Saturday, March 13, 2010

Angel Humor to the rescue

Lately I've been having a lot of opportunities to laugh at the lessons in my life. I had HUGE intentions in January and with huge intentions, often come huge opportunities to grow. I DID intend to get anything in my mind, heart, body, soul, and home out that would prevent me from feeling God in all areas of life. I had a past life regression* which ended up with me in a trance surrounded by spirit doctors yanking all sorts of icky energy from past lives out of my solar plexus area. I woke up out of the hypnosis feeling wonderful but knowing I was in for some serious growth after that!!

Soon after, old-appliance breakdown week occurred. A few weeks later, I got a case of intestinal parasites that bloated me out one weekend till I looked like a woman nine months pregnant! (I did think about taking pictures and sending them home to mom as a joke, but refrained!). I got rid of those then was diagnosed with cellular parasites. Now I'm on a program to get rid of those. The dog got more mites but since I didn't overreact, we got rid of those. About this time I had a reading with Dr. Peebles, the angel who comes through my friend Summer Bacon ( to get some perspective without my own biases! The angels reminded me that I had wanted everything dark within me up and out! They said the parasites were in there all along dormant and I told them, "Wake up, get out! Go into the light and leave me alone!" I did laugh. It was true.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief, thinking I was done cleaning up all the critters that didn't belong in, on, or around me or the dogs, when lo and behold, a week later, I opened the back bathroom cabinet and in three days since I last opened it, a nice patch of mold was growing! That was IT! I was frustrated. I sat down and said, "Ok God, I DID intend to clean out everything but I need help!!" I want everything out of this house that doesn't belong. I want it cleaned up now! And I want to be able to afford it! I put a load of towels in the washer and apparently there were too many, and the washer overflowed! I pulled it out to clean and lo and behold, more yuck yuck underneath there! I got that cleaned up and laughed at how quickly this prayer was being answered. Everything in my house is going to be squeaky clean at this rate!

I was immediately guided to web sites, products, and tips to get rid of all traces of the stuff. It stopped growing and I'm on a program now to make sure the air in the back bathroom is clean. Summer told me Dr. Peebles recommends boiling a pot of water with 1 quart of apple cider vinegar in the house till the pot is near the bottom to get rid of anything in the air. SO my house is stinky now but certainly purified beyond reason, and it certainly was an affordable remedy. I also hired my friend Susan Palmer to do a house clearing ( And I called a mold abatement guy who gave me a few more tips for free over the phone, and told me what I was describing wasn't a catastrophe. It gave me peace of mind, and who would think anyone would do anything for free anymore?

I handled it all really well for the most part. I did have one really good cry the day I found the mold. After all I am human and I have watched one too many "Extreme Home Makeovers" in which mold takes over whole house! And although I wouldn't mind meeting Ty Pennington to thank him for all the good he does in the world, I'd rather not do it with the crew leveling my house!! Humor and perspective came back quickly in a meditation in which Archangel Michael reminded me that I was a child of the living God and it was really silly to let microscopic spores control my mood! He said if I could avoid letting them control my mood, they certainly couldn't control my house :) I knew he was right, so I lightened up and just handled things.

Even in spite of my good mood, after an intense day of scrubbing, spraying, mopping, etc, I was tired and in need of some inspiration. When I sat down at the computer to work Sunday night, I said a brief prayer for inspiration and upliftment. Within minutes, my iTunes program started playing songs, all by itself! I knew it was an angel because of the song choices - there was no playlist that created the selection that proceeded to play for an hour on my computer! Instead the first song that came on was one of my many favorites - "Skyflight" by Robin Miller - the last was his song "Angel Heart" and in between were Hindu, Muslim, Native American, Hawaiian, Buddhist, Christian, and various other songs whose lyrics made me smile and spoke to me! It couldn't have been more perfect. I went to bed feeling very loved and as if nothing challenging had occurred at all that day.

It is true that we can choose how we react to life. More and more I'm reacting with surrender to the moment, humor, and a good attitude. And as a result I know that these items that I'm cleaning up were there all along waiting to be handled and now they'll be done, and I'll have time to write again and do the things I want to do in my life. Life isn't against me. I didn't do anything 'wrong' - I just made choices in the past to let energies and people in my life that wreaked a bit of havoc, and now I'm cleaning up the last remnants and residue of the vibrational ramifications of those choices. Life is good.

So when life throws you a few curves, remember, they may be leftovers from choices made in the past, but if you handle it well now, your future will be oh so much better!