Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fill me. Thrill me. Spill me God

After I channeled last week's angel message on time, little did I know that I would need to read it each and every day. This holiday season I truly do not have the time to do what I usually love to do. And yet there is so much love present in my life. My dogs are aging and requiring more care by the day. But in the same breath that I would tell God I am tired, I also thank God because I am not taking anyone or anything in my life for granted. It is a time for me of deep appreciation for all that is in my life.

My car broke down again this week, but as always it happened in grace. The check engine light came on, on the way home from a hike. I made it home safely, got the car in the shop the next day and was able to see most of my clients anyway. The bill was astronomical again but this time, with so much else going on, the sticker shock passed in less than an hour. I have bigger things to think about - like showing my dogs and my friends how deeply they are loved, working to remain in balance as best I can. I can still appreciate my Christmas decorations, my home, the unbelievably beautiful weather, and the gift of every moment I breath. Truly I feel this gratitude as of late, hand in hand with the emotional roller coaster that I've been on this year with the dogs.

it is a wild and challenging time to be on earth. All that we are, is bubbling to the surface. And as the light rises up within us, it starts to cleanse and release all that is not that light. We feel everything more deeply and intensely. It is beautifully really, to feel so deeply, because if we can feel sadness deeply we can also feel love just the same. I pray very simply these days, since I often have less time.

God come into my heart. Fill me. Thrill Me. Spill Me :) And I feel the love and the warmth and the light pouring in as I say this, and pouring through me into others. Truly that is the best present of all.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do what you can

Time used to be a big issue for me! I used to pack too much into my days, ignore my own needs, and try to emulate Martha Stewart, spiritual masters, and my own family traditions, while running a business and taking care of two dogs. In short, I used to be crazy! A broken foot in 2004 that left me on crutches for five months taught me balance, and to this day I am grateful for that gift. Now, during the holidays I get what I want to get done, when I can and some things just don't get done. This year, when three clients cancelled all in the same afternoon and nothing in me wanted to refill those slots, I trusted God would handle the finances, and put up the Christmas decorations, which believe it or not I find restfu.

My holiday cards were not done in my usual timing so I waited until I felt like doing them. I will not be baking the 100 dozen cookies I used to bake this year. In fact, I'm eating so much less sugar, I may only make a few batches. But it is all ok, because the spirit of Christmas seems so much more alive in my heart this year than ever before. I am taking more time in the evenings to actually sit and enjoy my own decorations. I am not going to many events so I can spend time with my furry kids. And the few presents I'm giving this year really do come from my kitchen, craft room, or my heart. It feels simpler this year, and more authentic than ever before. My body is telling me not to overdo it, and so in listening (for once!) I can feel my heart ready to share more love with friends, family, and clients.

And while a Martha Stewart Christmas WOULD always thrill me, I am content doing what I can, being who I am, and celebrating the true spirit of the season which is all about light coming into a darker world. This year, more than ever before, I have been tasked to bring the light into an onslaught of challenges, and looking back I feel really good about coming through it all brighter and more loving than when I started.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Give yourself a little Presence

There seems to be an odd phenomena going around. Many sensitive and caring people I know have told me that they are experiencing waves of sadness overcoming them, for seemingly no good reason. Each acknowledges some sadness within themselves, but as the angels said it seems amplified beyond reason. I have felt this too. It comes and goes in waves, and then joy returns just as quickly.

When I asked the angels what was up, they said Mother Earth is sad about the fact that humanity is not getting along too well. Earlier in the year when the gulf coast was pierced and drained so quickly, the energetic field of the earth and her ecosystem was very wounded. People felt this. I witnessed more fatigue and physical issues in my clients than ever before. We used to get a lot of our physical energy from the earth. Now "Mom" is not feeling so well and we must learn to tap into the Divine for ourselves a lot more. People who aren't used to finding their own energy are vying for it with one another in the most unevolved and unloving ways. People who do practice tapping into their own energy are experiencing intense feeling but also more rapid growth and higher states of joy.

So every day when I get up I put my arms up in the air and pray this prayer: "God fill my mind, heart, body, and soul with your grace. Fill my every thought, word, and deed with your grace. Fill my home, property, neighborhood, and car with your grace. Fill my dogs, friends, and family with your grace." And I sit and wait to feel the heat pouring through my arms and into my heart. It feels wonderful. I pray to be aligned with God's will for my life... "God take my life, make me love it, and let me know clearly what to do and when." These are simply prayers, but so powerful.

And still, even in spite of my best intentions, and fervent prayers, some days are easier than others. My aging dogs gave me a reprieve for a few months but now their care is becoming increasingly difficult once again. I love them, so I surrender more and more each day and focus on the love, but some days I feel I can't give them all I wish I could. And so I have to lighten up and choose to love myself as I am because I am truly doing my best.

We can be so hard on ourselves, and yet God and the angels love us in a way that is so profound it is hard to comprehend unless you take the time to sit still and ask to feel it. It only takes a few moments to sit and ask for an angel hug, or to feel the touch of God in your heart, and it is like re-booting your internal hard drive.

So the next time life challenges you to love yourself, stop, breathe, and ask God and the angels to help you experience their love. When you feel that it becomes almost impossible to avoid loving yourself as well :)

As the angels say, Give yourself a little Presence this holiday season :)!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gifts from the heart

I love the angel message today. It is so true. I have forgotten most of the material gifts I've given over the years, but I remember the ones that came from the heart. The homemade macadamia nut butter warmed hearts and tummies one year. The handmade bath goodies are always welcomed. Homemade jams and jellies add a little sweetness to life. One year I did a photo book for my parents who had travelled so they could recall their beautiful memories. Last year several friends got "Elfed" when I snuck my homemade Christmas wreaths onto their doors with those 3M sticky hooks! Ring and run and off we went leaving Christmas cheer behind :)! Another year I gave friends the gift of a meal a month since I love to cook. It hardly cost a thing but it made their busy lives easier. And so every year I try to sit and think about what can be truly used, eaten, experienced, or appreciated, because we all have enough stuff and I would rather give memories and smaller things that mean more.

Some of the most memorable presents I've received are similarly thoughtful. One friend gave me a very beautiful red and gold glass Christmas ornament that reflected her elegant and beautiful personality and matched my tree. Another gave me a sunny pot of Calla lilly bulbs that reflected her bright and cheery personality and my love of flowers . A dear client who could rival Martha Stewart brought me the best roast chicken and potatoes I have ever eaten. Another client who was very tight gave me a gift card for $5 for a burger joint that I like, and I blessed this soul with every bite taken. A beautiful tea cup given to me by another dear lady continues to be a beloved possession as I sip my morning tea, and a massage from one of my close friends sent me to heaven. It is not the magnitude of what we give that counts, but rather the heart and the thought we put into it.

Somehow I have always known this. When I was little, my family and I would open our gifts on Christmas Eve, saving Christmas morning for the gifts that Santa Claus's left. I LOVED to give, so much so, that when the last present was opened, I would run down into the basement and wrap up bags of beans or other pantry items, so I could give my mom & dad more presents! And while this was SO silly, in little girl logic, my folks got to unwrap more surprsies! I am certain their smiles came from the laughter in their hearts at seeing their kid gift them with their own possessions! Nonetheless, it was and still is, the thought that counted!

So this year, don't worry about giving "enough." Instead give from the heart, from the thoughtfulness inside of you, taking into account the person's interests and desires. And as for gifts for those who "have it all" give experiences, your talents, a home cooked meal, an outing with them for a day, a letter sharing with them all you love about them, a gift of a donation on behalf of their spirit... you get the idea. More stuff is not better. More love always is :)

Share your beautiful light, heart, and talents this year and you will feel the joy of BEing You!

And for those of you who like giving homemade goodies, check out the recipe for Spiced Pecans which are SO easy to make and always loved :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It all led to God

At Celebrate Your Life, during one of the meditations when everyone had their eyes shut and the angels made my hands fly up to transmit their beautiful energy to those in the room, I had a moment of overwhelming gratitude for all the challenges this year because in spite of them, or rather because of them, my body is cleaned out, my home is in good repair, my car works well, my dogs and I are learning greater levels of surrender, and I feel the love of God flowing through me even more strongly than ever.

The mold breakout and storm damage to the roof revealed a problem that if left unfixed would have led to great damage in my house. The parasites made me embrace a diet that taught me all sorts of new and healthy ways to eat, and to appreciate my now good health every day. The onslaught of appliance repairs means everything is all fixed and ready to go for next year. The intense and difficult care of my aging dogs has taught me to find beauty and love even amidst puddles, piles, whining, crying, and at times howling demands. As I learned over and over about the good in the so-called "bad" I could share it with all of you.

As I am filled with wonder and gratitude in my meditations, it is no wonder then that a recent song by Rascal Flatts called "Bless the Broken Road" is playing over and over in my head this week. Although the song is written as if sung to a lover, I feel as if I am singing it straight to God:

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you...

If you want to watch the video, I've included it below. It is a beautiful statement of truth. God bless indeed the broken roads that lead us back to truth, to love, to a faith that is rock solid, and to a life that is lived with a sense of wonder and anticipation, knowing that underneath it all, no matter what, is only, always and forever, One Love.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'll listen to my heart for the holidays!

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all those who recently joined our mailing list after attending the Celebrate Your Life conference! I had so much fun and was truly honored to be there once again sharing the angel wisdom that guides my own life.

