Saturday, January 31, 2009

Impeccable honesty

The angels have been talking to me a lot lately about being clear about what I want and what I don't want, from the simplest to the biggest things in my life. I get really happy, it seems, then mess up the joy by making choices that aren't 100% consistent with my heart and soul. I'm sure you've seen me on this roller coaster if you've read the newsletter for any length of time! This year I want to stay in that happy and live in an impeccably honest state of being. Being human, its a worthy goal :)

Last weekend I woke up feeling out of sorts. I had been scheduled to attend a seminar that I was truly interested in. I was excited about it all week. But when I woke up that morning the angels said, "Be honest!" I looked out the window. It was a beautiful day and I had declined an invitation from a dear friend to attend an outdoor event that sounded like a lot of fun. Logic argued. "You really should go the seminar Ann. It would help you in your business and finances, etc..." Old voices of old notions of responsiblity echoed loudly. But I hadn't done anything with this friend in awhile and I missed her, so I cancelled my participation in the seminar, and spent the day outdoors in the beautiful weather. Immediately the cloud over my mood lifted. When we truly listen to our hearts in the moment, we are happy! When we ignore them we are not. Truth only occurs in the moment - had it rained as it had earlier in the week, the seminar would have been the right option.

Either we want to do something or we do not. Either we want to pay the bills or skip going to work that day. Either we want to be with a person as they are or we don't. Its hard to get out of wishful thinking and denial at times. Its hard to accept the choices right in front of us at times, and yet when we surrender to making the best choice given all the facts that are right in front of us we free up our energy to truly acknowledge and pray for the changes we want to see in the future. If we live in denial and frustration about what is right in front of us, that wastes the energy we can be using to raise our energy and manifest what we REALLY want.

In talking to a dear client earlier in the week the angels explained it was ok to have more conventional job for security while working for a dream job on the side. It is ok to pay the bills in a job you don't care for much while working and praying for one you do. Its ok to be in a decent relationship if you need the companionship while praying for a transition to one that you really want, as long as you are honest with all involved.

God DOES come up with some really awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping solutions to the problems people pray for. A dear client was about to foreclose and the angels kept saying, "No keep the faith." On the day she was supposed to foreclose, they kept saying she would not. I was having my own doubts! Wouldn't you know it, the bank was processing too many foreclosures and at the 11th hour gave this wonderful woman a 90 day extension during which time she sold the house! Now that is a "God solution" vs. a man made one! Personally I like the heavenly solutions better than the ones my brain cooks up!

The trick is to deal with what is in front of you best you can, be honest about all that you want in the moment and in the future, then intend and be ready to receive the miracles!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Feels better to love!

After last week's message I want to reassure everyone that the dogs are fine and so am I. The dogs were over their little tiff far before I was! The angels told me years ago that my female dog is my teacher of annoyance. She is sweet and playful sometimes and cranky and pouty at others. Sometimes she smiles and at other times she glares as if I am the worst thing that ever happened to her. The angels said she is prone to jealousy, moody, and wants things her way at times, and yet at others she is the most loving and sweet little girl. She teaches me to love more.

Its easy to love when she's being sweet and kind. Its not so easy to love when she glares at me, pouts, or does something awful like biting my other dog last week. And yet the heavens task me with the job of getting over MY upset and realizing that the only way to truly heal anything is to love. And so I go off in MY corner when I get upset, and vent in my journal, breathe deeply and ask the angels for calm, and finally realize the truth is that I DO love her, and I love everyone so much I want everyone to get along. I was so angry this time that I wasn't sure if I could find the love in my heart for this difficult dog one more time. And yet I prayed, and asked God to heal both of us and the relationship in between us. It worked. Prayers like that always work if they are sincere. There is peace again.

Regarding angry spirits that come around every now and then - I had a lot of people write in and ask me about that. The truth is, in both the human and the spirit world, there are loving souls and upset souls. There are angels in th heavens, and lost souls who wander the earth. And the ultimate truth is that like attracts like so when I'm worn out and cranky I will attract tired and cranky souls. And while the angels COULD protect me from them, they made it clear to me years ago that the growth I wanted this lifetime is to truly realize the oneness of creation - to totally immerse myself in the truth of God's love and realize there is nothing to fear, except, as JFK said, fear itself.

The angels remind me that the true "enemies" are fear and ignorance, and lack of awareness of God's love. When we exist in love nothing can get us, not even the demons who forget God's love. So I must strive always to keep my energy flowing, my love growing, and my sights set on God. When I do not, I am open to attack, and that is part of the path I chose to walk this lifetime - to remain in the light or become aware very quickly that I am not there. Early on in my psychic career the angels gave me an exercise to sit quietly in a dark room and invite the demons in - to let them touch me and to feel their fear and anger.. and then to set my focus on God's light. The second I had total focus on God's light it was like switching channels on television - there was nothing but love. I didn't have to do this exercise, but I'm glad I did. It imprinted a powerful truth in me. In God's love we are safe. In God's love we are comforted. In God's love we are totally taken care of.

