Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guidance in the here and now

I have been living in the present so much more these days and I just love it! It helps me enjoy the time I am spending with friends. It helps me embrace the housecleaning as a way of loving my home rather than something to just 'get through." And it gives me a lot more energy in spite of not much sleep because I'm not thinking of the fact that the dog woke me up three times last night when I am truly present today. Now I have energy.

Life often highlights these lessons. I had the wild and crazy urge to climb as high as a human can go without ropes on Bell Rock in Sedona last weekend. I've done it before (when I was younger!) and it is always a bit precarious and scary because there are areas where you have to scoot up narrow steep rock areas, and climb on cliffs. Nonetheless, everything in me wanted to go! It turns out, it was a lesson on presence once again!

I made it up easily to the first difficult spot. Then all the sudden past and possible future came crashing in on me. "You've been stupid in the past Ann. Don't kill yourself today!" "What if you can't do it?" And so on... you know how the voices in your head can all of the sudden decide to mutiny against all heart-centered plans! So I got present. I breathed, sat and asked the angels if this would be safe to do today. "Yes if you go slow and are present," came the answer. And so I took each tedious step very slowly and carefully. I stopped and rested when I was tired, instead of pushing onward with wobbly legs like I used to do. At one point I almost chickened out. I didn't know if I could haul myself up the cliff the way I used to so I sat once again, breathed and checked in. I got the green light and sure enough it was easier than I thought. I was rewarded with stunning and spectacular vistas. But most of all I was rewarded with a reminder that life is lived most comfortably and fully if we are fully present to where we are at... one step at a time! Gotta love how those angels teach!

So this week enjoy the present of the present, where you get the best guidance, feel your own heart most fully, and know what to do next. If you feel uncentered, breathe, look around you and focus on where you are, who you are with, and then your own feelings. This zaps me back to now pretty quickly.