that all is well. All is in divine order. And you might as well enjoy your life today :)!

Lots of love,

ps - If you are in Sedona stop by Euro Deli at the corner of West 89A and Dry Creek Road and tell Swava and Peter I said hello! They make delicious food just like my Polish Grandmother. It feels like family in there!