Saturday, December 19, 2009

Be the light that we are

I felt incredible JOY in the angels' message today. They love us so much. Lately I've been plugging in to feel the love of God every day and it feels amazing. I sit quietly, turn on some beautiful music and ask to feel myself living and abiding in the heart of God. I pray for God to pave my way with magic and miracles every day and to fill me, and my loved ones, and all my mind, heart, body, soul, emotions, friends, family, dogs, home, and business with His love and His Grace. I ask to be the eyes, the hands, the mouth for God's love. And the more I pray these prayers, the more I sit in silent reception of God's love, and the more I ask to feel God in my heart, the more I find I must give, share, and express that very same love.

It is in the simplest pleasures in life that I find God. Why wait till we have our big dreams to feel good? Why not feel good right here and right now. If the bills are there so what? We'll pay them eventually. I had to get new tires on my car last week, which was quite an expensive proposition right before Christmas, but God can figure out how to pay it. I'm responsible and manage finances to the best of my ability so a surprise bill is not about to ruin my day. I walked to Walmart, next to the tire store, got some yarn and knitting needles and started making myself a scarf while I waited. Now my car is safe and I have a fuzzy blue new scarf. LIfe is too short to spend in worry. Why not search out the joy?

A good cup of cocoa is an excuse to celebrate life, as is the company of good friends. But when we don't have people or stuff filling us up with love and cheer, we can always create it! Love and cheer live inside each of us, waiting to be found and shared. When I feel cheap I get something small for someone else so I feel rich again. When I feel unloved, I do something loving for another so I can feel God flowing through me. When I want to feel the holiday spirit I create it by sharing it with others. I hand out candy canes to total strangers - checkout clerks, postal people, you name it. They light up like little kids. Everyone wants to be remembered. A random act of kindness given with joy can change a person's life. It will change yours too.

So many people are lonely this time of year. So many people feel unloved. What if you smiled and someone in the store or offered a kind word that let them know they are special? What if you reached out to a neighbor who lost a loved one and helped them remember they are not alone. What if you emailed someone randomly just to tell them they are loved? I frequently have random gratitude attacks for the people in my life and when it happens I stop everything and write to tell them. Why whine if you are alone when you can volunteer and be amongst other good and caring people and help the world while you are at it?

We are in charge of our spirits - not the outside world, not the other people in it, not the stuff, the money, the circumstances - just us. No matter what is going on in our lives, no matter what the challenges, we can give of our kind and loving hearts. And in doing so we unplug the pipes of our soul, and allow God's love and the soul's joy to flow through our hearts and into the world. The smiles that people return are payment enough. The kindness that flows back to you is worth more than all the riches in the world.

Truly the angels have taught me that the greatest gift we can give others is the present of our presence. Funny thing... it is the greatest gift we can give ourselves as well. Nothing feels better than being who we truly are. We must remain centered in ourselves of course, take care of ourselves and pay our own bills first, fill our wells in the fountain of God's love by sitting and receiving and breathing, but from that space, you will have love, peace, and joy to share. It is always there, waiting to be unleashed, waiting to be expressed, waiting to flow to you, through you, and from you into the arms of a waiting world.

This Christmas and this Hanukkah, let's all strive to be the lights that we are, if only offering one extra kind word a day, an expression of gratitude when someone gifts us, or at least praying a prayer for a total stranger after we pray for our own well being. It is in giving we receive, and in receiving that we give.

Happy holy holly jolly holiday week to you all!