Saturday, February 27, 2010

Savoring life... all of it!

Every year I pray that God will make me wake up one day in late winter and WANT to get my tax information organized. I have a great accountant but I like to make sure I have everything in order before I give her the materials. Since this is a task I don't enjoy, I ask God to give me the grace to embrace it every year. Lo and behold, Saturday all the chores were done, the sky was black and rainy, and I woke up feeling like doing my taxes. God never fails me!

After getting the tax stuff done, I had time remaining so I decided to clean out my files and shred stuff from years ago that I no longer needed. As I put old bank statements through the shredder, I remembered how much time I had invested in them. As I shredded old bills and receipts, I remembered that no matter how much I had worried over them, everything turned out fine. As I shredded stuff from years ago that I discovered in the boxes in the garage, I gave thanks for what was good in the marriage I had in my twenties, and said a prayer that my former husband, who was always a great guy, was doing well in his life. I shredded old letters to customer service representatives for businesses that had caused me great irritation in the past and now meant nothing to me. I shredded receipts for things I thought I had to have at the time, that had now been enjoyed and passed on to others. I felt like I was releasing my past in a very tangible way.

Everything we ever worry or stress about passes. What was a big deal so many years ago is a piece of paper running through my shredder today. I wonder why I ever worried about the bills. I wonder why I ever cried and felt like a failure when my marriage ended - we were both simply discovering who we were and that we were different. I wondered why I ever placed so much emphasis on the bank statements when in reality God always manages to make sure I'm ok. I wondered why those arguments with businesses past ever were allowed to irritate me. Those things consumed so much of my time and energy at the time, and now they're done and gone, and life has moved on. Thank God, other things are so much more important now.

I think of that when I start to worry about a bill. This too shall pass. Everything that ever concerns us is temporary - a lesson, a gift, a chance to trust God even more. We are really eternal souls, and our real home is heaven. We're just here on earth in school, having adventures, learning lessons, and creating through the emotional and mental vibrations that we send out. Now instead of worrying, I trust. God has always taken care of me, but I now enjoy the experience of life a whole lot more. Now when I have to handle a dispute with a business, I make the calls I need, write the letters I need, and then let it go and enjoy the rest of my day. Now when I feel I "must" have something I take the time to weigh its cost and maintenance against how much joy I feel it will bring me to see if it is really worth the 'price' I'll pay. I weed out the things in my house that don't serve me on a regular basis as surely as I weed out activities that do not enliven me, or at least find ways to bring life into my activities, and bring love into my days.

Although life is still life - bills happen, things break, unforeseen changes occur - I enjoy the experience of my life so much more. I live more in the moment, taking time to embrace what is in front of me now. I am not thinking of the many things I have to do later today. Instead I am present with this newsletter and therefore feeling the love and connection I have for all of you. That is a much kinder way for me to spend a few hours rather than stressing about everything else I have to do. Rather than being a chore, this is a labor of love because I am present to it. I feel your spirits growing with me, and they are beautiful.

No matter what is happening in your lives, try to enjoy the moment, or at least embrace it. When the water heater burst, I didn't enjoy it, but I did embrace it - ok this is happening now, let me be with it, and therefore I was able to get it fixed and handled more quickly. Spending time wishing something isn't in front of us is a waste of time. Embracing each moment helps you either enjoy it or deal with it more quickly so you can get on to what you do truly enjoy. Try it - trying being present as much as you can this week. Bring YOU - your love, your wisdom, and your humor - to each moment. And watch how life transforms into a much easier and more joyful experience... no matter what :)

Have a great week and savor your lives.