And so it is every moment of my waking life. This ability to reach for and feel God's love is what enables me to look past the anger and sadness and terrible life situations that my clients endure, and to love them no matter what. This is what allows me to get over my own upsets and find love again - because that is the truth of who we are and in the space of being a loving being, you cannot feel anything else. This is what allows me to love myself even when I'm being profoundly ungraceful and human. "Though I walk in the valley of the shadow of darkness, I shall fear no evil" becomes reality. I am not there all the time. I'm still human, still learning, still growing. But this is what I strive for.

It sure feels better to love!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Give God an inch...

Sometimes I have big dreams. Othertimes, my heart's desires are far more mundane. Last weekend, I wanted peace. I came home from running errands to find my male dog covered in blood in several areas. My female dog looked happy and playful and I was at a loss to figure out what had occurred. My neighbor filled me in. She heard a fracas and looked over the fence to see the female ripping into my sweet and gentle male dog who was apparently cowering in the corner while he got beat up. I lost it. I cried my heart out and couldn't even look at the guilty little girl without bursting into tears. I fed her and took care of her but was so upset and sad I couldn't even say much to her. I told her I was mad and we'd work it out later. I told her biting was unacceptable. She may be a dog, but she understands every word I say. In spite of my feelings, I was careful not to take out the anger at her, so she just pouted while I cried.

I prayed my heart out to find peace again, and of course the angels always support that sincere intent. They came in droves and calmed my heart and finally I got up, hugged the little angry dog, and told her we'd move beyond this. At that moment of finding love again, I felt great. Two seconds later a wreath in my house came flying off the wall. That did it. I have had some upset spirit hanging around in my spare time since Christmas morning that I haven't been able to get rid of or send into the light. He or she wouldn't reveal themselves honestly. As always, they stay away during client sessions because the angels stand guard during those. But in my spare time, I have to deal with my own energetic lack of boundaries that occurs when I don't keep my vibration high. Its part of my training - my ongoing quest to be love so I attract only love. Instead, of remembering my lessons, I melted into a puddle of tears feeling totally sorry for myself. "Waaa, normal people don't have to deal with spirits bombarding them with ugly energy during their Christmas vacation. Waaaa. I know I shouldn't have tired myself out before the holidays and opened up to this. Waaaaa. When will it go away God. Michaaaaael. Help." I always call on Archangel Michael when I've got myself in a mess. "Help me get back in TRUTH now," I pleaded. I feel good - no matter what - when I stand in spiritual truth that all is simply love and lessons. "Help me find my light again now!"

Michael always bails me out of my own mental messes when I ask him to help me make the changes inside of myself. "Look at all the beauty around you," he said. "The woman who lives here puts care and love into everything she does," he said, referring to me. I stopped snifflng and looked around the house. I looked at the ornaments on the tree that I had made years ago, remembered painting the walls with great love, saw myself elated at the thrift store finds that made my house a home, and marvelled at the fact that I had once been so determined to have slipcovers that I figured out how to make them myself. At the angel's urging, I sat and contemplated the countless hours of love I’d put into each item in my home to make it beautiful. And I thought about all the love I shared with others in this home. I looked at the Christmas tree that was still up, and saw ornaments given to my by friends that loved me and I remembered - finally remembered - what it felt like again to know the truth of my own soul. I felt my own heart. I felt the beauty of my own soul. And slowly, I walked around the house getting reacquainted not only with my stuff but with me, the woman who took the time to save, to remodel, to refinish, recover, and make over so much to make this house a home - not just for me, but for friends, family, and clients. And I felt peace in my heart and the spirit of Christmas once again. For this is the true meaning of Christmas, to bring the light of truth and the light of God's love into the darkened spaces of our own hearts, and into the humblest areas of our own lives. And even though Christmas has come and gone, and the new year is here, I want to keep that spirit of light alive inside my heart no matter what - whether I feel good or not, whether my furry kids are behaving or not, whether the bills are paid on time or go on credit - I want this year to reamain steadfast in God's love and truth. Its a worthy goal, not easily achieved, but worth trying for every minute of our lives.

In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, God is there for us, with us, and in us. We only have to give ourselves a little love to tap into the amazing flow of the creator's love. We only have to give ourselves a little respect to feel His great respect for His own creation. We only have to be thankful for the abundance in our own hearts to tap into a greater flow of abaundance.

So when you're tired, down, not feeling like yourself, sit and find things to appreciate about yourself. Give God an inch of opporunity to love you, and He'll take over your heart once again. It feels good to know we are never lost. Love is only one good thought away.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Look for the light

As you know from the last newsletter, I was pooped over my vacation, but didn't want to focus on being tired, or whining because a cold was trying to get me. Instead I sat there, and sent all my love to that cold bug and thanked it for reminding me to rest before I came down with it! In doing so it went away and I did not get sick. I got tired, but not sick! Tired is ok - sick and tired isn't much fun as we all know.