No matter what I do, be it putting together a seminar, writing a book, or writing a simple newsletter, I am always tasked to practice what I preach. The angel section of the newsletter came easily this week, but I couldn't for the life of me think of a thing to say in my portion!

The first day I sat down to write my section, I realized I needed rest after the conference so I gave up and went to bed early. The next morning when I sat down to write, I realized I had a greater desire to get caught up on email, sort the piles of mail, clean my desk, clean the house, and see a full schedule of clients. The following day I tried to write, but realized the bills were due so I honored my heart and handled my finances.

Tonight I sat down again and this portion of the newsletter was still not forthcoming! I realized I was hungry, so once again I gave up, honored my heart and ate dinner, wondering all the while, "What am I going to say?" I sat down to write and the dogs wanted more attention, so I honored my heart and spent time giving them doggie massages and telling them how wonderful they are. I sat down to write and the dog started whining, so I honored my heart and his demands and let him outside. And then, as I heard the angels giggling, I realized, I was LIVING my portion of the newsletter and suddenly it was very easy and fun to write. Furthermore I am rested, have a clean desk, a clean house, am almost caught up on email, the dogs are happy, I saw clients, and the bills are paid!

When I give into the heart I am so much more productive than when I struggle to accomplish things that are not in it! We spin our wheels when we try to make ourselves do things we really don't want to do. We procrastinate, get distracted, resist. And that is not such a bad thing because it is just your internal guidance system saying either "Not needed," or "Not now."

So try, during the busy holiday season, to listen to your heart and do things in its order rather than according to your mind's rigid schedule. Watch and see how productive you can be! You may never know why the heart directs as it does. If you really don't want to pick up the cranberries from the grocery store today, perhaps it is the angels saying, "They won't be in stock until tomorrow so save yourself the trip!" And while these are silly examples, if you listen to the heart, you will make your life so much easier, and definitely much more fun!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

The love you bring to the task

By the time everyone receives this newsletter Celebrate Your Life will be almost over and I'll be celebrating the season of fall once again. Soups, hikes in the woods, and times with friends are just as important to me as the large conferences. The scale of what we do is never as important as the authenticity we bring to each task. For the last several weeks my heart and soul have been focused on the conference. Now I will be focused on my soups.

The angels say that as humans we have a tendency to think more is better. And yet serving one person is equally as important as serving the masses. The ripple effects of our lives will never be known to us until we look back after our death. I have seen this so many times. Someone had to give Martin Luther King's mother strength and inspiration so she could pass that one to her son, and yet how many of us remember her name, or the ones that supported her? Putting your heart and soul and love into cooking a pot of soup to share with friends is just as important as working in a soup kitchen... IF it is done with love. And while this is a difficult thing to grasp since we have all been raised to believe that certain activities have more merit than others, the angel contend, that the love we bring to each task is what lasts in our minds and hearts far more than what we actually accomplished. If everyone would do what is authentically in their hearts we would have no more starving or homeless people, nor would we have people starving for love or feeling far away from their home in heaven.

So never judge your life by the scale of what you accomplish. Instead look at the love you bring to each task. The smile you offer to a stranger may give them the strength they need to keep going today. The love you put in your dinner may be what your family needs to find comfort. The pray you pray in silence for a hurting soul half way across the world will send legions of angels to assist them. And by all means if you are given inspiration to do so, donate your time, money, and/or talent to those in need. Whatever you do - the angels say, do it with love, and from the authentic guidance in your heart, for this is done with the hand of God guiding you.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Change is a good thing

Last autumn the last bits of fall color were just dropping from the trees and the chill of winter was beginning to set in. This year the summer seemed to last longer, the trees took longer to change, and I'm preparing for a big conference more often than frolicking in the woods! Everything does change. And while it is hard sometimes to give up what is good, being in the moment with life and loving where you are today, gives you a much happier experience.

I'm VERY excited about speaking next week. I hope to share so much more that I've learned this year in my seminars. And even though I've taught them before, they will be new, changed, and updated because I have changed. In a way, teaching a seminar is MY graduation from a lot of growth that always goes into its preparation. I can't wait.

This year has been a huge year of change for me. My body broke down for awhile, things broke around the house, I've released a lot of old stuff, my dogs are aging and declining, and yet it is all ok. I've been made new, my appliances are working like a charm, my dogs, although their bodies are aging, have spirits that are shining more brightly each day as they surrender more and become even sweeter.

Truly everything does change, but whatever breaks down makes room for greater order. Whatever we give away makes room for things that suit us better. And most importantly the beliefs that we release, make room for greater truth. In a week I will speak at a big conference and then the week after I'll be back, playing in the woods, dreaming up new things to share with the world. Change is truly, a good thing!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Teachings of the trees

I LOVE autumn in Arizona. Every year a friend and I take a trip up north to see the aspens turn colors. Walking amidst this forest of giant trees with their white bark and beautiful golden leaves is like walking in nature's cathedral. We always stop, eat lunch, and lay in the carpet of rolling late summer grasses for a little nap. To me, this is a piece of heaven and a reminder of God's unspoiled glory. As we hiked and chatted this year we couldn't help but comment on the incredible changes everyone has been going through this year.

It seems like the theme of this year, and the years to come is "God's way or the highway." But ... te he... God's way IS the HIGH WAY!! Nature is such an awesome example of how we can live in harmony with our own spirit. The forest does not keep rigid schedules. Last year the aspens were turning colors at the end of September. This year they have just begun in mid October. They don't sit there, and say, "Oh my! We are late this year!!" They just know that when the temperature changes, so do they. Likewise, while we do have certain commitments we must meet, we so often create so many artificial deadlines for ourselves that we can drive ourselves crazy.

Whilte putting together my conference for Celebrate Your Life, I appreciated this reminder for the trees. For all practical purposes I "should" have stayed home and started working on updating my seminars on my "office day" last week. But my heart said GO NOW!! And so I took my office day off and went up north, then locked myself in the office the following weekend. It ends up the timing was great. The temperature was perfect, and if we had waited, there would have been inclement weather. I'm glad I listened to my heart! Today, "office day" once again, I'm typing this newsletter, have more work to do on the conference, and yet I know there are other errands calling prior to what I "should" do. So I will honor the timing of my heart, and get things done in an order that will certainly be more productive than if I forced myself to honor an artificial and rigid schedule.

How many times do we force ourselves to cross things off the "to do" list in order, rather than saying, "Hmmm... what do I feel like doing first?" How many times do we act like the world will fall apart if we don't get to the grocery store right away, clean the house, answer our emails, jump up when the phone rings etc. The angels keep teaching me, that while we DO have schedules, when we are not obliged, we should listen to our hearts and honor that timing. It always works! I get more done. Today I have an insane amount to get done but because I will honor my heart it will not feel rushed. It will either get done or not, and if not, there are other days in the week.

So this week, honor the lessons of the trees... instead of forcing yourself to a rigid schedule in your 'spare' time, try to honor the heart and rest when you need rest, do things when you are inspired, etc. What your soul deems unnecessary will fall away and you'll get done what you need to do. Trust, trust, and trust ... and you'll find life moving at a more natural an unhurried pace.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Look for the good

Everybody seems to want money. But what we really want is what we think the money can give us - freedom, peace of mind, security, etc. This week, in spite of more money going out the door, I realized how rich I am with good fortune, security, and protection!

I love this week's message, especially considering that the angels had me sit and channel it after three days of wild weather and storms here in Arizona. I am feeling especially blessed in spite of challenges this week. If the last storm hadn't blown tiles off my roof, a hidden leak wouldn't have been fixed before this round of gully washers! Go God!

Again I was blessed when suddenly my car started running really rough on the freeway last Sunday. It seems there are two schools of thought concerning cars. Some people love the latest and greatest. Others treat their cars like family members and do everything possible to keep them alive till their last breath. I fall into the second category. I have a 12 year old Toyota Rav 4 that I adore. It has 180,000 miles on it, has never stranded me on isolated stretches of the freeway, and has a car angel attached to it called "Zippy" that lets me know when to do what.

I asked Zippy what to do and was told to get her into the shop ASAP! Being mechanically ignorant, I assumed I needed an oil change and a new filter and figured the bill would be reasonable. Not quite! It ends up hoses were leaking, the fuel filter needed replacing, the timing belt was about to go, the power steering fluid was rank, and the list goes on. When I heard the total, I almost passed out on my dear mechanic of 12 years. He was very kind about it and always does a great job, and God bless him found a way to pare off a few more dollars, but after the roof repairs it still felt like a bit much.

So I did what I always do when human "freak-out" hits me. I sat and breathed and asked the angels to get me back into truth quickly. I emailed a few friends asking for prayers. And then I sat and counted my blessings. I did not break down on the freeway. I wasn't stranded. The repairs were on an office day when I didn't have clients. I got a free rental. I trust my mechanic. Even though my car is old it runs like new after they're done with it. It is paid off... and after a few minutes of counting the blessings in this situation I felt LUCKY instead of insane. Truly it was LOVE to have all this happen at one time because with my busy schedule that is more convenient! Go God once again!

As I drove the rental back to the shop to pick up my car, one of those Arizona wild thunderstorms hit hard. There was no visibility on the freeway and great puddles of water were forming. The long line of rush hours traffic slowed and we all just took it easy, until... a few miles before I arrived at the shop, I burst out from under the cloud into brilliant and beautiful sunshine! Talk about a metaphor for the entire situation! I even got a rainbow - God's promise of better things to come :)

So when life throws you a curve, sit and look for the good and soon you'll be back in truth, feeling better than you would if you focus on the 'stormy side' as the angels call it, and basking in your own spiritual sunshine!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Mini miracles and sleeping dogs!

