Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our eternal relationships

It seems my spiritual path has been a journey of looking for those illusions that the angels talk about and one by one routing them up out of my consciousness. I have used all manner of means to help me in this endeavor - meditation, affirmations, healers, shamans, past life regressions, and most of all praying every day for God's grace and truth to fill me. As of late, I feel I've stepped into a whole new reality - one that looks pretty normal (for me!) on the outside, but one that is internally more loving and kind than anything I've ever experienced before. I finally am starting to know myself, not conceptually, but in actuality, as a living breathing creation of the energy of God here upon the earth, and finally I'm starting to see that in others more consistently.

I was sitting with one of my dear dogs the other day. We like to stare into each other's eyes and just 'be' together. It is such a loving experience that my eyes often become moist with tears, and even my dog's eyes water too. We love each other so much. The angels told me once that he is a part of my beloved grandfather's soul. As I stared at him the other day, it dawned on me, that Grandpa is a memory from my past. My dog is in front of me now, and someday in the future maybe we'll have different forms. The joy of knowing that we will be eternally connected hit me so strongly that I felt a deep, deep peace in my heart. No one is every really gone from our lives. No one ever truly leaves our soul. We will all find our loved ones again someday in other realities and on the other side. And that is SUCH a huge comfort. I know my dear dog is aging and won't be with me forever, and while that thought is sad, there is joy in knowing I can never ever lose his soul, and never have.

And so as I sort through my priorities this year I give more time to celebrating the presence of God in all His forms here upon the earth - in the eyes of friends and strangers, in the whispering of the trees, the bright shining sun, the smile of my dogs. I see God's presence in the pigeons that chase me around the yard and even in the mosquitoes that let me talk to them and carry them outside in my bug jar. It is getting quite mind blowing to feel that Presence in so many different ways.

So please, know you are loved, know you are eternally connected with all those whom you love. Know that your soul doesn't end, and so you are eternally safe, loved, supported, and secure. Things like bills, stuff that breaks down, petty disagreements, even political differences - these all become so much less significant when we can embrace the bigger picture - that we are here to dissolve our fears and illusions and both feel and express the presence of God's love on earth. We're still human. We still have to handle our lives, but it is so much easier to handle them with joy when you can really believe in God's great love for you.

Ask to experience God's love this week. Give your angels a challenge. Ask them to make their love so obvious you can't miss it. And be ready to receive because you can't ask for it then block it with a lack of self worth :) Then get ready to feel the wonder and joy of knowing their eternal love for you!

God bless you, as the angels say,
I truly love and appreciate you all - We're all in this school called earth learning together!
Love and hugs,