Anyway, it is a year when the angels have already been on my case in their loving and positive way to focus on every little thing I DO want. If I stub my toe, they want me to focus on it feeling better. If I am hungry, they want me to focus on how good it will feel to have a warm meal. If I have to bathe my 90 and 70lb dogs every two to three days in the bathtub (which is the reality right now due to some unwelcome parasites), they want me to focus on how much I love my dogs - rather than 8 towels, one bathroom cleaning, and two loads of wash, not to mention dragging my darlings into the tub :)!!!

Its not the year to whine, complain, or focus on negativity. They keep showing me an image of a surfer poised and waiting for a wave. If he knows where he wants to go, he'll be ready when the energy hits and sail into shore. If he's busy whining to his neighbor about not having any movement, the next wave that hits plows him under. Life is like that. If we focus on what we WANT, rather than what we don't - we get that so much more easily.

This cause and effect is partially metaphysical - energy goes where attention flows, but its also common sense - if you are focused on what you do want, you notice opportunities more easily or recognize them when they come up. You feel better and more positive and attract more helpful people as a result. People are drawn to positive individuals and run away from complainers. When I'm whiny - even if its on the inside - people avoid me!! When I'm positive, even if I don't feel well, people open doors for me at supermarkets! We radiate the mood we're in.

I'll never forget the day I was on crutches, exhausted, achy, and kind of down. I reminded myself of all my blessings and focused on what it would feel like to just receive a hug. The greeter at the supermarket smiled and said, hello, and I smiled back. "How you doing?" he asked. "Ok, all things considered," I said, then added honestly, "but really tired." He looked at me, and out of the blue said, "You need a hug!" And so even in that moment of being down, looking for the bright future laid it out on my path.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Integrity, flow, and balance

Like many of you I'm excited about 2009 - not necessarily because the outer circumstances will be immediately easier, but more so because the changes being inspired in human hearts are why we decided to come to earth to begin with. Its time we walk in faith. Its time we choose love. Its time we trust that God cares about all of us. And most of all its time we all listen to our hearts so we can live the magic and the wonder God intended for us.

When I asked the angels to comment on 2009 - they said Integrity, and Flow, and for me added a reminder to stay in balance :)

Integrity is above and beyond honesty - it means being in alignment with your own spirit. If I say "yes" when I mean "no" I am out of integrity. If I don't feed my body what IT wants I'm out of integrity. Being in integrity means living with impeccable honesty with yourself. It means listening to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, and trust they know what they're doing - rest when tired, eat when hungry, get some recreation periodically, and spend a few minutes a day at least connecting to God through prayer, meditaiton, or some other practice.

Flow is my best friend. I ask for what I want and I give away things I'm done with. I receive when I want what is offered and give when my heart feels the joy of giving. I take the time in stillness, prayer and meditation to receive God's love so I can share more with the world. I have to live in integrity to know truly when I want to receive and to give. When I do, I feel God flowing through my heart and my life.

This is easy to say but hard to do! The Tuesday before Christmas I was ecstatic about being on vacation. I had great clients and when 6:30 came up I was SO excited to have some time off. That's when I got the call from Coast to Coast radio inviting me to be a guest on the show that night. I was totally tired, handn't eaten, and had been planning to wrap gifts and bake for the company I had coming over the next day. By all rights I should have declined. But it was such an honor, and only an hour, and oh all those old voices came pouring through - "Just do it. Everyone needs inspiration this year. They really want you to be on it. The producer is nice. George is a great guy. Its only an hour... " etc. And so I said yes, when my body was screaming at me, "not tonight." The show turned out great, but as always happens when I open up to an audience of any type, my body feels intense energy flowing through it and out to all those to whom I'll be speaking. The best I can describe the sensation is like feeling of fire hose running water up my spine and making me feel extremely dizzy!! To make a long story short, the show went well but my body was thrashed because I hadn't prepared for this as I usually do. And being so tired opened me up to feel all sorts of draining spirits on my vacation!

I know better than to not listen to myself, but even with the angels coaching me all day, every day, I sometimes forget. I know it all comes to good anyway and I got to meet many of you reading this, but I also know the more I listen to my own body, mind, and heart, the easier and more energy I have to help others. The angels, being angels, worked hard to cheer me up when I was feeling worn out and fighting a cold a few days into vacation. They woke me up early one morning and told me there was a great sale at a specific craft store - and while you might not think material stuff would be important to angels, they knew I'd sit still crafting if I got some inexpensive pretty paper. And while I was sitting still, happily making greeting cards, I remembered to stop beating myself up for ruining my own vacation by ignoring my body. No surprise to the angels, the vacation was redeemed somewhat and I learned my lesson ... again :)

So this year I commit along with you to try to listen to my heart more consistently, to be in better balance, to embrace new levels of integrity, and to celebrate the flow of God into my life and out to all of you!