When the angels say there are always options, they mean it! This week I had my own mini-miracle. The dog situation has been challenging because my dear hunky husky is restless for attention at night. As a result, I've been waking up to be with him every two hours most nights for months. Last week he was waking me up every hour every night! It isn't pain, the angels told me. His meds work fine. It is simply that when I am around he wants my attention and since he's getting older and creaky and can't move as fast, he is also cranky! He doesn't like the fact that he can't move easily and he hollers loud enough to wake the dead so I will come to him! Needless to say if it weren't for angels and mediation I would have been among "the dead" after so many months in a row with so little sleep!

It finally dawned on me to open up my mind and instead of asking God to make my dog sleep through the night, to simply ask for a solution!

Of course, as a result of this prayer, an answer I never would have dreamt came easily. The dogs sleep very quietly and peacefully in the bedroom while I'm at work. It is their "den" and they are very comfy there. The insanity only occurred when I am there with them. "Leave the dogs in the bedroom and you sleep in the spare bedroom," the angels told me. Brilliant!! Now I give the furry kids an hour of snuggles, Reiki, and massage before bed, then settle them into their comfy doggie beds, leave on a nightlight, turn on some soothing music, shut the door and go sleep in my guest bed! HEAVEN! I am sleeping 7-8 hours again at night. The dogs are sleeping peacefully through the night, and we are all in very loving and wonderful moods in the morning! In fact when I came to wake them the other day, they were snuggled close together after a lifetime of feuding! Go angels! Go God!

And while I "shouldn't" have to move out of my own bedroom for my dogs, who cares! It works. I feel wonderful. Even better, the guest bed mattress is very firm and my back is feeling even better as well! So once again, God came up with a solution that is loving and honors us all.

I have seen this principle in action so many times. When I left my job years ago, I didn't have a clue what I was going to do. I just did what I was drawn to and thus this career evolved out of that down time. I didn't panic. Instead I knew I had money in savings for awhile and trusted God to guide me. Had I panic'd and rushed into a new job search I would not be living the life I am now.

Even this weekend, on a hike I saw God offer a little creature a solution when seemingly there was none. I was hiking in the creek with a friend and suddenly my attention was drawn to a little caterpillar hanging onto a branch that had been blow into the water. There was no way out for this little guy, but in the middle of nowhwere, we came hiking by and somehow his tiny little soul cried out for help in this giant expanse of nature and we saw him. Gently we lifted him off the branch, out of the water, an into a tree by the banks. It nearly made me cry. Sometimes we feel like we are hanging on for dear life in the middle of impossible situations but even then God can send an angel who hears your prayers, and helps you too.

We are never truly alone to handle our challenges. When you feel that way, breathe, pray, and trust that if you ask for loving help and loving solutions, you will be guided straight to them!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Being present while multi tasking!

This angel message was a total set up for me! As I sat to write it, I had dog towels in the wash, beans cooking on the stove, and dogs whining for more attention. I woke up with a huge to do list and asked the angels to channel the newsletter quickly. "Focus!" they told me. So I did. As I was channeling their message the dog came up and started whining and demanding attention. My attention wandered. "Focus," the angels gently coached me. So I brought my attention back to the newsletter and in thirty seconds their words poured out onto the page.

I sat to write my section and the stove timer beeped, indicating the beans were done. "Ok, guys, you want me to do one thing at a time here but if I don't get the beans they will burn," I said. "Advice?" Get up and focus on the beans. Return and focus on the newsletter they said. It sounded easy but I realized usually my mind would be going off in the track of "Oh no! I'll never get this done." So beans became my sole focus, and then the newsletter took precedence once again.

The dryer dinged. "Is it necessary to get up and handle that now, in this moment?" the angels asked me. "No," I replied. Ok, then, focus on your newsletter. I'm still typing! I hear the dog whining in the background demanding a morning back rub. "Focus Ann," the angels say and so I tune him out and stay present with all of you reading this.

It IS a challenge to keep our attention only on the task at hand and even greater mastery to switch tasks and focus on what we are doing, knowing full well there are a gazillion other things tugging at our attention. And yet it IS possible. It takes practice and a good sense of humor.

I'll never forget a time when I was NOT present with the task at hand! I was answering emails and thinking of so many other things I had to do. I had eggs coming to a boil on the stove. The timer went off and I got up to go take the eggs off the stove. I forget what it was but something else distracted me and so I didn't focus on the task at hand and went back to answering emails. It wasn't until a half hour later when I heard what sounded like a bomb going off in the kitchen that I realized the water had boiled down and the eggs had hit the bottom of the dry pan and were exploding!! Cleaning REALLY hard boiled eggs off the ceiling convinced me that it wasn't wise to let my mind get distracted from the task at hand! Every time I start to stray from the present now I think of those exploding eggs!!

I can get SO much accomplished when I am present. Time seems to stretch and I get more done. Even when I switch tasks, if I focus on what I am doing, it goes more quickly. That means I have to ignore interruptions, putting what I want to accomplish first. It isn't easy. We are used to jumping to the world's demands and putting our own priorities last. However, if you can allow yourself to focus on what you feel is important in your own day, then miraculously and unselfishly you have more time to TRULY be present with others.

See if you can spend more time this week really present to whatever you are doing now. It is time for me to finish the newsletter, then focus on folding the towels:) I'm going to give both my full attention, one task at a time!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Releasing what no longer serves

A few weeks ago the angels suggested I look around and reconsider all aspects of my life and lifestyle to re-evaluate what truly serves me. That surprised me. I've been cleaning out closets for years. But after pondering their words I began to see what they were talking about. Take my old CD collection for example. Since I was a child I've been collecting music. Even though I've digitized all my CDs, I've had to hang on to the originals to remain legal. But do I really listen to them all? Do I really need the CD Nature Sounds collection now that I record my own nature sounds? Do I really listen to all those oldies? I began to question everything. It became apparent I need to clear out not only my hard drive but my closets as well. It became clear that I could move many of the remaining CDs into storage boxes and make room in my living area for things I use more often.

What no longer serves me? Hmm. I started looking around my home and realized that the way I use my house and stuff has changed over the years. Some things that aren't used as frequently should be up high on the shelves in labeled boxes, while other things that I use every day could be more accessible. I could sort through the photos on my hard drive and get rid of the ones that no longer give me joy rather than stressing about the fact that my hard drive is almost full.

I need to enjoy the things I do have more often. I need to make time out to do crafts, smell the flowers I so meticulously planted in the yard, and either use the stuff in my pantry or donate it to others.

"Re-evaluate everything," they told me. "What about my web site?" I asked. I have so many ideas about how I could upgrade it and add more for everyone else. "Nothing is wrong with it now," the angels replied and you have no real desire to think about an upgrade. You just think you should." Ha! Busted again. I let go of even thinking about it for now and felt like I was granted magical amounts of time to do what really mattered. I know I have to simplify the newsletter in the future as well, for my sake and yours!

Little by little I saw what the angels were talking about and while it is an on-going process to re-evaluate what serves me in my life and what does not, it feels SO good to de-clutter even further, to get rid of more stuff and to lighten the load. "You'll eventually become almost zen-like," they told me. Hmm... for a woman who has accumulated quite a bit over the years that sound refreshing. I'm not there yet! In fact, I'm no longer in a rush to get there... or anywhere for that matter. Maybe the peace of living in the present moment, while little by little ridding myself of anything that does not serve me now, is the real "zen-like" feeling they were talking about :)

Look through heaven's eyes

The angel message today holds very personal meaning for me. When a recent storm blew roof tiles up and off my roof, I have to admit, after a year of home repairs, that did not feel very loving! But I have been trained well by the angels and so I withheld judgment and called the insurance company to send someone out to have a look. This repair was covered, but the deductible payment is still pretty big.

Furthermore the roof inspector found another leak on the back patio that was not covered by insurance since it was likely there from the time the house was built! Ouch! This bill was going to be astronomical. I had a moment of panic, but stopped, breathed and took a look at the greater truth. I've been manifesting in the flow of grace very strongly lately since I'm teaching it at Celebrate Your Life, and I know I always take the class before teaching it. So what was the love behind all this?

What have you been manifesting lately and specifically Ann," the angels asked me. "A new bathroom in the perfect way and perfect time," I replied. "And why do you need a new bathroom?" I felt this was some kind of crazy discussion but went along with it. "Because I had mold break out earlier this year." "Yes, the angels said, and what causes mold?" "Water leaking in....." OH!! Oh my Goodness! I got it! The roof inspector had discovered the original leak that caused the mold outbreak in my bathroom below! I would never ever have been on the roof to find it had the storm not damaged the tiles. Genius! God rocks once again! I shudder to think what would have happened had I had the money to redo the bathroom earlier. I would have installed all new equipment only to have the old problem crop up again! And so God, in an act of pure brilliance, made certain I would not have to deal with mold again. Yes the repairs are costly, and totally inconvenient, and yet another mold outbreak after spending so much on a new bathroom would have been a lot worse. And so I got down on my knees and gave thanks for this blessing in disguise, took money out of long-term savings for the first time since my divorce 15 years ago and let it all go.

While this might not seem loving it is. We live in a material world and things break, but to have them fixed when the money is there and before they cause further problems is a blessing and was actually part of a bigger manifestation. I could have chosen to throw tantrums, whine, cry our "poor me," freak out about taking money out of my only savings, etc., but instead I choose to thank God for making sure the bigger needs in my life were satisfied before I even knew the problem. I could have seen this as hell but instead I chose to see heaven. And as a result I am a lot happier and am manifesting in other wonderful ways at the moment.

