Saturday, December 26, 2009

New You's resolutions

As we move into the new year, there is a natural tendency to look back and assess what we have or haven't accomplished. This year, my accomplishments are mostly personal. I didn't speak at large conferences or create new books, but what I have achieved in my own heart, mind, body, and soul is something I feel very good about, and something that allows me to serve more deeply now and in the future.

I wanted to help my body feel joyous again and so I began with ten sit-ups a day last January, and gradually increased. Now I'm up to 150 in the mornings, hiking each week, doing tai chi, and feeling better than ever. As a result of this self care I can better allow the energy to flow through me in prayer and meditation and better serve because my energy levels are higher. It took patience, perseverance, and a willingness to commit time to myself. We weren't taught that self-care is important, but in truth it is essential. I commit to more of it in 2010, and to supporting this community in learning that self-care, far from being selfish, is the greatest way we can allow for more service to the world.

I wanted to get rid of past life fears that plagued me this year and so I was guided to a regression that changed my life. I feel God again more strongly than ever in my heart. I have rid myself of past life guilt that seemed to constantly attract more hassle and pain to my life just when things were going well. I released a lifetime in which I starved to death and dropped a physical size within six weeks! It has been remarkable.

I wanted to learn to love as God loves more and more each day, and so God gave me opportunities to love others in spite of their anger, misunderstanding, and pain. I have seen how love transforms hurting hearts and have been glad to be an instrument of God's peace. I continue to pray to experience and express God's love more and more each day.

So when you make up your New Year's resolutions about what you want to achieve or get in your outer world, don't forget to add a few things you want to achieve in your inner world. God hears and answers those prayers. Ask for peace of mind, the security of knowing you are loved and cared for, the experience of God's love in your heart. Ask to see the goodness in the world, and to view your life with gratitude rather than with worry and fear. These things are the eternal qualities that we are all seeking, and committing to having them in your life will change your outer world as well.

I wish each one of you a Joyous New Year, a very Happy Holiday Season, and a love beyond reason rising up within your very own hearts. I will be praying for all of you at the stroke of midnight on the 31st and asking God to continue to bless you with an awareness of His very great love.

God bless you, and thank you for being part of my journey,

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Hello dear friends and Merry Christmas to you all!

May you all have a blessed and wonderful holiday season, however
you celebrate. Since Christmas is the tradition of my
click here for a card from the Angels and me.


ps - The beautiful version of "Silent Night" is by
Kaleah Laroche

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Be the light that we are

I felt incredible JOY in the angels' message today. They love us so much. Lately I've been plugging in to feel the love of God every day and it feels amazing. I sit quietly, turn on some beautiful music and ask to feel myself living and abiding in the heart of God. I pray for God to pave my way with magic and miracles every day and to fill me, and my loved ones, and all my mind, heart, body, soul, emotions, friends, family, dogs, home, and business with His love and His Grace. I ask to be the eyes, the hands, the mouth for God's love. And the more I pray these prayers, the more I sit in silent reception of God's love, and the more I ask to feel God in my heart, the more I find I must give, share, and express that very same love.

It is in the simplest pleasures in life that I find God. Why wait till we have our big dreams to feel good? Why not feel good right here and right now. If the bills are there so what? We'll pay them eventually. I had to get new tires on my car last week, which was quite an expensive proposition right before Christmas, but God can figure out how to pay it. I'm responsible and manage finances to the best of my ability so a surprise bill is not about to ruin my day. I walked to Walmart, next to the tire store, got some yarn and knitting needles and started making myself a scarf while I waited. Now my car is safe and I have a fuzzy blue new scarf. LIfe is too short to spend in worry. Why not search out the joy?

A good cup of cocoa is an excuse to celebrate life, as is the company of good friends. But when we don't have people or stuff filling us up with love and cheer, we can always create it! Love and cheer live inside each of us, waiting to be found and shared. When I feel cheap I get something small for someone else so I feel rich again. When I feel unloved, I do something loving for another so I can feel God flowing through me. When I want to feel the holiday spirit I create it by sharing it with others. I hand out candy canes to total strangers - checkout clerks, postal people, you name it. They light up like little kids. Everyone wants to be remembered. A random act of kindness given with joy can change a person's life. It will change yours too.

