Saturday, May 01, 2010

Heart leads the way

One line from the angel message truly strikes me this week and that is the bit about having a sense of humor. I laugh way more often than I cry. Sometimes I laugh at the sheer absurdity of the human mind, as mine tries for the gazillionth time to usurp my heart and take over my life. Take this morning for example. I woke up determined to mop the floors, port the blogs on my website, do the newsletter, etc. I had a huge list of chores prepared but when I got to the newsletter, nothing flowed - not a word. The angels weren't talking. I couldn't think of a thing to share, and I started getting frustrated.

"Hello Ann," I heard Archangel Michael say. I paid attention immediately. He is the love of many of our lives!! "Yes?" I enquired. "What are we teaching in two weeks?" Oooh! I turned red and got the absurdity of my thought process immediately!! "Learning to live in the flow of Divine Grace." He just smiled at me. I stopped trying to force the newsletter and went about more appealing errands. The day just kept getting better. I had time to update the behind-the-scenes stuff on my website while listening to beautiful music, time to take care of the dogs, time to clean out a few closets and donate stuff to a thrift store, plant some new things in the garden, clean out the kitchen, AND now, that I am surrendering to the TRUE desire to get the newsletter done, it is pouring through as always.

We humans are such SILLY creatures! Our hearts are designed to be our compass, and yet we've learned through conditioning and upbringing to plan, strategies, and over analyze things to death! And while planning is required in appropriate circumstances, far too often we make artificial deadlines, put things on our to do list that aren't absolutely necessary and have little to do with the heart, and create all sorts of unnecessary pressure in our lives.

I know why my mind was acting up - it thinks it is losing its job now that my life is flowing more smoothly and it started creating problems to solve! This is what we do and it IS funny. Our lives start working. We start living in the flow of grace. Then the mind says, "I've been laid off! I'm dying! I have no purpose! And we start to invite dilemmas to be resolved." I love my mind, don't get me wrong. I'm glad I have a good brain; however, it has its place, and bossing my heart around is not what it is allowed to do anymore in my life :)

So if you catch yourself in a tizzy, feeling overwhelmed or overburdened, sit still. Breathe. Drop into the heart and say, "Heart... what do YOU want to do first." I guarantee that allowing your heart to dictate the flow of your days will lead to a more productive and peaceful life, living in the flow of grace. I always get these funny lessons prior to teaching. I have to live the class more deeply and ground it in my own life in ways that only God can come up with! And for that I give thanks because when the learning ends, my mind would get totally bored!

Have a fantastic week!