You've heard about my dogs as well - the vet original told me the leakage problem was due to my older guy's hip displaysia, but it recently occurred to me to ask again about so-called "pee pee" pills. My vet didn't think they'd do much good but because the angels had said they would help I begged to try them. Nirvana!! I'm down from 6 loads of wash a day to two and sleeping far more hours at a time. Again, once I stopped whining and started focusing on a solution, I could sense the grace that had been available to me all along. And while I love my vet, something motivated me to check out mobile vets. I talked to one that I did not feel good about, but during the discussion learned of a different pain medication I could try for my dogs, and lo and behold that is working too.

Just to top off my "return-to-manifesting" week, the angels put it in my head to go to the thrift store. I haven't been in ages. I haven't wanted to spend any extra this year. And yet I've been in need of jeans that fit since I lost all that weight with the parasites, so off I went. Not only did I find several pairs of almost new jeans for $6 each, but also some new work tops for $2 each (I was at the store during an hourly 50% off special), an originally expensive starbucks coffee maker, brand new condition, for $10 (I am drinking coffee again), and a $100+ power juicer for $15!! I could not believe it!! I got everything I'd been wishing for and needing for a steal. That is manifesting in the flow! I'm back in the saddle again! Funny what happens when I practice what I preach!! :)
And while these are just material things, I already feel blessed with the beautiful people in my life and the connection with God and the angels that I have worked at all these years.

So we DO always have a choice to see heaven or hell, and being human, most of us have looked both ways at different times in our lives. If you want to manifest in the flow of grace, you do have to assume that everything that happens has love behind it and everything has some solution that can only be revealed when we calm ourselves down, assume love, and ask for the help.

The parasites earlier this year were not fun but made me resolve not to take on energies that aren't mine, and forced me to crave healthy foods as a side benefit. The home repairs haven't exactly been a party but my place is getting all cleaned up so when my dogs leave the planet I will not have much to worry about. Even the incredible hours spent caring for my aging furry kids are an exercise in deepening my ability to love and surrender to life's challenges. So be it. I'm not on earth to waste this opportunity to learn and I feel move love in my life than ever before.

This week try to look at everything, no exclusions, through heaven's eyes. Pray to see the good and the silver lining in every situation. And when you can't yet see it assume you will in time. For there is God, good, and grace behind all things if we are willing to dig deep enough and see it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Expect Your Miracles!

After working with angels for years, I know that anything less than joy in my life, is in some way, trying to show me where I compromise on my soul's greater truth. They've been working with me a lot lately to help me be more and more deeply honest about what I want in life - from the smallest things like noticing whether or not the clothes and shoes I wear are comfortable, to the bigger dreams for the future. They suggested recently that I write out a script for my future life as if it were a mission statement for a company. That sounds like fun and I look forward to taking the time to do it! I have from time to time, written down lists of things I'd like to manifest, and put them aside only to look back later and realize the simple intent created the reality.

I'll never forget years ago when I taught a manifesting class. We made a little "Box of Dreams" and tossed in words, pictures, or objects that represented what we wanted to create. I tossed in a cotton ball with aromatherpay oils on it and just mentally thought, "I'd like to be surrounded by good smells my whole life." I forgot about this. Three weeks later a client called and told me she was a perfume rep and had to get rid of some samples. "Would you like some?" she asked. "Sure!" I replied. It ends up her "samples" were an entire set of full size bottles that I never would have been able to afford! Likewise when I wanted a new car, I put out the intent and tossed it in my box. I started noticing RAV 4's all over the road and on the day my old car 'gave notice' that it was going to die a dealership in town popped into my head and within three hours I had a new car. When I wanted a house, I put out the intent, drove around and found one lovely home that was above my price range and almost right. The realtor adopted me and gave me listings - the first home I looked at is the one I now own. A client cancelled. I was able to view the house and put down an offer and within two hours it was accepted.

Manifesting does not have to be hard if we keep our thoughts and actions consistent with what we want. I cannot say, "I want more rest" and answer emails when I am exhausted. I can't say, "I want to redo the formerly moldy bathroom in the future" and speak as if I won't be able to do it for years. I can't do it now but who cares if I know how to do anything!! God knows :) When our mind is in order, we believe in the goodness of the universe. We speak of it, act consistently with it and expect it. When we are focused on what we don't have, the negativity in the world, or anything contrary to our desires, we are in effect, negating our prayers.

I just received word that a home repair is going to cost $2500. Rather than freaking out, I'm going to get other estimates, honor my guidance, and just wait till I can swing it. Why let it ruin my life? So if you don't have a clue how to change your reality, begin by at least allowing yourself to dream. And then instead of wishing, hoping, or begging for that future, simply make a determination to act and think and speak as if you know it is coming. Be positive. Expect the miracle. And don't put God on a timeline! The universe knows what it is doing. Everything has its season and right timing. As the angels say, "Create what you want in the future but don't forget to slow down and enjoy life now!"

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Retrieving lost parts of your soul

I have seen people resurrecting their inner 'demons' from the past so much lately. It seems anger is going around, as is fear. I've been coaching people non-stop on working with their inner children, their past selves, and the parts of themselves that they would rather hate and push away. Pushing away anything within ourselves is pointless. The angels often say, "Would you tell a child crying in fear to shut up and get over it?... Never. Would you allow an angry tantrum throwing child to take over your life? Not at all." And so, the angels say, "Why do you allow these parts inside of yourself to control you? Why do you hate them, push them away, and withhold love?" If you do the exercises they have given above, diligently, they really work.

I had some frustrations come up the past few months too, so I dove inside myself to see who or what from my past was trying to possess me. If I am not happy, then something within me is lost in illusions. I know from years of working with angels that happiness is an inner condition, and while it is easier to find this inner condition when life is easy, it can be found at anytime. Paradoxically when we find our joy, then life DOES get easier and happier. Why let life hold us hostage? Why let life circumstances dictate our inner condition. We don't have to. We can do the work.

And so after the monsoon storm blew several tiles off my roof and I had to face a lovely insurance deductible, I laughingly realized that something in MY attic - my brain - needed to be upturned and fixed as well! I've went inside and had to have a talk with a tantrum throwing teenager inside my soul. I spoke to that part of my spirit and told it I had grown up and had choices now and that it needed to go into the light and find peace. I put my foot down, with this part of myself and asked the angels to help. And miraculously things are going magically again. The outer circumstances of my daily existence have not changed. I still have aging dogs. I still do tons of laundry. I still work very long hours and try to help as many people as I can while maintaining my own balance. The roof still needs to be fixed. However, that is no excuse not to enjoy life! The things that were bothering me do not bother me now. The real truth of me sees only love and lessons. And miracles are beginning to occur once again.

I haven't eaten much meat all year and yet all the sudden I started craving tuna this week! I knew the dolphins were calling me, and started getting a very strong urge to visit Sea World. I hadn't been there in a long time, and this year spending extra money isn't something I will do too easily. It has also been too hot to leave the dogs out without a sitter. I wasn't sure how this trip was going to happen but I started to put the intention out. The temperature dropped suddenly last week. A dear client gave me airline passes. I already had a pass to the park and found a rental car for less money than it takes me to drive to Sedona. I made up my mind to go and discovered that a friend whom I didn't think could afford it, could come with me. In the space of one night everything was arranged to go to Sea World the next day. We flew standby and got on the flight we wanted, arriving at the park just as it opened. Magically in a life where nothing seemed to be working easily last week, all the sudden everything was flowing magically. The orcas sent us healing energy and shared spiritual lessons. The dolphins in the petting pool kept coming over to play almost exclusively with my friend and I. The Beluga whales sent energy and carried on quite a philosophical conversation. It was a completely magical day. When we were done, we drove the airport, avoided all lines and got on an earlier flight home with less than a half hour wait.

When you go within yourself and find the parts of yourself that do not choose happiness, you realize that YOU, the soul, are in charge. You might have to talk to those parts as if they're kids, wounded past life selves, or just energies that need assistance. The trick is being loving and firm, as you would be with anything or anyone in your outer world that ran contrary to your goodness. This is shamanic type work, angel healing, and really the stuff we come to do while we are on earth.

And while it may appear easier to kick, scream, cry and blame life for our upsets or fears, it is far more powerful to fix what is between the ears first. Suddenly the rest of life looks a lot different! Suddenly life starts to flow as if by magic once again. The real journey, is always and forevermore, inward.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Choosing love feels best

Choosing love always feels better! Take this morning for example. I had just settled down at the computer to write my section of the newsletter when my furry guy started crying. He's getting old and his tummy isn't working right. According to the angels he does NOT want me to pray to preserve him but rather keep him comfy while he slowly lets go of this form. i am ok with that. We're eternal beings.

My first reaction was, "Ooooh. How I am going to get everything done?" But I LOVE him, and after my little meltdown in the middle of the night last week, and the subsequent inflow of grace as an answer to my prayers, I have been feeling so filled with love that I trust God will help me accomplish all I need to do. I am surrendering more to what is outside of me, but more importantly I am surrendering to what is on the inside. As a result my life has gone back into the flow of miracles and I'm getting tons of help from sources I didn't expect.

