Saturday, January 09, 2010

Your heart speaks in each moment

I've heard so many people sigh with relief that 2009 was over, and yet, from the angels' perspective, it was an incredible year of growth, a year of examining our priorities, and getting clearer about what truly makes us happy. It was a year of learning greater faith, cleaning out our emotional closets, and in many cases, our real closets as well. It was a year of great movement and change, and as always when we resist change, it is painful, but when we embrace it head on, it can be exhilarating. It's fun to see how God works miracles in your life once you learn to surrender the worries and concerns. After some of my greatest times of stressing and straining, when I finally let go, I've seen God work miracles in my own life. And if you listen to your heart, you may be the one that gets to be a miracle for someone else at times too. God manages the stars in the heavens, as the angels like to say, and can certainly orchestrate our human interactions in ways we could never dream or imagine.

Last weekend I drove up to Sedona for a hike without a clue where I'd end up. I had no plans other than to get outdoors and as always I just waited till the urge hit to go somewhere. This time I ended up hiking back in a canyon and veering off the path on to a little known trail up to some Native American ruins. They are a very sacred spot and one of my favorite places to sit high on a cliff side, pray out loud, and connect with spirit. I rarely run into anyone up there, so it surprised me when, huffing and puffing, as I rounded a spot on the trail, I ran into a beautiful lady sitting on a rock looking a bit lost, and just waiting. She asked me if I knew my way to the ruins and so happily we went on together and enjoyed an amazing time tapping into the earth energies and the spirits of the place. Only after we'd chatted awhile did I learn that she was in major life transition and had been told to come up to this place to pray. She'd tried before, and not found the spot and was asking God to show her the way when I showed up! God knew I was up for adventure and she needed a guide and so we were a perfect pair. The synchronicity delighted us both.

This is how God works. You'll have an urge to do something and find out there is a reason you never imagined. Or maybe you haven't a clue how to manage something in your life and so you sit, pray, and wait for inspiration or help. Other times your sudden desire to go off the beaten path allows you to help another soul in need.

Some of you have heard this story... years ago I was selling a nutritional product to make extra money because when I started doing readings, they weren't paying the bills. I sat at this health fair for two days praying for God to help me make sales. My heart wasn't in it and I was exhausted. "Go home and rest," the angels kept telling me. "No," I have to pay the bills, "I replied stubbornly," not yet understanding completely how God worked. I sat there, until nearly in tears of frustration I gave up, went home, and passed out in exhaustion on the couch. While I was sleeping several people called to order the product!! God always wins! If we insist on ignoring our hearts, we have to do things the hard way. If instead, we acknowledge our hearts, and surrender to them with faith and trust that God cares, then all of the sudden the magic begins to happen in our lives.

So this year, expect joyful synchronicity, magic, miracles, and to experience God's love in your life. God is moving so strongly in the hearts of humanity right now. To resist yourself in the moment is getting more painful. To acknowledge what is inside of you and act accordingly is really where the growth and magic begin to happen.

I wish you all magical and miraculous examples of God's love for you!