So many people are lonely this time of year. So many people feel unloved. What if you smiled and someone in the store or offered a kind word that let them know they are special? What if you reached out to a neighbor who lost a loved one and helped them remember they are not alone. What if you emailed someone randomly just to tell them they are loved? I frequently have random gratitude attacks for the people in my life and when it happens I stop everything and write to tell them. Why whine if you are alone when you can volunteer and be amongst other good and caring people and help the world while you are at it?

We are in charge of our spirits - not the outside world, not the other people in it, not the stuff, the money, the circumstances - just us. No matter what is going on in our lives, no matter what the challenges, we can give of our kind and loving hearts. And in doing so we unplug the pipes of our soul, and allow God's love and the soul's joy to flow through our hearts and into the world. The smiles that people return are payment enough. The kindness that flows back to you is worth more than all the riches in the world.

Truly the angels have taught me that the greatest gift we can give others is the present of our presence. Funny thing... it is the greatest gift we can give ourselves as well. Nothing feels better than being who we truly are. We must remain centered in ourselves of course, take care of ourselves and pay our own bills first, fill our wells in the fountain of God's love by sitting and receiving and breathing, but from that space, you will have love, peace, and joy to share. It is always there, waiting to be unleashed, waiting to be expressed, waiting to flow to you, through you, and from you into the arms of a waiting world.

This Christmas and this Hanukkah, let's all strive to be the lights that we are, if only offering one extra kind word a day, an expression of gratitude when someone gifts us, or at least praying a prayer for a total stranger after we pray for our own well being. It is in giving we receive, and in receiving that we give.

Happy holy holly jolly holiday week to you all!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Caring for yourself

The angel message today nearly brought me to tears because I could feel their love pouring through me as I typed. I have been feeling so blessed lately. I have worked hard inside of myself over the years to live in a space of God's love and to trust in His goodness. And lately I feel that my cup runneth over. I have to share this feeling with others. It comes from the inside, and from a feeling of being connected with God.

I was talking with a few friends this week about how important it is to take care of ourselves first. If we don't, we have nothing authentic to give. If we don't take care of ourselves, we "give to get" and we get upset when others don't give back in return. If however, we DO take care of ourselves, then we give without expectation or attachment, and do so because it is a joy to share the love we feel inside our own hearts. I am not talking about just material giving - that's nice and it IS fun when we can do it, but material giving is far less significant than giving of our hearts and souls. It is the sharing of our hearts that we all crave - the connection that arises when you let the love of God flow from you towards another soul - the kind word that arises naturally when you think of someone who has touched your life, the prayer that you pray for a friend in need, the smile for a stranger, the expression of gratitude and appreciation that, while it may seem small to you, could mean the world to another. These are the gifts of our hearts that mean the most. I know a kind word will never be forgotten in my own heart - it is something I treasure. And when I see the joy that sharing my heart can give another, I know God has worked through me. This is the feeling we all want inside of ourselves - to know THIS love pouring through our own hearts.

But in order to give this way, we must take care of our own needs, starting with our spirits, our bodies, our minds, and our emotions. It doesn't take as much time as people think. It just takes being in the moment, checking in with yourself and making sure you listen to your body, mind, and soul every single day. It is not the BIG things that change the quality of our lives, but rather the day to day simple decisions. Do we eat what our bodies are asking us to eat? Do we take the time to sit, breathe, and ask the angels and God to fill our hearts, each day, if only for a few minutes? Do we reach out for help or comfort when we are in need? Or do we fill ourselves with the LIE that we are not worthy of such care, and that life is too hard, too complicated, too busy to do these small and simple acts of self-love. I used to believe that horrid little lie that society programs inside of us. Once exposed however, it has no more control over our lives. Once we turn to God's Truth - that we ARE loved and have all the time we need for the things that truly matter - life begins to arrange itself more gracefully around us.

I used to think I had too many all-important tasks to take care of myself. It was ridiculous. There were days when I answered up to 150+ emails and 30 calls. I rushed around to accomplish all the busy errands I thought I HAD to do each day. I worked 6-7 days a week and was at everyone's beck and call. I never had time to take care of myself. When I was younger I would whine, "I take care of everybody else God, and yet nobody cares about me." What rubbish! The angels drummed sanity into my head. "Ann, you do not take care enough about you, and until you do, no one else will. It is you, Ann, who are teaching the world how to treat you. God cares about you, but YOU don't care about you." Those things were hard to hear, but they were the Truth, and my life didn't change until I embraced their words and made changes in my own heart.