So I stopped what I was doing, put the hot water bottle on my dog's tummy and massaged his head. Dog wisdom - if the bottom half doesn't feel good, at least make the top half happy! You can always find SOMETHING to feel good about if you get creative. Sure enough he started smiling, pawing at me for more, and finally relaxed enough to fall into a peaceful sleep. Instead of being frustrated over the 'interruption' I feel good that I was able to share love with my dog, and more importantly good that I was able to be my loving self.

Being loving is not an interruption to life. It is the point of life. And of course he gave me a great story for the newsletter that matches the angels' message perfectly!

Now, I can't wait to teach "Manifesting in the Flow of Grace" at Celebrate Your Life in November. A month ago I wasn't so sure I was qualified! It is hard being so honest in these newsletters at times and I actually asked the angels, "Who is going to come to my seminar when all they hear about is standing in the flow of dog?"!! The angels responded so profoundly I was blown away. "Ann it is easy to find the flow of grace when life circumstances are easy. This year you have manifested more love, more support, more kindness, and more miracles than ever before, even in spite of all the challenges. Your bills have been higher than before, but they are always paid. You have new inspiration for your books, your web site, and your life. Your readings keep getting better, the energy is flowing through you more strongly. And most importantly, you have learned in an even deeper way that getting into the flow of Grace is a choice, not something you earn through "good" behavior. It is accessible at any time no matter what. It is not dependent on hard work, knowing how to get things done, or strategies. You know that. You have lived that. Teach that!" I will! I'm going to be sharing a lot about how to get back into what I call "The Miracle Zone" no matter what is going on in your life! I'm in it again, and it feels really good. Things are flowing.

So choose love, even if the most you can muster is to love yourself in a less than loving space. Any little bits of love open the heart. And it is through your open heart that God can pour more love and grace into your life! Every time I make the smallest decision to love myself more, even if only being kind to myself in my own mind, I feel the love of God pouring into my life. THIS is true abundance and of course it will be reflected in your outer life as well.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let me see me through Your eyes

I think the real journey on earth is one of learning self-Love. Self love is not narcissistic nor is it selfish. It is just an acknowledgment of the beauty of God's creation as expressed in you! Self love is not putting yourself above any one else, but rather realizing the fact that we are all equal but different expressions of God.

Self love is realizing that even in our worst, least-proud moments, we are still, in truth, beloved by God and therefore worthy of our own love. We are nothing less than the breath of God breathed into human form. Even when we forget, God doesn't.

With clients and in my own life, I've seen that it is much easier to love ourselves when others do, or when life seems to be going well. When we get that external validation of our worthiness, it is easy to say, "Yes I'm good! I'm lovable." After all life loves you. Others do. Why argue?

But the real mastery occurs when you can love yourself even when others don't. This is why so many light workers in what I call the "graduating class" on earth, chose difficult families. If you can choose to love yourself when you are different, not accepted, or even rejected, then you've really mastered self love! If you can love yourself even in moments when you were taught you were not lovable, then you've stepped beyond man's truth and into God's.

I've had a few moments this year when I've been challenged to love myself. Instead of standing in the flow of GOD in the middle of the night, I found myself once again standing in the flow of DOG. I slipped in the dark and I nearly lost it. I put the furry kids outside to finish their business and once they were out of earshot, I started hollering at God. "I was made for more than picking up you know what! I can't do this any longer! I need love now! Angels... I want a hug!!" I was dog-tired (literally!) and the mess was overwhelming. It was not one of my prouder moments, and yet even in that space I knew I was lovable.

I started praying and asked to see myself through God's eyes. In less than a heartbeat, the most magnificent love spread throughout my being. I felt SO loved, so cared for, and so profoundly GOOD. I saw myself through God's eyes. I saw a woman who cared so much about every creature that she'd get up every night to care for them, avoid taking out her frustrations on them, go back to love in an instant, and wake up and answer hundreds of emails, take care of her friendships, etc. And I saw God looking at a woman who was just human and tired at the moment. I felt the Divine presence reaching out, and then in, to embrace me. I opened my heart to receive this big love and was blown away.

So even when you think you aren't lovable, when you're not at your best, when you goof up according to your own standards, you ARE lovable! You ARE loved! That is the truth no matter what. And if God, your very own creator can love you, well then, maybe you can love you as well :)

Self love opens the door for more assistance, abundance, kindness, opportunity, and the flow of Grace into your life. If we don't choose to love ourselves, God is saying, "Here I love you! I want to give to you more and more... " and yet you are saying, "No I am not worthy. Go away." Why would we turn love away when it is the thing we all want the most? When you look at it that way, self love, well... it just makes sense :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pray and trust God's timing

For a long time my prayers have been very simple. I want health, peace, balance, strength, and good humor to deal with my aging dogs. But lately a few material desires have arisen. Ever since mold tried to eat my master bathroom early in the year it has been cleaned out and emptied out. The angels were clear that there is a need to rip stuff out and remodel eventually but up until recently I haven't even had the energy or time to think about it. I didn't stress. I knew that sooner or later the desire would hit me. In my past it would have been one more hard thing on the to do list, but I've learned to just pray and let God figure out the timing.

Just once, earlier in the year, I tried to make myself go have a look and left the store in tears, overwhelmed with options I wasn't ready to deal with. That did it. I decided to wait for God's timing! Much to my surprise, in the middle of web work, and other chores the urge to design the bathroom hit hard earlier in this week. I didn't have much time, but I know better than to ignore these urges, so off to Home Depot I went. Before going, I prayed. "God please inspire me and help decisions be easy. Help me pick out things that will serve me for years, be reliable, and not conflict with one another. Make this fun. Thank you!"

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, it really was fun to dream of all the possibilities, and while I have a few details to consider, I figured out all the major components in less than three days. I can't buy them yet but it doesn't matter. I manifest better when I have a clear vision of what I would like. For a woman who used to agonize over every simple choice, it felt SO good to just really know my heart and say, "I like that, and that and not that!" No more wishy washy! The angels have been really going on lately about the need to be clear, and so I rejected anything that didn't make my heart sparkle and made only choices that made my heart sing. There are a few things that aren't yet clear, so I'm waiting for God to show me new options rather than agonizing and trying to make myself choose one that I don't love. I have no idea when all this will come together, nor do I care, but I just feel exited that I am finally motivated to make the choices.

That is how the process of manifesting in the flow of grace works. You don't push yourself. You pray, trust, and wait for God. You listen to your own heart. You don't settle for less than what truly makes your heart happy. It is not a wonder that I'm manifesting again because I'm teaching Manifesting in the Flow of Grace at Celebrate Your Life! God always gives me a great "class room example" before I teach and I am looking forward to watching the magic unfold and sharing it with my class!

Even the to do things in life can be fun if we choose to pray and allow God's help. I didn't want to do the newsletter this week so I waited and prayed and waited. And suddenly Friday morning, it came to me and it was easy. I don't usually like last minute endeavors, but this week was swamped and so I had to bend my own rules and trust God's timing.

This week, realize that you do not have to do anything without God's help. Pray for that help in all areas of your life, even if it is help in getting the right attitude. Then open up and let the Divine light within you do it's magic in cooperation with the greater wisdom in the universe. Miracles are truly possible and dreams do come true.

Have a great week,

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Life is a spiritual experience

I love traditional doing spiritual practices when I have the time. Meditating to me is like plugging myself back into a power outlet and refilling my soul. I don't always get time for long mediations so sometimes a few minutes has to do the trick. Luckily over the years I've learned to calm my mind quickly.

However, the angels are right. It is in the every day activities that we really put our spiritual skills to use. As many of you read last week, two of my greatest spiritual teachers at the moment have four legs and fur! My aging leaky dogs teach me greater levels of surrender! I have to surrender not only to my own feelings, but to the circumstances. Last Saturday after six loads of wash, scrubbing the floors, AND the dog, I was tired. One ridiculously big furry dog smile, however, and I remember that it is all about love.

There are many things in life that can become a spiritual experience if we do them slowly and mindfully. Cooking, for me, is a spiritual discipline. It is so sensual! Tastes, colors, smells, textures... It puts me right into the present moment. I feel connected with the earth, the farmers that grew the food, the people that transported, the clerks at the local grocery. Just to get a meal on the table, we must interact with so much life!

When I broke a foot years ago and had to clean my house on crutches the task was excruciatingly slow, but instead of whining, I taught myself to think of cleaning as "loving my home." You can choose the Disney method and "whistle while you work!" Sure is better than "Whining while you work!" And when I look around after the chores, I feel like my home is loving me right back.

So when you feel you aren't being 'spiritual' remember we already are! The trick is bringing our attention into the present moment, and our love into the present situation. That is the best meditation on earth because it is allows us to merge the human and the divine at any moment in our lives.

So this week, bring a little extra love into your days and see how life responds.
Love you all,

Saturday, July 31, 2010


According to the angels, this was the year my soul originally intended to die. Thankfully I made a very conscious choice to live and so this year I am in a sense, in between lives, cleaning out the old and making room for the new. The skills of choosing love and choosing peace that I've worked on over the years have come in so handy this year I do not know how I would have made it through without them!

Lately my opportunities to choose peace and love come in the form of piles and puddles gifted to me by my aging dogs. This isn't an easy phase. I clean up sometimes 4-5 times a day, often in the middle of the night, and do laundry at all hours. But I LOVE my dogs, and focusing on that love makes it all bearable. Focusing on loving myself has caused me to ask the angels for even more comfort and support as usual. And strangely I have been more awake with less sleep, able to love more in spite of more challenges, and able to accept myself even when I occasionally have to have good cry. The heart energy is HUGE. Friends have been supportive without me asking. Love is coming from unexpected people in my life, and I feel my heart more than ever before. In the midst of challenge, there is such beauty. It is simply amazing.

