Saturday, February 13, 2010

The value of sitting still

Thank the heavens, last week's round of home repair drama is finally over! Once I realized that my body was screaming at me to take better care of it again, everything started getting better. After the water heater broke, the dryer nearly burnt, a nail pierced the car tire, the dog broke the window... I did finally sit still and ask what was going on. As I mentioned last week - the answer was humorous! You are drained, physically burnt out, deflated, and shattering old beliefs, Ann! I had to laugh. The angels were right. Mentally, spiritually, and emotionally I felt wonderful but once again when I got SO excited about life, I forgot to take care of my body. You would think by now I'd know better, but I don't always. I spend so much time during work ignoring my body so I can tune into the other realms that I have to consciously remember after work to put my attention back into the physical. Life mirrored my neglect and pointed out what I needed for balance in my life, luckily, before bigger problems ensued.

So this week, I took a LOT of time in silence. In fact I sat quietly before each meal, asking my body what it wanted to eat. I got very specific cravings and instructions. Sleep has been a challenge too due to aging dogs so now each night I ask the angels to knock us all out for a solid sleep. Magically the doggies are sleeping through the night more. And when they don't rather than complaining, I ask for my meditation to make up for whatever sleep I've missed. It's working! Every night before I go to bed now, I also ask the healing angels to work with me and nurture and refill my body. I even made myself rest a lot more than usual this weekend. After just a week, my body is so much happier with me. I can tell I'm back in the flow of grace too because life is back to peace, harmony, and things are flowing easily again.

When life gets a little off kilter, the most important thing you can do after you handle the immediate challenge is to sit still and see what is going on inside of your mind and heart. Sometimes this endeavor is not even about hearing angels. Sometimes the most important thing you can do, the angels remind us, is to hear yourself! After all the goal of the angels is to get us to hear and listen to our own hearts, our own minds, our own bodies, and most importantly our own spirits.

And while you are in silence, check in with your previous intentions! If you have a little chaos in your life, you spirit may be bubbling things up in life to make you look at any limiting beliefs or behaviors that block your intentions. I DID intend in early January to feel the bliss of God flowing through my human physical form. Oops. Not resting and listening to my body certainly runs contrary to that intent! It took a lot of home repairs and considerable expense to get my attention!

So, even when it seems like life is out to get you, the truth is LIFE, LOVE, and GOD are out to get you - to get you back on track and consistent with what you are intending and praying for :) Rather than feeling victimized when things occur that aren't too fun, handle them, then sit in silence and ask yourself what is really going on inside of you first. Therein lies the answer to peace, harmony, and answered prayers!