The universe is vibrational - it echoes back to us exactly what we put out either consciously or unconsciously. I was putting out a signal that said, "I am too busy to take care of myself," and the universe echoed it back... "Ok, you are going to be kept too busy to take care of yourself." Over the years, I finally realized I am worthy of my own time and attention and as I care for myself I can better care for and share with others. Now the universe echoes this back..."You are worthy of your own time and attention and we will help you take care of yourself so you can care for and share with others." As I learned to honor my own time the number of emails and calls is either reasonable, or I am given the grace to handle them when my heart dictates. I work less insane hours and am able to give more. I stopped over-complicating my life with self-imposed deadlines about what must be done when, and I started living by heart. I am still quite busy but that 'busy-ness' involves time in my schedule to take care of me. It is a busy-ness birthed in the heart, not the head, and somehow, magically, all I need is provided, and I have the time to do things that truly matter. Things that don't matter so much - proving myself to others or to me - have fallen by the wayside. As a result I have a lot more love and joy to share.

So in this busy holiday season, breathe, take a few minutes to sit with God and pray each day. Drop into your hearts and ask, "What truly matters to me right now, today, in this moment." And live accordingly. The smallest decisions, to care for yourself, when made with love and authenticity, can dramatically alter your future.

I wish you all a week of deep peace, abiding love, and joy.
Big hugs,

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Gifts of self

I love the holiday season. It gives me a huge excuse to share my love with the people who have blessed me and been part of my life all year. This year, my friends and I have agreed that we don't need much stuff. In fact many of us have been clearing out stuff all year. We only want to give each other gifts from the heart that we can use, enjoy, eat, or be uplifted by. And it has been a lot of fun locking myself in the craft room and brainstorming presents I can make with the things I have on hand.

Perhaps the most meaningful gift I ever gave was a letter to my parents when they celebrated a special year. I knew that no material present would mean a thing compared to my heartfelt gratitude for who they have been in my life and how we have all grown. I was near tears writing the letter and they felt very loved receiving it.

So many times in my work talking to people who have passed on, the folks in heaven tell me that they were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love shown to them at their funerals - that while they forgot many of the things people gave them throughout life, this love was what they would remember forever. Once a guy in spirit joked that we should have our funerals while we are alive so we can enjoy all the love and good comments! Not a bad idea!!! And while I'm not planning mine, I DO believe we should share our hearts, our gratitude, and our love, and talents with one another, not just during the holidays but all year round. I am blessed with friends who let me do so, and who share a great deal of love and kindness with me in return.

Why wait to share your love with someone? Why withhold kindness? Why not express what you are feeling when you feel it rather than worrying about what people will think if you do? We need one another on this earth. You know how good it feels when someone gives you a smile - why not be the one giving that gift to another? I walk around smiling frequently, and it is so much fun to see people's faces light up when they are shown a bit of human love and kindness.

Of course there will always be those who scowl at a smile and who mistrust a kind word, but that's their issue! I'll never forget being on the highway with a friend, trying to get out of the way of the car tailgating me. When I finally was able to change lanes, the driver put his hand out the window and did what I thought was wave to me. I waved back with a big smile. My friend just about died laughing, "He is flipping you off," she said!! We laughed even harder, blessed and prayed for him to have a better day, smiled and waved even more!! That poor sad sorry soul didn't know what to make of us. That was his problem. We were happy! We shared our love and prayers, and that was a gift to us whether he was willing to receive it or not.

So don't hold back on sharing the eternal gifts of your love, kindness, gratitude, and talent. It is in the giving of ourselves, our real selves, that God flows through us and into the world. In these moments truly we are blessed to share of our hearts. The angels say often through my friend Summer (, "What the world wants from you, is you." And that is a truth. Some will run from you when you share of your heart and others will come closer, but life will certainly sort itself out into a magnificent and glorious reality when you let your real light and your real love shine without fear.

May you know the beautiful light within you and the present of the Presence of God in your life this holiday season.