The ability to choose peace paid off in a big way a few weeks ago. Somehow I threw my back off and I kept feeling pinched in my shoulders. I had little chest pains here and there and knew it was just my posture. However, one day I started having intense chest pains and shortness of breath - all the symptoms that one has with a heart attack. By the grace of God and years of practice, I was totally calm. I lay down on the couch, called in my guides, and simply asked, "Is this a heart attack, and am I dying?" "No and you are not dying," came the response. Jesus showed up quite clearly in my vision with his hands on my heart. "You have been feeling HUGE love for the world lately and your body got a little blocked up, that is all." I had been saying I was feeling so much love I thought I would burst! (Oops!) I received guidance to do some energy work and the pain was soon fixed. I later learned that the pinched shoulder caused nerves to misfire which made my heart skip a few beats. (A big thanks to Dr. Peebles who comes through Summer Bacon who suggested a chiropractic fix that solved this once and for all). Had I not had plenty of practice in choosing peace and love, I might have freaked out and caused myself REAL physical trouble. Instead the calm allowed me to hear guidance, to think clearly, and to simply solve the problem.

Life is sometimes just doing its thing. Stuff breaks down. People and pets break down or behave badly. We break down or behave badly at times! But in spite of that we can take a breath and remind ourselves that loving ourselves first and then loving others is the happiest way to go. Choosing peace instead of conditioned drama ultimately feels so much better and allows us to receive greater guidance. Getting into a tizzy does very little good at all.

We do have choice. We do have the ability to recondition and retrain ourselves. Each time we choose peace and love we are unlearning bad habits that have been passed down throughout the human race, and learning to be who we really are. It feels amazing to know you can be happy in spite of life's challenges, and in so doing, you get through them with greater grace, peace, love, humor, and joy. I feel very blessed in my life. I feel an outpouring of love from the universe and from friends. And this love I have chosen to share with life itself comes echoing back in the most magnificent ways. I don't 'give to get.' I am not always peaceful but even in my profoundly human moments I choose to love myself and thereby find my way back to peace again. So can you :)

May peace be with you, and may the love that you are light your way.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Messages from the clouds

Last weekend on my day off I got in the car with absolutely no idea where I was going to go hiking. I thought I was going to go to Sedona and find a nice trail but as I was driving up the highway nothing resonated. I couldn't for the world figure out where I was going. Suddenly a strong feeling came over me. I longed to be on the top of Mt. Humphrey in Flagstaff. "Where is this coming from?" I wondered. It was an additional hours drive and the weather looked like it would storm later so I wasn't even sure I'd be allowed on the top. Nonetheless, the feeling wouldn't go away. As I was having a discussion with the angels, questioning my own inner compass, I drove right past the Sedona exit and realized I was headed to Flagstaff. So be it! To the mountain we went!

Happily the sun was still shining and the ski lift that you can ride to the top was just opening. Ominous clouds were beginning to gather near the top. One of the rangers made it clear to those of us buying tickets that this might not be a joy ride. "You are extremely likely to get caught in a thunderstorm up there and it can go down to 45 degrees in a matter of minutes. Be prepared!" I was wearing shorts and had only a light rain jacket. Hmmm. I quietly decided to have a chat with the clouds and have a wonderful ride! If God had guided me up there, it was going to be a good day!

On the way up, sitting in the ski chair lift high above the beautiful pines, I began to chat with the clouds. After all, everything has consciousness.

Please don't rain or storm on me today, I asked them. I love you and acknowledge that you have a right to be but I want to enjoy a sunny trip up and down the mountain." "We will reflect you," the clouds answered. "Will you build into a thunderous storm today or will you be calm and therefore keep us calm by your intent?" "Calm please," I answered telepathically. "Tell me more," I requested. The clouds answered, "When you feel static or turbulence, you keep attracting more until your inner clouds gather into a storm and you must dissipate them with either the rain of your tears, the turbulence of your tantrums, of more peacefully with the light of the Sun/Divine love that resides within you." I sat and breathed slowly and deeply and became very calm. I imagined the light in my heart burning brightly through my own aura, dissipating anything else that was less than that love. And while I was doing this I focused on the sun behind the building clouds. It began to burn through. The bright blue sky shone through. And then the clouds did a most magnificent thing and formed the shape of a heart with the rays of the sun shining brightly upon it. I leaned over on the chair lift and began snapping pictures wildly. It was breathtaking!

At the top, the sunshine remained even as the clouds continued to build. I was warm and comfortable. Up there I realized why I had been guided. Friends of mine were on Mt. Fuji all across the world and the angels told me to imagine connecting lines of light between the two sacred peaks - the one I was on, and the one my friend was one. And so I shut my eyes for the briefest seconds, turned to pure light and imagined our lights connecting, strengthening Mother Earth, and being joined by all other lightworkers doing anything on her behalf. It felt wonderful! In that glorious space of Oneness, I said a few prayers for the world, for my clients and loved ones, and then simply enjoyed the exhilaration of being 12,000 feet high with a magnificent view. The clouds kept their promise and allowed the sun to shine on my shoulders all the way down. Safely at the bottom of the lift, I looked behind me to see an ominous storm brewing at the top of the mountain that had been, only a half hour before, bathed in sunlight. I took time half way down the mountain to go for a brief walk until I felt, again, that tug that says, "Go now." Luckily I listened and got in the car and on the road in time to avoid the storm. I gave thanks, drove out from under the cloud, back down the canyon, through Sedona, and home. I only had a few sprinkles on my car while behind me the sky turned a deep purplish gray and put on an amazing light show.

There are times when you desperately NEED guidance but if you can relax, it comes ever so much more easily. Then there are times you're just playing and the guidance comes to assist someone or something or the earth but it is always joyful in the long run. When we give up controlling every moment of our time with our minds, and really listen to our hearts, then magical doorways open for us... ones that we didn't even know were there. So this week, may the light within your own heart be your guide into great joy!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Avoiding anxiety

Many of you have heard this - last autumn I had huge unnamed anxieties come up. As I sat to look them in the eye, I realized I was dealing with fears that came from other lifetimes. The angels told me to go get a past life regression hypnosis and in the course of two hours all the fears and anxieties disappeared.

Ever since then, life's challenges have just seemed different. I'm not getting in a tizzy when something breaks, nor am I getting lost in fear when something goes haywire in my body. I just sit, breathe, and handle it. It is amazing how much energy is freed up to actually solve life's challenges when we refuse to give into the energies that want to keep us confused, spinning around in our heads and separate from our guidance. The less I worry, the more life brings me assistance.

Three weeks ago for example, after paying to get the dryer and stove fixed, the freezer started leaking! So I called my favorite appliance repair folks and was calm and pleasant on the phone as we tried to find a time for them to come out and fix the freezer. When it became apparent that it was not going to be easy to find a time soon, the lady who does the scheduling stopped, took a breath and said to me, "Honey do you want me to tell you how to fix it yourself." My response - "Yes please!" And so this dear soul spent time with me on the phone detailing every little step of the repair. That night, to my amazement, I easily fixed the leak in the freezer myself. She saved me a few hundred dollars and told me it was because I was always so nice and calm when I talked them.

Fast forward a few more weeks. Last Thursday during my afternoon clients I thought I was having hot flashes but instead discovered my air conditioning had gone out. It was 90 in the house and over 100 degrees outside. I didn't bother getting bothered. It was after hours and the company I have a service contract with wasn't available. So instead of getting in a tizzy, I asked the angels to help me find a 24hr repair service. Sure enough a gentleman came out and did a temporary fix. I am sure it was not an accident that God sent me a repair man who needed me to tell him he wasn't crazy because he saw spirits! Three hours later the a/c broke again! I did what the man had showed me to temporarily fix it and called my regular company. I was blessed with cool air and a work-around on and off throughout the night, and although I had to reschedule all my clients the next afternoon, the a/c is now fixed for good. If I had let anxiety about money, the problem, or the fact that this has been appliance-repair year for me get the best of me, I am certain this would not have been so easy on me.

Anxiety and fear are pretty strong energies on this planet. But your soul can take charge of your life and your mind again if you keep choosing to sit, breathe, pray, and look at the truth of your life today. That is a far happier and more powerful way to live.

May peace and calm abide in your heart this week.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

No worries

This message from the angels strikes a chord. I don't worry too much but others tend worry about me. The fact that I am usually strong and upbeat makes people worry when I am not up, happy, and healthy. I am, however, human as the rest, and when I give myself a spiritual lesson I often do it with a bang!

When I broke my foot years ago, friends were on my case to get more medical advice. I was perfectly happy however knowing what I already knew, embracing the lessons, and healing up as a result of my spiritual work. I knew if I didn't learn my lessons the next one would be wicked! And so while well-meaning individuals worried that I'd have permanent foot damage, I put my foot down - and my foot healed. And while others insisted I'd have permanent nerve damage, I stopped letting life get on my nerves, and that healed too. The spiritual lessons and physical healing went hand in hand and there is no permanent damage whatsoever. Although I knew my friends worried because they loved me I also see deeper and knew their worry was a mixture of both genuine love and concern, as well as their own fears. I didn't have the energy to ease others' worries while healing myself. I had to learn to just stick to my own truth and do the real spiritual work.

