Saturday, October 24, 2009

Past lives and present revelations

I recently experienced a past life regression hypnosis. It all started three months ago when I asked God quite plainly to help me get rid of the fear and tension in my body. Well maybe "ask" is too light a word... In truth I declared unto the heavens, "I want this phantom tension, fear, and pain out of my body and I want it out now!" And thus began a series of events that triggered incredible fears. I had fearful clients. I had upset friends. I had my own silly worries creep into my mind. I shook and froze with unnamable fears. I had a friend clear me and my house and that helped, but I knew there was more. Finally Dr. Peebles (the angel that comes through my friend Summer Bacon) recommended I get a past life regression* with someone who didn't know me so I could clear this out once and for all. The minute I heard that suggestion my body started giving me all sorts of lovely information about what to expect.

So without going into detail, suffice it to say that my little joke about being "roasted, toasted, sliced, and diced" and still being back on earth again and just fine turned out to be quite true. I saw lifetimes where I spoke up vehemently about right and wrong only to be put to death. I saw lifetimes where I was scapegoated, and confused about what I did wrong (nothing really). I even saw one in which I took on responsibility for others being tortured as a result of me speaking up about those in power. I saw the incredible guilt I took on as a result. During the hypnosis, as the light of understanding clicked in, the guilt just left. I have had that horrid dark, sad, sorry, energy in my body as long as I remember. And its gone!! I could have jumped for the sheer delight of it all! I feel lighter and worry free.

It is so funny how serious everything can seem in the moment, and how, after a lifetime, it is all just a lesson. I saw the faces of those who hurt me, tortured me, killed me, and I knew they were people I love this lifetime. We've obvious gotten over it! I saw the lessons I learned, the illusions I took on, and the strength of my own spirit. And I am rejoicing. Seeing the love and the truth feels awesome!

So, in this lifetime if someone or something upsets you, try to put it in perspective - you are an eternal soul. This challenge too shall pass, and even the worst things that happen to us, teach us more about our own loving nature. In one lifetime I was a mystic who felt that I had accomplished nothing because I was thrown in a dungeon - I had refused to use my powers for bad reasons and that ticked off the souls who wished to use me. It wasn't until after my death that I realized my greatest act of love that entire lifetime was being kind to a fellow prisoner - that all my attempts to teach and force humans to grow were nothing compared to the genuine compassion I showed another human being in the final dark, dank, days in a dungeon. How little we know of the true value of our lives until we get to the other side. How small our problems really are in the light of our souls own brilliance.

If you find yourself in a situation you don't like pray like crazy and ask God to see it through His eyes - what is your soul trying to teach you? If you find yourself around someone you don't like much, pray to see them through God's eyes. Where is the good in their soul that they are striving to find? And above all, every day, pray and ask God to help YOU see yourself through His eyes, for indeed there is no greater love, no more magnificent reflection of your own loving brilliance and bright light.

I love you all and ask God to bless you on your journey,
We're all in this school together :)

PS - Please say prayers for my mom Carol to have a great year - 10/24 is her birthday!!

* My guide into my past lives was Robin Miller in Sedona, AZ. He is both an acclaimed New Age Musician and a skilled earth angel who can assist you easily into other dimensions.
Check out his site:

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