Recently I've had great concerns about the Gulf coast. The ocean floor looks like swiss cheese in my visions due to the rapid drainage of oil. There is potential for a serious mess. Rather than worry, I'm trying to take action with prayers, meditations,and a commitment to be an extraordinarily loving person every day. Handling what is in front of us now is far more important and a better use of our creative abilities than projecting a fearful reality into the future. Disasters may come but if we project positive energy outward, rather than worry, we can mitigate situations that would otherwise be far worse. When we worry, we can hardly hear our own guidance.

So if you are a worrier, try not to place the burden of easing your worries on the person you are worried about. Rather, turn your worries to a prayer for the good you'd like to see in your own life or the lives of others. I'd rather someone say, "I love and care about you and have you considered this..." than "I'm so worried about you. You should..." It may be the same underlying concern but the first statement feels a lot more like love. If you the one others worry about, don't take it on - live your truth and just make sure you own the choices you make in your own life, because in the end, that is all we are ever held to account for. Above all remember that we are powerful creators and rather than worrying, far better to project the best possible outcome into the future rather than our worst fears.

Love and hugs and... no worries!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Loving Mother Earth

As with any tragedy, the Gulf Oil Spill creates both opportunity for greater darkness or greater light. The shame, blame game accomplishes very little. The angels say if we come together in prayer, and in our dedication to living in the truth of our love then we can inspire the solution both energetically speaking - for Mother Earth needs OUR strength and love now, and on a practical level - because the more of us that pray for a solution, the quicker it will come about.

Sometimes we feel so small in the face of such a huge mess. You may feel like you live too far away to do anything, or you can't afford to send money, but we CAN send love. We CAN pray. We can choose faith in what is good and true. We have that power within us.

I was praying very hard earlier in the week for the earth. I have a stone sphere that looks somewhat like the planet and when I pray for her I hold this sphere and imagine coating the earth with beautiful light. I imagined holding her in my soul's heart. I imagined soothing purple light plugging up the gaping wound that has burst open in the Gulf. And then I started talking to her. "Dear Mother Earth, hang in there. We humans have done terrible things to you and there are those who hate and fear and allow greed to possess them. But you know there are many of us who love you and who are dedicated to learning more and more every day about loving each other. Hang in there. I will help heal you." That last sentence came from the I-Am presence that shines through all of us - the part of me that is much bigger than I- Ann. Immediately I felt a rush of heat coming up through my feet and I burst into tears with the magnitude of the love that I felt coming back TO me from the earth. I felt her as a living breathing spirit with whom we are in communion at all times. I felt her love, her fatigue, her sadness at watching the unkindness on the earth, her willingness to hang on there for us. I felt it all, all at once, like a rush of knowing, feeling, and sensing. With tears streaming down my face, I found myself repeating over and over, " I love you. Hang in there. Hang in there. We are here for you."

As I came out of this trance-like space, I felt almost desperate for greater ways to help. The angels told me to go get an older CD out and play a song on it called "Mother Earth." It is a ballad - a love song to our planet - truly a prayer that we need to pray in these times right now. The lyrics touched me deeply... "see the blackness come upon your shores... pain and greed have cut you to the core... Mother Earth don't weep any more..." I'll have a link to the song and the lyrics for you next week.

As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet. So as you watch the news, send love the oceans, the earth, and the entire human race, but do your best to avoid judgment, criticism, blame, hatred, etc. because that truly hurts the heart of the earth. Better to be an example of love for others than to sink to a level that only contributes to the problem.

Whatever you are guided to do, I know Mother Earth appreciates each one of you, and I hope you can take time this week to sit in prayer and then in silent reception to feel her love rushing back to comfort and thank you.

Love and gratitude to each one of you. Together we are powerful in God's love.

ps - If you enjoy guided meditations, I have a short free one to heal the earth that you can download here. You can also join in the World Prayer that the angels gave me in 2001, or copy and post it on your site, newsletters, etc. All I ask is a little note: ©2001 Ann Albers -

Saturday, June 19, 2010

So-called limiting spaces

Today's messages speaks to me very clearly. As many of you know earlier this year I had one large intention - "Dear God I want everything in my home, life, and body that does not belong, up and out!" And so began a week of appliance breakdowns (they were old), mold breakouts (it was lurking), and the most challenging of all, a breakout of intestinal parasites that, according to the angels were lurking in my body just waiting to hatch for some time. So for three months I tried to get rid of the horrid things using all manner of natural medicines, etc. The problem was, they eat sugar and about every month or so when I got hormonal, I'd cheat on my diet and eat sugar and have another outbreak. In April I got serious with myself and decided that if I was ever going to heal, I had to cut the sugar out for months. For the first few weeks I felt like an addict on withdrawal. I drooled at every piece of cake, chocolate, and ice cream that I saw. Then something wonderful started happening. My will-power won and the cravings subsided. My taste buds still wanted sugar but when I ask my body it quietly says, "Not now, thank you." So when I see something yummy I imagine eating it, feel all the pleasure, and don't wreck my system.

I started eating even healthier a month ago. I wanted to really detoxify my system. So for over a month now I've had no sugar, no flour, no meat (I just lost my taste for it one day after a lot of praying to be completely healthy again), and very little dairy. I started eating mostly grains, greens, fruits, nuts, and beans. Immediately I began to feel better. I have always loved to cook and now I've had to learn to cook and eat a whole new way. I never knew beans could taste so good. I had never made Indian Dahl before, nor had I explored the tasty world of spices in such great depth. And what started out as a feeling of real limitation, has now turned into a culinary adventure.

A few weeks ago the angels recommended I go on a three day fast with only water and tea to really kick any stragglers out of my system. They told me to clear my schedule because it would be exhausting. And so, for three days I gave up food. Because I had already been eating healthy it wasn't as bad as I thought. The first day I was just a little tired. The second morning I laid on the raft in the pool and got some much needed rest, so I actually felt more energized. However, by dinnertime on the second day the cravings came in full force! I was tired, dizzy, and would have eaten anything had I not been so serious about healing. I made the crazy choice to watch the food channel on tv and drooled at hot dogs loaded up with mac and cheese. Then I decided to read healthy cookbooks instead and dream up better meals for myself. By the morning of day 3 I knew I was on the home stretch but had to surrender to resting because that is all I had the energy to do. It was SO needed. I hadn't rested that much in ages! So once again a limitation became a blessings. By the time I could eat again I wanted great food. Asian greens with ginger and garlic made my heart sing, raw carrot salad tasted like dessert, Indian Dahl, hummus with red pepper strips... oh my goodness, the healthy diet tasted like a cornucopia for my senses! And so limitation has become exhiliaration. I may not eat this way forever, but as long as my body wants this good stuff, this is what it is going to get.

I've had financial limitations this year too - so many appliances broke after my "Big Intent"! Up and out with the old! The car needed repairs. The dogs are high maintenance and high cost due to their age. I do three to four loads of laundry every day to make sure they have clean flooring in the bedroom which is lined with such towels. And yet, even in spite of the financial squeeze, I feel rich! I'm wasting less, doing less, and resting more. I'm making priorities for when I have more that will really add energy and value to my life rather than spending on a whim. I've been delighted to be in the process of weeding out stuff instead of wanting more and passing things on to people who can truly use them. Sharing like this always makes me feel abundant. So once again, limitation becomes expansion of the soul. And God always comes through to pay the bills. Always.

So when you feel limited, first of all accept the fact that this is the way it is for now. No use struggling against what is already going on. Intend what you want in the future. Then, decide to get creative. I can live like a healthy Martha Stewart on a 99cent only superstore veggies and a thrift store budget. When we give up our complaints and focus on our creativity a whole new world opens up. You never know... you might just like who you become, and how your life transforms, when you find yourself in one of these so called limiting spaces!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Don't judge the books by their cover

I have learned due to my work that most of us have no idea of the beauty that lurks in each soul we come across. I will never forget my last few weeks working in engineering. I shared my hopes and dreams with managers, engineers, and techs and they opened up to me. One older manager confessed to my utter surprise that he always wanted to be a storyteller. Because he shared his dream with me, I remembered when I came across a storytellers association and was able to share the info with him. He joined and went on to live his dream!

More recently, I was talking to someone selling tours in northern, Arizona. This person was amazing and delightful and I found out that they were going to go to law school and combine their brilliant mind with their psychic gifts to help bring greater justice to the world. Another person selling tours recently quit to be a master chef. You NEVER know what is in a person unless you start to talk to them. And the world will never know what is in you unless you open up and share your heart as well.

The angels often say that God answers our prayers through other human beings. So, if you have a crazy dream, share it next time you feel motivated to open up to a stranger. You never know who or what they know. You never know how they can help. And if you find yourself with someone you might otherwise judge, ask him or her about his or her interests. People run SO deep. We judge them so quickly based on demeanor, appearance, circumstance, but there is always so much more. This week, be open to discovering more about the people you meet, and even the ones you already know. It adds depth, breadth, and color to life!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

I have seen so much impatience lately. It seems everyone is writing me just itching for something to occur in his or her lives. I used to feel that way. I used to need the 'next big thing' to happen all the time. I used to need to finish a project to feel good about myself, to reach a goal to feel productive, or to know the next step in my life in order to feel that I was in control. Now I feel good about who I am, I feel productive whether I sit still or get something done, and I don't care at all about the next step because I trust I'll know it when I get there.

Being in 'control' is highly overrated! Always having to know the next step in life used to make my life terribly predictable and boring, and gave me little room for miracles. Now, on my days off, I let go of control. I get my chores done in whatever order I feel inspired to do them, and miraculously they don't feel so tedious. On play days I don't plan - I just do what inspires me. And in this fashion, God is given the room to bless me more than He ever would be allowed if I insisted on rigidly adhering to a plan.

Last weekend I had a classic example of living this way. I went up north to Sedona to hike and heard via the grapevine that there was going to be a concert at a local deli whose owners I love and adore. I was planning to go home on time, play with the dogs, and get to bed early in time to go to tai chi the following morning. But Food? Friends? It sounded like so much fun. Nevertheless, I was tired. So, I sat, pondered, and realized I was tired and wanted to nap in the woods that very moment and decide later. I found a great rock in the middle of the creek, put my feet in the water, plugged the ipod in and took a nap amidst the trees, the water, and the deep blue afternoon sky. Miraculously I awoke just in time to go to the concert. What fun! I found out it was an invitation-only party but the owners graciously invited me to join. I was in hiking clothes and everyone else was dressed up, but no one minded. I pulled up a chair, and soon someone put a table in front of me and other delightful strangers joined me! Later it got chilly and since I happened to have my picnic blanket in the car, I wrapped up in that fine attire. Stylish? Not even! Fun, oh my yes!

If we remain a little flexible with our plans and anticipate good in our lives then we remain open to the daily miracles that can grace our path. Sure, I wonder what my own future brings - the angels tell my clients more than me! But in truth, I don't want to know anymore. I want to live my life one day at a time, living by heart, creating as I go, and enjoying life as it happens one day at time. Why wait to be happy? If I waited until my credit card was paid off, my health was perfect, and my dreams were all achieved, then I'd miss SO much! We can be happy right now. It is just a little change in attitude.

So, if you feel frustrated and impatient, by all means, rant and rave in your journal and allow the tantrum-throwing child within to get the emotions up and out, but then take charge of your own life and mind again and realize that all is well. All is in divine order. And you might as well enjoy your life today :)!

Lots of love,

ps - If you are in Sedona stop by Euro Deli at the corner of West 89A and Dry Creek Road and tell Swava and Peter I said hello! They make delicious food just like my Polish Grandmother. It feels like family in there!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

How would life differ without fear?

This week it occurred to me to ask myself, "How would my life be different if I had no fear?" I posted the question on facebook and the results were heartwarming. I don't think the big fears are what really drag us down. I believe it is the little tiny insidious fears that yak, yak, yak in our minds on a daily basis that are the soul sucking culprits that rob us of our energy and ability to truly be the love that we are.

I've faced most of my big fears, but it's the little ones I want to sort through and get out of my life and my mind. For example, earlier in the week my girl dog snarfed down the other dog's medication on top of her own. I raised my voice in fear, "NO!!" She ran off because I scared her. I settled down and realized that all I had to do was tune in and see if she'd be ok. She was. I had needlessly reacted. I had to get out of the fear to figure out what to do.

Fear blocks the guidance we could get otherwise. Once my other dog ate a wooden basting brush. It was Sunday and only emergency clinics were open and there was my dog filled with wood splinter that could kill him. For a moment, I freaked out. The I settled down and had the thought to google "My dog ate splinters"... well from there I found the "Cotton Ball remedy." which worked like a charm. (Take several 100% cotton balls, and rip into tiny pieces. Dip them in milk or cream and feed to the dog. They wrap around the splinters and escort them out safely. Dog was fine and I was more peaceful.)

There are times when fears keep us from speaking up and letting others know how much we care. Fears stop us from sharing our thoughts and feelings, and in reality that stops us from authentically connecting with others. I disagreed with a dear friend this week and almost chickened out of sharing my feelings. When I kindly shared my thoughts, we had a great discussion and our friendship deepened. If you fear that you will lose someone by being yourself, perhaps you are losing yourself.

There are times when fears keep us from admitting what we are good at and this keeps us from starting a business or sharing our talents. In the past when someone has asked "What do you do" I replied, "Oh counseling." Now I tell the whole truth, "I talk to angels and dead people." It either scares people away or we find a wonderful and meaningful connection. Truth sorts life out. Fear keeps us in the generic, bland, and illusory "safety" zone where we can please the majority of people but have to give up who we really are.

Fear also prevents us from really enjoying our lives. I haven't been to this one hiking spot in ages because it's a little climb and a little scary but I love it and know I'm safe, so this weekend I climbed up on an extinct cinder cone and had the best meditation I've had in ages, centered between earth and sky. Silly little fears had prevented that experience for years.

So this week, join me in this experiment and ask yourself... "How would life be different today if I had no fear." Don't worry about the big fears, and don't abandon discernment and common sense. Just notice the little fears that creep up and see if you can act as if they are not there... always with love, kindness, and a willingness to be who you really are. I bet it will free up more of your energy and makes room for more joy!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Angel marketing 101

I have often been turned off by traditional marketing methods. While they work, many have struck me as ways of manipulating people to make a sale, pressuring people to buy, or convincing people they had a need. It seems like so much work! And yet I get people starting businesses all the time who ask me how to market themselves. The answer from the angels is pretty simple: 1) Be yourself rather than what you feel people expect of you, 2) Do what you love and are good at, and 3) Find a way to let people know what you are doing without any pressure - just share what you do. In simply radiating our light and love out to the world - however we do that best - people who need us can find us.

I'll never forget when I started doing readings in a local bookstore. I was psychic in the window on the slowest days of the week. Hardly anyone came in! I had just quit engineering and left behind a nice big salary and I was terrified about paying my bills. Furthermore, I made only about $6 after taxes for a 15 minute session even when someone did come in! I prayed very hard. The angels gave me two tools to build my entire business. Simple as they seem, they both worked.

The first was just a little meditation. They had me sit quietly every morning, feeling how much I loved to help people. As I felt the love for my work, they had me imagine the light in my heart radiating out in all directions. I would let the light build until I was floating in a bubble of radiant light. At that point they told me to simply say in my mind and heart, "If I can help you with my work, and you will honor the exchange, please find me." People started walking into the bookstore saying, "I'm not sure why I am here, but I think you can help me." I knew I had connected with their soul and that the interaction would serve us both. Talk about angel marketing! Heaven always seeks to bring us mutually beneficial partnerships whether business or personal.

The second tool was gratitude. After each client the angels tasked me to drop into my heart and feel gratitude for the ability to serve that person. "Thank you God for allowing me to serve this soul. I am ready to help the next one." They asked me to say this after each client. Discussions of money were not allowed in these prayers. Instead they suggested I focus on my soul's true gratitude. I did love helping people so that was easy. As I focused on the service, rather than the money, two magical things happened. I felt rich because I was able to share my gifts with people and in this vibration people sensed that they would receive help. Secondly when I removed money from the discussion, fear went away as well. In the absence of fear, business picked up. Soon the two slowest days of the week became the two busiest days. Love is what built my business, not strategy, manipulation, glossy ads, or any sort of conventional means. Just plain love.

I also taught one-person classes when I started teaching. The angels taught me to value these experiences. We cannot judge the value of our work by the magnitude. We have to simply ask, "Am I doing what feels right in my heart. Am I sharing of my true self?" If so you are already right in God's eyes. I needed to start small to grow in confidence, to refine my teaching style, and to begin in humility. Had I not done that I would not be able to teach the masses now.

So if you are starting a business or a project that involves others, center yourself in the love within you. Focus on the service and the joy of serving. And if you cannot find the joy, question whether or not you are doing what you are doing for the right reasons. It is your love and your joy that are the true abundance in the world. It is the ability to share of the God light within you that is the richest possession you have. In sharing of your time, talent, kindness, inspiration, or even simply your prayers, you make the world a better place... simply because you are in it. This is the true wealth that we all long for, and funny... when you feel rich with the ability to share, the universe somehow meets the rest of your needs as well.

Have a week of true abundance and let your light shine!
Love and hugs,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Parting the red sea!

I ask for help with nearly everything and lately I've been remembering to do this in all things great and small. The humor in the universe just blows me away. Last Sunday I wanted to go up north and go hiking but instead I got stuck in a massive traffic jam on the freeway just outside of town. Four lanes were nearly halted as they merged into one miles ahead. I prayed for a solution. Immediately I got cut off by a car with RED SEA on the license plate. "What," I asked? The thoughts came quickly! "Red Sea.. Hmm... Moses parted the Red Sea. Oh I often ask God to part the Red Sea when I want traffic to move. OH, I am supposed to part traffic and get off the freeway!!" Immediately I turned on the blinker and started waving and smiling and cars in the lanes to my right let me over just in time to get off the freeway. I didn't know the area so I just drove with faith and lo and behold, after weaving around unfamiliar roads, I managed to go around five miles of traffic at a standstill and get back on the freeway ahead of the entire mess! I was only ten minutes later than I normally would have been and had the whole day to enjoy! And while this is a small thing, God and the angels really assist with the more important things as well.

Saturday, I asked for my class to flow smoothly and for the angels to be present in a huge way to touch the hearts of all involved and all who tapped into the energy. I have never felt so much love! As I was doing the meditations I felt them flying through me in waves of bliss. The music was awesome, hearts were touched, and I left floating on a cloud. I can't wait to teach again. Stay tuned :)!!!

So do remember to ask for help because God will help you with all things, great and small... everything from parking spaces to life purpose, bills to ills, where to find the best dinner, and everything in between. God cares about you, your needs, your desires, and your well being. But we have to get out of the way with our disbelief and make a little room for the miracles.

Have a happy week joyfully assisted by angels!